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Chapter 25

The bright moon drifted high in the night sky, and absolute quietness hung over the manor .

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 The post-rain air, soothing and pleasant, could comfort the deepest aches of one’s heart .

 Through the carved wooden window, Lu Fan could be seen sitting on the bed inside the room . The canopy of the bed was down, obscuring his form .

 His eyes were sparkling with excitement .

 Lu Fan pulled up the Stats System Page .

 Having successfully saved Nie Changqing, he completed Side Quest 3 with a Quest Rating of A, which earned him 5 Available Points .

 With the five Available Points, Lu Fan could now enter Refined Qi Level 2 .

 Lu Fan had been anticipating this rise in level, and his expectations were rather high .

 At Refined Qi Level 1, the more wisps of Spirit Qi Lu Fan had used, the fewer he had left . He couldn’t renew it . The only way to get more Spirit Qi was to exchange his Soul Strength for it .

 His Qi Core was unable to revive Spirit Qi .

 Take Ning Zhao as an example; although she was only at Second Stage Qi Core Realm, she could use her Qi Core to revive the Spirit Qi that she used in battle . This was quite different from Lu Fan’s situation .

 “System, please add 4 . 5 Available Points to Soul Strength, and add the remaining half a point to Physique Strength,” Lu Fan instructed silently .

 1Soon, the numbers on the Stats Page had changed .

 His Soul Strength was 6 points now .

 His Physique Strength wasn’t that pathetic anymore . Now it had one point, which meant that he was finally as strong as a regular person .

 “Please turn four points into Spirit Qi,” Lu Fan said .

 Instantly, an unseen wind stirred through the room .

 Paintings hanging on the wall started to shake . Brushes on the brush rack also jumped back and forth .

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 Wisps of light blue swirled around Lu Fan .

 [Great oaks grow from little acorns . Congratulations on entering Refined Qi Level 2 . Your stock of Spirit Qi is now 100 wisps . Reward Earned: Spirit Pressure Chessboard and 10 Random Spirit Weed seeds . ’

 3[The Host has entered Refined Qi Level 2, earning self-revival ability (Spirit Qi, Soul Strength, and Physique Strength) . ]

 1System messages popped up in a continuous stream .

 Lu Fan’s eyes grew brighter and brighter .

 The System Page in front of his eyes also changed .

 [Host: Lu Fan]

 [Title: Qi Refiner]

 4[Refined Qi Level: 2 (progress towards Refined Qi Level 3: 100/1000 wisps)]

 5[Soul Strength: 13 (exchangeable: 2)]

 [Physique Strength: 1 (exchangeable: 1)]

 [Spirit Qi: 90 wisps]

 [Transformation Reward: Fantasy Creation Qi Refining Manual]

 [World Ranking: Wuhuang Continent (Low-Level Martial World)]

 [Access: (Quest) (Dao Impartment Platform) (Spirit Qi Deployment)]

 [Sub-access: (All Method Furnace [LV1])]

 This was the first time he had leveled up .

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 In general, not much had changed . But the change that Lu Fan did notice proved his previous assumption .

 As expected, once he entered Refined Qi Level 2, he had earned the revival ability, which would allow him to revive Spirit Qi, Soul Strength, and Physique Strength .

 1Yet this revival ability of Spirit Qi seemed to be a little weak . After all, he was still at a lower Refined Qi Level . As to how exactly weak his ability was, he hadn’t tried it out yet .

 2No matter how slow the process of revival was, however, Lu Fan would still accept it .

 1After all, with this ability, he no longer had to worry about using up his Spirit Qi and losing control over it .

 Of course, Lu Fan’s Soul Strength had revived immediately, but he was still a little disappointed after he checked on the results .

 Although he could revive it, the points of Soul Strength that he had already exchanged for Spirit Qi couldn’t be reused . Lu Fan thought that was a shame .

 3Lu Fan opened his eyes .

 The flows of Spirit Qi around him gradually settled .

 At that moment, his consciousness was incredibly bright . He felt like a new person whose soul had been completely purified .

 He hadn’t quite experienced the sort of purge of meridians that fantasy novels often described . After that kind of process, the character in the novels often would be covered with some stinky dark stuff .

 Still, Lu Fan did feel a sense of transformation .

 This time, his Soul Strength wasn’t the only thing that had improved; his Physique Strength had also grown .

 Lu Fan still wouldn’t stand a chance in a hand-to-hand fight with a Grandmaster like Ning Zhao . Maybe not even with a Second Tier practitioner like Yi Yue .

 But, he had a chance if he faced someone like Ni Yu, right?

 8Well, it would at least be a head-to-head match .

 Earning self-revival ability wasn’t all he’d received .

