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Chapter 246
Chapter 246 Slaying the “Immortal”! Wudi City had completely become the center of the powerful energy swirl . In the city, a rustling sound kept coming . One by one, a figure showed up .

Some of them moved so fast across the sky that their clothes billowed out in the wind .

The blind old man was floating in the air with extremely powerful energy that was surrounding him . As if transformed by bolts of thunder, the energy even made the air whine .

Feng Yilou, possessed by one wisp of Lu Fan’s Spiritual Sense, stood on the roof of the Scriptures Depository .

While looking at the blind old man whose energy had greatly changed, he could not help but raise his eyebrow .

He had come to the Scriptures Depository of Wudi City to borrow books to read, without the intention of causing any trouble . However, to his surprise, he seemed to disclose a big secret of this world by accident . Even a top-class powerful cultivator showed up because of that .

The soul of a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator was destroyed, and his body was possessed in an instant . That was something even Lu Fan could not achieve .

And he did not believe the man who had possessed the blind old man’s body could have achieved that .

“That person should have planted the mark of a wisp of Spiritual Sense in the blind old servant’s soul a long time ago to enslave him . That’s why he could have destroyed the old man’s soul and possessed his body so easily . ”

“No wonder it didn’t feel so right when I met the blind old servant for the first time . ”

Feng Yilou, possessed by Lu Fan, was standing on the roof of the Scriptures Depository . His purple robe was fluttering in the wind .

On the other side .

Du Longyang’s dreadful energy suddenly broke out . He landed on the roof with a loud noise .

Du Longyang, holding his black spear, looked like a small burning sun . His energy was extremely overwhelming .

He was a practitioner of Martial Sovereign Scripture, extremely masculine, and powerful .

Du Longyang looked at the blind old servant and squinted at him . A shrewd light flashed in his eyes .

“Blind man?” Du Longyang asked tentatively .

However, he did not get any reply . With his hands behind his back, the blind old servant merely stared at Du Longyang and did not respond .

In the eyes of the person who had possessed the blind old servant’s body, Du Longyang, the number one spear user in the world, seemed to be nobody .

In the distance .

The Nascent Soul cultivators in Wudi City all showed up, floating in the air near the roof of the Scriptures Depository .

One by one, they started to make hand gestures . The great formation of Wudi City was activated .

Bang! It sounded as if some terrifying existence was waking up .

Then the entire city shook .

Various energies flowed out of all disciples of Wudi City and assembled into a golden-armored God of War that stood over the formation .

With its eyes glowing brightly, the golden-armored God of War roared in a piercing manner .

Lu Fan threw them a glance . Somehow, he was now interested .

“The combined materialization of Formation Cultivation?”

Wudi City was indeed a top-class power with a history of thousands of years .

The blind old man finally responded to the appearance of the golden-armored God of War . He threw the golden-armored God of War a weird and puzzling look .

Holding his spear with one hand, Du Longyang glanced over at the Nascent Soul cultivators and other disciples of Wudi City around him .

“Stay where you are!”

Then Du Longyang shifted his bright eyes to the blind old man . His look was very oppressive .

“Senior, are you an Immortal?!” Du Longyang asked without opening his mouth while staring at the blind old man .

In the distance .

Lu Fan, controlling Feng Yilou’s body, threw Du Longyang a compassionate look .

The whole world was kept in the dark .

They were like farmed pigs . They put so much effort to improve themselves and become stronger so that they could go through calamities successfully and leave the pig farm, known as Tengen Continent, for the so-called Immortal Realm one day .

However, just like stall-fed pigs that left the pig farm…

Tragedy was waiting for them .


The blind old man finally turned to Du Longyang . He gave the latter a small nod .

His robe was fluttering . He did have the mysterious look of an Immortal .

Feng Yilou, whose body was being controlled by Lu Fan, burst out laughing . He just could not help it .

He felt he saw himself in this man when he was winding others up .


