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Chapter 260

Even the snowstorm outside of the bodhisattva temple seemed to be stopped by the intimidating force .

Du Longyang walked toward the bodhisattva temple, step by step .

Nie Changqing inhaled a deep breath . The frightening pressure almost crushed the old, dilapidated bodhisattva temple .

Mo Tianyu grasped three copper coins in his hand and stared at Du Longyang .

This man’s energy made Mo Tianyu’s blood run cold .

“You went back?”

Du Longyang glared at Nie Changqing with a cold and stern expression .

He looked for Nie Changqing for several days without realizing that he went back .

No wonder Du Longyang couldn’t find him even after he had searched every corner of Wudi City .

“I attained some spiritual enlightenment and decided to go back and cultivate for a few days,” Nie Changqing answered calmly as he looked at Du Longyang .

Mo Tianyu darted a glance at Nie Changqing and then at Du Longyang . Could the two have some shady deal going on?

The frightening energy emitted from Du Longyang’s body vanished . He squeezed out a smile .

“I looked for you for a long time…”

“The plan is about to kick off . Please contact Young Master Lu and remind him that he is expected to work with us after receiving our gifts,” Du Longyang said .

Nie Changqing squinted slightly .

However, a casual voice reverberated in the bodhisattva temple before Nie Changqing could respond .

“I know .

“I will show up as soon as the plan is ready to set in motion . ”

It was Lu Fan’s voice .

Even Nie Changqing was taken by surprise .

Du Longyang looked around the bodhisattva temple with a grim face . He forced a smile after a while .

“Glad to know that Young Master Lu still remembers . ”

Du Longyang left the bodhisattva temple right after that .

A thundering noise came from the snowfield outside . The explosion blew a deep hole in the ground . Du Longyang’s body disappeared at once .

“What kind of plan does Young Master Lu have with them?” Mo Tianyu asked Nie Changqing, brows knitted in concern .

However, Nie Changqing shook his head .

Mo Tianyu understood that Nie Changqing couldn’t say, so he stopped asking .

The two walked out of the bodhisattva temple and went in the direction of Wudi City .

Nie Changqing planned to challenge the inner-order disciples of Wudi City again .

Inside the main hall of Wudi City .

Du Longyang had returned . Many cultivators had been waiting for him in Wudi City…

For instance, the Empress and Master Yuanshang .

It was not odd for them to show up in Wudi City, since they were highly respected leaders of distinguished groups .

They wouldn’t raise any suspicion even if people saw them .

However, besides them, Young Master Tianxu of the Tianxu Palace and the head of the Supreme Knife School were also waiting in the main hall .

They were both masters in Evil Cultivation .

The public would be astounded if they knew these two people were in Wudi City .

Young Master Tianxu hated the environment of Wudi City . It was quite ironic for him to be a guest there after opposing Du Longyang for so many years .

Ye Shoudao, the one-armed head of the Supreme Knife School, was also waiting in the main hall in Wudi City .

“City Master Du, is Young Master Lu here?” Master Yuanshang asked hurriedly after seeing Du Longyang coming back and putting his palms together .

“He didn’t show up . Apparently, the Young Master Lu is very cautious . ”

“He is concerned that our collaboration might be a trap and doesn’t want to show his face easily,” Du Longyang answered in a serious manner .

“Humph…” Young Master Tianxu sneered as he sat on the side .

“It would be out of the way if that guy dares to come . He possessed my body last time he was here . I will kill him for sure if he has the nerve to come again!”

Ye Shoudao also frowned . He’d had some conflicts with Lu Fan as well .

Nevertheless, he didn’t expect that Du Longyang and Master Yuanshang would ask Lu Fan to team up with them .

From Ye Shoudao’s point of view, it was a futile petition .

“You’re nothing but a big talker . I would shut up if I were you . Young Master Lu took control over your body without you knowing . How come you’re not too embarrassed to talk now?” said the Empress scornfully, darting a glance at Young Master Tianxu .

Young Master Tianxu’s eyes rolled as if he was irritated .

“Ni Chunqiu, do you really think I’m afraid of you? Why don’t we have a match right here?!” Young Master Tianxu yelled angrily .

The Empress started to laugh and sized the feeble Young Master Tianxu up and down .

“Do you think you’re worthy enough to fight me?”

Young Master Tianxu was stung by the unprecedented insult .

He smashed his fists on the armrests of the chair and unleashed a burst of frightening energy in the hall .

The Empress also smiled disparagingly . Her pale and slender hand was placed on the armrest of the chair, stately and elegantly .

The Empress’s force clashed with Young Master Tianxu’s .

The impact was so powerful that it almost crushed the main hall .

“That’s enough!” Du Longyang shouted in a fury .