 The level-up reward that surprised and thrilled Lu Fan the most was the Spirit Pressure Chessboard .

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 Curious, Lu Fan focused his consciousness .

 Reality shook around him with a sonic boom as loud as thunder . The next thing he knew, an incredibly profound power started stirring up in front of him .

 A void was torn open in Lu Fan’s room, hanging in mid-air . A simple antique chessboard flew out of the opening and drifted over to float before him .

 The opening of the void resealed, knitting reality back together . The chessboard stopped glowing and fell onto his bed . It became a plain, primitive-looking chessboard . Nothing special .

 In addition to the chessboard, two boxes of chess pieces had appeared on his bed . One box had black pieces, and the other had white ones .

 [Spirit Pressure Chessboard: Heaven Level Low-Grade Spirit Tool (able to level up) . Every chess piece played costs one point of Soul Strength . Black pieces release targeted Spirit Pressure on enemies, adding five times the Spirit Pressure; white pieces can revive half of the target’s original Spirit Qi . ]

 3The system’s explanation of the Spirit Pressure Chessboard left Lu Fan speechless for quite some time .

 Lu Fan was no stranger to Spirit Pressure .

 The Spirit Pressure he released using 50 wisps of Spirit Qi pinned Han Lianxiao, a Fifth Resonance Grandmaster, to the ground . It had rendered the man almost unable to move .

 If fives times that much pressure had been used, Han Lianxiao would have crushed . Even if he didn’t die right away, he would have suffered so much that he would have doubted the importance of surviving .

 Plus, Lu Fan now had 100 wisps of Spirit Qi to use with his multiplier ability . He was confident that Han Lianxiao wouldn’t have lasted for longer than a second under that much force .

 “Spirit Tool, a precious item that can be used to transfer Spirit Qi…” Lu Fan murmured as he gently stroked the chessboard .

 Originally, Lu Fan hadn’t been very confident about using Spirit Pressure .

 But with the Spirit Pressure Chessboard, his ability would become more powerful and unpredictable .

 Lu Fan glanced at the wheelchair next to his bed . He thought it over and decided to have the mechanic make some changes the next day . He wanted a hidden slot inside each of the armrests to store his boxes of chess pieces .

 As to the chessboard, Ni Yu could simply carry it for him .

 From then on, the chessboard would be Lu Fan’s weapon .

 7It was no doubt a unique and outstanding weapon, and it fit perfectly with his gentle and well-educated manner .

 In addition to the Spirit Pressure Chessboard, he had been rewarded ten “Random Spirit Weed seeds,” which, as the name suggested, meant weeds that could produce Spirit Qi .

 5He figured that the process would probably be similar to the way most plants produced oxygen using photosynthesis .

 Lu Fan found it very intriguing .

 Even though he could increase the Spirit Qi intensity in an area through Spirit Qi Deployment, the Spirit Qi created this way tended to be too dull and lacked smoothness .

 3Yet with the gentle and smooth Spirit Qi produced by the spirit weed to balance it out, the Spirit Qi would be more suitable for cultivation .

 1In a word, the existence of these seeds was of epochal significance .

 Lu Fan took a look at the seed on his palm, which was still wrapped in its husk . It was a dark brown seed that the system had called Heaven Facing Spiritual Chrysanthemum .

 2Lu Fa raised one corner of his mouth slightly and put the seed of Heaven Facing Spiritual Chrysanthemum away .

 1He was more than happy .

 The moonlight was bright and smooth like water, sifting through the carved wooden window and shining down on Lu Fan . He yawned and stretched .

 The day after .

 Lu Fan woke up, and the noise he made signaled Ning Zhao and the others who were waiting outside . They pushed the door open at Lu Fan’s approval and entered the room .

 Yi Yue was carrying a plate holding light porridge and side dishes .

 Ni Yu, with her sleeves rolled up, was carrying a basin full of boiled water . Her little face was flushed red from the steam .

 Ning Zhao strode up to him and started helping Lu Fan get dressed and freshen up with her smooth and delicate hands .

 Lu Fan squinted his eyes . A beautiful day started with a luxurious morning .

 “Young Master, this morning, the Master headed out to take the captured Grandmasters to the capital city . He told me to bring you this copy of the Transfusion Technique manual,” Ning Zhao said . She then took out a piece of white silk .

 The piece of silk was filled with delicate, beautiful handwriting .

 Lu Changkong was a tall and robust Grandmaster, a powerful warrior in his own right, but his handwriting was as delicate and graceful as some young lady’s . Definitely unexpected .

 1Lu Fan took a bite of the light porridge and raised his eyebrows .

 He took the piece of white silk from Ning Zhao .


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