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Chapter 40
Chapter 40: You Call This Flying Sword Technique?

The blood on the main street hadn’t even dried yet, but the people on either side had left long ago .

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Some stalls were overturned, and there were vegetable leaves all over the ground…

It was a depressing sight .

At the end of the long street, four figures in black with sword boxes on their backs and conical hats on their heads were calmly making their way over .

They wore black robes, as opposed to the usual blue robes the other Sword Sect disciples wore, and each had at least three swords in the wooden sword box on his back .

In Sword Sect, if someone has three swords in their sword box, it means he’s a Fifth Resonance Grandmaster .

The oncoming four men were very strong, and they didn’t lose to the Daoist, Han Lianxiao .

Behind the four men were troops of Ironblood soldiers chasing after them with long swords in their hands .

But these four Sword Sect Grandmasters moved extremely quickly . Even though they were just walking, it was impossible for the soldiers to catch up with them, even if they ran .

Their goal was simple . They were going to catch the leader first before dealing with his followers .

Beiluo City was Sword Sect’s target, and the swordsmen had been hiding in a deserted area outside of Beiluo City .

When they got the message from one of the Seven Heroes of Sword Sect, Jing Yue, they immediately hurried over to the city .

The Young Master of Beiluo City, Lu Ping’an, was a cruel and insane man who had started a massacre, breaking the rules of this game .

They were no longer able to bide their time in taking over Beiluo City, so they had no choice but to use the more dangerous method .

In reality, even though they were Grandmasters, it was still risky for them to enter the city like this and try to kill Lu Fan .

After all, if they were surrounded by the soldiers and attacked at the same time, they could possibly die a horrific death right there and then .

So they chose to settle this matter as quickly as possible . They would use the fastest means possible to infiltrate the enemy camp, kill off Lu Fan, and then make their escape .

As long as they weren’t surrounded by the troops, the Seven Heroes of Sword Sect would definitely be able to escape with their combined strength .

Sword Sect disciples were expert assassins, after all .

As swordsmen of Sword Sect, they emphasized repaying kindness with kindness, and repaying evil with evil . They were very straightforward .

They had no problem killing others, no matter the means .

The evening sun hung low in the sky .

The sky gradually darkened, and there was a foreboding atmosphere hanging above the long street .

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Yi Yue pushed the wheelchair, and the sound of the wheels creaking against the tiles could be heard .

Lu Fan was dressed in white and seated in the wheelchair . He had one hand under his chin, and his hair cascaded down his face .

Ni Yu nervously carried the chessboard on her back . Her little face was tense, and she stared straight ahead with wide eyes .

Nie Changqing held onto his butcher knife with a stern expression on his face . His steps were slow and careful . He was ready to attack at any moment .

He knew…

The next battle was going to be a difficult one .

Luo Cheng was holding the important family members of the three major aristocratic families at knife point .

Liu Ye, Zhu Yishan, and the rest were among the group of soldiers, and they all looked downcast .

Chen Beixun’s eyes looked soulless . He hung his head, his beautiful hair now filthy . His entire body still trembled with fear .

The Chens were no more…

The Lius and the Zhus were gone as well . These untouchable aristocratic families had been wiped out just like that .

Lu Fan’s viciousness and decisiveness had dealt another blow to his heart .

He had thought Lu Fan wouldn’t be able to do anything once Lu Changkong wasn’t around, but in the end… he had been wrong .

Instead, when Lu Changkong left for the capital, he had actually allowed Lu Fan to do whatever he liked, which had made him even more bold and wild .

The three major aristocratic families had been massacred on the spot, while all the important representatives from the thirty-odd merchants, both large and small, had been slaughtered with one wave of Lu Fan’s hand .

This was a day of bloodshed .

The highly-skilled fighters from Sword Sect had also died horribly on the spot .

Chen Beixun numbly raised his head . He looked toward the end of the long street and saw the four Sword Sect Grandmasters wearing conical hats and making their way over .

He neither became excited nor hopeful .

He had lost all faith in the Sword Sect Grandmasters .

At Beiluo Lake, that one Sword Sect Grandmaster had escaped on a boat instead of putting up a fight .

Today at Chen Manor, that same Sword Sect Grandmaster used his swords to spring over the wall and then quickly run away, escaping once again…

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The Grandmaster had escaped two times, which had deeply hurt his heart .

His heart was now dead and no longer had hope in Sword Sect .

The wind blew .

The last of the evening sun was waning . It shone on the ground of the main street like the last glow of charcoal burning in a furnace .

There was no grand opening ceremony, or an exchange of meaningless words .

Both sides knew what they were here to do .

“We’ve all arrived . Why hasn’t Jing Yue appeared?”

The leader of the swordsmen frowned . He wore a conical hat on his head and had five swords in his sword box .

The other three were equally puzzled .

