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Chapter 49
Chapter 49: An Old Man on the Lake; the Imperial Advisor Wouldn’t Pull Out the Green Onion

Near Beiluo Lake,

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The carriage moved slowly in the breeze, while the reeds and saplings on the lakeside swayed .

Nie Changqing rolled up the horse whip, hopped off the carriage, went to the side of the carriage, and laid down the door plank . Lu Fan then slowly rolled down in his wheelchair .

Ning Zhao’s hands were on the wheelchair handles . He dress danced in the wind from the lake .

Holding the umbrella, Yi Yue watched the lake with anticipation in her eyes .

Ning Zhao had told her about the Young Master’s Supreme Power, White Jade City, but she hadn’t seen it yet . Today was the day! She could finally see it .

Ni Yu, carrying the chessboard on her back, had a hint of fear on her face . She looked at the rippling lake, about ready to cry .

A bo… boat… again?!

Nie Shuang, who was being led by the hand by Nie, quietly looked at the lake .

Lu Fan looked quite elegant and scholarly in his long white gown, along with his rosy lips, bright white teeth, and tuft of hair flapping against his forehead .

Watching the busy fishing boats on the pier, Lu Fan raised his eyebrows .

“All the fishing boats in Beiluo Lake can stay, but all other boats, including the recreational ones, need to be dismissed,” Lu Fan said .

He rested his hands on the wheelchair armrests and gazed at the lake, which was obscured by mist .

“Nie, you’re now in charge of guarding Beiluo Lake Island . Anyone who’s not a disciple of White Jade City isn’t allowed here without my permission . Anyone who disregards my warning and tries to enter the island can be eliminated,” Lu Fan said emotionlessly .

“Yes,” Nie Changqing said, a serious expression on his weathered face . His hand was already on the butcher knife at his waist, and his manner grew more imposing .

“Where’s the old gentleman from the other day?” Lu Fan’s voice softened .

After thinking about this for a moment, Nie Changqing said, “Maybe he’s out fishing on the lake . ”

“We need that fishing boat to get on the island,” Lu Fan smiled .

Ning Zhao parted her rosy lips and said, “Young Master, I’ve already had them specially prepare a boat for you to access the island . ” She slightly lowered her head, her long black hair draping down her shoulders .


Lu Fan paused .

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Then, he slightly waved his hand .

“Nope . I don’t want it . I only want the old gentleman’s fishing boat,” Lu Fan insisted, a hint of caprice in his tone .

Ning Zhao was bewildered .

The boat she had prepared was big and comfortable . It was far better than the little fishing boat .

Was it because the Young Master had a taste for small fishing boats?

“How about I send someone right now to go find him on the lake?” Ning Zhao asked .

If her Young Master was capricious, she had no choice but to obey his whims .

“No need . There he is,” Lu Fan said .

With a slight smile, Lu Fan leaned back in his wheelchair . He rested his cheek on his fist .

Ning Zhao paused for a second before looking up . She tucked a wisp of hair behind her ear and looked across the lake .

A lone narrow boat was floating their way . It rocked gently on the lake surface, which was obscured by the thick mist .

On the boat, an old man wearing a straw raincoat and a large bamboo rain hat was punting .

The fishing boat soon docked .

“Young Master, are you boarding?” the old man asked .

Under his bamboo hat, the wrinkled old man smiled broadly, revealing a missing front tooth .

“I thank you very much, sir . ”

Sitting in the wheelchair, the corners of Lu Fan’s mouth curled upward as he gazed at the old man .

Nie Changqing stared at the old man . His eyes were unfathomably deep, and his eyebrows were tightly furrowed, as if he were thinking about something serious .

The group got on board . Lu Fan, sitting in his wheelchair, was placed in the center .

As soon as she got on the boat, Ni Yu immediately found herself a familiar spot and bent over the railing, preparing for the upcoming motion sickness .

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Somewhat curious, Nie Shuang looked around the fishing boat .

Ning Zhao and Yi Yue stood on either side of Lu Fan .

Standing at the stern of the boat, Nie Changqing rested his hand on the butcher knife at his waist, and his eyes locked on the old man .

Splash .

As the old man punted hard, the boat started to move, leaving rings of ripples on the lake .

Less than a mile from the dock, the waves grew more prominent . Large, fat perches stuck their heads out of the water, spitting foam, before grunting and quickly dashing away, leaving nothing but a faint rippling ring .

On the boat was a fish junket, which was full of big perches flapping their tails and making noises .

“The fish is big and fat,” Lu Fan said . He squinted his eyes, enjoying the refreshing wind off the lake and listening to the sound of the fish flapping in the junket .

The one-front-tooth old man grinned as he punted .

“Now, it’s still late summer . The fish haven’t gotten fat yet . Wait until late fall and early winter . By then, the fish will be a lot bigger . You simply cut the fish three times on each side using a kitchen knife, brush on some rice wine, add some sliced ginger and mushrooms, and steam it . The cooked fish is tender but not greasy at all . It’s very delicious,” the old man said . He laughed as he punted with one hand .

