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Chapter 215
Chapter 215: Tantai Xuan’s Resolve, Establishing the Academy

Spirit Qi had been condensed into paper, and the Phoenix Feather Sword was a brush with a flaming tail .

With these tools, he was writing a poem in the air .

Each and every word seemed to be alive, dancing in mid-air and causing the pupils of Kong Nanfei’s eyes to contract in focus continually .

At first glance, this text did not seem particularly shocking .


The more he looked at it, the more apprehensive he became . It was like a giant vortex that was sucking in all his attention .

Throughout Kong Nanfei’s body, Righteousness Qi began to surge out automatically .

He was extremely astonished . The Spirit Qi swirl of his tempered heart appeared, and a milky white sword of Righteousness Qi manifested within it .

He was actually unable to control his own Righteousness Qi .

What was this?

What on earth was this?

Kong Nanfei began to tremble in fear .

Before he realized it, Lu Fan had already finished writing .

It was a copy of the “Song of Righteousness Qi . ” This was the present that Lu Fan promised to award Kong Nanfei with . It was the reward from Lu Fan to Kong Nanfei for reaching the path of Righteousness Qi .

Sitting up in the White Jade City Pavilion, Lu Fan scooped up a spoonful of green plum wine .

The words in the air would only be visible for half an hour .

After half an hour had passed, they would dissipate .

As for how much of it Kong Nanfei could memorize, that was none of Lu Fan’s business .

Righteousness Qi surged out from Kong Nanfei’s body, and he spat out a Sword of Righteousness from his mouth .

The text was a page from a heavenly book, twitching up in the sky .

It was as though Kong Nanfei’s Righteousness Qi was receiving a baptism from the heavenly book .

Specks of black Qi and specks of filth were all washed clean by the text . In an instant, Kong Nanfei’s Righteousness Qi was whittled down from the thickness of a fist to the width of a finger .

But Kong Nanfei did not pay any heed to that; instead, he focused his attention more seriously on the text .

He struggled to recite it, as though every word he read out required him to spend a considerable amount of energy .

After quite some time…

The “Song of Righteousness Qi” written in the sky began to fade away, disappearing one word at a time gradually .

Like a rainbow after the rain, it was unable to remain in the world for long . In the end, they only had a moment to display their charm and brilliance .

Spurt .

Kong Nanfei was exhausted, coughing up a mouthful of blood . His face was deathly pale, and his entire body trembled as he collapsed onto the ground .

Then, he started sobbing and wailing .

This startled Lu Fan . Why was he crying?

Lu Fan had written out the Song of Righteousness Qi so that Kong Nanfei could gain some knowledge from it . After all, as someone who had chosen the Confucian path, this text should have definitely revealed something to him .

However, he had never expected Kong Nanfei to react like a child would, sitting on the ground and crying sadly .

He was feeling sadness and regret from the bottom of his heart .

“You couldn’t read the text in the end, after all . You didn’t see this Song of Righteousness Qi . I’m sorry…”

Kong Nanfei wiped away the tears streaming down his face .

Hearing this, Lu Fan suddenly realized what had happened .

In the distance, Mo Tianyu was looking in their direction . He could see Kong Nanfei and could hear the sound of Kong Nanfei crying .

But he was unable to read a single word of the Song of Righteousness Qi .

This was because Lu Fan had written it for Kong Nanfei’s eyes only .

Still, he could guess that Lu Fan must have presented Kong Nanfei with a special opportunity .

Kong Nanfei did not cry for long .

He picked himself up from the ground, wiping his tears with his sleeves as the words in the sky vanished completely .

The Phoenix Feather Sword has also returned to the armrest of the Thousand Blades Chair .

Kong Nanfei straightened his clothes and cupped his hands towards Lu Fan in respect . “Thank you, Young Master Lu . ”

He did not say more than necessary .

Kong Nanfei turned to leave, heading toward the lake with large strides .

Each step he took seemed to make his hesitant heart more resolute .

He stepped onto the surface of Beiluo Lake, and not only did he not sink in the water, but he felt like it was solid ground to him .

The surface of the lake burst open .

The small Responsive Dragon poked its head out from the water . Flapping its wings, it hovered in front of Kong Nanfei .

Water flowed in its mouth as it prepared to spit out a stream .

However, just as it began spitting out water, Lu Fan’s voice trailed over .

“Don’t be naughty . ”

The small Responsive Dragon slurped hurriedly, sucking back the stream of water that it had been about to spit out into its mouth . It began shaking its tail in the air, as though it was pleased and happy .