He suddenly raised the spear in his hand . The sharp, gleaming tip of the spear pointed at the Young Master Tianxu from afar .

Young Master Tianxu’s energy evaporated at once .

“Great! You shameless couple! You joined hands to bully me!”

“Do you think I have no one on my side?”

“Old Ye, go get him!” Young Master Tianxu cried out .

With a disdainful smile, Ye Shoudao shot a glance at Young Master Tianxu and stayed put indifferently .

“Good . You are all bullying me together! I’m done . I’m breaking up with you guys!” Young Master Tianxu shrieked .

Master Yuanshang put his palms together and spoke with a grin . “Tianxu, don’t be unreasonable . We’ve gathered here today to save the lives of the people and to expose the lie of Immortal Ascension . Our opponents are powerful Immortals, and we should be united as one against the common enemy . ”

Young Master Tianxu uttered a snort and didn’t say anything more .

Nevertheless, he still pulled a long face .

Du Longyang pulled back the black spear in his hand . His face was less stern .

“There is an anomaly in the Monster Realm and an uprising in the Heavenly Monster Pagoda… Rumor has it that the Immortals were the ones who built the Heavenly Monster Pagoda . It’s possible that the current revolt in the Heavenly Monster Pagoda is happening because the Immortals sensed something going on and plan to release the monsters in the pagoda to disrupt our plan . ”

“Therefore, our plan has to be moved up now,” Du Longyang said .

Master Yuanshang, the Empress, and one-armed Ye Shoudao all nodded in agreement .

“Humph… Move it up? How do we move it up? Do you think we can activate the Heavenly Thunder as we wish?” Young Master Tianxu responded with a condescending sneer .

The Empress cast a glance at him and snorted contemptuously .

“Amituofo . ”

“I prepared the Minor Revival Elixir . The Empress’s power will enhance greatly after she takes the elixir so she can break the void and activate the Thunder Calamity!”

“That will be the time for us to set our plan in motion,” Master Yuanshang said .

Young Master Tianxu sneered again . “Humph, who knows if someone would come and steal the Heavenly Calamity like the last time?”


The Empress was infuriated . She thumped the table with a loud bang and smashed it into pieces .

“Why are you such an annoying pain in the a*s? How about we give the Minor Revival Elixir to you so you can activate the Heavenly Calamity? What a loudmouth! Shut up if you don’t have the balls! Stop being a smarta*s and bickering with us . I will kill you if you do it again!” shouted the Empress menacingly .

Young Master Tianxu was startled . He then forced an awkward smile and didn’t talk back .

Du Longyang was too familiar with Young Master Tianxu’s personality to be bothered by him .

They began to discuss the plan again .

They had been plotting and preparing for a long time . Even so, they were still extremely careful .

They were afraid of defeat . All hell would break loose if they failed .

“What will Young Master Lu do when we’re putting our lives on the line? What if he jumps out and takes advantage of us after the Immortals and us have worn one another out?” Young Master Tianxu said with a glum face .

“Why are you still talking?”

The Empress threw Young Master Tianxu an angry look and gave him a fright .

Apparently, Young Master Tianxu felt apprehensive about the Empress .

“Young Master Lu will come and kill the Immortals together with us,” Du Longyang said .

Young Master Tianxu opened his mouth and was about to say something again . However, the Empress glared at him as if she would beat him to death if he uttered a word, so he remained silent .

Young Master Tianxu muttered to himself quietly, “Women are all evil . Pretty women are especially bad!”

“The Empress will go through calamities in three days . We will slay the Immortals at that time!” Du Longyang said .

“Where is she doing it? Back at the palace of the Great Qian?” Ye Shoudao, the head of the Supreme Knife School, asked with a frown .

The Empress shook her head and started to laugh .

“No, I’m going to the tumbledown bodhisattva temple on the hill outside of Wudi City . ”

Du Longyang and Master Yuanshang were surprised .

They didn’t expect the Empress would choose to go through calamities at the bodhisattva temple .

What did this woman want to do?

Back on Beiluo Lake Island .

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Lu Fan propped his chin in the palm of one hand and played Go with the other .

Suddenly, his hand that was holding a Go stone trembled .

His eyebrows arched .

“In three days?”

Lu Fan smiled and resumed playing .

His energy surged as he placed the stones on the Go board…

As though a storm was forming .

Dongyang County .

An unkempt scholar was drinking while stumbling forward .

Meng Haoran carried the bookcase and followed behind him in quick short steps .

They were Kong Nanfei and his disciple from the Haoran Sect .

They had been heading to the southeast since they left Beiluo . They traveled around the world and visited famous mountains and great rivers . Being close to nature helped them comprehend cultivation better .

