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Chapter 261: 261

The Monkey Monster King was stunned by what happened in front of him .

Blood had stained the once lush oasis . The blood of the monkeys flowed on the ground and drenched the soil .

He watched the humans he saved days ago slaughtering his subjects ruthlessly and ferociously .

The Monkey Monster King was appalled .

He felt the evil side of human nature for the first time .

The Monkey Monster King saw King Yali . The man who used to chat with him cheerfully and cordially now acted so cruel and monstrous .

King Yali killed a monkey, dug the tetrahedral crystal out of its head, and stuffed it in his bag regardless of the blood .

Rage and hatred rushed to the Monkey Monster King’s head .

He let out a shrill cry .

The Monkey Monster King sprinted out of the forest, disregarding his injuries .

He rode the white wolf and gripped a spear made out of wood .

He charged at the humans .

The formidable Monstrous Qi was unleashed from the Monkey Monster King’s body .

It was a bloody battle in which King Yali’s troops also suffered a great loss . Even though the monkeys seemed to be weak, thin, and harmless, they actually had the same level of ability as the cultivators in the Qi Core Realm .

King Yali’s army would probably lose even more men if not for the monkeys not knowing how to put their strength to use .

Even so, King Yali got more than he bargained for .

He snatched plenty of Monster Crystals and realized that he could absorb the energy stored inside these Monster Crystals . He could muster a tremendous amount of power from that .

He cast his greedy eyes on the Monkey Monster King’s Crystal .

The Monster Qi emitted from the Monkey Monster King was exceedingly strong, which meant that the Monkey Monster King’s Crystal must be much more potent .

King Yali believed that his strength could dramatically grow if you could obtain the Monkey Monster King’s Crystal . By that time, it would be as easy as pie to attack the ancient country .

Thus, he led the army and stormed toward the Monkey Monster King .

To bring a gang under control, he needed to capture their leader first .

Once the Monkey Monster King was executed, the rest of the monkeys were nothing but a bunch of beats waiting to be slaughtered .


The Monkey King fought heroically . His injuries didn’t tame his rage .

Glaring at King Yali and revealing his sharp teeth, he screamed out his question .

He saved King Yali and gave him food and water . Why did these ungrateful people massacre his monkeys?!

King Yali didn’t answer .

His covetous nature had possessed him .

He saw wealth and power in these monkeys .

He could only get to a higher power by stepping on dead bodies . It didn’t matter if those were dead bodies of humans or monkeys .

King Yali raised his hand and signaled the archers behind him . They aimed the arrows at the Monkey Monster King .

“Shoot!” King Yali bellowed .

The Madun Kingdom built itself up by conquering and pillaging other countries . He could bring this monkey kingdom to their knees just the same!

Looking at the monkeys being butchered, the Monkey Monster King shrieked furiously .

He finally understood .

The tigers and wolves in the Monster Oasis were not the scariest creatures .

The most horrifying creatures…were these humans they saved!


The Monkey Monster King’s eyes were bloodshot . The Monster Crystal in his head trembled and unleashed enormous Monstrous Qi .

The Monkey Monster King’s skinny body began to bulge . He stood at three meters tall, his frightening muscles bulging in his body .

Monster Transformation!

The Monkey Monster King roared like a fierce beast .

He stamped the ground and shook the earth .

He flung the spear made out of wood and immediately hit an archer, impaling him to the ground .

King Yali was taken by surprise .

Looking at the Monkey Monster King, who transformed into a giant beast, he didn’t want to fight anymore .

The Monstrous Qi emanated from the Monkey Monster King made them feel too weak to pull out their knives . They only understood just now that the Monkey Monster King was as powerful as the cultivators from the ancient country who vanquished them .

The Monkey Monster King dashed into the crowd with unstoppable momentum .

The soldiers of the Madun Kingdom made a square formation .

They pressed on the Monkey Monster King only to be torn up by him like flimsy toys .

The Monkey Monster King killed one soldier with each punch . Even the ground cracked from his blows .

He shouted in anger .

The Monstrous Qi covered the entire Monster Oasis .

“Humans deserve to die!” The Monkey Monster King roared, his bloodshot eyes cold and menacing .

An octahedral crystal hovered above his head, wrapped in Monstrous Qi .

King Yali’s greedy eyes focused on the octahedral crystal .

The tetrahedral crystals were already extremely valuable . King Yali didn’t think the Monkey Monster King would have an octahedral crystal . No wonder the Monkey King was so strong that they felt powerless in front of him…

As if even thousands of soldiers still couldn’t kill the Monkey Monster King .

Having an octahedral crystal was equivalent to being in the Golden Elixir Realm .

At that moment, even though the Monkey Monster King didn’t know how to exert the strength of the Golden Elixir Realm…

It was not hard for him to slaughter King Yali’s troops, who were just ordinary people .

The Monkey Monster King howled .

He went to the stone pillar .

The Monkey Monster King punched the stone pillar in a raging fury, leaving numerous cracks on the surface of the stone pillar .

All of a sudden…

The Monkey Monster King, standing at three meters tall after the Monster Transformation, squeezed the stone pillar in his arms .

