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Chapter 256

Monster . What was a monster?

Lu Fan had wondered when he had decided to create monsters .

However, since Lu Fan had never made any contact with monsters, he could not make any conclusion .

There was a wisp of Spiritual Sense in the tiny Lu Fan transformed by Spirit Fluid . This wisp of Spiritual Sense was the reason that tiny Lu Fan could exist . He was just like a duplicate .

And at this moment, this wisp of Spiritual Sense seemed to have caught someone’s attention .

Heavenly Monster Pagoda .

It had been on Tengen Continent for countless years . The Monster Clan had once governed Tengen Continent . Afterward, the Monster Clan was eliminated, and a dreadful monster was sealed in the Heavenly Monster Pagoda .

With the Monster Clan restricted in the Monster Realm, Tengen Continent finally recovered .

The eyeball formed by the giant black flame sucked tiny Lu Fan into the Heavenly Monster Pagoda .

The giant monster claw was full of Monstrous Qi .


Iron chains shook, making noises like thunderbolts .

Tiny Lu Fan’s body was floating toward the pagoda .

The giant monster claw closed .

The Spirit Fluid exploded to pieces .

A wisp of Spiritual Sense was floating in the air .

In the darkness, an eye was open . The giant eyeball was giving off dreadful energy .

“Spiritual Sense! Spiritual Sense of a strong human!”

The cold and hoarse voice sounded aggressive .

Humans were just the monsters’ food!

However, the food overturned the monsters’ rule and even sealed him in the Heavenly Monster Pagoda .

The aggressive voice was a little excited .

The chains were shaking and clattering .

This monster grasped that wisp of Spiritual Sense . Strong Monstrous Qi flowed out and then into that wisp of Spiritual Sense .

He wanted to find the owner of the Spiritual Sense through that wisp of Spiritual Sense .

Strong humans were all very cautious . They never released their Spiritual Senses into the Monster Realm, because they were afraid their Spiritual Senses would be controlled by the Monster Clan and be grabbed by the monster in the Heavenly Monster Pagoda and that they would end up becoming the Monster Clan’s tool .

The monster in the Heavenly Monster Pagoda had never found any chance over these years . But at this moment, this chance finally came!

While the tumbling Monstrous Qi was spreading…

A black flame surged and turned into a formation .

The formation was connected to the Spiritual Sense .

Numerous images flashed by before the monster .

Beiluo .

Lake Island .

Lu Fan, leaning on the back of the Thousand Blades Chair, slightly raised his eyebrow .

Because he sensed strong energy was approaching him along with the Spiritual Sense .

Did it intend to attack him along the thread?

That was actually very clever .

Lu Fan had not gone to look for that guy, but that guy came to him .

Lu Fan smiled . It was time to meet the guy who had had the nerve to catch the duplicate of his Spirit Fluid .

His Spiritual Sense surged .


Lu Fan shifted his consciousness .

Lines were jumping in his eyes .

Then everything on Lake Island of Beiluo changed in Lu Fan’s eyes .

Everything seemed to be isolated . It had become a world of consciousness .

Black clouds were approaching in the sky .

An old man was standing on the black clouds .

It was an old man, a very old man with a wrinkled face, hunchbacked, and holding a cane . He looked extremely ordinary . However, this ordinary-looking old man was shrouded in the endless black air .

“Gee, you are just a kid!”

“No wonder you had the nerve to send your Spiritual Sense into the Monster Realm…”

“You should be a top-class genius of humans . It’s interesting to control geniuses!”

A hoarse voice came . That old man surprisingly smiled .

Lu Fan was looking at him calmly .


“What is a monster?” Lu Fan asked .

That question stunned the old man .

“It’s like asking what is a human… How should I answer you that?”

“Monsters have Monstrous Qi . Humans cultivate Spirit Qi… Maybe that’s the only difference,” the old man said .

Lu Fan slightly nodded . “Got it . ”

The difference between Monstrous Qi and Spirit Qi?