“Forget it . We won’t wait for him… the target is Lu Changkong’s wheelchair-bound son, Lu Pingan . ”

“I’ll take care of the abandoned Daoist disciple, Nie Changqing…”

“Later, when you strike, use one slash to cut the throat . Once we’re done killing, leave immediately, and gather outside the city,” the leader of the swordsmen said . His voice was stern and hoarse .

Once he had given instructions…

The four of them placed the tips of their swords against the main street’s tiles .

An ear-piercing screeching sound was heard as the swords were dragged along the ground, sending sparks flying .

The four swordsmen moved faster and faster . The Qi and blood within them rushed out and blasted loudly and continuously .

There was a strong gust of wind, and it blew up all the sand and vegetable leaves on the ground, and the stalls that had been overturned were now blown far away .

“Attack!” the leader of the swordsmen roared loudly .

A clanging sound was heard .

The wooden sword boxes on the backs of all four of the swordsmen started trembling, and all the swords within the boxes flew out at once .

The four swordsmen were neat and orderly as they started spinning on the spot, kicking the handles of every sword that shot out from the box .

Other than the main swords in their hands, the remaining nine swords flew straight toward Lu Fan .

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“Seven Heroes of Sword Sect… Flying Sword Technique . ”

A low and hoarse voice spoke .

Lu Fan turned his head slightly to find that a hunched figure had appeared by his side without him knowing .

Old Huang, who had been hiding in the shadows all this while, had appeared .

This was the first time he had appeared in front of Lu Fan . Lu Changkong had instructed him to protect Lu Fan, and now that Lu Fan was in grave danger, it was necessary that he appeared .

Lu Fan’s expression was calm, even after seeing Old Huang . He didn’t find anything strange or surprising about this .

He had already noticed Old Huang’s presence when his Soul Strength had increased in strength .

“A nameless First Resonance Grandmaster, protecting me in the dark…” Lu Fan sighed .

Lu Changkong was really good to his son .

If a Grandmaster had been added to Beiluo City’s defense, then those three prominent aristocratic families would have thought through their betrayal much more carefully before going through with it .

But it was a pity that one First Resonance Grandmaster wasn’t enough for this battle .

Realizing that Lu Fan wasn’t shocked by his appearance, Old Huang was the one who was shocked instead .

Yi Yue and Ni Yu were stunned, and Yi Yue even had a hand on the long whip at her waist .

Old Huang didn’t explain himself, and instead tensed up, his back hunched over in his black robe .

He focused his gaze on the front and stared straight at the swords flying their way .

Sword Sect’s Flying Sword Technique…

If he sacrificed himself, he could perhaps help his Young Master to… block these swords!

Lu Fan’s gaze landed on the long swords flying toward him, and his lips twitched a little . “You call this Flying Sword Technique… seriously?”

Nie Changqing took a step forward .

The nine swords flying their way made Nie Changqing’s long robe flap loudly . He held his butcher knife in his hand, while his eyes looked like they were on fire and his hair flew .

He held his butcher knife in his hand . His hair was blowing in the wind, and his eyes looked like they were on fire .

His Qi and blood quivered .

Then with a low shout…

He raised his butcher knife .

The Spirit Qi within his dantian flowed out and combined with the five resonances of Qi and blood . It sounded like thunder .

“Knife Control!”

The Spirit Qi encapsulated the butcher knife .

Nie immediately swung his arm and sent the butcher knife flying . It was one knife against nine swords!

The four Sword Sect swordsmen’s faces were hidden under their large conical hats, so it was difficult to see their expressions clearly .

Their swords screeched against the tiles as they hastened their steps and charged at Nie Changqing .

In that moment, everything had became very tense .


To Lu Fan sitting in his wheelchair, time seemed to have slowed down tremendously, and everything seemed to pass by in slow-motion .

When the butcher knife struck the nine swords, Lu Fan casually took the chessboard from Ni Yu’s hands .

Nie Changqing and the four Sword Sect swordsmen’s Qi and blood were blasting loudly, but Lu Fan was taking his time putting the chessboard on his thighs . He even took the time to breathe on the chessboard and give it a good wipe .

Two swords went past the butcher knife and flew toward them . Old Huang looked on with wide, angry eyes, but Lu Fan’s face was still as calm as jade as he used his long fingers to leisurely pull out a black chess piece from the chess box .

The last rays of sun were fading, and day was about to turn to night .

Lu Fan waved his sleeve, and wisps of Spirit Qi rode on the wind and surrounded his wheelchair .

He then elegantly put down the black chess piece .

The moment the piece hit the chessboard…

The Spirit Qi, which flowed in waves around the wheelchair, shot out like rays of light in all directions .

An invisible pressure instantly filled the air .

The moment the piece was put down…

The world seemed to fall silent, and the flying swords suddenly froze in midair .

On the main street…

The conical hats of the four swordsmen, who were charging toward Nie Changqing, exploded into pieces . Their eyes narrowed in disbelief, and their tight hair buns fell apart .

It was as if the air had been compressed into a solid, tremendous mountain, hitting their bodies hard .

All four of them whimpered .

Their swords fell to the floor, and they fell on one knee .

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