The blind old man suddenly vanished . He showed up next to Lu Fan as if he had teleported himself there, but in fact, it was only an illusion caused by his fast movement .

Lu Fan, controlling Feng Yilou’s body, also disappeared all of a sudden with a thunderlike noise under his feet .

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The two kept colliding with each other in the air, a powerful energy fluctuation spreading unnoticeably .

To everyone’s surprise, they were neck and neck . It was a tie .

Du Longyang’s eyes narrowed . These two men were too fast . He could barely follow them .

“Who are you?”

Du Longyang looked at Feng Yilou . By then he had realized Feng Yilou was not really Feng Yilou .

He certainly knew how strong a junior cultivator like Feng Yilou was .

All of a sudden…

Something seemed to occur to Du Longyang .

His look suddenly became extremely intense .

“It’s you?!”

“The thief of my Heavenly Calamity!” Du Longyang roared madly .

He raised the black spear in his hand .

A wisp of Qi flowed out of his cinnabar field . It flowed through his eight extra meridians and into his black spear .

That terrifying spear even contained the extremely powerful energy of the Natural Law .

Controlling Feng Yilou’s body, Lu Fan broke into a smile .


Du Longyang acted .

He stamped on the ground .

Countless tiles and bricks on the roof of the Scriptures Depository were blown up and sent flying in the air .

That energy was so dreadful and oppressive that even the air seemed to be screaming because of the unbearable burden .

A black light was spreading around the spear . Its movement was making loud noises in the air .

The all-out attack from Du Longyang, the number one spear user in the world, was by no means a trivial one .

In Wudi City, the golden-armored God of War that could activate the formation also acted .

Brilliant golden lights burst forth .

The golden-armored God of War unsheathed the long knife at his waist . It was a long knife formed by energy . He threw it over hard toward Feng Yilou, who was under the control of Lu Fan .

Lu Fan discarded Feng Yilou’s body immediately .

Lu Fan’s Spiritual Sense emerged over Feng Yilou’s head . He was sitting in the Thousand Blades Chair with his white clothes blowing in the wind .

A drop of Spirit Fluid exploded into thousands of liquid blades .

Even Lu Fan could not be too careful when dealing with the attack launched not only by Du Longyang but also by the golden-armored God of War .

In Wudi City .

Donning a Confucian robe, Mo Tianyu held three copper coins in his hand and was about to tell a fortune for a customer .

He looked up in shock and saw Lu Fan’s shadow that had emerged over Wudi City .

“My gosh… Young Master Lu from Beiluo! He is everywhere…”

Mo Tianyu took a deep breath .

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Besides, Young Master Lu seemed to have created a massive disturbance .

Who had offended the narrow-minded Young Master Lu…

That the Young Master seemed to be planning on destroying the entire Wudi City?

The powerful energy—which contained the will and energy of the Origin, that is, the Natural Law—seemed to pierce through the heaven and earth .

Lu Fan’s shadow squinted . He lifted his hand . A drop of Spirit Fluid splashed and transformed into thousands of blades . The blades then moved quickly and made a sword formation .

The formation was circling before him like a fully bloomed silver lotus .


However, Lu Fan, who had been ready to confront the horrifying attack, suddenly showed a weird look .


Du Longyang went all out . He threw over the Chaotic Qi Spear, totally irritated by Lu Fan for stealing his Heavenly Calamity, but surprisingly, the spear went toward the blind old man .

Lu Fan was not the only one who was shocked…

In Wudi City, the numerous Nascent Soul cultivators who were controlling the golden-armored God of War were also stunned .

What was Du Longyang doing?

It seemed the blind old man had not expected this, either .

He fought back in haste .


A dreadful energy fluctuation spread . Suddenly, a massive explosion shattered the roof of the Scriptures Depository into pieces, and then the entire building collapsed to the ground .


“That’s exactly who I’m going to kill!”

Du Longyang’s cold voice sounded in the air .

“It’s a shame that your true body isn’t here . Otherwise, Du Longyang will slay the Immortal today!”

