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Chapter 68
Chapter 68: A Handsome Reward

[Congratulations, Host . You have constructed the Secret Realm of the ‘Immortal Palace, Hidden Dragon Ridge’ and finished guiding people’s exploration . 10 Available Points and Gathering Qi Elixir Refining Manual awarded . ]

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[Congratulations, Host . You have completed the construction of the first Secret Realm and made a huge influence on the transformation of the world . 20 Available Points awarded and Transformation Reward achieved…]

Lu Fan’s hair, which hung on the temples, swayed as the breeze from the lake blew gently .

He was still sitting in the wheelchair while checking the popped-up rewards in the System Page .

The first construction of the Secret Realm and the guidance were a big move . At least, the Secret Realm was significant to the entire Wuhuang Continent .

It started the revival of Spirit Qi .

The Immortal to rescue the mortal… The mortal to cultivate immortality .

Telling a blatant lie that there were immortals in the world .

Cupping his jaw with one hand, Lu Fan tapped his cheek with his fingers .

He opened the Stats Page with his mind, and the page popped up before him .

[Host: Lu Fan]

[Title: Qi Refiner (permanent)]

[Refined Qi Level: 2 (progress toward Refined Qi Level 3: 120/1000 wisps)]

[Soul Strength: 11 (exchangeable: 2)]

[Physique Strength: 1 (exchangeable: 1)]

[Spirit Qi: 20 wisps]

[Transformation Reward: Fantasy Creation Qi Refining Manual, Transformation Technique]

[World Leveling System: Wuhuang Continent (Low-Level Martial World)]

[Access: (Quest) (Dao Impartment Platform) (Spirit Qi Deployment)]

[Sub-access: (All Method Furnace [LV1])]

[Spirit Tool: Spirit Pressure Chessboard (Heaven Level Low Grade)]

[Meditation Technique: Heavenly Go Manual (Heaven Level Low Grade)]

[Available Points Awarded: 35

He had to admit it was quite a handsome reward this time .

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He was awarded 30 Available Points, which was a great fortune for him .

Ten points for the construction of the Secret Realm and the guidance and 20 extra points for the Secret Realm’s influence on the world and the transformation of the world .

Plus, there were extra rewards besides the Available Points .

Two surprising rewards: Gathering Qi Elixir Refining Manual and Transformation Technique .

What the former was used for was obvious . As its name suggests, it’s used as the refining technique of Gathering Qi Elixir . As to the Transformation Technique, Lu Fan was not sure what it was for .

He used his mind again…

To check Transformation Technique that newly showed up in Transformation Reward .

[Transformation Technique: Used to transform all beings except humans, to endow them with Spirit Intellect and make them start their journey of cultivation . Warning: Soul Strength will be permanently consumed every time the Transformation Technique is used . Pay extra caution when transforming beings so that you will not regret this . ]

Lu Fan raised his eyebrow involuntarily after reading this .

Transforming all beings?

After some thought, he realized that other than humans, monsters, spirits, ghosts, and other beings live in cultivators’ world, and it was hard for these beings to survive in a Low-Level Martial World because there were no resources necessary for their transformation .

To make the world more beautiful and to make cultivating species more prosperous, the existence of the Transformation Technique was quite essential .

Of course, since Soul Strength would be permanently consumed, Lu Fan would be much more cautious .

After closing the Transformation Technique page, Lu Fan started to check Gathering Qi Elixir Refining Manual .

But this manual did not show up on the system page .

As Lu Fan’s mind got stronger, an ancient roll of bamboo slips suddenly appeared in his hands while he was sitting in the wheelchair .

He slowly unfolded the dark brown roll of bamboo slips and saw that written on the slips were the recipe for the elixir and the technique to refine it .

Lu Fan’s eyes lit up as he read it .

“One Gathering Qi Elixir can help people refine one wisp of Qi without any secondary effects . It can also improve your Qi refining efficiency by 40 percent . ”

He had to admit that at least to his knowledge, the effect of the Gathering Qi Elixir was astonishing .

Lu Fan was eager to refine a full furnace of that elixir right away .

Even though he could not use elixirs, he could use it to improve the strength of the apprentices of White Jade City .

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However, Lu Fan contained his excitement .

He focused on the System Page again . With the five points he earned from finishing side quest 1 and the 30 points he earned this time, his current total Available Points amounted to 35 . How to allocate such a big fortune was now a problem .

He stayed silent for a good while .

With a gaze, Lu Fan moved 30 points to his Soul Strength .

The remaining five points were moved to Physique Strength, which had not been enhanced for a long time .

The upper limit of Soul Strength reached 53 points, and 32 points could be exchanged for Spirit Qi, so Lu Fan exchanged all of them .

One Soul Strength could be exchanged for ten wisps of Spirit Qi . So Lu Fan got 320 wisps of Spirit Qi after the exchange .

Progress toward Refined Qi Level 3: 440/1000 wisps . Now, he was only 560 wisps of Spirit Qi away from achieving Refined Qi Level 3 .

Also, with the development of the Secret Realm of the Immortal Palace, Hidden Dragon Ridge, more and more people would swarm in there in the future . As those people refined their sense of Qi and achieved Qi Core Realm, Lu Fan would get a cut of Spirit Qi .

