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Chapter 229
Chapter 229: Young Master Lu, Do You Dare to Fight Me

Lu Fan was indeed frightening right now . He just returned from the world of Origin and still carried the formidable sense of oppression with him .

The little Responsive Dragon tucked in its wings and acted obediently .

Lu Fan slowly let out a breath . He was thinking about what he just saw .

The Origin of this peak Mid Level Martial World was quite strange .

Lu Fan barged in the world of Origin, yet the Lord of the Plane didn’t show up at all . The Lord of the Plane from the last time who held the orchid fingers sensed Lu Fan’s presence instantly .

Was there any reason for his absence?

Lu Fan ruminated .

Could it be that he didn’t detect Lu Fan?

It was impossible . He wouldn’t send five people to deal with Lu Fan if he didn’t detect him .

Apparently, he was tied down to something or was unable to fight for some reason .

Lu Fan remembered the giant eyeball inside the Origin as if it was staring at him…

“Is it possible that…the Lord of the Plane has combined with the Origin?”

“And they became the Natural Law together?”

Lu Fan thought it was very likely .

He stopped thinking . Lu Fan didn’t come back with empty hands from this trip . At least, he had some new ideas about how to create the Natural Law .

He leaned in the wheelchair and applied the Thunder Movement Technique . With traces of thunder arch left in the air, Lu Fan returned to the second floor of the White Jade City Pavilion . He took out the Spirit Pressure Chessboard and started to play Go to recover his Soul Strength .

The split in Beiluo Lake disappeared, and the water covered the thunder bead again .

Inside Zijin Palace .

The Overlord rubbed the side of his temples . There were piles of memos and secret letters on his desk .

He lost interest after one glance .

These documents gave him a headache .

He was irritated by taking care of these memos and secret letters .

He assigned Xu Chu back to the West County to guard Western Liang . He learned from several letters that the Maurya Empire and Guifang tribes were restless and about to make trouble when the Western Liang Army left West County .

The Overlord was very annoyed after reading about how they colluded with some petty criminals and made shady deals .

Therefore, he sent Xu Chu back to West County to crack down on these troublemakers .

West County was the base of Western Liang . The Overlord certainly wouldn’t allow any problems to arise .

The Overlord wasn’t afraid of the Maurya Empire and Guifang tribes . He already broke their spirit during the previous battle .

The Overlord rubbed his eyebrows .

All of a sudden…

He heard the sound of light and hurried footsteps approaching .

The Overlord frowned with mixed feelings . He exhaled a deep breath as his body vanished in a flash .

Wearing a long dress, Luo Mingsang went to Zijin Palace . She looked at the empty palace with sorrow in her eyes .

She lifted the hem of her dress and walked to the desk . The pouf was still warm .

“Are you hiding from me?”

Luo Mingsang’s eyes dimmed .

In a short while, she organized the mess on the Overlord’s desk and hung the writing brushes on the shelf .

On the other side, the Overlord left Zijin Palace .

He didn’t go back .

He rode a black horse to Beiluo City .

Rushing through the snowstorm somehow soothed his agitated heart .

He went to Beiluo City to temper himself in the Trial Pagoda .

Lu Fan said the Trial Pagoda was open to cultivators around the world . Anyone who was in the ninth-stage Qi Core Realm was qualified to enter .

Thus, the Overlord was tempted .

He originally planned to visit the Trial Pagoda once he took care of everything in the Imperial City . However, he now discovered that the troubles in the Imperial City would never end .

Shortly after the Overlord entered Beiluo City .

On the boundless snowfield outside of Beiluo City .

A silhouette walked toward the city unhurriedly .

Elegant with natural grace, he carried a rosewood sword box on his back with Morning Chrysanthemum Sword and Green Peach Sword inside .

This man was indeed Ximen Xianzhi, who had asked Mo Tianyu to read his fortune .

“This is Beiluo City…”

“It’s enveloped in the misty Spirit Qi like a blissful land,” Ximen Xianzhi exclaimed .

After going down the mountain for the first time in three years, he walked from South County to Beiluo City and saw the refugees flooding the road . He felt more enlightened after witnessing the things that happened in the world .

His Master was right, indeed . He needed to go out of the mountain more .

