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Chapter 225
Chapter 225: The Overlord’s Decision, Attack the Great Xuan

Mo Tianyu was a little dumbstricken .

First, looking at Lu Fan in front of him and then at the three copper coins whose energies suddenly grew stronger, he unexpectedly lost his tongue .

How long had it been?

How long had it been since he met someone who told him just to do it?

The Master told him to stop fortune-telling . So did Kong Nanfei…

But at this moment, the person who told him to continue was the teenager who once planted him in the soil like a scallion .

Mo Tianyu was very emotional . His lips trembled .

“There are tens of thousands of ways to cultivate . All of them can lead to immortality…”

“You go your own way . Others’ opinion doesn’t matter to you . ”

Lu Fan smiled .

Mo Tianyu’s Dao of hexagram did amaze Lu Fan . And he saw incredible potential in Mo Tianyu .

“That being said, hexagram is to change fate against heaven’s will . If you change something, you must pay the price . Bear this in mind,” Lu Fan added .

He was expecting the cultivators’ contention of the Hundred Schools to happen . Mo Tianyu’s Dao of hexagram was really a pleasant surprise for Lu Fan .

Mo Tianyu then recalled the nosebleed and loss of hair . His eyes narrowed .

What he was suffering turned out to be caused by that hexagram he had read earlier?

That hexagram showed Kong Nanfei would get a great curse .

So was it really a great curse?

“Nanfei… How is he?” Mo Tianyu asked .

Leaning on the back of the wheelchair, Lu Fan folded a bamboo leaf . He smiled when he had heard Mo Tianyu’s question . “He is still alive . ”

Mo Tianyu breathed out .

He was still alive, so it was a great fortune . Was his hexagram wrong again?

Mo Tianyu had a complicated feeling . He recalled the hexagrams he had read these days, none of which were correct .

If the fortunes he told were not right…

How could he go on with it?

And why did Lu Fan repair the three copper coins of his?

“My fortune-telling is never reliable . ”

Mo Tianyu shook his head .

He was a little frustrated .

But Lu Fan only smiled . Holding the black bamboo leaf in his hand, he glimpsed at Mo Tianyu .

“Don’t you know whether your fortune-telling is reliable or not?”

Lu Fan stopped speaking . He turned around . The wheelchair smashed the snow on the ground as it moved forward slowly .

Watching Lu Fan disappearing from his sight, Mo Tianyu was a little astonished . He was feeling complicated .

Did Lu Fan show up here just to tell him to be brave and go on telling fortune?

West County .

Liangzhou City .

In an old house…

Something was rustling . The children were crying .

After a while, the man wearing the bamboo hat walked out of the house . Ding Jiudeng’s clothes were stained with blood . He looked very calm . The man wearing the bamboo hat was very satisfied with his calmness .

From a pawnshop clerk to a cultivator with attainments, it seemed no big deal to him . His mental toughness was not usual, indeed .

This man was really very steady .

“Now that you are a cultivator, do what cultivators should do . Don’t take advantage of your cultivator attainments to commit crimes,” the man wearing the bamboo hat said as he looked at Ding Jiudeng .

“If I know you did anything like that, I will absolutely kill you . ”

It was very quiet for a few seconds .

Not until then did Ding Jiudeng come to himself . With a blank face, he nodded . “Okay . ”

The man took off his bamboo hat slowly .

A weary face showed up . His unshaved chin made people wonder more about what he had experienced .

“I am Mo Liuqi…” the man wearing the bamboo hat said as he stared at Ding Jiudeng .

He disclosed his identity .

Although this bald man’s steadiness gave him a weird feeling, he deserved to know Mo Liuqi’s name .

Ding Jiudeng kept silent for a while . Then he repeated Mo Liuqi’s name slowly .

“I’m a humble monk . I’m Ding Jiudeng . ”

Pressing his hands together, he slightly bowed .

“Take good care of these kids…” Mo Liuqi said to Ding Jiudeng while putting on his bamboo hat again .

