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Chapter 247: 247
Chapter 247 Book House on Beiluo Lake Outside of Wudi City . There was another fight going on .

Nie Changqing ran around at full speed . The Dragon Slaying Knife in his hand released endless energy . The golden gleam of the knife swept the knife spirit along and almost melted the snow on the ground .

Nie Changqing felt tremendous pressure as if he was slacklining and might fall into the dark abyss if he was careless for a split second .

The disciple of Wudi City in front of him was in the sixth level of the Golden Elixir Realm, possessing extraordinary power .

He had the upper hand over Nie Changqing in speed, strength, and stamina .

The only things Nie Changqing could rely on were the knife spirit and the unbeatable Qi and blood he gained when unlocking the Heavenly Lock .

This sixth-level Golden Elixir disciple’s name was Ye Qianxun . He watched Nie Changqing with intense interest . The Spirit Qi and explosive power of a sixth-level Golden Elixir cultivator were over six times more than those of an ordinary first-level one .

Nie Changqing seemed like a child brandishing a weapon in front of a fully grown adult .

Although he could cause some damage, he wasn’t overly threatening .

“Is this knife called the Dragon Slaying Knife?

“What a wonderful weapon,” Ye Qianxun said .

The two fought outside of the city, snow swirling in the air due to the impact .

The force of the knives deeply gashed several dead trees .

Nie Changqing was an experienced fighter . He achieved the current level through numerous matches and battles .

He knew that he would certainly lose if this fight dragged on any longer .

After all, a sixth-level Golden Elixir cultivator had a much higher Spirit Qi capacity .

Nie Changqing concentrated his mind .

Four magic talismans fell into his hand . He used his Spiritual Sense to activate the magic talismans .

Xie Yunling of the Daoist Pavilion conducted extensive research and compressed the Daoist method into the magic talismans . He gave these valuable tools to Nie Changqing .

It had tremendous power when combined with elemental Spirit Qi .

Nie Changqing used one magic talisman when he was running . However, he still had four left .


The four magic talismans were activated .

He applied the Daoist method naturally and smoothly .

There were flaming red, earthy brown, shiny gold, and wooden green…

Four elemental colors exploded around Nie Changqing’s body and transfigured into four elemental beasts .

Nie Changqing lunged forward and pressed in on Ye Qianxun .

Ye Qianxun’s face turned grave .

Nevertheless, Nie Changqing reached him first .

He took out a small metal bead from his inside pocket .

Nie Changqing tossed the metal bead up . The bead blossomed into a gorgeous pear flower, dazzling and drifting in the air .

“What is this?!”

Ye Qianxun was astonished .

He vaguely sensed a hint of menace on the pear flower .

“Magic tool?!”

“Why do you have so many magic tools!”

Ye Qianxun took in a deep breath .

He emitted a ray of golden light as the golden elixir floated around him . The Spirit Qi spun and formed an indistinct shield and revolved around his body .

Nie Changqing remained cold and emotionless .

“This is…Pear Blossom in the Storm, the best hidden weapon!”

Nie Changqing threw a solid punch before his voice faded off . The Qi and blood made a deafening sound .

The punch hit the Spirit Qi shield . Nie Changqing’s fist was bloody and bruised at once, but the rapidly spinning shield of Spirit Qi also stopped moving!

A series of waves rolled in the air .

Heat eaves shimmied off the field and completely melted the snow on the ground .

The delicate pear flower spun at full tilt and threw out countless thin silver needles like a torrential downpour . The needles were all scorched red by the flames .

Ye Qianxun stamped his feet so hard that he dented the ground . He wanted to retreat, but it was too late .

The Pear Blossom in the Storm covered the entire area, leaving no corner out .

In fact, the needles even surrounded Nie Changqing .


The sound of the needles piercing the skin could be heard .

There were also howls of the beats that were transformed from the magic talismans .

When the snow melted only silver needles were left on the ground .

Ye Qianxun’s back was dotted with needles . Every one of them pierced his skin .

Nevertheless, he didn’t die .

He stood up and used the Spirit Qi to blast the silver needles away .

“Pear Blossom in the Storm…”

“What a magic tool made with unmatched workmanship,” Ye Qianxun exclaimed .

He looked at the direction where Nie Changqing disappeared and said, “Hurting yourself to injure me . How ruthless . ”

What on earth was behind the Void Gate?

Ye Qianxun was more and more intrigued .

Instead of chasing Nie Changqing, he turned back and walked to the direction of Wudi City . He felt a vibration coming from Wudi City when he was fighting Nie Changqing . It was so strong that he could sense it clearly from so far away .

Something terrible probably happened .

Behind a dead tree .

Nie Changqing leaned against the tree, his eyelashes fluttering . Everything was quiet around him . He could only hear the sound of snow falling on the ground .

His hand and back were bruised and still bleeding . His breathing became faint .