With his full strength, he discharged enormous Monstrous Qi .

He pulled the stone pillar out!


It set the whole Monster Oasis quaking .

The Monkey Monster King hurled the stone pillar at King Yali’s Madun Army .

Countless people in the Madun Army were crushed by the stone pillar and vomited blood to death .

King Yali took to his heels .

Half of his army was killed or wounded by the Monkey Monster King .

The Monster Oasis was littered with dead bodies, both humans and monkeys .

Inside the Monster Oasis…

The wolves and the demonic beasts also joined the battle .

King Yali’s troops had no chance to withstand the army of the demonic beasts led by the Monkey Monster King .

More soldiers died .

King Yali’s greed didn’t blind him .

He knew that he couldn’t defeat the Monkey Monster King with his current capability .

He already harvested almost thirty tetrahedral crystals and had no reason to stay here any longer .

All of these tetrahedral crystals would be wasted if he died in the Monster Oasis .

“Retreat!” King Yali shouted as he climbed on his horse .

The Madun Army drew back and ran into the desert .

The Monkey Monster King bellowed with anger .

Did they want to go?

He held the gigantic stone pillar and threw it out of the oasis with great force .

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The stone pillar was like a towering tree falling to the ground, casting a dark, long shadow .

It hit the fleeing Madun Army, squashed numerous people, and raised a cloud of sand .

King Yali didn’t have time to care for his troops . He escaped from the Monster Oasis as fast as possible while grasping the bag of tetrahedral crystals .

The Monkey Monster King transformed back to his original shape .

He collapsed on the ground, coughing blood .

He crawled next to a dead monkey, held its body in his arms, and looked at the monkey’s empty skull .

The Monkey Monster King raised his head and let out a deafening roar as tears streamed down his face .

“From now on!”

“The Monster Clan will not stop until we killed all the humans!”

Humans were covetous and dishonorable .

He would not rest until he avenged the massacre of his clan .

As the Monkey Monster King continued roaring…

The Monstrous Qi fell from the sky and enveloped the entire Monster Oasis .

Even the wind blowing in the desert carried the bone-chilling Monstrous Qi!

Back on Beiluo Lake Island .

Lu Fan’s fingers tapped on the Phoenix Feather Arm .

Lu Fan sensed it the moment Kong Nanfei entered the Golden Elixir Realm .

He was surprised but not shocked . The Golden Elixir Realm was probably the best choice for Kong Nanfei .

It wouldn’t be easy for Kong Nanfei to advance to the Heavenly Lock Realm because the Qi of righteousness he cultivated didn’t temper his body enough . Therefore, the Golden Elixir Realm was a better path for Kong Nanfei .

“The cultivators in the Wuhuang Continent are moving to the Golden Elixir Realm too slowly . ”

Lu Fan pondered for a while, eyebrows knitted tightly .

Compared with Tengen Continent, Wuhuang Continent was so far behind . Golden Elixir cultivators were merely disciples in Tengen Continent .

“It looks like I need to work more on the Secret Realms and create more opportunities for them to speed up the cultivation process . ” Lu Fan thought for a while and came up with this idea .

It was a great plan to create Secret Realms to train cultivators .

Lu Fan initially believed that talented cultivators could enlighten themselves and move up to the Golden Elixir Realm and the Heavenly Lock Realm on their own because of the materialization of the Origin of the world .

It seemed that he was too unrealistic .

It had been a long time since Nie Changqing advanced to the Heavenly Lock Realm . However, Kong Nanfei was the only one in the world who entered the Golden Elixir Realm .

It was too slow in Lu Fan’s eyes .

Lu Fan activated his consciousness and went into the Dao Impartment Platform . In the platform, he began building Secret Realms .

In the meantime…

There was a deep undercurrent surging in the capital city .

The Black Dragon Gang had become the most powerful group in the capital city since they gobbled up the Northern Tiger Gang .

Zijin Palace .

A look of concern furrowed Luo Mingsang’s eyebrows as she read the secret memorial .

“The Black Dragon Gang are the dregs of the Great Zhou Dynasty . They took over the Northern Tiger Gang, unified the underground, and renamed themselves the Black Dragon Sect . ”

“To restore the Great Zhou…”

Luo Mingsang put down the memorial and let out a deep sigh .

When she stood up, several maidservants followed behind .

A guard from the Xiang Family’s Army stood quietly outside of the door .

“Is Lord Xiang back yet?” Luo Mingsang asked .

The guard hesitated for a second and then shook his head .

Luo Mingsang raised her head and sighed as she looked at the bright moon .

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Three days was neither too long nor too short .

Time flew by quickly .

In Wudi City, things went on as usual . The disciples received the instructions and guidance and began to cultivate .

However, several disciples detected unusual activities .

Feng Yilou, the genius ranked in the top cultivator list, sensed the change in the atmosphere in Wudi City…

Because he realized that the number of Nascent Soul cultivators stationed inside Wudi City had significantly decreased .

The Nascent Soul cultivators represented the power of Wudi City and were the real deterrents to foreign invasion .

Nonetheless, the Nascent Soul cultivators in Wudi City silently disappeared as if they were dispatched somewhere else .