He waved his hand and then disappeared from the snowy night .

Ding Jiudeng stood before the old house . What happened this night was really a shock for him .

“That is a true hero,” Ding Jiudeng exclaimed after Mo Liuqi had been gone for quite some time .

He patted himself on the head . The invocations and bell sound in his head also disappeared .

However, he found he had more things in his head .

He went back into the house .

The children that had been saved and released from the cages were all trembling on the snow ground . They all looked at Ding Jiudeng .

They were still naïve children . Their pure and clear eyes looked like the brilliant stars hanging in the night sky .

Ding Jiudeng smiled, touching his bald head .

Looking at these children, he knew he could not go back where he had been anymore .

The boss was dead .

And the evil things the boss had done would be disclosed very soon .

He could not stay in Yongcheng Pawnshop anymore .

Ding Jiudeng pressed his hands together . Something occurred to him . He waved his hand and then disappeared from the snowy night with these children .

He went back to the pawnshop and found where the boss’s money was kept .

He did not take too much . In fact, he only took one silver tael . This was his pay that had been docked by the boss over so many years .

Ding Jiudeng left Yongcheng Pawnshop with one silver tael and these ten-odd kids .

He found a cheap house he remembered in Liangzhou City and purchased it .

This place would give shelter to these kids .

Then he made a plaque in the way he remembered .

He hung the plaque above the door of the old house .

Two words were carved on the plaque, “Yongcheng Temple . ”

He could not return to Yongcheng Pawnshop, but that was once where he lived, so he named the temple after it in memory of his past .

The children all looked at him with their eyes widely open .

Looking at them, Ding Jiudeng pressed his hands together .

A few kids followed Ding Jiudeng to press their hands together as well .

Ding Jiudeng was stunned . Then he burst out laughing involuntarily .


Their heads were shaved, their hair falling onto the ground .

A few young bald kids appeared behind the adult bald man in Yongcheng Temple .

Capital city .

Zijin Palace .

The Overlord rode the black horse back to Zijin Palace from Beiluo City .

Xu Chu, donning a full-body armor, had been waiting before the palace since he had learned about the Overlord’s return .

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His face was grave .

The Overlord jumped off the horse . Looking at Xu Chu, he said, “Summon all military officials to Zijin Palace…”

Xu Chu was shocked . He turned serious immediately . Bowing, he said, “Yes . ”

Then Xu Chu strode away .

He knew the Overlord had been to Beiluo, but he had no idea what had happened there .

Since the Overlord summoned military officials as soon as he came back, something unusual must have happened there .

The Overlord took off his black armor after going into Zijin Palace . He carried his ax and shield on his back again .

He waved his hand to call an attendant over .

“How has Mingsang been these days?” the Overlord asked with a complicated feeling .

The attendant bowed his head down . “She has been staying in the Master’s Book Pavilion… She is quite down . ”

“Lord, aren’t you going to check up on her?”

This attendant was quite bold . As a servant, he should not have spoken to the Overlord like this .

So he lowered his head in silence as soon as he finished speaking .

“Book Pavilion?”

Standing before Zijin Palace, the Overlord shook his head .

He had been cold to Luo Mingsang for days . He had not gone to see her even once .

He just hoped Mingsang could take the initiative to bring up something .

In Zijin Palace .

Soon, Western Liang’s military officials all came in the snow .

They were all standing quietly in the hall after going inside Zijin Palace . These military officials were astute . They seemed to smell something unusual .

The armored military officials all looked tough and energetic . They seemed to be an elite army .

Standing in the high place, the Overlord glanced over at his subordinates .

His eyes were shining brilliantly .

“All troops, attack Yuanchi,” the Overlord ordered .

His voice was resolute and resounding .

Down there, the many military officials were astonished . They were speechless . They seemed to wonder why the Overlord was going to send all troops to attack Yuanchi City as soon as he came back .

This was a little too fast!

Xu Chu was dumbstruck too . The Overlord had shown no intention of attacking the Great Xuan Dynasty . How come he suddenly came up with this idea?

