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Chapter 257: 257

Lake Island, Beiluo .

Lu Fan opened his eyes . His consciousness returned from the Dao Impartment Platform .

He raised his hand . On his palm, a tetrahedral crystal was floating and shining .

This was the Monster Crystal Lu Fan had created .

Faint Monstrous Qi was clinging to the tetrahedral Monster Crystal .

“Now I’ve got a Monster Crystal . But how should I create the Monster Clan?”

Lu Fan was deep in thought while playing with the idea of creating his own Monster Clan .

He focused on the Dao Impartment Platform again . There, through simulation and deduction, he was able to create the Monster Clan based on the Monster Crystal .

He found some ordinary beasts and made them merge with the Monster Crystal .

However, the Monstrous Qi in the Monster Crystal was too overwhelming . Soon enough, it tore apart that brains of these beasts, making them even violent and wilder . That meant an evolution failure .

Lu Fan tried many times . He used the Dao Impartment Platform to make artificial beasts that simulated the real beasts found on Wuhuang Continent, trying to make them merge with the Monster Crystal .

He was not in a hurry . He had a lot of time anyway . So he kept trying .

Finally, the first success came .

It was a small monkey . After merging with the Monster Crystal, although Monstrous Qi was clinging to its body, it did not go crazy . It even looked very smart .

The Monstrous Qi strengthened the little monkey’s body . The monkey became very strong . He could be compared to an average Qi Core cultivator .

Lu Fan was a little excited . He had spent so much time trying and had finally created the first monster .

The little monkey was intelligent . He looked at Lu Fan curiously . However, his curiosity was mixed with awe because he was terrified by the dreadful energy given off by Lu Fan .

The more intelligent they are, the easier they get scared .

Lu Fan lifted his hand and erased the little monkey . This was just a simulation he had done through the Dao Impartment Platform . It was very vivid, but it was not a real creature .

It would cost Lu Fan lots of energy if he wanted to make it real .

He just needed to figure out the principle of how Monster Crystals transformed monsters .

He opened his eyes .

Lu Fan was sitting straight in the Thousand Blades Chair . A breeze stirred the surface of the lake, creating soft ripples .

In front of him was the Spirit Pressure Chessboard . Lines were shifting up and down in Lu Fan’s eyes . The transformed Wuhuang Continent emerged before him .

Lu Fan made the endless desert the border between the west and the east of Wuhuang Continent .

The east was the territory of the old Great Zhou Dynasty .

The west was the territory of Madun Kingdom, the kingdom that had traveled across the desert to attack Tianhan Gate .

As to other primordial areas where there was no intelligent life, Lu Fan just ignored them .

Lu Fan lifted his hand and gently touched the map transformed by the Spirit Pressure Chessboard . His fingers moved very gently . In the end, he pointed at the endless desert .

Lu Fan had chosen the endless desert that formed the border of the west and the east . This was where the Monster Clan would settle .

Through the Spirit Pressure Chessboard, Lu Fan moved an island on the vast sea to the endless desert . In the same way as one picture was overlaid with another, the island from the vast sea ended up in the desert and became an oasis there .

No humans were living on the island, but there were a number of species . In fact, the monkeys on the island had stayed on trees, motionlessly . They were stunned when they had seen the vast sea turn into the desert of a dull yellow .

These monkeys, who had been living on the island for their whole life, probably had never seen a desert before .

Lu Fan shifted his consciousness . A wisp of Spiritual Sense flew out fast .

Over the oasis situated at the center of the desert, a figure full of Monstrous Qi appeared suspended in the air . That endless Monstrous Qi even tinted the sky black .

The Monster Lord befell!

Lu Fan, who was the Monster Lord at the moment, glanced over at the oasis .

He lifted his hand . Then one by one, a Monster Crystal showed up around him . They were so densely packed that it seemed to be raining Monster Crystals .

Monstrous Qi had surrounded these Monster Crystals . Once they made contact with the beasts, they would enter these beasts’ bodies .

