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Chapter 79
Chapter 79: Please Enjoy Your Chicken Soup

Outside of Beiluo City…

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Somewhere on the endless plain, a wagon stopped there quietly . The horse was snorting and eating grasses .

The heavy moonlight shone on the plain, giving it an icy cold but beautiful silver glint .

The curtain of the wagon was lifted .

A hunchbacked old man got off the wagon with hands behind his back . He was looked at Beiluo City, which was vaguely shown in the darkness .

The wagon man was Mo Shougui, who had lost an arm . He followed Mo Beike with a pale face .

“Shougui, what time is it now?”

“It will be one o’clock in ten minutes . ” Mo Shougui’s voice was a little bit hoarse .

He was also looking at Beiluo City with a pair of what seemed like cold eyes .

After all, it was Ning Zhao who cut his arm off, and Ning Zhao was Young Master Lu’s servant girl . Consequently, he certainly would settle this with Young Master Lu .

“One o’clock…”

Mo Beike took a deep breath . His eye bags vibrated .

According to what they had agreed, once Beiluo City was brought under control, Yinyang philosopher Wei Luan would give him a signal . However…

It started at midnight, and it was almost one o’clock .

Beiluo City remained terribly and eerily quiet, like a lurking viper giving off coldness in the dark .

“He failed…”

Mo Beike was somewhat disappointed . He breathed out . The wind was a little chilly, stirring his beard .

“Shougui, go to North County right away . ”

Mo Beike went back into the wagon .

“Yes . ”

Mo Shougui whipped the horses with his only arm . The wagon turned around instantly and drove away .

Mo Shougui’s long hair was blowing in the wind . He looked back at Beiluo City, a deep-seated hatred showing in his eyes .

At the edge of Hidden Dragon Ridge…

A bonfire was burning, illuminating the deep dark forest around .

A well-shaped body was lying on her side on a carpet made of hay .

Sitting beside the bonfire, Xiang Shaoyun was breathing Spirit Qi . Dark Demonic Qi was flowing in his body .

“Once an immortal method is inversed, it will become a demonic method…”

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“Sometimes an immortal? Sometimes a demon?”

Xiang Shaoyun murmured .

He almost died this time, but he sold a part of his soul to Demon and demonified himself . In this way, he managed to survive and killed thousands .

Looking back, he saw Luo Mingsang asleep on the hay . Then the hostility on his face completely disappeared . What was left was gentleness .

Gazing at the woman’s peaceful face, he thought as long as she could live a tranquil and comfortable life, he would not regret anything .

Actually, he did not have the ambition to conquer the world at all .

He revolted, but it was only to make her the noblest woman in the world, a woman who could have everything .

What Xiang Shaoyun really liked to do was to keep improving in martial arts and go beyond his limits .

Even a tough man also has his tender side . Xiang Shaoyun was not an exception .

The tenderness in his heart was exactly Luo Mingsang…

The girl who he grew up with .

However, when he looked back at the burning bonfire, Xiang Shaoyun’s eyes seemed even colder . The hostility in them was surprisingly intense .

“Mo Beike…”

“What a pity . You didn’t kill me . Since you didn’t kill me, this world… It will never be yours, Mohists!”

Xiang Shaoyun’s low and profound voice tore the night sky apart .

While Xiang Shaoyun was looking at the bonfire…

On the hay, the woman, who was lying on her side, looked at the man sitting by the bonfire . With his back facing her, seeing his body full of injuries, her eyelashes slightly vibrated . A tenderness emerged in her bright eyes .

However, the tenderness was soon replaced with a mix of struggling misery and sorrow .

She shut her eyes .

Murmuring to herself painfully…

“Shaoyun, Mingsang doesn’t deserve you . I don’t deserve you . ”

Drunken Dragon City .

There was a thick fog . Just like Beiluo, the city was also in dead silence . Everyone was asleep .

Outside of the farmer’s yard…

Jiang Li was looking at the yard with a profound look, wearing a silver armor and covering his mouth and nose with a white cloth . While holding his helmet, he could see the teenage girl hypnotized by the Yinyang Fireflies in the house .

The teenage girl was fast asleep . As if she was having some beautiful dream, a pair of dimples blossomed on either side of her lips like peach flowers . Her pretty face was a little rosy .

Jiang Li looked emotionless . He put on his helmet a minute later and then turned around to leave .

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After taking a few steps, he formed a circle with his thumb and forefinger and put them against his lips . Then he made a whistle out of his hand .

A white horse galloped over in the darkness, with its magnificent mane fluttering in the wind the horse’s neck .

Jiang Li jumped onto the white horse . Tucked at his waist was a sheathed rusted sword, while a long spear hung on the horse’s saddle .

As soon as he got onto the horse, Jiang Li hooked his foot under the spear and tossed it into the air . Then he caught it with his hand .

The man and the horse turned into a bolt of white lightning running through the street of Drunken Dragon City in the dark .

Several figures, covering their mouths and noses, were following Jiang Li . In this way, they killed into the darkness that shrouded Drunken Dragon City .

On the long street…

Yinyang School’s necromancers showed up like ghosts .

Beast machines were roaring . Gu insects were flying…

A bloody rain and a wind with a pungent smell were sweeping over the whole Drunken Dragon City .

Jiang Li’s eyes were ablaze like torches in the night . The white horse’s clip-clops sounded like small dense raindrops . Jiang Li, holding his long spear and in his silver armor, led his subordinates straight into the darkness brought by Yinyang School’s necromancers like a long sharp sword .