It was only a matter of time for him to achieve Refined Qi Level 3 .

What Lu Fan felt curious about was the Physique Strength, which had been increased to six points .

As the points increased, Lu Fan felt Qi and blood in his body boiling, as if they were being heated in a furnace .

In the Immortal Palace, Hidden Dragon Ridge…

The restless Spirit Qi gradually calmed down .

The few people sitting cross-legged in the chamber opened their eyes slowly .

Ning Zhao’s eyes were so bright that it looked like they were giving off brilliant lights . In the Spirit Qi storm triggered by the ancient Qi Refiner’s self-explosion, she achieved Ninth Stage Qi Core Realm successfully from Seventh Stage Qi Core Realm .

Her Qi Core could only hold nine wisps, which meant Ning Zhao had achieved the completeness of Qi Core Realm .

Nie Changqing had gained a lot too . He achieved Eighth Stage Qi Core and took in three wisps of Spirit Qi .

They got to their feet . They had not forgotten the task Lu Fan had given them—to take the ancient Qi Refiner’s Condensed Core back .

They looked farther in .

Above the coffin, a small black ball was spinning, with wisps of Spirit Qi hovering over it . Not only did it look amazing but also mysterious .

“This is the Qi Refiner’s Condensed Core!”

Ning Zhao’s eyes lit up . After achieving the great completeness of Qi refining, she now had to condense her Spirit Qi into a core in the Qi Core .

She vaguely felt the Spirit Qi in her Qi Core was assembling . However, to condense it into a core, she needed to put in more effort .

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The two, in clothes even whiter than snow, approached the black Condensed Core at high speed .

Xiang Shaoyun opened his eyes . His great energy vibrated .

He had another breakthrough by achieving Fifth Stage Qi Core . Without immortal cultivation techniques, it was always very hard for him to achieve a breakthrough .

He got up to his feet . Seeing Ning Zhao and Nie Changqing approaching the black Condensed Core floating over the coffin, he felt tempted .

However, in the end, he did not do anything .

“Xiang Shaoyun, stop them! That is the fruit of the ancient Qi Refiner’s cultivation . It might make our meteoric rise to immortality possible!”

In the distance…

Standing with his sword, Mo Shougui shouted all of a sudden when he had seen what was happening .

Li Sansi frowned, while Kong Nanfei simply ignored them .

Ning Zhao and Nie Changqing exchanged a look, their white clothes fluttering . Then, Ning Zhao went on approaching the coffin, while Nie Changqing stood there holding his knife, with invisible energy surging around him .

“If Young Master were here, what you just said…

“Would cost you your life . ”

Staring at Mo Shougui with a sharp look, Nie Changqing said indifferently .

Li Sansi appeared to have a complicated feeling . He certainly knew Nie Changqing, the Daoist outcast, the man who had been exiled by Daoist .

“Old Ten . ”

Standing with his wooden sword, Li Sansi said slowly .

Nie Changqing looked less angry, but he looked neither kind nor earnest .

Li Sansi let out a sigh . He certainly knew what had happened to Nie Changqing .

It was all because of some evil encounter . That was the only comment he could make .

“Xiang Shaoyun, are you really going to let someone else take the immortal encounter?!”

Opening his eyes widely, Mo Shougui looked at Xiang Shaoyun in the eyes .

“I, Xiang Shaoyun, am a fair-minded person . We would have lost our lives had they not shown up . How could I covet the immortal encounter?” throwing Mo Shougui a glance, Xiang Shaoyun said calmly .

Ignoring Mo Shougui, he picked up his shield and ax from the ground and tied them to his back .

Ning Zhao had got the Condensed Core . She wrapped it in a white silk handkerchief .

“Damn it!”

Mo Shougui squinted at Xiang Shaoyun . He had planned to ally with Xiang Shaoyun and the other two to grab the immortal encounter, but it turned out to be impossible…

Survival was more important .

He made a quick decision .

He suddenly turned around to escape, intending to run out of the middle chamber .


A butcher knife flew over toward him, but it fell where Mo Shougui had been standing, leaving a giant knife mark on the ground .

Nie Changqing clutched in the air . In an instant, the butcher knife spun at high speed . It whizzed across the air following Mo Shougui out of the middle chamber .

Ning Zhao and Nie Changqing left the middle chamber together .

Only Xiang Shaoyun, Li Sansi, and Kong Nanfei were left inside .

“You don’t want the immortal cultivation techniques in the back chamber?!”

Xiang Shaoyun shouted at Ning Zhao and Nie Changqing . His eyes slightly lit up .

“Young Master only told us to fetch the Condensed Core . Immortal cultivation techniques… We have a lot in White Jade City . ”

Ning Zhao’s indifferent cold voice came slowly .

“Another power as strong as the Hundred Schools of Philosophy has risen in the world… White Jade City . ”

Kong Nanfei could not help but exclaim as he gazed at the two in white and listened to the voices echoing in the room .

Xiang Shaoyun seemed to be in deep thought .

Then he turned around suddenly and walked into the chamber .

Li Sansi and Kong Nanfei’s eyes lit up as well .

As to Mo Shougui…

Whether he would survive depended on his luck . Anyways, why did he have to be so loudmouth?

Well, well…

In the end, he got a beating for nothing . And the immortal cultivation techniques were not his either .

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