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Chapter 73

At the lakeside of Beiluo Lake Island, a gentle breeze kept blowing .

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 The sun had completely disappeared below the horizon . Above it was a grayish white . A sickle moon popped up, hanging in the sky .

 Lu Fan stopped thinking . He did not check in on Xiang Shaoyun again .

 After the Demonification, Xiang Shaoyun formed a Demon Seed in his Qi Core . His Spirit Qi was switched to Demonic Qi . His fighting power was as strong as that of a common cultivator whose Qi Core had achieved the peak .

 He would absolutely be able to resolve this crisis .

 Demon was kind of a new class . It was fair to say it was a promising class .

 Cultivation included Immortal Cultivation and Demonic Cultivation . Lu Fan figured he could add more types to it in the future, like Evil Cultivation, Buddhist Cultivation, and so on .

 Sparks would be produced when different types of cultivations are met . In this way, the cultivating atmosphere in the world would be richer and richer .

 Leaning back on the wheelchair, Lu Fan was lightly tapping the armrest with a finger . He was checking with his mind the award he had received from this transformation .

 “[Indestructible Demonic Body (Beginner)], is it related to Demonic Cultivation?”

 Lu Fan murmured .

 Then he focused on the [Indestructible Demonic Body] in Transformation Reward .

 However, no information about it popped up .

 It had never happened to Lu Fan before .

 “Why is that?”

 Lu Fan’s brows knitted .

 He asked the system secretly .

 “[Indestructible Demonic Body] is a special Transformation Reward . No introduction is available yet . Host can activate it by consuming Physique Strength . ”

 The system’s answer made Lu Fan raise his eyebrow slightly .

 Activating it by consuming Physique Strength?

 By then, Lu Fan had six points of Physique Strength . He had thought Physique Strength simply meant becoming physically stronger . This was something he had never expected .

 He focused on [Indestructible Demonic Body] .

 In an instant, the six points of Physique Strength were reduced to one point .


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 Instantly, Lu Fan felt everything before him had changed .

 The Spirit Qi with abundant immortal sense in his Qi Core turned into violent black Demonic Qi in one second .

 Overhead, Lu Fan saw black clouds sweeping over, ceaselessly taking shape and gathering…

 Bolts of lightning appeared ready to strike between the clouds and the earth as if intending to destroy the world .

 Fierce gales suddenly came on Beiluo Lake Island .

 They were intertwined by black Demonic Qi .

 The cultivators on the island were all shocked . They got to their feet with fear .

 They had no idea what had happened .

 The world suddenly became extremely stifling . They felt it difficult to breathe .

 Ning Zhao and Nie Changqing looked at the terrace of White Jade City’s pavilion . They looked like they could not believe what was happening .

 “It feels… It feels dreadful!”

 On the island, the petals of the ten Heaven Facing Spiritual Chrysanthemums folded inward, as if they had been startled .

 The darkness came fast, and it left fast too .

 The stifling air on the island was gone very soon .

 Not until then did everyone feel relieved .

 On the terrace…

 Lu Fan closed [Indestructible Demonic Body] . He was kind of astonished .

 The power of [Indestructible Demonic Body] was really beyond his expectation . The second he activated it, he felt he could destroy the whole island with a single slap .

 Once Indestructible Demonic Body was activated, his Spirit Qi would turn into Demonic Qi, and his destructive power would soar .

 However, he would not be able to use other Spirit Qi techniques . He would have to fight the enemy with Indestructible Demonic Body only .

 In a word, this Indestructible Demonic Body was a sort of physical technique . And it could strengthen as his Physique Strength increased .

 “This is only an Indestructible Demonic Body of beginner level, but it feels stronger than the peak of Internal Organs Realm…”

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 Xiang Shaoyun kowtowed to the Demon on a whim, so he made Xiang Shaoyun demonify . However, this was an unexpected surprise .

 “Sitting in the wheelchair and holding a chess piece as an Immortal, standing on the ground indestructibly as a demon…”

 Leaning back in the wheelchair, Lu Fan smiled .

 Hidden Dragon Ridge .

 The battle was over .

 Under the cold and pale moonlight, the ground was covered with dead bodies .

 Xiang Shaoyun was standing in the same place . Before him was Liu He, the Mayor of Pingyang County, whose neck he had broken .

 Luo Mingsang stumbled over . She wrapped her arms around Xiang Shaoyun’s waist .

 Xiang Shaoyun’s red eyes, the patterns on his body, and the violent Demonic Qi had all disappeared .

 He felt weak . His head was aching as if it was being torn apart .

 After all, he gave the Demon a soul in exchange for the slim chance of survival from the desperate situation . He demonified and killed everyone around . In the end, he survived .

 “Mingsang… Let’s go home . ”

 Xiang Shaoyun turned around . He touched Luo Mingsang’s cheek with his hand covered with blood . Seeing her weak but safe, he broke into a faint smile .