It was better to travel 10,000 miles than to read 10,000 books .

He smiled as he remembered his encounter with Mo Tianyu a few days ago .

A sense of confidence flowed through his body .

“The Master had asked me to challenge a powerful cultivator… He hopes I can develop my own sword spirit through the process . ”

“Brother Mo also told my fortune and said it is promising . ”

“It looks like I can definitely gain something from this trip . ”

Ximen Xianzhi cracked a smile .

He didn’t think Mo Tianyu would lie to him .

Mo Tianyu was the principal disciple of the Confucianism . Why would a person with his status and temperament lie to others?

Ximen Xianzhi flicked some dust off his clothes . Eyes filled with determination, he strode steadfastly toward Beiluo City .

The snow was blowing in the wind .

Two figures came into sight . One man carried a box case with a few rolls of painting inside, his blue robe flapping in the wind .

A young woman wearing a red cloak walked next to him . She carried a roll of painting and held an umbrella as she followed him closely .

“Miaoyu, that is Beiluo City,” Sima Qingshan said as he stood in the snow and pointed at the towering Beiluo City .

An Miaoyu lifted the umbrella . Her hair blew in the wind, and her face was filled with a yearning hope .

Which cultivator in the world wouldn’t yearn for Beiluo? Or White Jade City?

The two kept walking through the snow and entered Beiluo City as well .

After being inspected by the guards at the city gate, Ximen Xianzhi was allowed entry into the city without trouble .

The bustling scene in the city dazzled him, and the lofty white jade pagoda overwhelmed him .

He didn’t see the white jade pagoda from outside of the city because of the hazy Spirit Qi . Yet now, the striking view of the pagoda brought Ximen Xianzhi tremendous psychological impact .

Luo Cheng came to Ximen Xianzhi because he suspected Ximen Xianzhi was not an ordinary person . Despite Ximen Xianzhi’s skinny built, he revealed intimidating energy that surprised Luo Cheng .

He thought Ximen Xianzhi came for the white jade pagoda, so he brought him to the pagoda .

In the distance .

Brewing the tea, Lv Dongxuan and Gongshu Yu were stunned .

How could they not recognize Ximen Xianzhi?

He was Hua Dongliu’s most precious disciple who was obsessed with the sword .

Ximen Xianzhi certainly saw Lv Dongxuan and Gongshu Yu as well . He hurried to bow .

“Greetings!” Ximen Xianzhi said, making a gesture to show respect .

“Our old mate Hua Dongliu is finally willing to let you go out of the mountain . A young person like you can only become stronger if you travel the world and broaden your horizon… Don’t act like Hua Dongliu and divorce yourself from reality . You could be studying for decades but still fall behind other people that are less studious yet more connected . ”

Lv Dongxuan laughed and sipped some tea .

“Thank you for your guidance . ”

Ximen Xianzhi cared a great deal about manners .

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“Did Old Hua give you these two swords?”

Gongshu Yu was perceptive about weapons . He couldn’t help but ask when he saw the two swords on Ximen Xianzhi’s back .

It seemed like Hua Dongliu valued Ximen Xianzhi a lot . Gongshu Yu was surprised that he gave Ximen Xianzhi two Earth-Level swords .

“I’m grateful for my Master’s care and support . He understood that I have met the bottleneck in my cultivation and advised me to come to Beiluo City and challenge more powerful fighters to achieve a breakthrough,” Ximen Xianzhi said with a smile .

“That sounds reasonable . You swordsmen are good at fights and combats . You can always gain deeper comprehension from experience . ”

Lv Dongxuan rubbed the golden chain on his neck and laughed .

“Did you come here to challenge Jing Yue?”

“Jing Yue developed his sword spirit and entered the Internal Organs Realm . Now that he has been cultivating in the Trial Pagoda…I’m afraid that he is much more powerful than normal cultivators . You might be at a disadvantage if you challenge him,” Lv Dongxuan remarked .

He believed that Ximen Xianzhi was here to challenge Jing Yue…

Even though Jing Yue used to be the least-threatening person among the Seven Heroes of Sword Sect .


As the head of the Seven Heroes of Sword Sect, Ximen Xianzhi might feel uncomfortable about challenging someone who once ranked below him .