Under the influence of these Monster Crystals, these unintelligent beasts gradually had clearer eyes . Although they were still beasts, they were much smarter than before .

The Monster Clan was a specie .

Lu Fan chose the monkey community .

When the tetrahedral crystals had entered them, these monkeys all had Monstrous Qi clinging to them, and they were endowed with intelligence .

Kneeling on the ground, they looked at Lu Fan overhead piously .

In their eyes, Lu Fan was their god .

Floating over the oasis, Lu Fan looked at the creatures below calmly . Improvement would only occur through competition . Lu Fan wanted to create the Monster Clan for a simple reason . The appearance of the Monster Clan would put pressure on humans . In this way, both of them could improve and evolve .

However, the Monster Clan created by Lu Fan actually also belonged to Wuhuang Continent . Therefore, if the Monster Clan transformed and improved, the credit would go to Lu Fan as well . In this way, Lu Fan had one more way to refine Qi .

Humans refined Spirit Qi, while monsters refined Monstrous Qi .

In the end, they were all refining Qi for Lu Fan .

While looking at the monkey monsters kneeling down there…

Lu Fan lifted his hand . An octahedral crystal showed up in his hand .

Monsters or humans, they all needed a ruler . Lu Fan thought the Monster Clan should adore strength . And he needed to instill this idea into their minds .

He threw the octahedral crystal out .


A giant crater was created in the endless desert around the oasis as if a meteorite had crashed .

With Monstrous Qi surrounding him, Lu Fan’s face was unrecognizable .

He said flatly, “Whoever could merge with the Monster Crystal in the crater successfully will be the Monster King . ”

The monkeys down there were super thrilled when he had finished speaking . They were twittering in a language Lu Fan could not understand .

The next second .

Groups of monkeys ran out of the oasis .

All of these monkeys had merged with a Monster Crystal . Their strengths were quite similar at the moment .

All of them wanted to be the Monster King .

After all, the Monster King could rule the oasis!

The monkey monsters fought against each other fiercely . They were approaching the giant crater while fighting .

However, the octahedral crystal in the crater was giving off extremely strong energy . As the rich and powerful Monstrous Qi swept over, it was giving off an awful fluctuation of energy .

The octahedral crystal could be compared to Heavenly Lock and Golden Elixir .

For these monkey monsters in Qi Core Realm who had just merged with a tetrahedral crystal, Golden Elixir was a paramount level .

Floating in the air, Lu Fan watched them quietly .

These monkey monsters stopped fighting . While approaching the octahedral crystal, some of them knelt down, shivering because of fear .

And others went on approaching the crater despite the pressure .

They kept twittering .

But the more they approached the crater, the stronger the Monstrous Qi and pressure were . Many monkey monsters had given up .

In the end, only one of them rushed into the crater despite everything and grasped the octahedral crystal .

Under the influence of the dreadful power, the monkey monster lost all of its hair . His body seemed to be breaking down .

He looked terrible .

But he did not give up . With a pair of red eyes, he kept squeaking .

He grasped the octahedral crystal with both hands .

Monstrous Qi wrapped around his body little by little . He screamed, and his miserable voice soared into the clouds .

All of the other monkeys were shocked . They were frightened of the unknown .

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Not only the monkeys but also many other beasts who had merged with Monster Crystals were looking on from the edge of the oasis .

The soaring Monstrous Qi dissipated .

Then a strong black monkey walked out of the Monstrous Qi .

He had merged with the octahedral crystal . His eyes were like two burning flames .

He closed his fist .

The monkeys all cheered .

Not only the monkeys but also the other monsters at the edge of the oasis cheered .

The Monster King was born .

And the Monster Lord witnessed the whole process .

In the air…

Lu Fan showed a satisfied smile .

He gave the Monster King, who was kneeling on one knee in front of him, the cultivation method that he had created for the Monster Clan through the All Method Furnace .

More than that…

Lu Fan also built him a weapon .

