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Chapter 41
Chapter 41: If You Can Hold Up Against Three Chess Pieces

The last ray of sunshine disappeared .

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It was as if the world had fallen into eternal night .

The main street of Beiluo City was eerily silent…

It was as if time had stopped .

Nie Changqing didn’t make another move . The sound of his soft breathing broke the silence .

He took a step back and prepared to attack again .

Four of the Seven Heroes of Sword Sect joined forces, and they were well-coordinated, since Sword Sect’s sword techniques were the foundation of their abilities .

The leader among them was a Seventh Resonance Grandmaster with five swords in his sword box . Nie Changqing would be at a disadvantage with just one clash from the other three swordsmen, let alone the leader .

If Nie Changqing didn’t have Spirit Qi to strengthen his physical strength and his Qi and blood, he would’ve been covered in numerous stab wounds after no more than three exchanges .

“I’m still too weak after all . How can I go south and attack the Daoists with so little strength?”

Nie Changqing was panting, and his hair fell in front of his eyes . He looked disappointed .

He didn’t want to go back to the Daoists .


Among the Daoists, there was someone he missed dearly .

In front of Lu Fan…

Old Huang’s back was bent, and sweat rolled down his quivering face .

He stared at the flying swords, which were mere inches away, threatening to strike him between his eyebrows . The Qi and blood in his body were about to turn cold .

If the flying swords hadn’t been stopped by that strange power…

At this moment, he could very well be already dead!

Yi Yue held her long whip tightly, stunned . Her pink lips were parted wide, revealing the tremendous shock she felt in her heart .

Ni Yu, on the other hand, was extremely excited, and her little face was flushed .

Luo Cheng, as well as all the people he and his soldiers were holding at knifepoint, were speechless .

Chen Beixun in particular was extremely shocked . He had witnessed it this time…

Lu Fan had just rolled his sleeve back and placed a chess piece on the chessboard .

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In that instant, the flying swords froze in place, and the four Heroes from Sword Sect fell to their knees . It was as if the world had suddenly fallen into silence!

What… move was this?

Chen Beixun was so afraid that even his beard started trembling violently . There was despair in his eyes, and he could no longer remain strong and stubborn .

He had thought that Lu Fan’s source of confidence was that abandoned Daoist disciple, Nie Changqing, who possessed some otherworldly sort of power…

He had been wrong .

The otherworldly one was… Lu Fan, not Nie Changqing!

Chen Beixun suddenly understood everything . It was no wonder why this abandoned Daoist disciple had pledged his full allegiance to Lu Fan .

So… the world had been tricked by Lu Fan!

This was a devastating lie!

This was the end . There was no more hope left .

Chen Beixun’s legs gave way, and he collapsed to the ground .

On the main street, the atmosphere was bleak .

The flying swords were eerily frozen in midair . The conical hats of the four swordsmen had burst into pieces, and their hair was a mess .

They were all on one knee on the ground, panting heavily and sweating profusely .

The immense pressure sent fear into their hearts, but at the same time, they stubbornly tried to resist it .

The Seventh Resonance Grandmaster leader with five swords trembled slightly, and seemed to be slowly standing up against the tremendous pressure .

In the wheelchair…

Lu Fan raised an eyebrow . These four men… were much stronger than that Daoist No . 9, Han Lianxiao .

The amount of Spirit Qi enabled Spirit Pressure was about the same amount of Spirit Pressure he applied on Han Lianxiao back then .

But this didn’t bother Lu Fan .

His long fingers reached down and picked up another black chess piece from the box inside the wheelchair armrest .

His sleeve was rolled back, and there was a chess piece between his index finger and middle finger .

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His red lips were curled into a faint smile, revealing his white teeth, as he looked at the four Sword Sect swordsmen, who were kneeling on the ground but trying to resist the Spirit Pressure on them .

“If you can withstand three chess pieces without ending up prostrate on the ground…”

“You may live,” Lu Fan said .

His voice was calm, and it echoed down the long street .

Then, the hand holding the chess piece was raised high in the air .


The black chess piece was placed down on the chessboard .


The Spirit Qi started gushing around Lu Fan again, and it violently rippled out in all directions .

The amount of Spirit Pressure suddenly increased fivefold!

There was a loud clanging sound!

The flying swords that were frozen in midair crashed to the ground, as if pulled by some force .

Some of the flying swords were made from inferior material, and immediately bent out of shape from the pressure .


Besides the swordsman with five swords in his sword box, the other three spat out mouthfuls of fresh blood, unable to withstand the force of the Spirit Pressure .

They felt like their internal organs were soon going to be twisted out of place from the pressure .

They collapsed, face down on the ground . Their heads were turned, so their cheeks landed hard against the tiles of the road, and blood flowed from their mouths .