“You could be in an unfavorable situation if you challenge Jing Yue… Your two swords are not as good as Jing Yue’s Jing Heaven Sword . ”

Gongshu Yu sipped some tea and glanced at the swords in Ximen Xianzhi’s sword box .

Ximen Xianzhi was befuddled by their comments .

He shook his head .

“No . ”

“I’m not here to challenge Jing Yue…”

“I heard the Young Master Lu is the most powerful cultivator in the world . Of course, I will challenge the most powerful person,” Ximen Xianzhi said .

After Ximen Xianzhi’s statement…

Lv Dongxuan and Gongshu Yu jolted in shock .

Even the cultivators sitting outside of the Trial Pagoda turned their heads around in a dull motion . Many people’s eyes brimmed with disbelief .

This guy… Did he hit his head somewhere?

Did he want to challenge the Young Master Lu?

Where did his confidence come from?

Even the philosophers from the Hundred Schools of Philosophy suffered a terrible loss when fighting against the Young Master Lu…

The cultivation environment back then couldn’t compare with that of the present . Having said that…Ximen Xianzhi’s bold idea was still too bold .

Luo Cheng, who led Ximen Xianzhi to the pagoda, raised his eyebrows .

“Are you serious?”

“Young Master has a bad temper . You probably won’t have a happy ending if you want to challenge him . ”

Luo Cheng was honest .

He couldn’t let himself watch this polite young man head for self-destruction .

Ximen Xianzhi gestured at Luo Cheng to show gratitude . However, he still appeared assured .

“It’s okay . I’m…sure of myself,” Ximen Xianzhi replied with a smile .

He remembered the trigram Mo Tianyu read for him . Although he wouldn’t be entirely dependent on the trigram, it helped raise his confidence .

Seeing how determined Ximen Xianzhi was, Luo Cheng stopped talking .

“Xianzhi, did Old Hua send you here to challenge the Young Master Lu?” Lv Dongxuan asked .

His hand that was rubbing the golden chain trembled .

Gongshu Yu also stared at Ximen Xianzhi with a strange expression .

“Yes, my

Ximen Xianzhi stood up straight . A burst of energy surged in his body .

South County . Sword Pavilion in Zhongnan Mountain .

Sword Saint Hua Dongliu was sitting on the bluestone and contemplating sword movements . He suddenly opened his eyes .

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His wrinkled face twitched .

Holding his chest, he felt an unexpected tightness and shortness of breath .

“Xianzhi, my boy . I asked him to challenge Jing Yue, Nie Changqing, and the others . His life shouldn’t be in danger, right?”

“Why on earth do I feel so uneasy?”

Inside the Trial Pagoda .

Jing Yue was about to leave the pagoda . He was at the fourth level and failed to advance .

He saw a familiar face as soon as he stepped out of the Trial Pagoda .

“Senior Brother Ximen?”

Jing Yue was stunned when he first saw Ximen Xianzhi . Then, his face lit up with excitement .

Despite his rocky relationship with the Sword Sect, he was good friends with Ximen Xianzhi .

It was also because Ximen Xianzhi was not well versed in the ways of the world . He had always immersed himself in practicing the sword .

Jing Yue had a good relationship with Ximen Xianzhi since he used to seek guidance from Ximen Xianzhi regarding sword skills .

“Lil Jing . ”

Ximen Xianzhi turned around and saw Jing Yue . He cracked a bright smile .

They hadn’t met in three years and were overwhelmed with feelings at the moment .

Ximen Xianzhi activated his consciousness . He pulled out the Morning Chrysanthemum Sword and slid it forcefully toward Jing Yue with two fingers .

Jing Yue’s eyebrows arched .

The Jing Heaven Sword on his back was still in its sheath .

He tapped gently with his fingers .


The energy of the sword blasted .

“Senior Brother…You’re in the Internal Organs Realm now?!”

Jing Yue couldn’t help but exclaim .

Ximen Xianzhi had been in seclusion in the Zhongnan Mountain for three years, yet still entered the Internal Organs Realm . How unbelievable! Was he a genius?

“Jing Yue, talk some sense into Xianzhi . He came to Beiluo…to challenge Young Master,” Lv Dongxuan said .