In addition, Du Longyang, the City Master of Wudi City, also vanished .

A storm was on the horizon .

The barren mountain outside of Wudi City .

In front of the bodhisattva temple .

It had snowed for three days . The ground was blanketed in white .

However, a rush of frightening energy was flowing outside of the bodhisattva temple at the moment .

Mo Tianyu and Nie Changqing were in the bodhisattva temple and didn’t dare to breathe .

Nie Changqing was in the second level of the Heavenly Lock Realm and had tempered almost ten bones . He understood perfectly the power and ability of the people outside of the temple .

Du Longyang, Master Yuanshang, the Empress, Tianxu, and Juedao…

They were all among the best cultivators in the world .

Nie Changqing knew that these people were about to carry out their plan the moment he saw them arrived at the bodhisattva temple .

That extremely bold plan .

Slaying the immortals!

There were Immortals in the world, yet these people wanted to kill them!

Nie Changqing took in a deep breath .

He knew that he and Mo Tianyu were not capable enough to intervene . Thus, they should stay put in the bodhisattva temple .

As a disciple of Yuanshang, Ding Jiudeng was also sent into the temple .

Nie Changqing was curious to meet Ding Jiudeng . He was pleasantly surprised to learn that Ding Jiudeng was his fellow townsman .

Ding Jiudeng was excited to meet Nie Changqing and Mo Tianyu . But the thrill faded away after a while .

Outside of the bodhisattva temple .

Five top cultivators stood in place .

At the foot of the mountain .

The Nascent Soul cultivators sat on the ground . They applied the sealing technique and set up the formation .

“Ni Chunqiu, get ready!”

Young Master Tianxu, Ye Shoudao of the Supreme Knife School, Du Longyang, and Master Yuanshang each stood in one direction .

They were about ten miles away from the Empress .

The Empress sat outside of the door of the bodhisattva temple .

Wearing a crimson robe and adorned with golden jewelry, she looked poised and stately . She sat in the snowfield like a blooming red rose .

Du Longyang and the others used voice transmission to communicate with the Empress . Her eyelashes fluttered as she opened her eyes slowly .

She raised her head and stared at the snow-filled sky, revealing the elegant curve of her slender neck .

Everything was quiet around her . She could only hear the sound of snow falling on the ground .

Her rosy lips curled up . Finally, it was about to happen .

She was going to witness herself what was waiting for her after she went through calamities and ascended to heaven!

The Empress stood up .

Her waist-long hair blew in the wind .

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Her beautiful eyes gazed at the sky . She uttered a piercing whistle .

In the next moment…

The bodhisattva temple vibrated .

A magnificent force burst out of the Empress’s body and shot into the sky like a sharp sword .


The sky exploded . The energy dispersed in ripples .

The Empress’s power reached the climax .

She rose high into the air . Her red robe billowed, and her black hair blew in the wind . Her unparalleled beauty was glorious and breathtaking .

The Empress was going through Thunder Calamity today!


Dark clouds rolled in . The gust blew the robe against the Empress’s body and outlined her graceful curve .

The process had started!

In the east, west, south, and north—all four directions .

Du Longyang, Master Yuanshang, Young Master Tianxu, and Ye Shoudao all focused their attention .

They held their breaths as if they were dead .

The Empress was striking at the sky .

A flash of lightning tore up the dark sky and made the site as bright as day .

The bodhisattva temple was shaking as though it was about to collapse at any second .

Nie Changqing and Mo Tianyu watched it in shock .

“There is such a beautiful woman in the world . I have a burning desire…to tell her fortune,” Mo Tianyu said as he held three copper coins in his hand .

Nie Changqing glanced at Mo Tianyu, eyebrows arched, and then said, “Then do it . ”

“See if their plan would succeed,” Nie Changqing added .

“What plan?”

Mo Tianyu was intrigued .

Nie Changqing didn’t want to tell him before . But he didn’t think it was necessary to hide it anymore now that it had already began .

“The Immortal Slaying Plan . ”

“These people…want to kill the Immortals in heaven,” Nie Changqing said after taking in a deep breath .

Even the dull-witted Ding Jiudeng gasped in surprise .

Mo Tianyu also dropped the copper coins in his hand .

“Are they mad? Slaying the Immortals?”

“How could the Immortals be killed easily?” Mo Tianyu gasped .

Nie Changqing nodded slightly .

“Crazy… This world is such a mad place,” Mo Tianyu muttered .

Nevertheless, his eyes were lit up by the excitement .

He held three copper coins as the swirl above his head started to spin rapidly . The Spirit Qi rushed into the copper coins, making them glow with golden light .

He threw the coins in the air and then caught them with the tortoiseshell . The copper coins made a clanking sound in the tortoiseshell .

However, Mo Tianyu’s face suddenly turned pale .

“Old Nie! You set me up! Is Young Master Lu going to join them to slay the Immortals?!”

“I can’t tell Young Master Lu’s fortune!” Mo Tianyu cursed out loud .

After that…

He threw up a mouthful of blood .

The tortoiseshell in his hand also cracked .

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