“Master Gongshu dares to challenge the Young Master, as befits his reputation… This Pear Blossom in the Storm is truly potent . ”

“But the penetrating ability could be improved . I need to tell Master Gongshu when I’m back . ”

Nie Changqing quietly coughed up some blood .

He laughed in a low voice . At least he survived .

The sixth-level Golden Elixir cultivator was very powerful .

A Golden Elixir cultivator could try to move up to the Nascent Soul Realm when he reached the fifth level . Meanwhile, a sixth-level Golden Elixir fighter would have already pushed the limits and shook off the shackles .

The snow was cold, yet Nie Changqing’s heart felt warm .

He held the Dragon Slaying Knife and slowly propped himself up .

All of a sudden .

Nie Changqing jolted as an icy knot began to form in the pit of his stomach .

In the distance .

In the flurrying snow .

A man walked slowly while the falling snow twisted around his body .

The terrifying energy and pressure made Nie Changqing unable to move a finger!

Nie Changqing could only hear his own breathing .

“Amituofo . ”

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Nie Changqing heard a chanting sound .

Nie Changqing finally saw the man clearly . It was a bald, bare-footed monk in tattered clothes . Each of the Buddhist beads around his neck was the size of a fist .

“I’m Yuanshang from Kufo Temple… Nice to meet you . ”

The Buddhist monk held one hand in front of him and bowed lightly at Nie Changqing .


The monk was extremely powerful!

Sweat dripped down Nie Changqing’s forehead .

He was speechless from the pressure this Buddhist monk made him feel .

He was even mightier than the Nascent Soul cultivator Nie Changqing met before!

Nie Changqing bellowed, hoping to break away from the restraint . He didn’t want to die yet . He didn’t want to die here .

He needed to make it back alive!

Nie Changqing was unresigned . He had tempered the first four bones . Now he successfully broke the second-section Heavenly Lock and let out a deep roar while stretching his dragonlike spine .

The restraint brought by the Buddhist monk vanished in an instant .

Nie Changqing moved up to the second level of the Heavenly Lock Realm at the critical moment .

The ground underneath his feet blew up and thrust him backward . He held the Dragon Slaying Knife in his hand and struck at the monk forcefully with a beam of golden light .

“Amituofo, you’re a man with a perverse nature…” the Buddhist monk said .

He flicked his fingers gently .

The force of Nie Changqing’s knife shattered instantaneously, making an exploding sound .

The Buddhist monk stepped forward and appeared behind Nie Changqing .

“You’re in the Nascent Soul Realm . Do you have the nerve to kill me?”

“Young Master said that he will kill you all if you dare to join the fight!”

Nie Changqing clenched his teeth .

“Don’t doubt the Young Master . He will keep his words!”

“Amituofo,” said the monk .

“I never wanted to hurt you . I’m only asking you to take a trip with me . ”

Then, before Nie Changqing could answer…

The ascetic monk carried Nie Changqing’s body and sprang upward . He strode in the middle of the air as though he was riding the wind .

Beiluo Lake Island .

Lu Fan slowly opened his eyes .

Calm and expressionless, he sat in the wheelchair . His fingers gently tapped the armrest of the chair .

“Slay the Immortals?”

“As I expected, the best cultivators in the world are not stupid . They’re bold and resolute enough to devise a plan to slay the Immortals . ”

Lu Fan smiled .

His eyes sparkled . The mist that enshrouded Beiluo Lake Island dissipated .

He stared vacantly at the shimmering surface of the lake .

Would the fighters in the Wuhuang Continent also choose to slay the Immortals one day?

Would they come after him?

Lu Fan ruminated .

Lu Fan smiled after a while .

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“I have been earnestly devoting myself to the prosperity and success of this continent . ”

All of a sudden .

Lu Fan found out that his Spirit Qi reserves increased a great deal .

He was confused for a moment and then suddenly thought of something .

“It’s very true that pressure can motivate people to move forward . Did Old Nie…just have a breakthrough?”

Lu Fan was immersed in thought .

He recovered from the daze and raised his hand . Numerous lines bounced in his eyes as he triggered off his consciousness .

He could see the lines formed a building on the Spirit Pressure Chessboard placed in front of him .

Lu Fan stretched out his hand, pinched the building, and flung it to the direction of Beiluo Lake .

A building subsequently popped up on Beiluo Lake, enveloped in a misty haze . It wasn’t a lavish pavilion, yet it made people feel calm and peaceful .

The building stored tens of thousands of books that Lu Fan edited and restored using the All Method Furnace .

After reading everything in the Scriptures Depository of Wudi City, Lu Fan thought this could be a tremendous help for the Wuhuang Continent .

Although he provided two ways of cultivation—Golden Elixir and Heavenly Lock…

Lu Fan believed that the Heavenly Lock was a more difficult path that he couldn’t force everyone to follow . Therefore, Lu Fan hoped these books in the Scriptures Depository could help many cultivators who couldn’t go through the Heavenly Lock Realm advance through the Golden Elixir Realm .