Jing Yue was about to show off his sword spirit . He was almost short of breath upon hearing Lv Dongxuan’s words .


Jing Yue’s face became sullen .

Nevertheless, he saw Ximen Xianzhi waved his hands .

“Don’t dissuade me from it . I know what I’m doing . ” Ximen Xianzhi stuck the sword back into the sheath and chuckled .

Jing Yue was powerful indeed . But Ximen Xianzhi hadn’t applied the Sword of Light technique . Jing Yue wouldn’t be able to withstand him if he did .

Jing Yue couldn’t bring him enough pressure .

“Senior Brother Ximen, think before you leap…”

Jing Yue hesitated for a while yet only came up with that .

As the most valued disciple of the Young Master, he knew for sure that Ximen Xianzhi had no clue what he was getting himself into .

Nonetheless, Ximen Xianzhi shook his hand confidently . He would certainly challenge the most powerful person if he planned to do it at all .

Besides, Mo Tianyu already told his fortune . Coming from someone as experienced and knowledgeable as Mo Tianyu, it should be true .

Even so, Ximen Xianzhi was not too optimistic . He wouldn’t forgive himself if he lost because he was reckless and arrogant from knowing the results of fortune-telling .

The Overlord was about to enter the Trial Pagoda . He was also at a loss for words after hearing Ximen Xianzhi’s assertion .

Wasn’t this the goofball from the Sword Pavilion?

Did he go out of the mountain now?

He wanted to challenge Lu Ping’an right after coming out of seclusion?

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How could he be so naive?

Ximen Xianzhi wasn’t bothered by other people’s dissuasion . As a swordsman, he should be fearless even when facing terrifying enemies .

He was one step away from developing his own sword spirit…

He must use the pressure from the fight to achieve breakthrough!

Ximen Xianzhi left the West Mountain and walked to Beiluo Lake .

People gazed at one another in speechless astonishment .

Lv Dongxuan and the others followed Ximen Xianzhi behind . They didn’t bother to argue with Ximen Xianzhi anymore since he wouldn’t listen anyway .

Ximen Xianzhi carried the swords and walked by himself .

The sword spirit inside him continuously coalesced as he was walking to Beiluo Lake .

On the long street .

Carrying the book box, Sima Qingshan was surprised by the scene .

“Master, what’s going on?”

An Miaoyu was also intrigued by the commotion .

Sima Qingshan couldn’t tell what was happening .

They had no choice but to follow the crowd and walk forward .

He saw Jing Yue and asked him about the situation .

“Challenge the Young Master Lu?”

“This guy…is really courageous!” Sima Qingshan exclaimed .

He was not familiar with Ximen Xianzhi’s name .

However, the name was quite impactful to people from the ear of the Hundred Schools of Philosophy .

He was a genius in the same league as the Overlord and Li Sansi .

They arrived at Beiluo Lake .

The crowd didn’t move forward . Ximen Xianzhi sensed a buildup of pressure .

He gazed at Beiluo Lake and felt like a monster was resting above the lake .

It gave him a strong sense of oppression .

“So powerful!”

“I can feel the tremendous energy without even going close to it!”

The swords in Ximen Xianzhi’s sword box were shaking .

He plucked his fingers the next moment .

The swords flew out of the sheaths and landed on the surface of the lake .

Nimbly, Ximen Xianzhi held his hands behind his back, bent his knees, and leaped forward . He stepped on the royal swords and elegantly glided on the water surface of Beiluo Lake .

Lakeside .

The people watching the event unfold narrowed their eyes…

And stared at Beiluo Lake Island that looked like a giant beast that devoured humans .

Jing Yue held the Jing Heaven Sword and looked at Ximen Xianzhi, who gracefully glided toward the island . He seemed even more frustrated .

“I can only hope Young Master pulls his punches…”

Ximen Xianzhi sailed across the lake with his swords .

All of a sudden, he flashed a smile .

The energy from the Internal Organs Realm blew up inside of his body . The Spirit Qi swirls surged above his head .

Bright-eyed, he raised his hand . Even the rays of light seemed to twist around him .

Fusing the light into a sword!

“I am Ximen Xianzhi from the Sword Pavilion!”

“Young Master Lu… Do you dare to fight me?”

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