The Overlord did not keep everything to himself .

Standing in the high position with his hands behind his back, the Overlord told Western Liang’s military officials about the bet he had made in Beiluo .

The military officials of Western Liang were brave and battle-wise . They all had many experiences when it comes to war .

They certainly agreed with the Overlord .

Even Xu Chu could not help but laugh . “Founding an academy to train cultivators? The Lord of Beixuan is really naïve… Without the experiences of war and real fights, what can you do even if you become a cultivator? You’ll just remain weak…”

“Only cultivators trained by armies are strong indeed . Each cultivator in Xiang Family’s Army can defeat those trained by academy without effort . ”

Xu Chu smiled .

The other military officials in the hall all agreed with him .

They were not arrogant . They were just confident .

The Overlord did not say too much .

“The Lord of Beixuan wants to start an academy . We’ll just let him found one… Provided that the Great Xuan can survive Western Liang’s attack,” the Overlord said .

Then the military officials in the hall all roared in one voice .


The Overlord commanded to deploy forces right away .

One after the other, Western Liang’s military official acted . And then each elite troop acted . They were all armored to the teeth as if they were even going to smash the falling snow .

The moment the Western Liang Army in the capital city acted…

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All of the other forces seemed to detect something . Many aristocratic families and powerhouses started to assume a wait-and-see attitude .

Yuanchi City .

On the city tower of Yuanchi City in the night…

Mo Beike, with a thick cloak draped over his shoulders, stood there . He commanded to open the city gate when he had seen Xuanwu Guards and Tantai Xuan’s carriage returning .

Tantai Xuan got down the carriage as soon as he went into the city . The Great Xuan Dynasty’s military officials all assembled there . Tantai Xuan found Mo Beike right away and told him about the bet he had made with the Overlord in Beiluo City .

Mo Beike’s heavy eye bags vibrated when he had heard the whole story from Tantai Xuan .

“In a year?”

“The competition between the Great Xuan Dynasty Academy and the Western Liang Army…”

Mo Beike took a deep breath .

He was an astute man, but obviously, Mo Beike saw how unusual this bet was .

“So Young Master Lu approves of the Lord’s academy…” Mo Beike said .

“Since I can see this, the Overlord should be able to see this too . If the Overlord has realized Young Master Lu actually approves of Lord’s academy, what will he do?”

“If you were in the Overlord’s place, what would you do?” Mo Beike asked, looking at Tantai Xuan .

“I won’t be happy . After all, the Overlord is a proud man…” Tantai Xuan answered .

However, Mo Beike shook his head .

“The Overlord is not a simple person . He absolutely will send all of his troops to attack Yuanchi City . He will take advantage of this opportunity to eliminate the Great Xuan’s main force so that the Great Xuan Dynasty will collapse . ”

“The Overlord has been frustrated by Young Master Lu too many times,” Mo Beike said .

He knew the Overlord well, and his analysis of the Overlord was very thorough . He knew what the Overlord would do perfectly .

Tantai Xuan turned serious .

The current Great Xuan was not a match for the Western Liang Army under the Overlord’s command .

“What should I do then?”

Tantai Xuan frowned .

Looking at the flying snow outside of Yuanchi City, Mo Beike took a deep breath .

“Give up Yuanchi . Retreat to North County during the night…” Mo Beike advised .

Tantai Xuan’s pupils shrank involuntarily . He was unhappy, but… Mo Beike was right . If they did not retreat at this moment, maybe… Maybe they would not be able to leave here forever .

Tantai Xuan did not hesitate or remain indecisive .

He commanded all troops to get ready and retreat from Yuanchi City this very night . They would go back to North County!

The entire Yuanchi City started to move immediately .

The soldiers in Yuanchi City all put on their armors . The city gate of Yuanchi was opened in the heavy snow . The army started to march north like a long dragon .

They were fast . Everything was neatly done .

All of the soldiers of the Great Xuan Dynasty seemed to smell the scent of blood that was vaguely spreading in the air .

