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Chapter 245: 245
Chapter 245 Happened to Disclose the Big Secret of the World

On Lake Island, Beiluo .

Lu Fan smiled as he looked over the island shrouded in Spirit Qi .

A book appeared in his hand . This book included all of the contents of the bamboo slits and books kept in the Scriptures Depository of Wudi City that he had scanned into his brain in the Dao Impartment Platform .

Lu Fan opened it slowly and started to read .

It was so tranquil in White Jade City Pavilion . Sandalwood incense was coiling up slowly, giving off a soothing fragrance .

In the Scriptures Depository of Wudi City .

Feng Yilou, under the control of Lu Fan, was very busy . He opened all of the bamboo slits and books, but he did not start to read them immediately . He only gave each of them a look and then put them back .

In this way, a book was created in the Dao Impartment Platform .

One book after another .

Feng Yilou, under the control of Lu Fan, could not stop at all .

In the Dao Impartment Platform, one by one, a book floated in the air . The empty Dao Impartment Platform was suddenly crowded .

In this way, Lu Fan took all of the books out of the Scriptures Depository .

Things still did not seem good enough to Lu Fan . So he created a bookshelf with his mind and then put all of the books in it after categorizing them .

Most of the books kept in the Scriptures Depository of Wudi City were average cultivation methods . There were methods for each level .

Most of the methods were for the Foundation Building Realm . There were as many as 181 cultivation methods by category . Almost all types of elemental Spirit Qi were covered . Some elemental Spirit Qi cultivation methods could even give rise to four or five cultivation methods .

Cultivation methods for the Foundation Building Realm alone reached almost 20,000 volumes .

Although Qi Condensation Realm was below Foundation Building Realm, it did not have as many cultivation methods as the latter had .

According to Lu Fan’s analysis, there were about 10,000 volumes of Qi Condensation cultivation methods .

Next were the cultivation methods for Golden Elixir Realm .

Compared to the Foundation Building Realm, the cultivation methods for the Golden Elixir Realm were more profound . Some of them even enlightened Lu Fan in some respects .

Lu Fan’s eyes were shining with excitement while he was reading .

As to the cultivation methods for Nascent Soul Realm, there was none for the first and the second levels, but it was no problem for Lu Fan .

Besides cultivation methods, there were also some fighting techniques, magic techniques, attacking techniques, and so on .

Lu Fan flipped through them and then put all of them onto the bookshelf .

These things were enlightening, but they were not what Lu Fan wanted to find .

He wanted to know more about this world so that he could build a Mid Level Martial World .

In the Scriptures Depository .

Feng Yilou, under the control of Lu Fan, was sitting cross-legged on the ground, surrounded by books .

He had flipped through most of the books on the shelves, no matter how unpopular the cultivation methods were .

There were a lot of things to learn, but Lu Fan did not pay them too much attention .

“Cultivation methods for cultivators from Qi Condensation Realm to Golden Elixir Realm are all kept on the first and the second floors . They are helpful for the development of the Wuhuang Continent indeed . If they become popular, they can improve and guide the Contention of the Hundred Schools of Thought of cultivators, and the completion of the mission will be close at hand . ”

“But I haven’t seen anything I actually needed . ”

Lu Fan frowned .

There were no books about unofficial history or terrains of the world .

More precisely, there were no books about this very world, as if everything regarding this world had been erased by an invisible hand .

Lu Fan was a little disappointed .

However, the disappointing feeling was gone soon enough . He lifted his head and looked at the third floor .

The old servant cleaning outside of the Scriptures Depository had required Lu Fan to stay away from the third floor .

But Lu Fan was certainly not that kind of person who would follow the rules .

When he had scanned all of the books on the first and the second floors of the Scriptures Depository, Lu Fan finally directed Feng Yilou to go onto the third floor .

Along the old wooden staircase .

All of a sudden, lines shifted up and down in Lu Fan’s eyes . He saw the restriction set at the entrance of the third floor .

The restriction was a formation of Spirit Qi .

“If I intrude into it and destroy the formation, I’ll be found out, and it will be tricky…” Lu Fan thought .

Then he lifted his hand again . Trigrams emerged in the palm of his hand . Surprisingly, Lu Fan chose to decipher the formation . He covered the formation with his hand . Then the pattern on the formation started to flow like swimming fish under the control of Lu Fan’s Spiritual Sense .

The formation vanished very soon, without making any noises or any fluctuations .

Lu Fan smiled . It was a clever formation . However, Lu Fan was the owner of the Dao Impartment Platform . His knowledge of formations was beyond compare .

Lu Fan went onto the third floor of the Scriptures Depository .

Not many books were kept on the third floor .

There were two bookshelves . Ten-odd cultivation methods for Nascent Soul Realm were on one of them, while on the other shelf, there were only three books .

Lu Fan scanned all of the cultivation methods for Nascent Soul Realm .

Lu Fan lifted his hand and waved .

The three books on the other bookshelf floated before him .