Meng Haoran reached the peak Qi Core Realm during the trip .

He even studied the Qi of righteousness and could shake off the snow accumulated on a small hill with one blow .

“Is this Dongyang County, where Master died in battle?” Meng Haoran asked solemnly, out of curiosity .

Kong Nanfei was walking ahead . He didn’t respond to Meng Haoran .

The soldiers guarding Dongyang County bowed slightly at Kong Nanfei and Meng Haoran .

They were respectful to Confucian disciples simply because of the old man who held out against the invaders alone outside of Dongyang County .

Meng Haoran noticed that Kong Nanfei stopped stumbling the moment he entered the city .

Step by step, he walked in a serious manner…

As if he was looking for something .

Meng Haoran didn’t understand . He could only follow behind Kong Nanfei .

The sea stretched to the horizon on the edge of Dongyang County .

Kong Nanfei walked on the beach . His clothes were shabby, and his hair was oily and curly .

He gulped the wine, eyes sparkling .

He could almost see how Master persevered in the face of a large army right here on that day .

After quite some time…

He found a place and sat down with his legs crossed .

The Mayor of South County stood on the city tower and looked at Kong Nanfei sitting there . The image of the old man indistinctly came into his sight again .

All of a sudden .

A low, deep voice started to chant .

Kong Nanfei sat on the ground, laughing and chanting the Song of Righteousness Qi . The rhythmic and sonorous sound lingered in people’s ears .

The soldiers standing on the city tower of Dongyang County felt their blood boiling .

Eyes bloodshot, they were incandescent .

They were filled with the will to fight and were not daunted by death .

The chanting quieted down after some time .

The Qi of righteousness coalesced rapidly above Kong Nanfei’s head .

It transformed into a creamy-colored round elixir .

The elixir spun round and round and formed the Spirit Qi storm .

Kong Nanfei laughed heartily .

Carrying the bookcase, Meng Haoran stood far away and watched his master in awe .

He was so powerful…

Even though Kong Nanfei failed to advance to the Heavenly Lock Realm, his bold and heroic spirit didn’t change .

Kong Nanfei sat on the ground with his legs crossed .

A dark cloud took shape above his head .

A bolt of lightning struck down, yet Kong Nanfei’s laughter drowned out the sound of thunder .

At the place where the Master died…

Kong Nanfei achieved a breakthrough . He stopped traveling and didn’t insist on attempting the Heavenly Lock Realm . He went through the Thunder Calamity…

And advanced to the Golden Elixir Realm!

The first Golden Elixir cultivator in the Wuhuang Continent had emerged!

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The moment Kong Nanfei entered the Golden Elixir Realm…

On Beiluo lake Island, Lu Fan sensed the change because he gained at least 500 wisps of Spirit Qi as commission at once .

“He chose to enter the Golden Elixir Realm?”

Lu Fan was surprised by Kong Nanfei’s boldness and steadfastness .

Nonetheless, the Golden Elixir Realm wasn’t necessarily the inferior choice .

He would be just as powerful if he could reach the ninth level of the Golden Elixir Realm .

Dongyang County .

A golden elixir of Spirit Qi materialized above Kong Nanfei’s head, glittering mysteriously .

A brilliant light shone through the clouds .

Kong Nanfei sat upright and began to enlighten himself with the Thunder Calamity’s feedback .

In the distance, Meng Haoran also stood in place and gazed at Kong Nanfei . The Spirit Qi moved around freely inside his body .

In an instant, Meng Haorao also threw off the restraints of the Qi Core and entered the Internal Organs Realm .

The boundless desert .

King Yali and his troops hurtled through the desert .

Nevertheless, they still couldn’t reach the oasis that seemed to be right in front of them . Exhausted and breathless, they could only see the vast expanse of the desert .

King Yali felt dizzy . As strong as he was, he was bone-weary and couldn’t run any longer .

He collapsed on the ground .

He crawled forward, little by little, and raised his hand as if he wanted to grasp the oasis in the distance .

However, his eyes were blurry . He was losing his sight .

All of a sudden, just before he blacked out completely…

King Yali heard a cracking sound .

Monkeys walked upright out of the peculiar oasis .

King Yali felt like he was unconscious for several days .

He felt a cold sensation and swallowed instinctively .

Fresh and cold water flowed through his throat and poured into his stomach, offering King Yali tremendous comfort .

King Yali opened his eyes .

He was dumbfounded .

Several monkeys held weapons made of tree branches and stood around him . They stared at him with intelligent eyes .

King Yali sprang up . He was shocked and frightened .

There were a bunch of monkeys in the oasis?!

“Where is this?” King Yali asked .

However, the monkeys split and cleared a path . A monkey riding a white wolf emerged .