“Much like humans can’t live in places with rich Monstrous Qi, monsters can’t live in places with rich Spirit Qi . Therefore, if monsters want to live, they will have to change the environment they live in…”

Lu Fan was still lost in his thoughts .

But the old man got a little impatient .

He did not come here to discuss with the kid about the great truth of humans and monsters .

He came here to control Lu Fan .


Around the old man, Monstrous Qi soared . Although it was only a competition of Spiritual Senses, it was a very dangerous one .

The old man pounded his cane on the ground, and he suddenly flew to Lu Fan .

The old man’s energy was very strong . So was his Spiritual Sense .

“What’s your name?” Lu Fan asked flatly in the face of this violent old man whose Monstrous Qi was soaring .

The second floor of White Jade City Pavilion was suddenly covered in Spirit Qi . Lu Fan’s figure sitting in the wheelchair looked very vague .

“Kid, you don’t deserve to know my name!” the old man said in a hoarse voice .

The next second, he threw his cane over at Lu Fan . This pound of the cane could destroy Lu Fan’s Spiritual Sense .

Lu Fan made a gesture with his hands . Then, under the wheelchair, a formation vaguely spread .

Lu Fan pulled the Phoenix Feather Sword out .

The sharp sword pierced through the air like a burning flame and collided with the old man’s cane .


An invisible storm of soul spread .

The old man’s cane was smashed into pieces .

Lu Fan was still very calm . He kept pulling the armrest of his wheelchair, and many silver blades flew out .

They transformed into a blooming lotus made of silver blades in the air . The lotus instantly surrounded the old man .

“Stay . Let me do some research,” Lu Fan said seriously and sincerely .

The old man was a little astonished and irritated . He had not expected Lu Fan’s Spiritual Sense to be so strong!

His look suddenly changed, and the human look was gone .

His upper body looked like a lion . And he growled like a lion when he opened his mouth .

He intended to smash Lu Fan’s Spiritual Sense into pieces .


The blooming lotus made of silver blades crashed into the lion monster . An invisible fluctuation was created .

The lotus made of silver blades spun and slowly bloomed in the air, seemingly containing some wonderful, mysterious formation in it .

The lion monster had a hunch that the situation was not favorable for him . He was going to take his Spiritual Sense back .

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Lu Fan’s strength was beyond his expectation . If he went on fighting against Lu Fan, his Spiritual Sense could be heavily harmed .

“I can’t believe there is such a human genius like you!”

“What a pity… No matter how talented you are, no matter how great your attainments are, you are just helping others without knowing it! The stronger you are, the more tragically you will die!”

The old lion monster burst out laughing coldly .

Lu Fan was shocked . It seemed the old lion monster thought he was a strong man from Tengen Continent .

He read something from what the old lion monster had said . There was a big scheme on Tengen Continent indeed .

Someone was scheming against all of the top-class strong men on Tengen Continent .

Was that the Lord of the Plane of Tengen Continent?

Lu Fan never knew where that Lord of the Plane was . Judging from the information he got, the Lord of the Plane must be planning something .

Lu Fan did not give it too much thought . Seeing the old lion monster leaving, Lu Fan sent the other two Phoenix Feather Swords out too .

And the Spirit Pressure Chessboard showed up before him .

He placed a chess piece on the chessboard .

The tremendous pressure was imposed on the old lion monster’s Spiritual Sense .

The old lion monster felt even more uneasy . Lu Fan’s strength was beyond his expectation .

Since when was there such a person on Tengen Continent?

The old lion monster’s Spiritual Sense was going to retreat .


He was too slow .

Lu Fan pulled his sleeve up and then placed three chess pieces in a row on the Spirit Pressure Chessboard .

The old lion monster felt all of the exits of the Spiritual Sense seemed to be blocked .

He was afraid he would not be able to leave when the youngster placed all of the chess pieces on the chessboard .

The old lion monster threw Lu Fan a profound look .

This human youngster was more dreadful than he had imagined .

He cut off this wisp of Spiritual Sense decisively .

The thick, dark clouds moved away, tumbling into the distance .

Lake Island, Beiluo .