 Tears welled up in Luo Mingsang’s eyes . They survived . They did not have to die anymore .

 Luo Mingsang did not know what had happened to Xiang Shaoyun .

 No matter what happened, nothing would change for her .

 The Overlord was the same Overlord…

 A long time passed after Xiang Shaoyu and Luo Mingsang had left…

 A wagon rocked over .

 The curtain of the wagon was lifted . A hunchbacked figure slowly got off the wagon .

 Looking at so many corpses on the ground, Mo Beike let out a sigh .

 A few figures showed up . They came back very soon after rummaging through the dead bodies .

 “Giant, we didn’t find the Overlord’s body, but we found the body of Pingyang County Mayor Liu He . ”

 A Mos’ disciple said, cupping his hands .

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 “100 versus 5,000… The Overlord of West County is an overlord indeed . ”

 Mo Beike’s hunchbacked body seemed a little bit old in the moonlight .

 His voice was neither angry nor pleased .

 “Let’s go . Now that the Overlord isn’t dead, it means he isn’t supposed to be dead . Spread the news that he killed Pingyang County Mayor Liu He’s 5,000 men with only 100 men . This world… It needs some shocking news,”

 Mo Beike said slowly .

 “Yes . ”

 Those Mos’ disciples cupped their hands .

 Mo Beike got onto the wagon again . His disciples raised the whip to drive the wagon away .

 “Giant, where are we going?”

 A disciple asked .

 In the wagon, Mo Beike’s old voice did not come until a good while later .

 “Beiluo City . ”

 Luo Cheng returned to Beiluo City alive . Lu Changkong and Luo Yue went to see him right away . They asked him about what had happened in the Secret Realm of the Immortal Palace .

 Luo Cheng had not recovered from the shock yet . He drank some water and then told them everything he had seen and heard .

 “In front of the Immortal Palace… Tantai Xuan flew into a rage . He ordered tens of thousands of soldiers to attack the Immortal Palace, intending to break through the restriction imposed by the Immortal Palace . However, some Immortal in the Immortal Palace seemed to be irritated . Tens of thousands of soldiers turned into ashes in an instant…”

 Recalling that scene, Luo Cheng still shivered .

 Lu Changkong and Luo Yue also sucked the air through gritted teeth .

 Was it really so mysterious?

 However, Luo Cheng did not sound as if he was lying .

 “By the way, Young Master sent people to the Immortal Palace too . His men even got the Qi Core of the ancient Qi Refiner . They chased Mo Shougui out of the Immortal Palace and cut one of his arms off,”

 Luo Cheng described with excitement, spitting .

 The scene of Nie Changqing and Ning Zhao moving in and out of the army, their white clothes stained with blood, was quite striking for Luo Cheng .

 “Fan’er meddled in the Immortal encounter as well?”

 Lu Changkong squinted .

 “Fan’er always stayed on the island . I thought he was not interested in the Immortal encounter . The mantis seizes the locust but does not see the yellow bird behind him . Fan’er turns out to be that yellow bird…”

 The night was deep .

 Lu Fan would not stay on Beiluo Lake Island this night .

 He asked Ni Yu to push his wheelchair onto the boat . He went back to Lu Manor by boat . As to Ning Zhao, Nie Changqing, and the others, they stayed on the island to continue with their cultivation .

 In the courtyard of Lu Manor…

 With Ni Yu’s help, Lu Fan washed his face and rinsed his mouth . Then he sat down on the edge of his bed .

 The cold moonlight shone through the carved wooden window on the bed . It felt quiet and relaxing .

 A lot of things seemed to have happened in the Great Zhou Dynasty this day .

 It was Lu Fan behind all this .

 However, outsiders had no idea at all that all this had to do with Young Master Lu, who had been staying in Beiluo City this whole time…

 Except Ning Zhao and Nie Changqing, whom he sent to grab the Qi Core of the ancient Qi Refiner .

 The Spirit Pressure Chessboard was placed on the table . Lu Fan was setting up Mountain River Strategy on the chessboard . He was using the white pieces and the black pieces at the same time .

 As he placed the pieces on the chessboard, the consumed Soul Strength and Physique Strength were recovering slowly .

 Activating Fantasy Creation Qi Refining Manual while setting up the chessboard could help him refine Qi even more thoroughly in the same way as rain moistens everything quietly .

 After setting up the chessboard…

 Lu Fan’s hand, still holding a white chess piece, froze . He was slightly dumbstruck .

 He found the system page popped up . After [Access], [Dao Impartment Platform] was glittering .

 He focused on [Dao Impartment Platform] .

 All of a sudden…

 Lines of prompts were popping up .

 [Kong Nanfei (Identity: Confucianist disciple) entered Dao Impartment Platform . ]

 [Tang Yimo (Identity: the love child of South County Mayor) entered Dao Impartment Platform . ]

[Bai Qingniao (Identity: poultry woman from Drunken Dragon City) entered Dao Impartment Platform . ]

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