The monkey repeated what King Yali just said . It was learning his language .

King Yali was stunned . He talked some more .

The monkey studied and analyzed what King Yali had said and could already have a simple conversation with King Yali .

King Yali began to feel more relaxed as he realized the monkeys bore him no malice .

Although King Yali felt sick because of the strange energy that permeated throughout the oasis… at least he was alive . With water, he could even leave this place and return to the Madun Kingdom .

There was always a way out .

King Yali burst into tears at the height of joy .

His survival gave him a chance to rally his forces again and march toward the ancient country in the east .

Nonetheless, King Yali eventually chose to quit his plan after calming himself down .

After all…

King Yali was not certain at all that he could handle cultivators who were as powerful as deities . He would be sending his armies out on a suicide mission if he didn’t have a way to deal with that type of cultivator .

King Yali was downhearted for a moment, but he eased his mind soon after .

He and his troops were fortunate enough to have survived the desert .

They settled in the oasis to reorganize .

However, the monkeys divided up King Yali’s troops, perhaps out of consternation .

Only King Yali could communicate with intelligent monkeys .

After they settled down…

King Yali learned that the oasis was called the “Monster Oasis,” and the Qi was called the “Monstrous Qi . ”

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After observing for a while…

King Yali realized the monkeys were quite skillful and knew how to use the mysterious methods, just like the deity-like cultivators in that ancient country . Of course, the Monkey King was the only one who was equally as capable as the deity-like cultivators . The rest of the monkeys were much weaker .

King Yali gained the Monkey King’s trust . As a result of his linguistic talent, he could converse with the Monkey King .

He even taught the entire group of monkeys how to communicate with humans .

King Yali always wanted to know how these monkeys cultivated, yet the monkeys were very cautious .

King Yali was also afraid of upsetting the powerful Monkey King, who could release energy that made King Yali feel like he was suffocating .

Even so, after a few days of observation…

Finally, he hid in the bushes and incidentally saw a monkey open its mouth and spit out a tetrahedral crystal .

The Monstrous Qi wrapped around the tetrahedral crystal and made it smoother and more lustrous .

The monkeys cultivated in this way .

King Yali was intoxicated by the scene .

He stared at the tetrahedral crystal as if he had just discovered the most dazzling treasure in the world .

He had a strong urge to snatch the treasure for himself . He knew that he might be able to cultivate like the deities if he had this tetrahedral crystal .

However, King Yali was worried about the Monkey King’s power . He suppressed the greed in his heart and didn’t act on it .

After that, King Yali kept trying to win the Monkey King’s favor .

He even taught the monkeys how to forge weapons and build bows and arrows .

The Monkey King was very pleased with King Yali .

King Yali also found out that the Monkey King would try to conquer the towering stone pillar that was erected in the oasis every other day .

However, the Monkey King failed every attempt . He would be injured for one day and climb the stone pillar again a day later .

King Yali pondered carefully .

He came up with a plan .

Finally, on the day when the Monkey King was going to attempt the stone pillar another time, King Yali went to the Monkey King to say goodbye .

He wanted to return to his kingdom .

The Monkey King was reluctant to bid farewell yet still agreed to send him off in the end .

King Yali asked the Monkey King to lend him three monkeys as their guides to help them leave the Monster Oasis under the excuse of confusing directions in the desert .

The Monkey King hesitated .

Nonetheless, the Monkey King was persuaded eventually .

He picked three monkeys to lead King Yali and his troops out of the oasis . The troops refilled their water bags in the Monster Oasis and marched toward the direction of the Madun Kingdom .

The Monkey King didn’t think twice about it .

He went back to the center of the oasis to climb the stone pillar as usual .

Shortly after King Yali and his troops, along with the three monkeys, walked out of the Monster Oasis…

King Yali’s friendly face turned vicious . He pulled out the sharp knife pinned on his belt and exerted his Qi and blood .

He cut off the head of one monkey .

The other two monkeys were stunned for a moment and then screeched furiously .

Enveloped in Monstrous Qi, they grappled with the soldiers .

However, the two monkeys were soon outnumbered and killed by King Yali’s troops .

King Yali wiped off the blood on his face and dug up the tetrahedral crystals from the monkey’s heads .

Blood dripped on the burning hot sand .

King Yali’s eyes were filled with excitement .

The troops behind King Yali were also thrilled .

Inside the Monster Oasis .

The Monkey King fell from the stone pillar and was injured again .


The Monkey King was shocked just when he was about to dress his wound…

Because King Yali’s troops came back .

Surprisingly, after the monkeys greeted them…

King Yali’s soldiers pulled out their weapons and charged at the monkeys .

The first contact between the Monster Clan and humans…

Blood soaked the soil of the Monster Oasis .

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