Lu Fan opened his eyes . The sky he saw was very clear . None of the dark clouds he had seen was there .

In the distance, in the Book House on the lake, many cultivators were focusing on reading .

Lv Dongxuan was fishing while sitting cross-legged on the boat .

The battle that just occurred was a competition of Spiritual Senses, so the outside world was not affected at all .

Lu Fan looked back . The little Responsive Dragon, tied by three Spirit Rings, was fast asleep . Even though the Spirit Rings kept tightening up, the little Responsive Dragon just would not care .

It would not even mind even if it was strangled to death .

Lu Fan held the urge to whip the little Responsive Dragon to death .

Before him, a black bead was falling .

That was the soul crystal transformed from one wisp of the old lion monster’s Spiritual Sense that Lu Fan had cut off .

Lu Fan played with it for a while . Then he took out his Spirit Pressure Chessboard and put down the soul crystal . –

On the other side of the chessboard, the old man’s shadow emerged . He started to play chess with Lu Fan . The Young Master managed to learn things about monsters during the game .

A dreadful angry snarl came from the Heavenly Monster Pagoda .

All monsters in the Monster Realm knelt on the ground, shivering . Why was their Monster Lord angry again?

In the Heavenly Monster Pagoda .

A massive, cold chain secured the old lion monster inside the pagoda . With his head hung low, he seemed to be in a lot of pain .

Several cracks have appeared on his Monster Crystal .

It was because he cut off his own Spiritual Sense!

And that teenager had forced him to cut off his own Spiritual Sense .

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“Damn it! That human should die!”

The Monster Clan drew strength from their bodies, but in terms of Spiritual Sense, they were weaker than humans .

He suffered a terrible loss this time after confronting that teenager .

When he got out of the pagoda, he would eat all of the humans, and then he would tear that d*mn teenager apart!

Inside the Heavenly Monster Pagoda, angry snarls could be heard continuously .

They could even be heard beyond the Monster Realm .

As a result, cultivators from all big powers who were guarding the edge of the Monster Realm all turned pale .

They hurried to inform the powers they belonged to about the new development in the Monster Realm .

Wudi City .

Inside the hall .

Du Longyang, the Empress and the others, who were in the middle of discussing some important issues, instantly turned pale .

Du Longyang took out a small mirror from his waist and saw the message sent by those who were guarding the border of the Monster Realm .

“Something arose in the Monster Realm? That sealed Monster Lord acted?!”

Du Longyang’s face became serious as well .

Master Yuanshang and the Empress also got the news .

None of the three strong people had been so serious before .

“Has the Immortal detected anything?”

“The Monster King’s riot… Is it because he detected the Immortal’s action?”

Du Longyang and the other two exchanged a look . They all saw the pressure in one another’s eyes .

Monsters and the Immortal were their nemeses!

The actions of the monsters were significantly connected with the Immortal . So they had to pay attention to the new situation .

“Looks like we have to set in motion the Immortal Slaying Plan ahead of schedule…”

Forbidden area, South County .

The wall of air kept shaking .

Nie Changqing and Mo Tianyu walked out of the wall of air . However, to their surprise, there was no one outside of the forbidden area .

The two exchanged a look . They were both confused . Normally, those people should be very curious about the situation in the forbidden area, but no one was here expecting their return .

The two walked to the exit of the forbidden area .

Not until then did they see people . The South Manor Army was guarding the exit of the forbidden area .

It was Tang Yimo who sent them here .

The soldiers of the South Manor Army guarding the exit were at first stunned at the sight of Nie Changqing and Mo Tianyu . Then they were pleasantly surprised .

Nie Changqing came back from the forbidden area alive?!

Some strong existence had possessed Li Sansi from the Daoist Pavilion after going into the forbidden area . It was still unknown whether he was still alive or dead . This news had been spread far and wide these days .

The whole world was scared out of their wits by the horror of the forbidden area .

As strong as Li Sansi was, he almost died there .

Many people thought Nie Changqing and Mo Tianyu would probably have been dead, but to their surprise, the two had come back safe and sound .

Nie Changqing looked like he was full of injuries, but his injuries were not too bad .

