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Chapter 58
Chapter 58: The Immortal Encounter Isn’t Worth the Bother

The bright moon hung low in the night sky, casting cold moonlight across the ground .

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Clouds were passing in front of the moon, and the moon seemed to flicker in the dark .

Lv Mudui’s white gown was messy with bloodstains . He staggered out of Hidden Dragon Ridge as he lightly tapped his bamboo stick against the ground .

Behind him in the thick woods…

Night crows cried and flew high in the air .

The coachman waiting for Lv Mudui was shocked when he saw his appearance, and he immediately ran over to him .

“Have you run across some fierce animals in the mountain, sir? Earlier, I saw some of the locals running out of the ridge scared . There must be some kind of monster or something in the mountains…” the coachman said .

He then helped Lv Mudui into the carriage .

Lv Mudui waved his hand . Although he looked miserable, he was actually extremely excited . Sitting inside the carriage, he couldn’t help but tremble with excitement .

“Head to the capital city!” Lv Mudui said .

The coachman was puzzled, but he didn’t ask any further questions . Instead, he raised his whip, and the horse neighed and took off running .

In the capital city .

It was the dead of night, and all was quiet, yet in a busy and prosperous neighborhood, a tea houses’s light was still on .

Behind the counter, a young girl with her hair twisted into a bun on her head was still balancing the books, and she seemed a little bored .

In the tea house, the chairs were placed upside down on the tables, and a waiter with a white towel over one shoulder was cleaning up .


A noise came from outside the door .

The girl with the bun immediately became alert . “Who’s there? It’s late at night . We’re not serving tea anymore . ”

Outside the door, there was a long silence, followed by a man’s husky voice .

“Astrology is more subtle than tricks; no need to tell fortunes to give the world a tease . ”

Hearing the man’s coded message, the young girl’s eyes lit up . She ran out from behind the counter and hurried to open the door .

She opened it and saw an older man dressed in white standing there, a green bamboo staff in one of his hands . He looked exhausted .

“Uncle!” the girl exclaimed .

“Shh . ” Lv Mudui placed his trembling finger to his lips .

The girl closed the door . Footsteps soon came from upstairs .

Lv Mudui pulled out a chair, sat down, and let out a long sigh .

A beautiful lady in a high-quality satin outfit, her hair twisted into a knot, elegantly walked down the stairs .

“Lv, how come you’re so flustered? His Excellency wanted you to stay in Beiluo City . Why did you come to the capital city?”

The lady looked confused .

The waiter poured a cup of tea for Lv Mudui .

Lv Mudui knocked back the whole cup, even though it was scolding hot . He then turned to the lady and suddenly threw the three copper coins at her that he’d been holding tightly in his hand .

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The lady slightly raised her hand and caught the coins between her fingers .


Her long, dark brows furrowed when she noticed that the three coins had turned black and even started cracking .

The lady inhaled sharply . “What did you do?”

“I went to Hidden Dragon Ridge and saw something terrible…” Lv Mudui ginned, exposing the gap left by his missing front tooth .

“What took you to Hidden Dragon Ridge?”

The lady was puzzled, and she threw the copper coins back at Lv Mudui .

“Immortal encounter appeared at Hidden Dragon Ridge . The Secret Realm will change the whole world . A very capable and knowledgeable person told me about the Immortal encounter at Hidden Dragon Ridge . I paid a special trip there based on my calculation and ended up seeing something terrifying . ”

Lv Mudui took a deep breath . A serious look replaced his grin .

“Junior sister Qianqian, may I borrow the Astrology Sect messenger pigeons?” Lv Mudui asked .

The lady gave Lv Mudui a meaningful glance . “Are you serious? Once the Astrology Sect messenger pigeons are used, it’ll affect the entire world . Do you really insist on doing this? If things go wrong, will you be able to bear the consequences for it?” she asked .

Lv Mudui gave her a profound look .

“Whatever the consequences are, I will bear them,” Lv Mudui said .

The woman nodded . “Okay . ”

The two of them then walked upstairs .

The young girl and the waiter glanced at each other, looking lost .

In the secret room hidden in the attic…

Lv Mudui followed the lady and entered .

He took out a piece of dark yellow paper . Then, he pounded on his chest with his fist, coughed blood, and used it as ink to write on the paper .