Standing on the roof, Du Longyang raised his black spear and pointed at the blind old man . Du Longyang’s spear left a giant hole in the latter’s body .


The blind old man finally spoke .

His voice was very aloof . It sounded a little cold and puzzled .

“Becoming an immortal is nothing but a lie! That was the warning the first Martial Sovereign of Wudi City left… Do you really think you can cheat the whole world and twist people around your finger since your stooge sealed that book?”

Du Longyang’s clothes were fluttering . His black hair was blowing in the wind . He seemed unhappy with the current situation and resolute to change the destiny of this world .

In the distance .

Lu Fan came to himself too . He seemed to be pondering what Du Longyang’s had said .

The strong people on Tengen Continent were certainly not stupid . They might have detected that something was amiss too .

Had they been scheming against the so-called Immortal?

Scheming and counterscheming .

A bunch of cunning men .

Lu Fan smiled .

Blinking, he recalled that time he had possessed Young Master Tianxu’s body and watched as Du Longyang went through a Thunder Calamity . He supposed the top-class powerful cultivators on Tengen Continent had been planning to deal with the Immortal from then on .

Otherwise, why would Young Master Tianxu—a strong practitioner of a feminine, gentle method, who was afraid of powerful masculine methods—have gone to the outskirts of Wudi City just to watch his enemy go through a Thunder Calamity despite his uneasiness?

Wasn’t he afraid Du Longyang would pierce his spear into his body after a successful breakthrough?

Lu Fan smiled . The one-armed knifeman, Young Master Tianxu, the Empress, and that ascetic monk…

He supposed they had made a plan with Du Longyang .

When Du Longyang was going through calamities to ascend to the heaven…

They would attack the Immortal .

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They had aimed to disclose the lie of the Immortal Realm .

They even had aimed to slay the Immortal .

What a pity…

Lu Fan sighed with pity . He had possessed Young Master Tianxu’s body and sabotaged those top-class cultivators’ plan without knowing it .

Lu Fan felt quite sorry for them .

That had been a pure accident . He had simply come to look on, aiming to learn something from the Thunder Calamity .

Standing on the roof .

Du Longyang roared as he raised his spear, “Elders of Wudi City, listen to my order . Control the Formation of Golden Star and Lunar Armor to kill him!”

The look on the blind old man’s face was very cold .

“The mortal intends to fight the Immortal . Even death cannot atone for the offense . ”

The blind old man opened his mouth after speaking . He spit a sword energy out to everyone’s surprise .

Charged with the energy of the Origin and lying across the air over Wudi City, that sword energy was extremely powerful .


The golden-armored God of War threw the blade over to collide with the sword energy .

However, the blade was shattered into pieces instantly by the sword energy .

The formation collapsed .

The disciples of Wudi City all coughed up blood . They were as pale as a ghost .

The elders in Nascent Soul Realm also fell on the ground, spitting up blood .

Du Longyang roared in anger .

He exerted Martial Sovereign Scripture and threw the Chaotic Qi Spear over . His spear met the sword energy . However, it was pressed against the roof by the sword energy .

If this sword struck down, Wudi City could be cut in half!

Du Longyang looked at Lu Fan’s shadow when he had no idea what to do next .

“Mister, please help Wudi City . I’ll forget about you stealing my Thunder Calamity!” Du Longyang said .

“I didn’t steal any Thunder Calamity at all . Don’t accuse me of something I didn’t do . That Thunder Calamity changed its course to attack me instead,” Lu Fan’s shadow seriously replied while sitting in the Thousand Blades Chair .

Du Longyang was so speechless that he almost spit up blood .

“Well, forget about it . If you help us, then Wudi City won’t stand in the way of anyone who comes through the Void Gate . Nor will we catch them or kill them!” Du Longyang added .

He held his spear horizontally . With his clothes torn apart, he was naked from the waist up . The sharp sword energy left a lot of wounds on his body .

“Deal . ”

Lu Fan agreed .