Boom .

At the center of the oasis, a stone pillar penetrated the ground and soared into the clouds .

“This weapon can conduct Monstrous Qi . You can try to use it when you have completely mastered your own strength…” Lu Fan said .

The Monster King was instantly very excited . He kowtowed to Lu Fan, squeaking but could not say anything .

Lu Fan glanced at the oasis and the monkey monsters there .

“This place is called Monster Oasis from now on,” Lu Fan declared .

He lifted his hand and waved .

Outside of the oasis, a stele showed up with “Monster Oasis” carved on it .

Then Lu Fan released Spirit Qi into the Monster Oasis . When that had been done, Lu Fan stopped paying attention to them . These monsters would have to transform Spirit Qi to Monstrous Qi if they wanted to cultivate . And transforming Spirit Qi to Monstrous Qi was actually a part of their cultivation .

Lu Fan did not linger there .

The Monster Lord turned around and vanished little by little as the Monstrous Qi obscured the sky .

The monsters in the Monster Oasis were all kneeling on the ground, kowtowing with a loud noise .

As if it was their way of saying, “see you, Monster Lord . ”

When the Monster Lord had left…

The Monster King, who had merged with the octahedral crystal, got to his feet . Standing upright like a human being, he was gazing at the giant stone pillar with a sharp look .

He rushed to it excitedly .

Monstrous Qi kept flowing out of the octahedral crystal .

Shrieking, the Monster King rushed out and crawled up along the stone pillar .

However, after crawling dozens of feet…

The monkey monster was too weak to go on . He fell on the territory of the Monster Oasis, gasping for air…

He realized he had not completely mastered or been familiar with the power of the Monster Crystal for the moment, so he was not qualified for the weapon yet .

The Monster King got to his feet . He started to cultivate following the cultivation method the Monster Lord had given him .

Threads of Monstrous Qi flowed out of the Monster Crystal . The Monster King’s injuries recovered very soon .

Around him, many monkey monsters were squeaking .

The Monster King stood up . Closing his fists and waving them at the sky, he started to roar .

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He was the king of the Monster Oasis!

He, who had merged with the octahedral crystal, was the strongest here . Therefore, he was naturally the king!

If another monster became as strong as he was, they could compete for the position of Monster King .

The Monster King was very excited . He led his monkey monsters into the oasis .

They found the wolves living in the oasis that used to bully them .

And they gave the wolves a good beating .

The Monster King even infected the king of the wolves with his Monstrous Qi so that the wolf became his mount .

The monkey monsters were unscrupulous in the Monster Oasis .

The Monkey Monster King could even defeat a fierce tiger and force the latter to retreat .

But of course, the monkey monsters did not slaughter the beasts living in the oasis . How could a king be called a king if he did not have any subjects on his territory?

The monkey monsters completely became the hegemon in the Monster Oasis .

Lake Island, Beiluo .

Lu Fan took the duplicate as Monster Lord back .

He opened his eyes .

A breeze stirred his clothes, bringing a slight chill in the air .

Ning Zhao’s cultivation had ended . She was heating some green plum wine for Lu Fan not far away . She lifted a plum with tweezers and put it into the wine .

“You’ve finished cultivating?”

Lu Fan looked at Ning Zhao .

Ning Zhao was only one step away from achieving the Heavenly Lock Realm .

Ning Zhao had comprehended the Ice Element . Although it was not one of the Five Elements, its attack was powerful too .

“I felt I was on the verge of a breakthrough, so I didn’t want to rush…”

“I want to take my time . ”

“So I’m here, keeping Young Master company, cooking some wine for Young Master . ”

Ning Zhao smiled .

Lu Fan slightly nodded .

“It’s good to take your time . Sometimes, it’s not necessarily good if you pressure yourself too much,” Lu Fan said .

Then he glimpsed at the little Responsive Dragon, rolling its eyes while lying on the second floor of the pavilion, almost suffocated .