“Ten Qi Plaques, Heaven and Earth; Hidden Dragon lies with ghosts and gods;

“Spirit Qi is waking up the universe, and cultivation is the key to eternal life .

Astrology Sect, Lv Mudui, bloodletter . ”

Standing behind Lv Mudui, the beautiful lady’s eyes bulged with shock .

If what Lv Mudui was talking about was true, the world… was about to undergo profound changes!

“Is this… true?” she asked .

“If it isn’t, the heavens will smite me with lightning,” Lv Mudui said .

He wiped off the blood .

Then he wrote numerous copies of the letter and put them in the message containers tied to each Astrology Sect messenger pigeon . Then, he opened the cage .

The sound of fluttering wings instantly filled the air .

White pigeons flew out from the cage one after another and took off flying in different directions from the capital city .

Watching the Astrology Sect messenger pigeons flood the sky, Lv Mudui smiled with relief .

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The lady frowned . She didn’t say anything further to Lv Mudui . Instead, she went downstairs and sent people on their way to Hidden Dragon Ridge at full speed .

Astrology Sect messenger pigeons were used by Astrology Sect to send information to the world .

With all the Astrology Sect messenger pigeons out…

That night, Astrology Sect’s power bases in each city all received the news .

The influential practitioners of Astrology Sect read the message in disbelief .

Spirit Qi was going to wake up in the world?

There’s Immortal encounter at Hidden Dragon Ridge? And those with Heaven Qi or Earth Qi Plaques can get Immortal encounter?

What the hell was going on?

Others hurried to send high-level practitioners to Hidden Dragon Ridge .

Soon, explorers riding on horseback were everywhere to be seen in the world, and left clouds of dust in their wake .

The morning after, the sun came out and covered the ground in sunlight .

Deep in Hidden Dragon Ridge…

Many people were standing and watching the “eggshell” in disbelief . In the glorious morning light, the “eggshell” was a riot of colors, and it made everyone’s heart skip a beat .

The Immortal encounter was… real!

The news was sent back to every city .

Astrology Sect messenger pigeons were sent everywhere in Great Zhou .

North county, Tantai Manor .

Tantai Xuan had a solemn expression on his face . Below the platform, Mo Ju, who was wearing a long gown and a silk kerchief, was studying the letter with his eyes squinted .

“Hidden Dragon Ridge outside Beiluo City has Immortal encounter…”

As Mo Ju held the letter between his fingers, a thoughtful look passed across his face .

Astrology Sect used Astrology Sect messenger pigeons to disseminate the news . At this moment, perhaps the whole world had learned it by now .

The information had to be true . Astrology Sect wouldn’t use Astrology Sect messenger pigeons without good cause to . When they used them…

It was for information that would set the world ablaze .

“Mo Ju, do you think the information is reliable?” Tantai Xuan asked .

Sitting in an old-fashioned wooden armchair, Tantai Xuan frowned and deferred to his advisor, Mo Ju .

“I’m ninety percent sure it’s true . Mayor, do you remember the fight at Beiluo City?”

Mo Ju was gently waving his feather fan .

Recalling the battle at Beiluo City, Tantai Xuan’s face darkened .

He’d gathered an army of 50,000 and had seen the dawn of victory . But, out of nowhere, things took an unexpected turn .

His forces lost terribly to Jiang Li, who had, as if by luck, defeated them all himself by using his spear . The morale of Tantai Xuan’s army was heavily damaged .

“The beautiful yet lethal woman was the maid of Lu Ping’an from Beiluo City . The techniques she used belonged to cultivators who obtained Immortal encounter,” Mo Ju said . His eyes were blazing . “If it hadn’t been for that, we wouldn’t have lost . The existence of cultivators was the unforeseen variable .

“Mayor, the world has changed . The Immortal encounter will change the war . We need to seize the opportunity to take the Immortal encounter and train our own cultivators . This is the only way to guard our territory .

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“Otherwise, even if Great Zhou collapses, we still may fall victim to other forces in the future .

“As far as I know, the Conquer of West County, Xiang Shaoyun, has already gotten Immortal encounter . He’s become even stronger, and nobody knows just how strong he really is now . He can definitely fight an army of 10,000,” Mo Ju said .

Tantai Xuan’s eyes narrowed with concern . Xiang Shaoyun was already horrifyingly strong . If he got the Immortal encounter, who would be able to stop him in the future?