It seemed to be telling Lu Fan, “Look, I was not naughty . ”

Kong Nanfei was familiar with its antics and paid it no heed . His figure gradually disappeared into the dense and hazy mist .

He walked out from Beiluo Lake, returning to the West Mountain .

Finding Lv Dongxuan making hot tea in front of the white jade pagoda, he requested ink and paper .

Kong Nanfei sat himself down, racking his brains as he began to write the “Song of Righteousness Qi . ” However, as he tried to write, he found that he could not remember a single word of it .

Beiluo, Lu Manor .

Lu Changkong did not head to the lake island, but instead, he stayed inside Lu Manor . To be more precise, he was sitting in the garden .

The luscious green garden was covered in a thick layer of white snow .

Lu Changkong brushed away the snow that had piled up on a stone seat . He held a peach blossom in his hand . It was tender and beautiful, with an azure blue drop of liquid on it . It was Spirit Fluid…

Formed of compressed Spirit Qi .

Lu Changkong knew of Spirit Stones, but Spirit Fluid… This was really something new to him .

“Compressing Spirit Qi… This is a technique even Internal Organs Realm cultivators cannot do, isn’t it?”

Lu Changkong sighed ruefully .

“Fan’er’s power… is becoming more and more immeasurable . ”

He did not refine the Spirit Fluid .

Instead, he paced around the garden, helping some of the plants by brushing off the snow that had gathered on them .

Lu Changkong felt somewhat satisfied and was also feeling languid and reminiscent . He walked in the Lu Manor garden, admiring the snowy landscape .

Yuanchi City .

A black-maned horse galloped on the snowy plains, kicking up snow and dirt .

On the city walls, when one of the Xuanwu Guards saw the figure of the black-maned horse and its rider, his face immediately drained of color .

“It’s Western Liang’s fiercest general, Xu Chu!”

This Xuanwu Guard had a grave expression on his face .

Why was Western Liang’s fiercest general running to Yuanchi City?

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He quickly rushed toward the City Master’s Manor in Yuanchi City, where Tantai Xuan was currently located .

Having heard the news, Tantai Xuan walked out of the manor, gripping half of the Imperial Dragon Seal in his hands .

“It seems like this Overlord is placing a lot of importance on this half of the Golden Dragon Seal . ” Tantai Xuan chuckled .

Mo Beike followed him out, his back hunched .

“Let Xu Chu come in . ”

Tantai Xuan did not order his men to stop him, asking them to open the city gates instead .

Xu Chu urged his horse into the city . The burly Xu Chu was exuding a savage aura from his entire body, similar to that of a wild bear .

He flipped himself off his horse, seeing Tantai Xuan dressed in battle armor and Mo Beike as they approached him .

Cupping his hands in respect, he greeted them . “Xu Chu of Western Liang, greeting the Lord of Beixuan . ”

Tantai Xuan bellowed with laughter, taking big strides forward . “I’ve long heard about Western Liang’s fierce general Xu Chu, but hearing about you is nothing compared to seeing you . ”

Next to Tantai Xuan, Mo Beike chose to remain silent .

He was, naturally, familiar with Xu Chu . After all, Mo Beike used to assist the Overlord in governing Western Liang .

On the flip side, Xu Chu was disdainful toward Mo Beike and scoffed at him .

So what if he was the giant of the Mohist School?

Mo Beike abandoned the Overlord back then, and now the Overlord occupied Zijin Palace, while he could only watch from outside of the Imperial City .

“In the name of Lord Xiang, I have come to send a banquet invitation to the Lord of Beixuan…”

“Lord Xiang has come upon a Golden Dragon Seal and heard that the Lord of Beixuan has also received one . My Lord has specially invited the Lord of Beixuan into Zijin Palace to attend this banquet and also to appreciate the Golden Dragon Seal together with him . ”

Xu Chu took out a handwritten letter from the Overlord .

In the letter, the Overlord’s coarse and wild handwriting was filled with a feeling of aggression .

Tantai Xuan took the letter that was handed to him and scanned through its contents . He seemed to be able to see the Overlord’s willful and insolent face through the piece of paper .

“Though I have also received a Golden Dragon Seal, compared to the Overlord’s seal, it would be like comparing the light of a firefly to bright moonlight . I’m afraid Lord Xiang will be disappointed, so… I won’t go and embarrass myself,” Tantai Xuan replied with a very calm smile .