He let out a sigh and then waved his hand to remove the Spirit Rings .

The little Responsive Dragon got to its feet right away, sticking its tongue out, panting .

The dragon would rather be strangled to death than make some effort to struggle and be free…

Lu Fan recalled the monkey monster resisting the pressure in the Monster Oasis, whose body was almost destroyed by Monstrous Qi . He gave the little Responsive Dragon another glimpse with a complicated feeling .

How could they be so different?

Flapping its wings, the little Responsive Dragon landed on Lu Fan’s shoulders, lying there lethargically .

Lu Fan did not bother to pay attention to it .

Let it be .

All of a sudden .

A system prompt popped up before Lu Fan .

[“Congratulations, Host . You have created the Monster Clan successfully and contributed to species diversity on Wuhuang Continent . 1,000 Available Points awarded . ”]

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Lu Fan was not too surprised . He was even awarded for the appearance of phoenixes .

This time, he created a Monster Clan . The Available Points awarded to him certainly would not be few .

For Lu Fan, 1,000 Available Points were not bad . However, he could only get such an award once . He would not get the same prize even if he created another Monster Clan .

Therefore, it was kind of precious .

“The current Monster Clan is still rather weak . But humans will make contact with them sooner or later . It’s hard to say what changes it will result in,” Lu Fan thought .

What kind of sparks would be created when the Monster Clan meet the humans?

The Monkey Monster King was in the Golden Elixir Realm, but since he had achieved Golden Elixir by merging with the octahedral crystal, he had not mastered his strength completely . If he ran into Nie Changqing, he would be killed almost immediately . Besides, Nie Changqing was already a second-level Heavenly Lock . He was much stronger than the Monkey Monster King .

Even if it was not Nie Changqing, it would not be difficult for the Overlord, Ning Zhao, and the others to suppress the Monkey Monster King together .

As to other monsters, they were just a bunch of average Qi Core cultivators who could not cause any trouble .

Therefore, the current Monster Clan must keep developing .

Lu Fan did not pay more attention to the Monster Clan . He had created them . As to how they would develop, he would not intervene . As long as they were not eliminated, Lu Fan did not bother to meddle in their affairs .

He used his mind to call the system page out .

[Host: Lu Fan]

[Title: Qi Refiner (Permanent)]

[Refined Qi Level: 4 (progress in Level 4: 20,036/100,000 wisps)]

[Soul Strength: 610 (exchangeable: 521 [Spiritual Sense: 5])]

[Physique Strength: 510 (exchangeable: 510 [Magic Demon Blood: 3])]

[Spirit Qi: 18,790 wisps]

[Spirit Fluid: 2 drops]

[World Leveling System: Wuhuang Continent (Mid Level Martial World)]

[Available Points Awarded: 1,083]

Glancing at the system page, Lu Fan slightly frowned . As the cultivators on Wuhuang Continent increased, he was getting more Spirit Qi cuts every day .

However, he was still far away from breaking through to Refined Qi Level Five .

Lu Fan did not keep the one thousand Available Points he had just got . He chose to use them directly .

This time, he chose to split it into equal half .

Five hundred points for Soul Strength, and five hundred points for Physique Strength…

Because in this way, both his Soul Strength and Physique Strength would exceed one thousand points .

And his Spiritual Sense would reach ten wisps .

Lu Fan felt something was buzzing in his head .

And dreadful energy seemed to be surging in his body with a jade-like luster .

Lu Fan knew a big change must have happened to his body .

He had been stronger, but as to how much stronger, he had no idea .

While leaning on the back of the Thousand Blades Chair…

Lu Fan was observing the change of his body .

All of a sudden, he slightly raised his eyebrow, as if he sensed something .

He showed a weird facial expression .

Nie Changqing had come back, and he was cultivating in seclusion in the Trial Pagoda . Once he started cultivation, he would stay in seclusion for days .

Consequently, Du Longyang from Wudi City had gone crazy because he could in no way get in touch with Lu Fan .

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