“Send our men to Hidden Dragon Ridge of Beiluo City! Take the Immortal encounter!” Tantai Xuan shouted .

He stood up and slapped the wooden chair’s armrest .

West County .

In the camp of the army .

Xiang Shaoyun, who was incredibly tall and robust, was sitting in a large chair, staring at the letter . His eyes were blazing, and it looked like there were real flames burning inside them .

In a spot below him stood an elderly man with a hunched back . His hair was all white, and he looked as if he would pass out at any moment .

“Shaoyun, you have to take a trip to Hidden Dragon Ridge . The very existence of Immortal encounter is enough to change the world .

“Plus, as to the ‘Heaven Qi Plaques and Earth Qi Plaques,’ I have already sent people to gather them .

“You go get ready . I’ll have Shougui go with you,” the elderly man said slowly .

“No need, Uncle . I can handle it myself,” Xiang Shaoyun said, sitting in the chair and glancing at the elderly man .

The elderly gentleman was the head of Mohist, Mo Beike .

He was as strong as the Imperial Advisor from Confucianism .

Xiang Shaoyun’s tone sounded aggressive .

Mo Beike paused . A moment later, he said, “The Immortal encounter is for chosen ones . You won’t be able to take all of it for yourself . ”

The capital city . In the book tower .

The Imperial Advisor was holding the letter as he looked at the morning sun in the distance .

“Immortal encounter… Heaven Qi Plaques and Earth Qi Plaques…”

Recalling what the emperor told him, the Imperial Advisor took in a deep breath .

The Secret Realm of Hidden Dragon Ridge was now known by the world .


“Why would Astrology Sect put in so much effort to promote it? Was someone controlling everything behind the scenes, trying to muddy the waters?”

The Imperial Advisor’s cloudy eyes suddenly lit up .

On that day…

The news that there was Immortal encounter at Hidden Dragon Ridge spread to every county in Great Zhou .

The world was shaken .

The “Heaven Qi Plaques” and “Earth Qi Plaques” were discovered one by one in different places by heroes .

Beiluo City .

Lu Manor .

The morning sunlight shined down on Lu Manor .

Lu Fan woke up relaxed, and he started another luxurious day with the help of Yi Yue and Ni Yu .

He’d already taught Ning Zhao Ksitigarbha Sutra and sent her to Beiluo Lake Island overnight to practice cultivation there .

Yi Yue pushed the wheelchair out of the yard .

Jing Yue, carrying his flowering pear tree sword box, put on an obsequious smile when he saw Lu Fan . “Good morning, Young Master!”

Lu Fan glanced at him and nodded .

“Let’s go check on the assassin from yesterday,” Lu Fan said .

Sitting in the wheelchair, he yawned and stretched .

Still pushing the wheelchair, Yi Yue parted her rosy lips . “Yes . ”


Outside the little yard…

Lu Changkong came inside in a hurry . He had already put on his dark armor and his full set of battle gear .

“Fan’er,” Lu Changkong said .

His brows were tightly knitted together .

Lu Changkong had a piece of dark yellow paper in his hand .

He handed the letter to Lu Fan . Lu Fan glanced at it and immediately understood what was going on . One corner of his mouth curled upward .

It looked like Lv Mudui had already spread the news .

“There’s Immortal encounter at Hidden Dragon Ridge . Astrology Sect spread the news across the world . Now, all the heroes are gathered at the ridge . According to information gathered by scouts, Hundred Schools of Philosophy and the mayors of at least five counties are coming with forces . Beiluo City needs to strengthen its defense for the time being . ”

“Fan’er, is the Immortal encounter real?” Lu Changkong asked with a serious look on his face .

Sitting in the wheelchair, Lu Fan put down the letter and nodded with a smile .

Lu Changkong took a deep breath, gritted his teeth, and made up his mind . “Well… then I’ll give you an army of 10,000 men to go with you to fight for the Immortal encounter!” he said .

In his wheelchair, Lu Fan burst out laughing .

He was touched, though .

Yet he simply waved his hand .

“No need for an army of 10,000 . I will send Nie and Sister Ning . ”

Lu Changkong looked confused . “Won’t you go yourself to get the Immortal encounter?”

Lu Fan laughed at Lu Changkong’s words .

A breeze rushed by them, and his sideburns danced .

A moment later, his voice, which was casual and calm, echoed in the yard .

“No, it’s not worth the bother . ”

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