He passed the banquet invitation over to Mo Beike .

Mo Beike finished reading it, and his heavy eyelids squinted tightly, such that even the slits of his eyes seemed to disappear .

“Furthermore, today, my subordinate, the brave general Jiang Li, has retired from his post . I am filled with sadness . On top of that, I had planned to make a trip to Beiluo City today… Hence, I will temporarily be unable to meet with Lord Xiang,” Tantai Xuan explained .

Mo Beike stood beside him with squinted eyes and smiled .

Tantai Xuan really knew when to raise and when to fold .

This banquet the Overlord was organizing was obviously a ploy to get the other half of the Golden Dragon Seal from Tantai Xuan . If Tantai Xuan were to attend the banquet stupidly, he would probably never make it back out of the capital city .

Mo Beike had advised Tantai Xuan to give up on challenging the Overlord and leave the capital city . If Tantai Xuan were to go running back there now, that would be idiocy .

Xu Chu was slightly at a loss .

Tantai Xuan’s message was clear—”I showed you my hand, and I am not going . ”

Furthermore, the news of Jiang Li retiring left Xu Chu surprised . Even Tantai Xuan telling him he was going to Beiluo as an excuse had clear implications . All of this left Xu Chu unsure of how to answer him .

Was Tantai Xuan… in such a tight spot?

He already had no way of defeating the Overlord, and now the Military God Jiang Li had retired from his position . This was equivalent to the fierce tiger that was the Great Xuan Dynasty cutting off its own paw .

Xu Chu hesitated for a long time .

Still, he was no ordinary person, after all .

He raised his head, looking straight at Tantai Xuan . Squinting his eyes ever so slightly, he laughed calmly . “Since the Lord of Beixuan is not attending the banquet, that’s fine… I can return and plead your case with Lord Xiang, but…

“Lord Xiang is really delighted at his good fortune of receiving a Golden Dragon Seal . I hope the Lord of Beixuan can lend me the other seal for me to bring it back for the Overlord’s eyes . When he’s done appreciating it, I will personally bring it back to the Lord of Beixuan . What do you think of this proposal?”

Xu Chu’s words echoed across the room .

When the words left his mouth, the atmosphere in the room grew thick at once .

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Outside the door, one by one, stern Xuanwu Guards appeared . They slowly drew the white blades hanging from their waists, as if reflecting a cold light on Xu Chu’s face .

The smile of Tantai Xuan’s face faded away .

As for Mo Beike, he stood quietly to the side, his heavy eyelids twitching slightly . It was impossible to guess what he was thinking at that moment .

Xu Chu kept his composure . Even though he was deep in the Great Xuan Dynasty’s territory, being stared down by hundreds of Xuanwu Guards, he remained calm and fearless as though nothing could affect him .

The Overlord had personally sent Xu Chu here, obviously predicting that Tantai Xuan would reject his invitation .

Otherwise, the Overlord would have sent any other attendant or scout to bring the banquet invitation to Yuanchi . There was no need to send Western Liang’s fiercest general .

Even if the Overlord was unmatched in battle, losing to Xu Chu would still be a huge blow to him .

Yet the Overlord still sent Xu Chu here . And Xu Chu, even though he looked rough, was very careful, not stupid . He had fully understood the Overlord’s intentions .

The clash of wills seemed to fill the air .

Xu Chu was faced with enemies on all sides but remained steady and unperturbed .

He did not blush, and his heart rate was unhurried .

For him, being in the enemy camp was like being in his own backyard .

Mo Beike’s heavy eyelids twitched as he glanced at Tantai Xuan, coughing lightly . His raspy voice sounded as though he was about to speak .


Tantai Xuan stopped him .

“General Xu’s proposal is very good . Since the Overlord wants to see this Golden Dragon Seal, I’ll help fulfill his dreams . ”

Saying this, Tantai Xuan retrieved his half of the Golden Dragon Seal from his bosom .

Next to him, Mo Beike’s eyes sparkled brightly .

He had never expected Tantai Xuan to actually be bold and resolute enough to make such a decision .

Xu Chu’s calm expression changed slightly .

He actually felt a sense of pressure coming from Tantai Xuan, and he was a cultivator at peak Qi Core Realm .

Tantai Xuan handed the Golden Dragon Seal over to him, and there was a faint sparkling golden glow coming from Tantai Xuan’s body .

It was as though a golden dragon was circling Tantai Xuan’s body and watching him .

