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Chapter 56
Chapter 56: He’s a Miracle of Life

About 30 miles away from Beiluo City…

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Hidden Dragon Ridge .

When viewed from the front, the long and narrow Hidden Dragon Ridge looked like a gigantic dragon lying across the plains, and it exuded a sense of pressure .

A carriage was traveling at full speed along the bumpy road .

It drove straight forward and soon arrived at the foot of Hidden Dragon Ridge .

Without an official road, however, it wasn’t easy to travel around Hidden Dragon Ridge, and the carriage had quite a rough ride .

Soon, the carriage parked . The coachman was sweating profusely .

Lv Mudui stepped off the carriage, holding his green bamboo staff . He told the coachman to wait for him .

While rubbing the three copper coins around his neck, Lv Mudui studied Hidden Dragon Ridge, which really did look like an enormous dragon . As if a pair of intimidating eyes were staring at him, he felt incredible pressure as he gazed at Hidden Dragon Ridge . Even his fingers grasping the coins were slightly trembling .

“Is there really an Immortal encounter in Hidden Dragon Ridge?”

Lv Mudui took a deep breath . Wearing a white gown and a pair of straw shoes, his bamboo staff in hand, he marched toward the ridge faster than a horse .

He walked for quite some time along the rugged path in the hill, and the sense of pressure grew even stronger .

From a distance…

A very tanned local man carrying a bamboo basket on his back jumped out of the woods with a panicked expression on his face .

This caught Lv Mudui’s attention, and he walked up to the local man .

“Run! Hurry! There’s a monster coming out of the mountain!” the man shouted . “That monster eats people!”

The local man was an honest, simple fellow . He patiently described the strange things going on deep in the mountain .

Lv Mudui’s eyebrows furrowed tightly, and he grew more and more serious .

Seeing that despite everything he said, Lv Mudui still wanted to go into the mountain, the local man turned around and left in terror .

He soon disappeared from Lv Mudui’s line of sight .

Lv Mudui took a deep breath . He continued to walk further into the mountain while slightly tapping his bamboo staff against the ground .

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Inside the deep, serene Hidden Dragon Ridge, strange howling and growling sounds startled the birds, and they all took off in fear .

Finally, Lv Mudui arrived at the spot where, according to the local man, there was something incredibly weird and horrifying .

The trees were gone, and in their place was a deep, gigantic hole .

Lv Mudui was in disbelief . His eyes reflected the luster from the giant deep hole . A light-blue, egg-shaped shell covered the hole, and it glowed splendidly .

The sense of pressure was coming from the “eggshell . ”

Lv Mudui trembled with excitement .

Immortal encounter!

The Immortal encounter that Young Master Lu mentioned… was really here!

Lv Mudui slowly walked forward . Faced with the prospect of Immortal encounter, he almost wasn’t his usual self .

He walked up to the light-blue “eggshell . ”

The “eggshell” was somewhat see-through . Staring at it, Lv Mudui could see a blurred but magnificent gate inside . It was the entrance to the underground palace!

The Secret Realm of Immortal encounter had to be inside!

Young Master Lu hadn’t lied to him .

Lv Mudui’s face flushed red . He kept trying to get closer to the light blue “eggshell,” attempting to see what the underground palace inside the “eggshell” looked like .

When suddenly…

A dark shadow appeared on the other side of the “eggshell . ”

A largely white eyeball abruptly showed up on the other side of the “eggshell” and stared right back at Lv Mudui .

Lv Mudui instantly felt a cold shiver go down his spine .

A morbid sense of pressure came from the other side of the “eggshell . ”


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The air, as if rippling, went through Lv Mudui’s body .

“Barf!” He spat out blood .

His white gown was stained with blood as he staggered back, his bamboo staff in hand, a fearful expression on his face…

“Indeed, the ‘eggshell’ must be the protection for the Immortal encounter . Without what Young Master Lu called ‘Heaven Qi Plaques’ or ‘Earth Qi Plaques,’ no one is allowed to enter the gate,” Lv Mudui immediately concluded .

His fear was followed by ecstasy .

The Immortal encounter was real!

He burst out laughing like a madman in front of the “eggshell,” then hurried to leave, his bamboo staff in hand .

The world was going to be shaken by this Immortal encounter .

On the side of Beiluo Lake .

The tension in the air dissolved .

Face down on the ground, Mo Liuqi passed out in his own blood .

The Imperial Advisor’s loose gown slightly moved in the wind . His back was soaked in cold sweat .

This assassin was something… he almost got him .

“Philosopher, how should we deal with the assassin?” Lu Fan asked, smiling .