This was destined to be a bloody night .

Compared to the overwhelming attack in Beiluo City…

The battle in Drunken Dragon City was harder .

Yinyang School’s necromancers showed how pretty horrible they were this night, alongside the beast machines of Jiguan School and the Mohist rangers .

The three were like a horrific giant hand breaking down the Great Zhou Dynasty’s firm defense .

When the sun rose from the horizon and the first strand of morning light shone on the earth…

On the street where the killing had lasted the whole night, cling-clangs of armors could be heard .

Jiang Li walked out of the dead bodies step by step . He threw the spear on the ground . With his hand grasping the handle of the sheathed rusted sword he was carrying at waist, he breathed out . Behind him were broken beast machines and the dead bodies of Yinyang School’s necromancers, which were everywhere…

Of course, there were dead bodies of his subordinates as well .

Jiang Li was kind of insensitive . He had witnessed too many deaths, and he had been used to this sight .

He narrowed his eyes involuntarily when the morning light shone on his face .

Behind him, a woman covered with blood, was following him .

“Clear the bodies…

“Guard the city when everybody wakes up,”

Jiang Li said .

“Yes . ”

The woman replied in an exhausted voice . A franticness emerged in her eyes when she had seen the sheathed rusted sword at Jiang Li’s waist .

The fact that Master Jiang’s rusted sword had never been unsheathed meant this crisis was nothing at all .

The franticness faded in her eyes when she saw Jiang Li leaving covered with blood . It was replaced with complexity . She knew where Jiang Li was going, so she did not follow him so that he would not be disturbed .

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In the farmer’s yard…

Jiang Li put off the helmet and removed the cloth stained with blood that he had used to cover his mouth and nose . His hair was a little bit messy .

He went into the house and saw that the candle was almost spent, so he blew it out . Gazing at the teenage girl’s tranquil sleeping face, he extended his hand . However, afraid that her face would be stained with blood, he retracted it .

He walked to the door and sat down on the edge without taking off his sword . With his back straightened up, he looked at the morning glow shining through the ragged clouds on the horizon .

Watching the clouds changing quietly, he waited for the girl to wake up .

In the room…

The teenage girl woke up andsaw the giant figure sitting on the edge right away .

Shouting in surprise, she sat up immediately . The chick Lil Phoenix One sleeping on her chest was instantly thrown out .

It fell next to the figure covered with blood sitting on the edge .

Jiang Li glimpsed at the chick emotionlessly . Then he looked at the teenage girl on the bed . He raised his eyebrow .

“Is this… Is this the chicken for the chicken soup?”

Bai Qingniao flushed because of embarrassment .

“Uncle Jiang, when did you come?”

She was startled . Picking Lil Phoenix One up and tucking it into her clothes, she hurried to run into the kitchen .

“The soup will be ready very soon . Uncle Jiang, just a little while…”

A little while later…

Jiang Li left the blood-stained helmet on the ground and started to enjoy the yellowish chicken soup and the delicious chicken .

Cupping her hands around her chin, Bai Qingniao watched watching Jiang Li eat the chicken soup . Her eyes were like two crescent moons .

It did startle her when she had seen Jiang Li covered with blood for the first time .

However, little by little, she got used to it when she had seen it quite a few times . And her fear of blood was gone as well .

She liked to see him eating soup before her . What he did or who he killed, why would that matter to her?

He ate all of the soup .

Jiang Li wiped the oil off the corners of his lips .

He got to his feet .

“I’m leaving . ”

He always left as soon as he finished the soup . He would never linger .

“That chicken… Feed it more,” said Jiang Li at the door .

He glanced at Lil Phoenix One, who popped its head out of Bai Qingniao’s collar, and curled his lip .

He was absolutely not jealous of the chick .

He just thought Bai Qingniao could make some good soup with it .

Capital city, Great Zhou .

At daybreak…

The warm morning sunlight spilled on the earth .

Outside of the capital city, six horses were galloping into the capital city without slowing down . Their clip-clops sounded like raindrops .

These six horses were from the six cities guarding the capital city . They were bringing a piece of urgent news .

Main Hall, Imperial Palace .

Yuwen Xiu threw the six urgent letters away when he had finished reading them . Flying into a rage, he swatted at his throne, making a loud noise that echoed in the hall .

The ministers looked at one another . Some of them had learned what it was about . Lowering their heads down, they did not even dare breathe hard .

The old eunuch picked up the urgent letters from the ground .


Yuwen Xiu ordered with a cold face .

The old eunuch did not dare disobey . He read the news in the urgent letters in a high-pitched voice .

Instantly, all of the ministers were shocked!

The six cities guarding Great Zhou’s capital city were attacked .

Beiluo, Drunken Dragon, Wangtian, and Pingnan, these four cities managed to stay safe . The City Masters of Yuanchi and Tong’an were all killed . The aristocratic families in these two cities revolted, and the citizens were living in fear .

Staring at the ministers, whose only reaction was mere shock, Yuwen Xiu felt very disappointed .

He waved his hand . The ministers were thus dismissed . Then he headed for the Book Pavilion .

The capital city was in shock brought by the news that the six cities had been assaulted .

Lu Manor, Beiluo City .

The morning light spilled onto the earth…

Bringing the gentleness and comfort of the early morning .

Sitting on the wheelchair, Lu Fan was eating rice porridge .

Before him, Ni Yu, wearing a bun and with tears welling up in her eyes, was looking at Lu Fan eagerly, full of regret .

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