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Chapter 55
Chapter 55: Mo Liuqi the Assassin

The instant the glistening silver blades appeared, Lu Changkong, who had just entered Second Stage Qi Core Realm, reacted at once . His satin clothes billowed around him as he shouted, “Assassin!”

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Nie Changqing’s butcher knife had already left his hand and was spinning fast through the air .

Ning Zhao’s white gown danced in the wind . She lightly jumped up and landed in front of Lu Fan . Even Ni Yu, who was exhausted from vomiting, looked fierce as she carried the chessboard .

Things were suddenly uncertain, and the air smelled of war .

“Piss off!” Lu Changkong growled .

With Spirit Qi, his voice was as loud as a giant bell .

He wanted to intimidate and stop the assassin who had just sprung to his feet .

Mo Liuqi was a professional assassin .

Yet, he didn’t like assassinating .

He hated the smell of blood . But because he was trapped in the martial arts world, he had no other choice .

Besides, Mohist didn’t train him to become the No . 2 assassin in the world to sit around and do nothing .

Not to mention that a certain lady had assigned him this mission, and he couldn’t say no to her .

His mentor, who had taught him assassin skills, once said that assassins should be emotionless .

Emotions would only stand in his way and make him weak .

But Mo Liuqi was unable to suppress his emotions, which was why he was the No . 2 assassin in the world and would never become No . 1 .

He wasn’t a cold-hearted assassin . He felt things perhaps even more deeply than most ordinary people . He was secretly in love with a woman, but he suppressed his feelings . His love was like a volcano, dormant for many years only to one day erupt .

He didn’t want to take the mission .

Assassinating the Imperial Advisor of Great Zhou, the Philosopher of Confucianism, who had Philosopher-level strength… that was intimidating .

Deadpan face, the No . 1 assassin in the world, didn’t even dare to accept the mission, so why did he, the No . 2 assassin, take it?

Because when that lady came to him, he couldn’t say “no . ”

He had prepared himself to decline the request, but in the end, all he could say was “sure” in a soft voice .

So, he came .

He didn’t expect to return to Beliuo City . He didn’t like it and found it strange .

But even though he didn’t like this city, it might become his burial place .

Nothing in his whole life, including his own death, was up to him .

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While in the donkey cart, he thought long and hard .

He bought a cheap pearl hairpin at one of the roadside stands and carved the lady’s name on it with his scissors .

He was determined to give her this hairpin with his own two hands, provided he could make it out of the city alive .

Nie Changqing held onto the butcher knife . His Six-Resonance-Grandmaster Qi and blood started blasting .

His eyes blazed like fire .

His butcher knife took off as invisible knife Qi surrounded him . Spirit Qi rushed out of his Qi Core and whirled around his body .

Lu Changkong’s hair danced in the wind . At the level of Second Stage Qi Core Realm, he was as strong as a Fifth or Sixth Resonance Grandmaster martial arts practitioner .

The two of them stood directly in front of the assassin .

The second the pair of silver scissors appeared, it suddenly occurred to them who the assassin was .

The No . 2 assassin in the world, Mo Liuqi the Silver Scissors .

Invisible scissors cut your soul; you see the blood but not where I go!

That was his title and how the world saw him . His assassination skills were second only to the No . 1 assassin in the world, Mo Yihen .

Mo Liuqi was fast .

Pretending to be a civilian cart driver, he faked an accident and fell onto the ground . But then he leapt up, attacking in the blink of an eye .

It was a premeditated assassination .

No Internal Blasting Resonance of Grandmaster martial arts practitioners could be heard .

Assassins needed to be silent .

Mo Liuqi’s expression was cold as his eyes locked on the white-haired Imperial Advisor .

He was just too quick .

Before they knew it, he was right next to Lu Changkong and Nie Changqing .

Bing! Bing!

Two short crisp sounds echoed out .

The silver pair of scissors lightly grazed Nie Changqing’s butcher knife, making it pause momentarily .

By the time Lu Changkong and Nie Changqing came to their senses…

Mo Liuqi had already moved past them like a shadow .

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This assassin’s acrobatic skills were elusive and haunting .

Luo Yue shook himself out of his initial shock and shouted, his eyes bulging with fury . Standing with his knife in hand, he maximized his strength as a First Tier martial arts practitioner, prepared to pull his knife out .


Mo Liuqi’s hair danced as he moved, his face calm and expressionless .

He spun sideways, his foot lightly touching Luo Yue’s knife-pulling hand . The half-way pulled knife was instantly pushed back .

Mo Liuqi didn’t kill anyone irrelevant .

Unlike the blood-thirsty deadpan face, he would kill only his targets and spare everyone else .

Luo Yue staggered back a couple of steps, his face ashen .

Staring at Mo Liuqi, who moved past him like a fish through water, he was terrified .

If Mo Liuqi wanted to kill him, all he had to do was slit his throat with his silver pair of scissors as he passed by, and Luo Yue would have been dead .

The white-haired Imperial Advisor’s eyes were cloudy .