He gazed at the Imperial Advisor as he sat in his wheelchair .

After all, the Imperial Advisor was the assassin’s target, and it was the Imperial Advisor who had suffered the most from the assassin’s unexpected moves . Therefore, it would be better to ask for the Imperial Advisor’s opinion when it came to how the assassin should be dealt with .

The Imperial Advisor calmed down a little . He said with a smile, “Thanks to Ping’an, the assassin was stopped, so it’s up to you as to what to do with him . ”

The Imperial Advisor was incredibly insightful . How could he tell that Lu Fan was intrigued by this assassin?

Lu Fan nodded . “Uncle Luo, please take this assassin to the cell . Later, I will interrogate him myself . ”

Luo Yue’s heart was still pounding with fear, but when he heard what Lu Fan said, he hurriedly clasped his hands . “Yes,” he said .

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He then ordered someone to bind up Mo Liuqi and tie his hands behind his back .

When they were tying him up, a pearl hairpin fell off Mo Liuqi’s waist .

Lu Fan beckoned, and the pearl hairpin flew into his hand .

It was a low-quality, cheap pearl hairpin with “Ah Zhu” carved on it . Lu Fan raised one eyebrow and glanced at Mo Liuqi .

The group packed up and made their way to Lu Manor .

Because of the assassination, the atmosphere on their way back was less relaxed than before .

At Lu Manor…

Jing Yue sat in a stone chair, bored, and played with his sword . He could support the standing sword with one finger, and the sword wouldn’t move or fall .

In the center of the yard…

Mo Tianyu’s hair was a total mess, and his lips were dry and chapped . The blood on his face was dry . He almost couldn’t keep his eyes open .

“Don’t fall asleep or you’ll never wake up again . If you don’t wake up, the Young Master will punish me when he comes back,” Jing Yue said .

Jing Yue glanced at Mo Tianyu’s head, which was sticking out of the ground .

“The top disciple of Confucianism ended up like this . What are we supposed to do with you?

“Tell me, why did you show off like that? What’s wrong with living a low-profile life like I do? What’s wrong with staying alive?

“You can’t beat your opponent? Run! You can’t run fast enough? Beg for mercy! Only staying alive can give you the chance to experience the future . That’s called ‘hope . ’”

“You were lucky City Master Lu pleaded for you . Do you know what happened to the last guy who showed off like you did in front of the Young Master? His body’s cold now . Alas…”

Jing Yue kept rambling as he played with his sword .

Mo Tianyu’s face was flushed red with anger .

“Shut… shut…” Mo Tianyu weakly protested .

“What? You want me to shut up? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? You didn’t say anything . How was I supposed to know you wanted me to shut up?” Jing Yue said, still playing with his sword .

Mo Tianyu nearly stopped breathing .

He was already suffering, and yet they sent this chatterbox to drive him crazy .

Was Young Master Lu a monster?


Jing Yue, who was about to continue arguing with Mo Tianyu, put his sword back into the sword box and stood up straight, a serious expression on his face .

Faint noises came from outside the small yard .

Lu Fan, still sitting in his wheelchair, showed up . The Imperial Advisor was also in Lu Fan’s company and stood next to him .

The whole group arrived .

Mo Tianyu, whose head was the only visible part of his body, caught their attention immediately .

“Young Master!” Jing Yue had a flattering smile on his face even before he saw Lu Fan . “This guy isn’t dead yet . Under my influence, he finally realized that life is amazing and managed to survive with his strong will . He’s a miracle of life . ”

Lu Fan cast a glance at Jing Yue .

Lu Fan didn’t know what to say about this absolutely shameless Sword Sect Grandmaster .

Seeing Mo Tianyu’s pathetic situation, the Imperial Advisor stroked his beard and shook his head, a complicated expression on his face .

“This rascal made so much trouble for Ping’an . I apologize,” the Imperial Advisor said .

Sitting in his wheelchair, Lu Fan smiled .

“Don’t worry . It’s not that much trouble to take care of Mo Tianyu . ”

Lu Fan was soon surrounded by light blue Qi flows .

His control of Spirit Pressure was now even more proficient .

The Spirit Pressure went underground .


With a soft sound, Mo Tianyu’s body was squeezed out of the ground and flew into the air .

“Jing Yue, catch him,” Lu Fan said . He then withdrew the Spirit Pressure .

Jing Yue instantly leaped acrobatically into the air, sending the leaves in the yard whirling above the ground .

He took the falling Mo Tianyu into his arms, and the duo then slowly whirled down, the leaves dancing around them .

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