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Chapter 44
Chapter 44: Have You Told Your Own Fortune?

The moonlight shone in through the window carved from red wood, and it glowed brightly as it reflected off the paper on the study table .

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A canopy covered the wooden bed .

Through the thin canopy, Lu Fan could be seen sitting cross-legged on the bed .

He shifted his consciousness, and the stats menu popped up .

[Host: Lu Fan

Title: Qi Refiner (Permanent)

Refined Qi Level: 2 (Level 3 progress: 100/1000 wisps)

Soul Strength: 11 (Points for exchange: 2)

Physique Strength: 1 (Points for exchange: 1)

Spirit Qi: 92 wisps (Self-regeneration activated)

Transformation Reward: Fantasy Creation Qi Refining Manual

Current World Ranking: Wuhuang Continent (Low Level Martial World)

Access: Quests, Dao Impartment Platform, Spirit Qi Deployment

Sub-access: All Method Furnace (Level 1)

Spirit Tools: Spirit Pressure Chessboard (Heaven Level Low Grade)

Available Points Awarded: 10]

Lu Fan’s lips curled upward slightly . He’d been awarded 10 points, which was a pleasant surprise and made him quite happy .

He stroked his chin and thought about what to do with the points, analyzing his situation .

He decided to split them up .

Nine points to his Soul Strength, and one point to his Physique Strength .

Lu Fan’s Soul Strength hit the 20 point mark, leaving 11 points for exchange .


As soon as Lu Fan allocated the points…

He immediately felt as if his soul had been washed clean .

It felt as if he’d been enlightened, and he felt incredibly refreshed . His eyes brightened and sparkled in the darkness .

Each time his Soul Strength went up by ten points, he clearly felt that he’d risen another level .

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Lu Fan could feel that his senses had been heightened, and it seemed like his blood flow was smoother .

He was also better able to control things . Initially, his telekinesis only allowed him to change the direction of his wheelchair, but now he might actually be able to move the wheelchair along at a comfortable pace .

This was a real upgrade .

Lu Fan started getting excited . Perhaps as his Soul Strength level went up, he might be able to attain divine sense, which was something cultivators always talked about .

Just a small amount of divine sense could take him far . All matters of the world could be understood .

Lu Fan snapped out of his thoughts and pushed his emotions down .

He didn’t allow his happiness to get to his head . Just becoming stronger himself wasn’t enough to transform this Low Level Martial World into a Fantasy World .

He shifted his consciousness and looked at the Dao Impartment Platform selection .

Just when Lu Fan was about to focus his consciousness to enter the Dao Impartment Platform, he raised an eyebrow and lifted his head to look out of the red wooden carved window .

On the roof of Lu Manor…

A man carrying a wine flask was stepping as lightly as a swallow over the tiles and making his way over in style .

His Confucianist robe was open at the top, exposing his chest, and his untied and messy hair flew wildly in the wind .

This fellow… who was he?

Lu Fan was a little puzzled .

He’d gone on a killing spree in Beiluo City, which had struck great fear in all the people .

Yet there was someone who still dared to barge into Lu Manor in the middle of the night?

Was this person bold enough to do this because he was highly skilled? Or was he… just not afraid of death?

Ning Zhao stood up on the roof . Her white dress flapped in the wind, and her eyes were as pretty as a painting .

She pulled out a Cicada Wing Sword and held it in her hands . The sword was nearly transparent, and it glowed like ice crystals under the moonlight .

“Who are you? The penalty for barging into Lu Manor at this hour is death . ”

Ning Zhao’s waist-length hair was flying in the wind as her cold words echoed in the dark night .

In the courtyard…

Jing Yue put two fingers together, and with a rub on his wooden sword box, a sword immediately came out of its scabbard with a “zzzing,” and Jing Yue held it in his hands .

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This was his first time showing off his skills after becoming Lu Fan’s slave . He was a little frustrated by this, but…

In order to leave a good impression on Lu Fan, he had to perform well this time .

On the rooftop, Mo Tianyu continued stepping along the tiles under the moonlight, and elegantly made his way toward them without making even a single sound . His ability to be so light-footed was truly unparalleled .

“I’m a mad man who can describe all the world using words, and who uses copper coin divination to laugh at the proud! I am the top disciple of Confucianism… Mo Tianyu!”

Jing Yue was one of the Seven Heroes of Sword Sect, so he had seen much more of the world than most people . He recognized Mo Tianyu, this man with messy hair, an exposed chest, and a flask of wine .

As the guardian of the Imperial Advisor’s study and the top disciple of Confucianism, he was fairly famous among the Hundred Schools of Philosophy .

On the rooftop…

Mo Tianyu took another sip of wine and sprayed it out of his mouth .

His faint laughter floated over the manor .

“Miss, it’s true that it’s a bit late at night for me to come here, but the Imperial Advisor has ordered me to visit your Young Master, so I hope to meet with him . ”

Ning Zhao’s eyes narrowed and flashed . “Sir, this is trespassing, not visiting… Please leave . Otherwise… prepare to die . ”

Ning Zhao’s cold voice wasn’t very loud . She seemed afraid of waking up Lu Fan, so she purposely spoke in a low voice .

Mo Tianyu took another swallow of wine and burst into loud laughter again .

“I made two calculations regarding your Young Master’s fate, but both of them turned out to be incorrect . In order to find out the reason why, I want to make a calculation in front of Young Master . ”

Mo Tianyu’s Confucianist robe flew in the wind as he stood on the roof, and he sounded fearless and bold .