None of them dropped the ball .

The army retreated from Yuanchi City, while the inhabitants of Yuanchi all lit candles . Looking at the empty city, they were confused and full of questions .

Yuanchi City, where a big army had quartered, was suddenly empty . It looked like a deserted city all of a sudden .

Clip-clops of horses trotting came .

A big army was approaching in the snow from the capital city .

Western Liang’s scout charged into Yuanchi City and ran around quickly . Then he went back to the army .


“The Great Xuan Dynasty’s army has retreated from Yuanchi City . Not a single soldier is left,” the scout reported to the Overlord in a loud voice after jumping off the horse and kneeling on the snow-covered ground .

Pulling the reins, the Overlord focused his eyes on him .

The military officials behind him also started to discuss about it .

“Have you felt it?”

The Overlord burst out laughing . He lifted his head as if he was looking at somewhere more distant .

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“Chase!” the Overlord shouted as he lifted his hand and pointed forward .

It was a powerful roar . The whole army heard him .

The scout jumped onto the horse again . He rode the horse at the front of the army, and he was riding faster and faster .

Then, Western Liang’s armored horsemen also set out . As they moved by, even the ground was quaking . After riding their horses across Yuanchi City, they followed the traces left by the Great Xuan Dynasty’s army during the retreat to chase the latter .

When the morning glow shone through the dark clouds of the night…

The earth seemed to wake up . In the sunshine, warm lights were reflected from the white snow on the ground .

Tong . Tong . Tong…

The snow was shaken . The snow on the trees was all shaken off .

The Great Xuan Dynasty’s army heard the war cries coming from far away .

Inside the carriage…

Tantai Xuan turned serious .

He lifted the curtain of the carriage . Standing and looking into the distance, he saw a massive cavalry approaching fast and crying from where the morning glow had come from . They were chasing the Great Xuan Dynasty’s army .

“The enemy is attacking!” The military officials of the Great Xuan Dynasty’s army all roared in anger .

Xuanwu Guards’ Spirit Qi burst forth . They charged forward .

Tantai Xuan was standing on the carriage . In a new armor, he looked like he was mad .

“Giant was right…”

“The Overlord is bold indeed!”

Tantai Xuan gnashed his teeth and clenched his fists . Looking at the big mass of Western Liang Army troops, he felt threatened by their courage and uprightness . They were like a lion running across the prairie .


However, the Great Xuan Dynasty’s army was not just a decoration!

Since it was impossible to retreat, he would just fight!

Anyway, the Great Xuan and Western Liang would fight sooner or later!

War drums sounded .

Horns were blown!

The soldiers of the Great Xuan Dynasty were indignant, and they turned their indignance into the resolution to fight .

They were forced to retreat from Yuanchi City . However, the Western Liang Army still would not let go of them . They chose to chase . If that was the case, the Great Xuan Dynasty would just fight!

The Overlord, in black armor, was gazing at the Great Xuan Dynasty’s army, whose morale had suddenly been increased, while riding his horse . He could not help but narrow his eyes .

The Great Xuan Dynasty’s army was elite indeed .

He focused his eyes on the Great Xuan Dynasty’s army .

He seemed to see Tantai Xuan, armored, standing on the carriage .

A smile tugged at the corners of the Overlord’s lips .

If he wanted to kill Tantai Xuan, he would do it in a dignified manner . He would eliminate the Great Xuan Dynasty’s army and then kill Tantai Xuan!

This was the Overlord’s way of doing things!

He raised his hand .

Behind him, Western Liang’s military officials and Xiang Family’s Army were already very eager to fight .


The Overlord did not say any useless things, nor did he show any mercy . He raised his hand to point at the distance . His black armor was shining in the morning light .

The order was given .


Xu Chu growled in anger . He charged forward on horseback, waving the two spiked balls .

Xiang Family’s Army and Western Liang’s armored horsemen all charged forward .

It was like an earthquake had broken out on the plain covered with

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