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Chapter 72
Chapter 72: Kowtow before the Demon

The scene was tragic and bloody . It was like a prison in hell in the mortal world .

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Lu Fan sat in his wheelchair, his brows tightly knit, as he watched the scene from hundreds of miles away .

He saw Xiang Shaoyun as he swung his ax and shield, his body filled with wounds and blood accumulating beneath his feet . His burly body could no longer stand straight .

Behind him, a beautiful lady with a pale face looked softly at Xiang Shaoyun .

“So he entered the state of ‘Demonification’ because of love . Who would have thought that Xiang Shaoyun, who was as strong as an Overlord and never knelt before the Immortal Buddha, would have a soft spot deep in his heart and demonify for a woman?”

Lu Fan’s eyes were deep with thought as he looked at the scene . Instantly, he understood exactly what had happened .

Xiang Shaoyun had been ambushed .

It was clear that his return route had been exposed, and this allowed the mayor of another county to send troops to surround him .

About 5,000 to 6,000 soldiers, together with a Grandmaster and First to Second Tier generals…

This was a desperate situation that could only mean death .

Lu Fan’s fingers tapped lightly at the wheelchair armrests .

If Xiang Shaoyun was the only one who was in this desperate situation, perhaps he might not have triggered the condition for Demonification . After all, he was the Overlord of the West County, so why would he be afraid of death?

However, because of the woman behind him, he… had to pave a blood path and block all incoming attacks for her .

“So overinfatuation can also be considered as a demon type…”

Lu Fan shook his head .

He was deep in thought .

In the Wuhuang Continent, there was no concept of “demon . ” It was unlike the novels that he had read in his previous life, whereby the various forces included the Demon Sect and the like .

Here, there were only the Hundred Schools of Philosophy, but they were not divided between the orthodox and the unorthodox .

Demon . A demon that was born out of obsession .

“This… doesn’t sound like a bad idea . ”

“Demon . It must be a new class . ”

Lu Fan smiled with great interest .

“I choose to… create ‘Demonic Cultivation’!”

Lu Fan’s consciousness moved .

And he made his selection .

Right at the moment that he made his decision, a powerful pulling force caused his consciousness to reach over a hundred miles .

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It condensed into a physical figure and descended in front of Xiang Shaoyun .

There was silence between heaven and earth .

All that was left were Xiang Shaoyun’s low growls . He had no ounce of energy left to even wave his ax and shield .

He had killed nearly 2,000 people, and he was worn out . His Spirit Qi had been depleted, and his body was staggering .

However, he did not retreat, nor did he fall .

He was like a demon, killing every soldier who had surrounded Luo Mingsang . He pulled her behind him and stood in front of her, blocking every attack with his massive body .

Luo Mingsang’s face was pale white, and the sword in her hand dropped to the ground .

She looked at Xiang Shaoyun’s broad back with fondness .

With her bloodstained hands, she shakily took out a short flute from within her sleeves .

Luo Mingsang was highly skilled with string instruments, and Xiang Shaoyun loved listening to her play .

But today, she had no zither, so she was going to use the flute instead to play a song .

This might be the last song that she was going to play for Xiang Shaoyun .

She touched the mouth of the flute lightly with her bloodied lips as she looked at Xiang Shaoyun, and with an inhale, she blew into the flute . The sound of the flute gradually increased and lingered on the mountain of bloodshed .

Xiang Shaoyun’s hair was drenched with blood . He leaned against his giant ax while the soldiers watched him with great fear after having killed so many of them .

When he heard the sound of the flute behind him, his stiff face softened, and a smile appeared .

The Mayor of Pingyang County, Liu He, watched the scene before him as his lips curled upward .

“To think there would come a day when the Overlord is past his prime, accompanied by a woman playing the flute to send him off in his final moments… How touching . ”

He knew that Xiang Shaoyun could no longer make it .

If the Overlord had wanted to leave, even thousands of soldiers might not necessarily be able to stop him .

However, the Overlord was troubled by love .

And this also gave them the one and only chance to finish him off .

Suddenly Liu He’s expression turned ice-cold . He trembled with fear at the Overlord’s great strength, and therefore, he must wipe out Xiang Shaoyun entirely and have him ripped to shreds . Only by doing so could his heart be at ease!


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“Anyone who gets the Overlord’s head will be rewarded with 100,000 silver taels!”

Liu He roared .

At his roar, the fearful soldiers and generals who were still hesitating hardened their gazes as they swung their weapons and charged madly forward .

Xiang Shaoyun was coughing up blood . The price he was paying for reversing the Spirit Transmission Technique made his body feel like it was falling apart .

However, even when he coughed up blood, he still laughed out loud .