Ning Zhao’s brows furrowed slightly .

Jing Yue was still downstairs, and he tapped the wooden sword box on his back a few times in a row, and the three remaining swords shot out .

“Rumor has it that the top disciple of Confucianism, Mo Tianyu, has ‘Mad Man’ as a nickname . He doesn’t care about the ways of the earth or the heavens, and he never listens to anyone besides for the Imperial Advisor . Today, I’ve seen for myself… that you really do live up to your nickname, and your audacity really knows no limit,” Jing Yue said .

The moment he finished speaking, his body suddenly started spinning . His two legs arched backward and kicked the handles of the three long swords that flew out from the wooden sword box .

The three swords immediately shot forward without bending .

This was Sword Sect’s Flying Sword Technique .

“I was wondering how the Sword Sect failed . Now I see it’s because they had a traitor in their midst . ”

Mo Tianyu, with his messy hair, held onto his wine flask and glanced disdainfully at Jing Yue .

He took a mouthful of wine and sprayed it out as the wind blew .

The wine became a red mist in the moonlight, as if a mystical dragon had suddenly appeared in the night and breathed fire .

The mist hit the three flying swords, and each droplet of wine carried one ton of force .

Jing Yue’s swords were instantly beaten aside and fell limply on the rooftop .

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“Just a low level move, how uninteresting,” Mo Tianyu laughed quietly .

In the courtyard, Jing Yue felt a chill go down his spine . This top disciple of Confucianism was a vicious man, all right… and he was really no match for him .

At that moment, Jing Yue felt the urge to turn around and run .


He suddenly felt a little depressed, because he realized that his current status as Lu Fan’s slave didn’t allow for him to just turn around and run away whenever he liked anymore .

He couldn’t be like how he was before .

At the same time, he thought about the otherworldly power Lu Fan had, and he immediately regained confidence . He wielded his sword as he lightly stepped onto the wall and started charging at Mo Tianyu .

On the rooftop…

Mo Tianyu pushed off the roof with his foot and broke a tile as he leaped off the rooftop .

His toes landed on the tip of Jing Yue’s oncoming sword, and the force was actually powerful enough to push Jing Yue back down to the ground . They both fell back down toward the courtyard as Mo Tianyu’s loud laughter rang out through the darkness .

Several swirls of Qi were gathering above Mo Tianyu’s head, like a long, expanding rainbow .

Confucianist… Righteousness Qi!


Mo Tianyu’s mouth was like a fountain . It continuously spouted words, and each word rang like a cold coin clattering against the ground .

Jing Yue felt like his ears were going deaf, and even the sword in his hand was no longer steady .


Jing Yue spit out a mouthful of blood as he flew in the air and crashed onto the ground, the impact sending him stumbling backwards .

Each step he took caused the ground to crack .

“You might have stood a chance if all Seven Heroes of Sword Sect combined forces, but by yourself… you’re no match for me . You have a long way to go . ”

On the ground of the courtyard…

Mo Tianyu elegantly landed . He lifted his flask and knocked back another mouthful of wine . It dribbled down his chin and onto his Confucianist robe as the sound of his laughter filled the air .

On the rooftop…

Ning Zhao lifted her Cicada Wing Sword and looked rather grimly at Mo Tianyu .

Mo Tianyu alone was stronger than the hundreds of Confucianists back at Beiluo Lake Island!

If she joined hands with Nie Changqing, they might stand a chance against Mo Tianyu .

But for some reason, Nie Changqing hadn’t appeared, despite the big commotion .


Ning Zhao’s furrowed brows relaxed .

She looked toward the room that Lu Fan was in .

The tightly closed carved wooden red door was suddenly pushed open by a great force and produced a great “bam . ”

A cold and detached voice could be heard from within the room .

“Who taught you to wake me up in the middle of the night…”

Lu Fan’s voice floated out from inside .

A huge gust of wind suddenly blew from inside the room .

Mo Tianyu stood in place, his Confucianist robe and untied hair flying wildly in the wind .

“Young Master Lu, I am Mo Tianyu, the top disciple of Confucianism under the Imperial Advisor . My teacher has sent me here to take you to the capital city . And, besides that, although my predictions have always been extremely accurate, I have miscalculated Young Master Lu’s fortune twice… As such, I would like to tell Young Master Lu’s fortune for free . ”

Mo Tianyu held his wine flask tightly and narrowed his eyes at Lu Fan .

Within the capital city, Mo Tianyu’s nickname was “Mad Man,” and because he was highly skilled, he was extremely bold, and wasn’t afraid of anyone . He had literally kicked important officials before, all of which were in higher positions than Lu Changkong, and had even pointed his finger in their faces and scolded them .

His manner of appearing at Lu Fan’s doorstep was polite by his standards .

But after he finished speaking…

Laughter came from within the room .

“This is your reason for waking me up in the middle of the night?

“Did you tell your own fortune before entering my courtyard?

“Are you even worthy enough to tell my fortune?”

Lu Fan’s cold and detached voice came from within the room .

Each statement was accompanied by the distinct sound of a chess piece landing on a chessboard .

He made three statements, so he put three chess pieces down…

In the courtyard, his Spirit Pressure suddenly increased tremendously .


Inside the room, the wind blew wildly, and there was a giant translucent hand made from flowing light blue wisps of Qi, its fingers spread out, except for the middle finger, which was folded on top of the index finger, as if it were putting a chess piece down .

It came toward Mo Tianyu’s head and pressed down .

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