Sitting in the Thousand Blades Chair, he lifted his hand, as if he was lifting a lotus .

He flicked his fingers .

The lotus-shaped sword formation, whose blades were transformed by a drop of Spirit Fluid, zipped out .

The formation covered the blind old man’s body in an instant .

The blind old man’s body was suddenly torn into pieces .

In the end, a white shadow completely made of the energy of the Origin emerged opposite Lu Fan . The two were like in an independent world completely isolated from the outside world .

“You shouldn’t have meddled… The Origin of the plane under your control is still very weak . Now it will be targeted and suffer because of what you did,” the white shadow said emotionlessly .

Lu Fan’s white clothes were blowing in the wind . While sitting in the Thousand Blades Chair, he looked at the white shadow .

A smile showed on his face .

“You are threatening me?”

“I won’t forget that,” Lu Fan said .

Everything disappeared as soon as he finished speaking .

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The lotus-shaped sword formation made of thousands of swords was instantly torn apart by the enemy .

That dreadful sword energy containing the energy of the Origin also collapsed slowly at that moment .

Du Longyang’s spear pressed against the roof hard with a clank . He was panting heavily .

Gazing at the white light that had disappeared…

He closed his fists .


Du Longyang took a deep breath .

Then he looked at Lu Fan’s shadow again, which looked even fainter .

A shrewd light flashed in his eyes as well .

Who the heck was this man?

And what on earth was there behind the Void Gate?

Du Longyang had tried to go through the Void Gate . But due to the intervention of the Origin, even he—a man who had achieved Soul Transformation Realm, the peak of Nascent Soul Realm—failed to go through it .

He was very curious .

He had thought Lu Fan was with the Immortal . After all, Lu Fan sabotaged their Immortal Slaying Plan once .

But this time, Lu Fan drew out the spy the Immortal had planted in the human world .

Therefore, Du Longyang could not figure out what this man intended to do .

This man was totally a shit-stirrer . He had stirred the pot on the entire Tengen Continent .

Since the lotus-shaped sword formation made of thousands of blades was launched by a wisp of Lu Fan’s Spiritual Sense, it had consumed all of his energy . And at that moment, his shadow was getting more and more transparent and less and less real .

Facing Du Longyang’s look…

Lu Fan’s shadow smiled . With his hands behind his back, he gradually vanished gracefully and mysteriously . No one could read him .

To him, it was very important to keep his mystery and grace .

In Wudi City .

All of the citizens were freaked out by this battle .

However, Mo Tianyu was extremely excited . He was grasping the three copper coins so tightly that his hand even turned red .

Young Master Lu was showing his mettle . Mo Tianyu, who came from his hometown, also felt proud of him .

The customer waiting for his fortune-telling was still a little panicked .

Looking at Mo Tianyu, he said in anger, “Are you gonna tell my fortune or not?”

Mo Tianyu burst out laughing . He waved his hand . “You are lucky today! I’m in a good mood . No fortune-telling today . ”

That customer was speechless . He waved his hand disgustedly and then left in a hurry .

Outside of Wudi City .

A figure floated over as if he was flying in the wind and stepping on the air .

Nascent Soul cultivators could fly in the wind . It was easy peasy for them to travel thousands of miles a day .

In Wudi City, over the ruined Scriptures Depository…

That floating figure arrived floating in the air .

“Amitabha, City Lord Du, I’m late . ”

It was the ascetic monk who stood on the peak of the hill in the west that day .

“It happened too suddenly . Master, you came from so far away . It’s normal that you would arrive late…”

Du Longyang waved his hand .

“Our Immortal Slaying Plan will go on as planned . This time, it’s the mark the Immortal had left in this stooge that was killed . The mark can’t go back to the Immortal since it was destroyed, so the Immortal won’t know what happened here…”

“We can continue with our Immortal Slaying Plan . ” Du Longyang said .

The ascetic monk pressed his hands together and slightly bowed .

Du Longyang looked beyond Wudi City, blinking . “But this time, we’ll need some help…”

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