To Xu Chu’s own sudden surprise, he realized that the hand he put forward to receive the Golden Dragon Seal was trembling slightly .

“Send our guest out,” Tantai Xuan ordered .

Several Xuanwu Guards entered the room with rage in their eyes .

The Xuanwu Guard, who personally guarded Tantai Xuan, said angrily, “This way, please!”

Xu Chu had gone too far .

The Overlord had gone too far!

They all felt wronged by this injustice Tantai Xuan was bearing .

This was the immortal encounter that their Lord had received after all his struggles . After following Tantai Xuan for so long, they all knew how hard it had been for him to finally get his hands on this…

Holding the Golden Dragon Seal, Xu Chu felt the immense weight of it and was so shocked his mind seemed to quake .

He stared long and hard at Tantai Xuan .

Then, he turned to leave .

When he entered Yuanchi City, even though he was entering an enemy camp, Xu Chu felt very relaxed .

Yet now, as he was leaving the city, even though he had the Golden Dragon Seal with him… he realized his back was drenched in sweat .

Inside Yuanchi City, Tantai Xuan raised his head to look up at the sky, snow still falling to the ground .

He took in a deep breath .

“In this era, only those wielding real strength have the power to talk…”

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Tantai Xuan’s gaze was wavering slightly .

The immortal encounter was taken away by Xu Chu, but he was very calm .

After all, he had grown used to this .


“I wanted to wait ’til this fight was decided before establishing the Great Xuan Dynasty Academy… Now it seems like I can’t wait that long .

“From this day onward, under Wentian Peak in the Tai Mountains, our nation will establish the Great Xuan Dynasty Academy .

“All children in the Great Xuan Dynasty from the ages of eight to fifteen will be allowed to cultivate themselves in the Great Xuan Dynasty Academy . Those who graduate from the academy will be given the right to enter my imperial court and the Xuanwu Guards . They will be awarded titles based on the level of their cultivation…” Tantai Xuan declared .

His words were extremely firm . Looking out at the falling snow outside the window, his eyes blazed with a burning fire .

He did not want the suffering he endured to be experienced by any of the younger generations in the Great Xuan Dynasty .

Since it was the era of cultivators, then he would create an imperial court with cultivators!

Mo Beike’s body trembled as he looked toward Tantai Xuan in disbelief . At this moment, he felt Tantai Xuan’s decisiveness exuding yet again .

His request to establish a Great Xuan Dynasty Academy was not easy to fulfill, simply because the resources they needed to put in… were too much .

Faced with a great enemy like Western Liang, was Tantai Xuan still going to push through with this decision?

Even so, Mo Beike kept his cool . He did not dare interfere with this decision . He did not even dare to comment on the pros and cons of it .

This was a decision that was big enough to shape the future of the Great Xuan Dynasty .

Tantai Xuan slowly let out a breath .

“Prepare my horse carriage . I… am going to make a trip to Beiluo,” Tantai Xuan ordered .

“Yes, sir,” one of his attendants replied hurriedly .

Beiluo Lake Island .

Lu Fan was enjoying a light drink .

He had been observing the attitudes of Tantai Xuan and the Overlord ever since they received the Imperial Dragon Seals .

When he found out that the Overlord was actually sending Xu Chu to invite Tantai Xuan to a banquet, he could not help but raise his eyebrows .

“What is this, the Hongmen Banquet?”

Lu Fan laughed .

It was a funny coincidence, but it was not a real Hongmen Banquet .

If Tantai Xuan were to really attend the banquet, then the struggle for power between the Great Xuan Dynasty and Western Liang would come to an early close…

After all, Tantai Xuan had not planted any of his subordinates near the Overlord . Once he attended the banquet, it would be easy for the Overlord to simply kill Tantai Xuan .

Hence, if Tantai Xuan had a brain, he would not attend the banquet .

However, the following developments piqued Lu Fan’s interest .

“He refused, but he still handed over the Golden Dragon Seal…”

In Lu Fan’s eyes, threads were jumping .

He subconsciously took a sip of the green plum wine .

He was somewhat dumbfounded .

An immortal encounter insulator…

Of course, while Lu Fan was stunned, he also appreciated Tantai Xuan’s resolve .

Other than that, the plan that Tantai Xuan ordered to go ahead left Lu Fan with a clear grasp of his resolve and determination .

His gaze flickered, and Lu Fan could not help but smile as he enjoyed the green plum wine .

“Setting up the Great Xuan Dynasty Academy, huh?”

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