He saw Martial Sovereign Scripture written on the first one’s cover . It seemed very mysterious as if it had something to do with the Origin or the Natural Law .

“Martial Sovereign Scripture… Is it the cultivation method for Soul Transformation Realm, the peak of Nascent Soul Realm?”

Lu Fan was intrigued .

By far, Lu Fan’s cultivation plan for Wuhuang Continent was not complicated at all . At first, Lu Fan only wanted to create a cultivation path, that is, a cultivation path incorporating Qi Core, Internal Organs, Heavenly Lock, and so on .

However, Lu Fan found such a cultivation path was actually not easy to take . It was not very friendly to cultivators with average talent .

The problem might not be very obvious for Qi Core and Internal Organs, but from Internal Organs to Heavenly Locks, the weakness was exposed .

Therefore, Lu Fan figured he might be able to introduce the cultivation methods of this world to Wuhuang Continent .

White Jade City would be responsible for imparting the methods for talented people .

And the cultivation methods for average people could speed up the prosperity of Wuhuang Continent’s cultivation environment .

Lu Fan came to himself . He flipped through Martial Sovereign Scripture, and it was scanned into his brain .

He put Martial Sovereign Scripture back and then took another book .

“Chaotic Qi Spear?”

Lu Fan focused his eyes on it . Without any doubt, it was a spear method about how to practice spear .

Du Longyang was a cultivator of Chaotic Qi Spear . Its attack was very powerful .

“System, what are the grades of these two?” Lu Fan asked with curiosity .

While Lu Fan was inquiring, a system prompt popped up .

[“Grade of Martial Sovereign Scripture: Heaven Level Low Grade Cultivation Method . ”]

[“Grade of Chaotic Qi Spear: Heaven Level High Grade Technique . ”]

They were both of heaven level?!

Lu Fan took a deep breath .

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He scanned both of the books .

Then Lu Fan waved his hand to take the third book .

He shifted his eyes to the book and noticed the index . He was instantly stunned .

“Tengen (A Recovered Text)?”

This book even had a formation deployed on it .

The mysterious formation sealed the book like a lock so that no one could read it .

Lu Fan spent some time in deducing the algorithm in the Dao Impartment Platform to decipher the formation .

As soon as the formation was cracked, he seemed to hear an angry roar . Then tremendous energy jumped onto his face .

An image emerged before Lu Fan .

In the image…

A man was standing at the mountain peak, covered with blood . He was shouting at the sky, while the clouds in the sky assembled into a giant palm .

The image contained a powerful impact force on it…

As if it intended to smash Lu Fan’s Spiritual Sense into pieces .

Lu Fan focused his eyes on the book .

He flipped to the first page gently after calming himself down .

He started to read .

And he read something shocking .

“Achieving immortality is a lie! Going through calamities to ascend to heaven is a lie! Later generations, be cautious!”

Outside of the Scriptures Depository .

The cleaning servant seemed to detect something .

He instantly turned very serious .

He rushed into the Scriptures Depository quietly with the broom . The door of the Scriptures Depository was immediately shut…

Without any noise .

In the Scriptures Depository .

The blind old man showed up before the staircase leading to the third floor .

“What? The formation on the third floor has been cracked?!”

The blind old man was shocked .

He rushed onto the third floor . Lu Fan, sitting cross-legged reading a book, lifted his head and slightly frowned when he had sensed the old man’s arrival .

“How dare you! I told you the third floor was not open to the public!”

The old servant flew into a rage .

The Nascent Soul energy suddenly surged from his body .

The dreadful oppressive air spread across the third floor of the Scriptures Depository .

The blind old man faced Lu Fan with his profile . He shook the broom . Then, surprisingly, Spirit Qi gathered in the air to draw an invisible trigram formation .

Feng Yilou, controlled by Lu Fan, lifted his head . He smiled in surprise at the blind servant .

“Formation? You are the mysterious formation master in Wudi City . ”

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The blind old man was surprised and irritated .

“You are not Feng Yilou . Who the heck are you?”

“Only a few people on Tengen Continent can crack my formation!”

He flapped his broom on the ground, and the trigrams of the formation started to approach Feng Yilou aggressively .


Even Lu Fan’s Spiritual Sense was almost forced out .

But Lu Fan managed to go back into Feng Yilou’s body very soon .

He used his palm to draw a pattern to suppress the Spirit Qi in the air .

Innumerous specks of dust gathered together and formed the trigram of Kan .

The two formations collided, yet no shocking disturbance resulted from the collision . It was a landslide victory .

The broom in the blind old servant’s hand was broken .

The trigram drawn by Lu Fan showed up over his head . Like a magnificent high mountain giving off green lights, it brought the blind old man under control .

“You even sealed this recovered text with a formation to prevent people from reading it . ”

“Let me guess…”

While still controlling Feng Yilou’s body, Lu Fan paced slowly in the Scriptures Depository .

Looking at the blind old man, he seemed to be pondering .