“What on earth is… this?!”

The Sword Sect swordsman with five swords in his sword box had bloodshot eyes, and he was breathing heavily . His looked past Nie Changqing to the elegant-looking Lu Fan sitting in his wheelchair .

“It’s just a simple move by a cultivator, that’s all . ”

The moment Lu Fan finished speaking, the last swordsman standing couldn’t bear the pressure anymore and immediately crashed to the ground with a loud thud .

Lu Fan had picked up the third black chess piece from the box but hadn’t put it down yet .

“Too bad…”

Lu Fan shook his head and sighed deeply .

“Nie, clear the place,” a calm voice echoed .

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Nie Changqing was ready with his knife, and his eyes narrowed in focus .

He lifted the butcher knife in his hands, and Spirit Qi started flowing .

He began his Knife Control Technique .

The butcher knife instantly flew at an angle through the air and slashed through the necks of all four swordsmen lying flat on the ground . The knife went one round and then flew back into Nie Changqing’s hand . The blade dripped with blood .

A puddle of blood slowly formed under the bodies of the four swordsmen sprawled on the ground .

Lu Fan’s wheelchair changed direction by itself, and his back faced the four swordsmen, who were slowly dying .

His sleeve rolled back as he leisurely picked up the two chess pieces off the board and threw them back into the chess box .

“Ni, carry it . ”

Ni Yu ran over to carry the chessboard on her back . Then, she puffed out her flat chest and stood straight and alert .

Yi Yue’s attractive face had also become calm again, and she gently pushed the wheelchair .

The sound of the wooden wheels creaking against the tiles restored some life into the deathly quiet main street of Beiluo City .

Chen Beixun’s eyes were soulless, and his body was cold .

Liu Ye and Zhu Yishan had collapsed to the ground long ago .

“Young… Young Master!” Luo Cheng, who was wearing a bloodstained helmet, swallowed .

“What do we do with these people?” he asked .

He was referring to Chen Beixun and the others being held at knifepoint .

Lu Fan was being pushed slowly toward Lu Manor . He supported his chin on one hand while he used the other to rub the bridge of his nose . “Since they are guilty of rebellion,” he said calmly, “then deal with them as they should be dealt with…”

Under the low rays of the setting sun, Lu Fan’s shadow grew long against the street .

Lu Fan’s faint voice floated over to Luo Cheng, who took a deep breath .

He clasped his hands and bowed toward where Lu Fan’s wheelchair was slowly disappearing into the distance .

“Yes sir . ”

He then straightened up, removed his bloodstained helmet, and waved his hands .

“Execute them . ”

Once these words were said…

The Ironblood soldiers guarding the offenders of the three major aristocratic families pulled out their weapons .

This time…

Blood really stained the main street of the city .

Chen Beixun sat in a daze on the ground, completely disheveled, as he continued staring straight at Lu Fan’s back, which was disappearing from view .

He just continued to stare like that…

Until… he felt a pain in his neck, and everything before him suddenly went dark .

Sitting in his wheelchair, Lu Fan closed his eyes and focused on regaining some of his strength .

Using the Spirit Pressure Chessboard to exert force over four Grandmasters looked easy, but it was actually exhausting . After all, putting down chess pieces consumed his Soul Strength .

He massaged the bridge of his nose . He was ready to sleep when he got back . Sleeping was a faster and more efficient way to restore his Soul Strength .

But of course, that wasn’t all .

Tonight, he had important matters to handle .

This important matter was in regard to the Dao Impartment Platform .

He had told Yu Wenxiu and Xiang Shaoyun that they could enter the Dao Impartment Platform once every three days .

Tonight was the third day .

The Dao Impartment Platform was, of course, very important to Lu Fan . If he wanted to increase the amount of Spirit Qi he had, besides using his Soul Strength points to exchange for Spirit Qi, the only other way was to use the Dao Impartment Platform to groom cultivators and take their Spirit Qi as commission .

When Lu Fan thought this, he didn’t waste any more time . “Yi Yue, I’m very tired . Let’s go home,” he instructed Yi Yue, who was pushing his wheelchair along .

“Got it,” Yi Yue replied, and pushed him more quickly .


Lu Fan was resting, when he suddenly opened his eyes a little .

Yi Yue also stopped pushing the wheelchair .

Under the night sky, far out along the main street…

A white dress was flying gently in the wind .

There was a slim figure with a halo around her head, her hair flying in the wind . She was incredibly beautiful . She was dragging someone along, his nose bruised and his face swollen .

Ning Zhao stood erect at the end of the street .

She spotted Lu Fan in his wheelchair .

Her eyes were like crescent moons, and her smile was as beautiful as a peach blossom .

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