His ax and shield danced as he dragged his fatigued body and blocked hundreds of people!

All of a sudden…

Xiang Shaoyun’s eyes narrowed .

A tremendous power was engulfing him .

He realized that everything in his surrounding had vanished, and he could not hear the sound of the flute, either .

The darkness had devoured everything .

Yet he could see the color of blood appear on the fine line between heaven and earth, as a figure that looked like it was stepping on a bloody dawn gradually appeared .

Xiang Shaoyun deadly stared at it .

“What is a demon? A persistent obsession is a demon .

“Since the immortal has been born, how can the Demon sleep forever?

“Your obsession has awakened the Demon . Do you want to seek the Demon?”

In the void space, the bloody figure said slowly, the words resounding between heaven and earth .

Xiang Shaoyun staggered as he stared at the bloody figure .

The word “demon” had always been synonymous with “evil . ”

“If I become a demon, can you let Mingsang live?”

Xiang Shaoyun asked .

The bloody figure in the void smiled lightly . “Yes . ”

“Then I will become a demon!”

Xiang Shaoyun raised his head with burning eyes .


The bloody figure gave a smile .

“Why should I allow you to become a demon?”

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Xiang Shaoyun took a deep breath .

Instantly, he knelt on his knees and kowtowed heavily to the bloody figure three times in a row .


Dong! Dong!

Every sound echoed in this space between heaven and earth .

In the void, Lu Fan, who had transformed into the Demon, felt slightly complicated .

The Overlord who never knelt before the Immortal Buddha had willingly kowtowed before the Demon without an ounce of hesitation for the sake of a woman’s life .

Kowtow before the Demon, and for 3,000 years, one will never become an immortal after returning to the mortal world .

“If you become a demon for the woman, the woman will become your biggest weakness . Are you willing?”

The Demon asked .

“I am . ”

Xiang Shaoyun kowtowed .

“If you seek the Demon, a part of your soul shall be taken . Are you willing?”

The Demon asked once more .

“I am . ”

Xiang Shaoyun kowtowed again .

The Demon laughed as the bloody dawn expanded and engulfed Xiang Shaoyun’s body .

Streams of Qi, the color of blood, flowed through him, but it made Xiang Shaoyun feel as though his soul had been torn apart .


Xiang Shaoyun opened his eyes . He could still hear the sound of the flute, and the distant cries of killing were still there .

His body was already on the verge of collapse, but then it recovered with a great power that spread endlessly from his cinnabar field to his four limbs .

“The power of the Demon…”

Xiang Shaoyun’s gaze was complicated .

He could feel a vortex in his cinnabar field bursting with immense pulling force, absorbing the blood on the mountains like a seed .

The blood on the ground began to cling onto Xiang Shaoyun’s body . His skin was starting to turn red as black lines densely covered his whole body .

The flow of heat had evaporated the blood and turned it into a black mist .

Evilly and strangely, the mist started to envelop Xiang Shaoyun .

The sound of Luo Mingsang’s flute came to an abrupt halt as she looked at Xiang Shaoyun from afar, her eyes full of shock .

Xiang Shaoyun had regained his strength . He waved his ax and shield, and a black mist erupted from around him .

Everywhere that the mist had passed by looked like it had been ravaged by a beast .

The soldiers were all sent flying with a swing of the long ax .

Three Grandmasters and seven to eight First Tier martial artists then charged forth, and with reddened eyes, Xiang Shaoyun roared at them, terrifying them enough to make them bleed from their noses and mouths . Their heads were severed as Xiang Shaoyun brought his ax down on them .

Everyone was stunned…

Liu He, who was dressed in silver armor, was trembling violently .

“This… This…”

How could Xiang Shaoyun still be so strong when he was supposed to be on the verge of collapse?!

“Hurry and go!”

Liu He’s advisor spoke in horror .


Just as they were preparing to leave and taking their first step, they noticed that the ground had been covered with blood .

The blood gradually climbed up, as though it transformed into an arm, and grabbed their bodies, pulling them in Xiang Shaoyun’s direction, following the flow of blood .

Liu He fled pell-mell, his face filled with fear .


Moments later, he could feel someone lifting him by his neck .

The bloody mist had dispersed, revealing Xiang Shaoyun’s sinister and merciless face behind it .

Beiluo Lake Island . …

Lu Fan slowly exhaled as his consciousness returned .

In front of him, a system prompt had popped up .

He took a quick look .

[Congratulations on the host’s success in “Building Demonic Cultivation” and cultivating the first demonic cultivator . You have obtained 10 Available Points and Transformation Reward “Indestructible Demonic Body (Beginner)”…]

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