Ni Yu, who’d been retching over the side of the boat, became intrigued when she heard the man describe how to steam the fish, and she instantly looked better .

Lu Fan laughed .

“If the Young Master wants fish, how about I get up a little earlier tomorrow and get you some?” the old man asked .

Lu Fan waved his hand, enjoying the wind off the lake . “I don’t want to bother you for fishing…”

“Well, next time then,” the old man grinned .

“I don’t need you to fish for fish . How about fishing for people? Would you be able to help me, sir?” Lu Fan asked .

Lu Fan’s light laughter lingered on the lake .

As soon as he said these words…

The fishing boat fell into silence .

After hearing what Lu Fan said, Ning Zhao paused for a second and subconsciously glanced at the old man, a vigilant look in her eyes . She seemed to have picked up on something .

Nie Changqing had already taken out his butcher knife, and he softly wiped it with a piece of cloth as he watched the old man from the corner of his eye . The sound of the fabric rubbing against the knife was bloodcurdling .

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The old man narrowed his eyes . His one-front-tooth grin froze .

“Young Master, I’m an old man . I don’t want to get involved in anything murderous! I’m a good citizen!”

Suddenly, he tossed his raft and knelt down on the fishing boat, teary-eyed .

“Well, I’m a big fan of good citizens,” Lu Fan said . He gazed at the old man with a half-smile .

Then, he exhaled .

“Actually, I’ve been curious . Why didn’t you leave? Curiosity kills the cat, and it kills people too . So, what are you curious about?” Lu Fan asked .

Lu Fan’s tone grew calm and cold .


Ning Zhao’s expression was ice cold as she slapped the armrest of the wheelchair . Her Cicada Wing Sword bounced out at once, and she instantly grabbed it .

Nie Changqing stood up at the end of the boat . He was ready to use Knife Control Technique .

The atmosphere became more and more intense .

The old man, kneeling on the fishing boat, was still trembling, his face covered in tears and snot .

“What are you talking about, Young Master? The old man can’t understand!” The old man kept crying, and his voice was almost gone .

“Don’t worry . You keep crying . I, the Young Master, am very good-tempered . The last thing I want to see is people crying…” Lu Fan said as his fingers lightly tapped the wheelchair armrests .

He squinted at the old man . “The more you cry, the more I want to laugh . ”

The old man stopped crying . He took off his large bamboo hat and wiped away his tears . Whenever Lu Fan claimed to be good-tempered, he started killing . The old man was well aware that it wouldn’t do him any good to continue pretending .

The old man loosened the straw raincoat and unexpectedly revealed a clean and tidy white gown underneath .

He was even wearing a necklace made of three copper coins lined up on a gold string . He was also holding a polished turtle shell in his hand .

He broke the raft and took out a green bamboo staff about five feet long .

He was suddenly a completely different person . He transformed from an old fisherman to some kind of mysterious master .

With one hand holding the staff and the other holding the turtle shell, the old man gazed at Lu Fan with a smile, and bowed slightly .

“I’m from Astrologist Sect . Lv Mudui . Nice to meet you, Young Master . ”

The carriage curtain was lifted .

An old man with white hair got off the carriage with a gentle smile on his face . He lifted his hands to hold Lu Changkong, who deeply bowed .

“City Master Lu, please don’t bother with the formality . ”

“Today, I come here because of a complicated situation . Besides apologizing for my disappointing disciple, I’m also here for Ping’an . ” The Imperial Advisor shook his head . He was thin and looked quite vulnerable . He sounded and looked helpless .

Lu Changkong gave a bitter smile . “My son has leg issues, so his temper has always been terrible . He’s also very stubborn . He won’t even listen to me, his own father . I feel so bad for Mr . Mo…”

The two continued their small talk and entered Beiluo City together .

Entering Beiluo City, the Imperial Advisor looked around .

Even though it had experienced Lu Fan’s storm of purging, Beiluo City didn’t look bleak at all . Instead, it was flourishing .

After several big merchants fell, many small business owners seized the opportunity to their own businesses . Many smaller aristocratic families, who had been living in the shadow of the three major aristocratic families, also started making their way up .

Beiluo City, unexpectedly, had become more lively than before .

A hint of surprise flashed in the Imperial Advisor’s eyes . He then stroked his white beard while he thought .

“City Master Lu, I plan to meet with Ping’an . May I ask where he is?” the Imperial Advisor suddenly asked .

They were walking along the main street of Beiluo City,

Lu Changkong was caught off guard, since his plan was to bring the Imperial Advisor to the courtyard to pull out the “green onion,” aka Mo Tianyu .


The green onion . . Mo Tianyu, wasn’t going to be pulled out by the Imperial Advisor right away?

Lu Changkong hesitated for a second before saying, “Imperial Advisor, how about we first go get…”

“No hurry . No hurry . ”

The Imperial Advisor let out a light cough and waved his hand .

Lu Changkong’s face twitched slightly .

Was Mo Tianyu really his disciple?

No hurry? Seriously?

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