“This Tengen isn’t important . What really matters is the message left on it, isn’t it? You saw that . The powerful will contained in the message blinded you, but you still managed to deploy a formation to seal the book . ”

Lu Fan’s voice echoed on the third floor of the Scriptures Depository .

The blind old man sealed by the trigram of Kan trembled when he had heard Lu Fan .

“I suppose that message was left by the lord of Wudi City, Wudi, or Martial Sovereign…”

“And you, you might be following someone… That man should have a title . If I am right, he should be called the Lord of the Plane,” Lu Fan said flatly while still controlling Feng Yilou .

The suppressed blind old man’s glassy eyes glowed in a dreadful manner .

“Who the heck are you?!” the blind old man growled .

Feng Yilou was just an average disciple . How was it possible that he had figured out such a secret history? There was no way he could have heard the title “Lord of the Plane” from Feng Yilou’s mouth .

After all, the blind old man heard it only once from that man, but he was really impressed .

However, “Feng Yilou” ignored the old man’s shock . He kept analyzing . “Going through calamities to ascend to heaven is a lie . It made Wudi so angry and overwhelmed… I guess he went through calamities successfully, but he didn’t end up in the world of the Immortal . He probably reached a world created by humans . ”

“In a word, he was conned . ”

“And it’s the man you followed who conned him… As to what the Lord of the Plane got from Wudi, I have no idea,” Feng Yilou said .

The blind old man was trembling . He could not believe it .

He felt he was seeing a soul looking at him from a high place over Feng Yilou .

“Tengen (A Recovered Text) should have more volumes, with the entire story of Wudi recorded… You need to maintain the beautiful lie of going through calamities to ascend to heaven, so you don’t want people to know it’s nothing but a lie . Therefore, you divided Tengen (A Recovered Text) into several parts and sealed this one…”

“I only intended to study the books kept here, but I happened to disclose the big secret of the world . But now, I’m suddenly intrigued by this big secret . ”

“Feng Yilou” burst out laughing .

Suppressed by the trigram of Kan, the blind old man dared not move a muscle .

He was feeling more and more scared as Feng Yilou analyzed as if the mask he had been wearing was torn apart .

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He had thought Feng Yilou was just a hardworking genius who would sacrifice everything for cultivation .

The blind old man was willing to train geniuses . It would be even better if a genius could go through calamities to ascend to heaven because that would be seen as his working “performance . ” Therefore, he even gave Feng Yilou special favor of going into the Scriptures Depository .


Not until then did he find out he had been wrong . Letting “Feng Yilou,” a secret threat to him, into the Scriptures Depository was like letting a wolf into a sheep pen .

“Is the secret in the other parts of Tengen? Where are the other parts?” Lu Fan asked as he paced to and fro on the third floor .

As if he knew this man would not speak…

Lu Fan lifted his hand . The trigrams intertwined into a formation that flew out secretly .

The formation floated to the blind old man .

The blind old man seemed to realize something . His blood vessels stood out . He was struggling with much effort .


All of a sudden…

Lu Fan, who had possessed Feng Yilou’s body, was astonished .

The energy on the blind old man suppressed by the trigram of Kan suddenly changed, as if some paramount existence befell and the blind old man’s soul was eliminated and replaced . Tremendous energy seemed to be poured down from the nine heavens .

The trigram of Kan was broken .

The blind old man’s Nascent Soul was suddenly melted . That little man screamed tragically .

And the energy on the blind old man started to become stronger .

While still possessing Feng Yilou’s body, Lu Fan frowned . He propelled himself up by stamping on the ground .


His body jumped up and broke the tiles on the roof .

That blind old man’s body was floating in the air, his robe fluttering . With a mysterious smile, he flew in the sky to chase Lu Fan .

At the peak of Wudi City .

Du Longyang suddenly opened his eyes . He threw the Scriptures Depository an incredible look .

There… A dreadful shocking energy had broken out!

“Who is that?!”

Du Longyang flew into a rage . The black spear showed up in his hand . Spirit Qi started to flow in his body . He jumped out .

At this moment, the entire Wudi City went into an uproar because Du Longyang claimed Feng Yilou had the potential to achieve the head of the top cultivator list .

With Du Longyang’s angry roar, the uproar halted for a second . Several powerful cultivators looked at the direction of the Scriptures Depository .

They saw from the roof of the Scriptures Depository…

A dreadful energy broke out and spread .

The energy from the blind old man was so oppressing that people could not help but panic . They were even more astonished to see Feng Yilou standing opposite the blind old man on the roof of the Scriptures Depository, his purple robe fluttering .

Du Longyang’s terrifying energy advanced .

Feng Yilou stood with his hands behind his back in a graceful manner as he faced the powerful energy of Du Longyang and the blind old man .

The disciples and powerful cultivators in Wudi City all took a deep breath…

The potential to achieve the head of the top cultivator list?

Senior Brother Feng Yilou was probably the head of the top cultivator list indeed!

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