In the face of Mo Liuqi’s lightning-like assassination, he remained incredibly calm .

He had expected something like this to happen .

It was so rare for him to leave the capital city, so it was unlikely Mohist would let such a good opportunity go to waste .

“Ping’an, watch out,” the Imperial Advisor said, a stern expression on his weathered, wrinkled face .

He was afraid that Lu Fan would get involved and get hurt .

Mohist had the best assassins .

Their reputation wasn’t unfounded .


The Imperial Advisor’s gown billowed slightly, and Righteousness Qi started gathering above his head .

His chanting was so powerful that the terrifying Righteousness Qi started to turn into enormous power pressure, which attempted to press down the assassin .

Sitting in the wheelchair, Lu Fan propped his chin on one hand while gently touching the thin woolen blanket with the other . There was a tranquil look on his face .

A Philosopher-level man who was so powerful… how could anyone easily assassinate him?

Yes, the Imperial Advisor was frail and had weak Qi and blood .


The Imperial Advisor’s one shout of Righteousness Qi could easily defeat an army of thousands .

Wait, what?

Suddenly .

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Lu Fan raised his eyebrows, slightly surprised .

Mo Liuqi’s face was as calm as the surface of a lake .

This mission was as hard as hell, just as he expected it would be…

Confucianism Righteousness Qi .

So powerful! So scary!

Under such tremendous pressure, Mo Liuqi couldn’t even swing his scissors at the Imperial Advisor . Instead, he was nearly forced to his knees .

Philosopher level!

Mo Liuqi took a deep breath .

A moment later, his eyes glinted with determination .

As his body landed on the ground, he raised his scissors high .

Then, he stabbed them into his thigh, leaving a bloody gash . The stabbing pain temporarily numbed the fear racing through his mind .

Having rid himself of the pressure from Righteousness Qi, he ground his teeth and became a shadow again . The wind made his dark blue gown stick to his body .

He approached the Imperial Advisor .

Five steps, four steps, three steps…

He could even clearly see the young man with rosy lips and smooth white teeth sitting in a wheelchair next to the Imperial Advisor . He noticed that the young man had a half-smile on his face .

But Mo Liuqi didn’t care about that . In his eyes, only the target of the mission mattered .

The Imperial Advisor’s gown danced in the wind as he pushed forward with his hands .


Mo Liuqi’s face dramatically changed . As if he had run into an invisible wall, his pupils contracted, and blood spurted out of his nose and mouth .

Mo Liuqi growled .

He threw the pair of silver of scissors .

The scissors still had blood on them, and beads of blood scattered through the air .

The pair of scissors, spinning super fast with incredible power, flew right at the Imperial Advisor’s face .

But the Imperial Advisor slightly tilted his head, and the scissors flew past his cheek . It was extremely close…

Watching what was taking place, Lu Fan slightly frowned .

He picked up a black chess piece from the box .

As Mo Liugi watched the scissors fly close to the Imperial Advisor, Mo Liuqi, who had blood all over his face, grinned slightly .

He didn’t look disappointed . Instead, he looked relieved and relaxed .

“Ah Zhu, I didn’t fail you,” Mo Liuqi murmured .

The next moment .

He hooked his fingers into claws and wore a fierce expression on his face .

The pair of scissors, which just flew by the Imperial Advisor, paused in the air . Then, it started spinning again . With an air-shattering sound, it dashed right at the back of the Imperial Advisor’s head .

The silver pair of scissors got closer and closer to the back of the Imperial Advisor’s head .

Two inches, one inch, half an inch…

The Imperial Advisor froze in place, as if Death were breathing down his neck .


Mo Liuqi’s face froze .


A light, clear sound rang out .

The silver pair of scissors flying backward were… stopped .

Mo Liuqi then noticed that a floating black chess piece blocked his silver pair of scissors half an inch away from the back of the Imperial Advisor’s head .

That half an inch was as good as thousands of miles .

Mo Liuqi glared . He looked at the young man with rosy lips and white teeth sitting in his wheelchair next to the Imperial Advisor .

Unexpectedly, he saw that the young man was looking at him curiously . He was apparently somewhat surprised .

“Interesting . You figured out a way to control the scissors using your consciousness? This one’s got potential . Talented,” the young man said .

The young man gave him an approving smile .

After Lu Fan said this, Mo Liuqi saw that there were flows of Qi whirling around the young man’s wheelchair . The young man then raised his hand and, from a distance, slightly pushed at Mo Liuqi with one hand .


Mo Liuqi felt as if his eyeballs were about to pop out, and he almost puked .

The ground cracked as he leaned over, face-down, and he saw that the cracks were expanding .

Down on all fours, he wasn’t able to move!

The pressure was incredibly powerful, as if numerous mountains were on top of him . It was more aggressive and oppressive than the Imperial Advisor’s Righteousness Qi .

Invisible power pressure was incredibly fatal .

“Ah Zhu, I failed . My opponent’s a monster…” Mo Liuqi felt incredibly sad .

He only had time to think this one thought before passing out .

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