Above Beiluo Lake .

A bamboo raft quietly floated on the water . Lv Dongxuan lit the stove and grilled the fish . The little Responsive Dragon was drooling and watching from the other side of the bamboo raft .

Lv Dongxuan kept a weather eye on the little Responsive Dragon, in case it stole the fish .

All of a sudden .

Lv Dongxuan heard Lu Fan’s voice in his head .

“Come to the island . ”

Lu Fan’s voice startled Lv Dongxuan . He turned around and looked at the direction of Beiluo Lake Island . “Did the Young Master come out of seclusion?”

Then, Lv Dongxuan seemed to remember something . He turned his head and saw the little Responsive Dragon flying away with the grilled fish in its mouth .

“It stole my fish again!”

Lv Dongxuan was irritated . But there was nothing he could do .

He had no choice but to pole the raft toward Beiluo Lake Island .

The bamboo raft pulled in to shore .

Lv Dongxuan straightened out his clothes and walked toward White Jade City Pavilion with long strides .

He gestured at Lu Fan who was leaning on the railings on the second floor of White Jade City Pavilion .

“Young Master . ”

Lu Fan held the bronze wine cup and nodded slightly .

“Do you see the building there?”

Lu Fan raised his hand and pointed somewhere on Beiluo Lake . A pavilion, shrouded in mist, came into sight .

Lv Dongxuan was shocked . Why would there be a pavillion on Beiluo Lake?

He never noticed it before . Did the Young Master just build it?

“It is called the Book House . You take a walk inside and see if you can learn something there,” Lu Fan said .

Lv Dongxuan was puzzled . The Book House?

Was it a place for books?

There was a place to store books on Beiluo Lake now?

Despite the bewilderment, Lv Dongxuan bowed at Lu Fan and rowed the bamboo raft toward the Book House .

He pushed the door of the Book House open . Lv Dongxuan was dazzled the moment he stepped foot inside .

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The candles burned and flickered quietly in the Book House and lit up the dim room .

Lv Dongxuan inhaled a deep breath . The number of books here was mind-blowing . He picked one book casually .

“Roaring Tiger Technique, a technique of sound wave in Earth Level Low Grade . Cultivators who master the technique can roar like a tiger and disrupt the enemies’ minds . ”

Lv Dongxuan’s hand trembled . Was this…a cultivation technique?

He put the book back and pulled out another one . Lv Dongxuan read it closely and realized that it was another cultivation technique that he had never heard before .

Lv Dongxuan shook his head in silent wonderment .

He kept reading the books as if he just discovered a brand new world .

He even found several cultivation methods!

There were only a few cultivation methods that were circulating in the world .

However, there were so many different kinds of cultivation methods right here in this Book House… Lv Dongxuan held the book as if it was a hot potato . Young Master was ready to do something big!

Lv Dongxuan quickly walked out of the Book House and rowed back to Beiluo Lake Island .

“Young Master…”

Lv Dongxuan bowed .

“Have you looked at it?” Lu Fan asked with a smile .

“What do you think?” Lu Fan asked after taking a sip of the green plum wine .

“I think these books can have a profound influence on the cultivators if they’re circulated in the world . They can organize the cultivators, set a common goal, and help everyone develop rapidly…” Lv Dongxuan said .

His comment was to the point . It was fitting to say the cultivators were currently in a state of disunity .

Besides White Jade City, the cultivator armies of different power groups had been throwing their weight around nowadays .

It was not even close to realizing the Contention of the Hundred Schools of Thought of cultivators .

Lu Fan smiled, sitting in the wheelchair .

He nodded slightly .

He completely agreed with Lv Dongxuan’s opinion .

“Go . Go to West Mountain of Beiluo and summon all of those cultivators who camp at the foot of the mountain back here . They have been staying there for a long time without actually learning anything… The Book House will be open to all cultivators in the following month . It will close after a month . By that time, only accomplished people can enter the Book House,” Lu Fan said .

Lv Dongxuan was surprised .

Open for a month?

“Yes . ”

Lv Dongxuan nodded . He was certain that Lu Fan’s decision would be extremely influential in the world of cultivators .

“Young Master, what kind of accomplishment do they have to achieve to enter the Book House after a month?” Lv Dongxuan asked out of curiosity .

“I will tell you when the time comes…”

Lu Fan waved his hand dismissively .

Lv Dongxuan stopped asking . He bowed and went back to the bamboo raft annd then rowed away from Beiluo Lake Island .

Lu Fan stared at Lv Dongxuan’s receding figure .

He gently shook the bronze wine cup in his hand .

All of a sudden .

Lines started to bounce in his eyes again . Lu Fan squinted .


“They captured Old Nie… What do these people want?”

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