Nie Changqing only got to know the current situation after chatting with the South Manor Army’s guards .

“The Young Master had established a Book House, where ten thousand books are kept? Cultivators across the world have free access to it for a month?”

It turned out to be one of Lu Fan’s big moves .

No wonder no one had been expecting their return at the border of the forbidden area .

Nie Changqing did not linger there . He still needed to go back to Wudi City . After all, Wudi City and Lu Fan could only communicate with each other through him at the moment .

And one of the reasons he came back was that Du Longyang’s Immortal Slaying Plan would probably not start very soon .

Nie Changqing and Mo Tianyu came to the Dragon Gate in South County and then returned to Lake Island through the Dragon Gate .

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They were astonished by the densely packed cultivators before their eyes as soon as they walked out of the Dragon Gate .

Nie Changqing saw many people he knew well .

The Overlord, Jiang Li, Tang Yimo, and the others were all reading quietly .

The Overlord seemed to have sensed powerful energy . He looked up and saw Nie Changqing .

His pupils involuntarily shrank, because he found Nie Changqing’s energy was stronger .

He came back from the forbidden area!

Not only the Overlord but also the others had realized that Nie Changqing had become stronger .

Many people put their books down . They surrounded Nie Changqing instantly .

Nie Changqing greeted them and chatted with them for a while . He told them about the situation in the forbidden area . When everyone’s curiosity had been satisfied, he turned around to get onto the island . He was going to see Lu Fan, but unfortunately, White Jade City Pavilion was shrouded in thick fog, because Lu Fan was in seclusion .

Nie Changqing knew the Young Master might be preparing for the Immortal Slaying Plan .

Therefore, Nie Changqing did not disturb him . He left Lake Island and went to West Mountain of Beiluo .

In the Trial Pagoda .

Nie Changqing saw many people . Not everyone had gone to the Book House .

Ning Zhao, Jing Yue, and some others were still cultivating in the Trial Pagoda .

Nie Changqing found a cushion and sat down cross-legged . He went into the Trial Pagoda to look for his weaknesses .

A game had been over .

Lu Fan leaned on the back of the Thousand Blades Chair . He had developed a clear idea about what a monster was .

“Monsters have Monster Crystals . Small monsters or demonic beasts, they all have Monster Crystals . They strengthen their Monster Crystals by refining Monstrous Qi…”

“The Monster Clan’s cultivation system seems different, but it’s actually not very different . ”

Lu Fan touched his chin .

He entered the Dao Impartment Platform .

He started to build a Monster Crystal . He was building a Monster Crystal by deploying a formation .

Although Lu Fan tried ten-odd times, he failed every time .

Lu Fan started to ponder . He had been building a Monster Crystal after the old lion monster’s template, but he had been making mistakes again and again .

Maybe that was the problem .

The “monster” he was going to create did not have to be the same as the old lion monster .

Therefore, Lu Fan gave up the old lion monster’s template after attempting another ten-odd time .


In the Dao Impartment Platform full of trigrams, a clear tetrahedral crystal was floating .

There was a very faint Monstrous Qi attached to the tetrahedral crystal .

That was the first Monster Crystal Lu Fan had created .

Lu Fan shifted his consciousness .

The next second, a drop of Magic Demon Blood floated in Lu Fan’s hand .

Lu Fan dripped the Magic Demon Blood on the tetrahedral crystal .

Then the tetrahedral crystal started to transform . It turned into a hexahedral crystal, an octahedral crystal, and then a dodecahedral crystal…

A tetrahedral crystal could be compared to Qi Core Realm . The transformation of Monster Crystal meant the improvement of a monster’s strength .

When the Magic Demon Blood had been dripped on the Monster Crystal .

Soon .

Flesh started to grow on the Monster Crystal . In the end, it turned into a complete human body .

It was a man sitting cross-legged on the platform .

His face was the same as Lu Fan’s face .

Looking at the man, Lu Fan smiled .

Demon Lord, the first demon in the world, was him .

Monster Lord, the first monster in the world, was also him .

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