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Chapter 200
Chapter 200: Thunder Strikes, Magic Demon Blood, Refined Qi Level Four

Snowflakes fell from the sky like dancing elves and flying glowworms .

Lu Fan extended his hand . A snowflake fell onto the palm of his hand and melted . It felt cold .

He strolled around on Lake Island in his wheelchair, holding some peach petals in his hand .

Lu Fan did not linger on the island . He went back to the second floor of White Jade City Pavilion soon after .

Leaning against the back of the wheelchair, Lu Fan put a pot of wine onto the stove . He picked up a green plum with wooden tweezers . Then, he shook the snow off the fruit and put the green plum into the boiling wine . He also added the peach petals he had just picked into the wine .

The green plum sank and emerged again . The peach petals whirled about like a teenage girl’s dress train . The color of the wine changed . A faint sour smell spread in the air .

After a long while, Lu Fan raised his sleeve . He poured the green plum wine into his bronze liquor cup .

He took a sip . A feeling of warmth spread over his body . The wine had a special fragrance of Biluo Peach Blossoms and Spirit Qi dissolved in it . It flowed down his throat to his stomach, making his stomach burn like a fireplace .

Lu Fan smacked his lips . It felt really good and pleasing to take a sip of warm wine on a snowy day like this .

Holding the green plum wine in one hand, Lu Fan looked at the lake by the rail . The lake was misty .

Bai Qingniao had infiltrated the capital city and gotten injured . It caught Lu Fan’s attention .

It was not only because Bai Qingniao’s method Nine Phoenixes Transformation was a little peculiar, but also because the girl, Bai Qingniao, had been staying on the island for quite a long time and she could be regarded as a member of White Jade City .

Lu Fan was good-tempered, and he also tended to protect his men .

Lines jumped in front of his eyes .

What happened in the Imperial Garden of Zijin Palace was instantly played back before him .

A long time passed .

Lu Fan’s eyes became clear again .

“Humans are intellectuals . They have a vital essence . Eating humans to cultivate will turn you into a monster…”

Lu Fan frowned slightly .

Yuwen Xiu had been feeding the Black Dragon with blood and flesh . Although it sped up the Black Dragon’s cultivation, it also had many drawbacks . It would completely bring about the Black Dragon’s animality, which would gradually develop into cruelty .

Lu Fan shook his head . He seemed a little disappointed .


“In the worst-case scenario, I’ll just remake it . ”

Lu Fan tapped the rail .

By now, Tantai Xuan had founded the Great Xuan Dynasty and Overlord had founded Western Liang . Both of the two powers were attacking Great Zhou…

Lu Fan did not want to intervene in a world war like this . As for Black Dragon, he could just send Nie Changqing to take it back when Great Zhou collapsed .

Lu Fan took a sip of the warm green plum wine and breathed out .

He closed his eyes slowly .

Controlled by his mind, the system page popped up .

After staring at the system page for a long time, Lu Fan took out the Spirit Pressure Chessboard . He placed chess pieces on the chessboard unhurriedly .

He set up the Wind Rain Strategy on the chessboard .

When Lu Fan was at his best, he focused on the Available Points .

Owning 1083 Available Points, he was absolutely rich in terms of Available Points .

This time, Lu Fan did not add all of the Available Points to Soul Strength .

It was mainly because he had already stored five thousand wisps of Spirit Qi and upgraded to Refined Qi Level Four . He did not need to add one thousand points to Soul Strength again .

Instead, Lu Fan started to pay attention to his Physique Strength, which he had neglected for a long time .

Although he was titled Qi Refiner, and it was a permanent title, Qi Refiners did not necessarily have weak bodies .

On the contrary, every Qi Refiner had an extremely strong body . That was the only way to weather the storm and resist the marks time left on human bodies as it passed so that they could be immortal and their Qi refining would not be affected .

So, Lu Fan added five hundred Available Points to Physique Strength first .

And the remaining five hundred points went to Soul Strength .

He did not add all of them all at once . Instead, he added one hundred points to Physique Strength first and then one hundred points to Soul Strength .

In this way, he added all of the points little by little .

As for the remnant eighty-three Available Points, he would just keep them .

Sitting calmly in the wheelchair, he was expecting the change that was supposed to come .

Adding five hundred Available Points to Physique Strength led to a great change in Lu Fan .

Lu Fan felt his blood boil . It was running fast with loud noises as if Lu Fan’s blood vessels were about to explode .

Every part of his body started to change . His bones, skin, blood vessels, internal organs… All of these were changing .

The bandeaux Lu Fan was wearing to hold his hair in position exploded . His hair was now dancing wildly as if it had come back to life . His hair, like iron needles piercing the air, created many black small holes in the air .

On Lake Island, kneeling before the Master’s grave, the unkempt scholar Kong Nanfei was suddenly shocked .

A terrifying pressure made him almost unable to breathe .

He looked back at White Jade City Pavilion with fear and astonishment . He saw something like a god or a demon standing there .


Kong Nanfei had always thought he was strong . After reaching Internal Organs, although he had not refined all of his internal organs, he inherited the Master’s Righteousness Qi . And with his Spirit Qi cultivation method, he was sure he could stay safe even if the enemy was Overlord .

However, at this moment, he did not even have the courage to move .

Facing this energy, he was like an ant facing a giant mountain .

“This is the strength of the owner of White Jade City?”

In the snow, Kong Nanfei’s forehead was covered with sweat .

Meng Haoran and Mo Tianyu threw him a weird look . They were not at Internal Organs yet, so they could not sense that dread .

In other words, they were so weak that they were unqualified to even sense that energy .

At this moment on Lake Island, besides Kong Nanfei, only the little Responsive Dragon in Beiluo Lake was also in Internal Organs Realm .

Lying prone on the Dragon Gate, the little Responsive Dragon closed its wings, daring not move .

Thick clouds gathered over White Jade City Pavilion .

Lightning seemed to be flashing in the clouds .

Kong Nanfei put his hands on the ground to steady his body . That depressing, dreadful, and unspeakable energy made him continue sweating . His sweat droplets kept falling down into the snow .

Meng Haoran and Mo Tianyu were a little lost .

“What’s wrong?” Mo Tianyu asked immediately .

He took the turtle shell and the copper coin out . “Do you want me to tell your fortune?”


Kong Nanfei, soaked in sweat, hurriedly looked up . His eyes were bloodshot . “No… Don’t!”

Mo Tianyu was speechless .

“I’m fine . I’m all right… Just need a minute . ”

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Kong Nanfei looked at White Jade City Pavilion, panting .

That dreadful energy did not spread beyond Lake Island .

The cultivators on the West Mountain of Beiluo could sense nothing .

Only Nie Changqing and Ning Zhao, who had refined all of their five organs, vaguely sensed it .

Jing Yue vaguely sensed it too, because he had comprehended the sword spirit . And his sword spirit was shaking at this moment .

On Lake Island, the weather changed .

While thick clouds were moving, thunder seemed to be roaring and lightning seemed to be flashing .

The Thousand Blades Chair Lu Fan was seated in was also transforming . All of the silver blades flew out, filling every inch of space around him .

The Phoenix Feather Sword was floating in the air . Its red light shone upon Lu Fan’s face .

At this moment, Lu Fan was staring at the system page .

[Host: Lu Fan]

[Title: Qi Refiner (permanent)]

[Refined Qi Level: 3 (progress towards Refined Qi Level 4: 5055/10000 wisps)]

[Soul Strength: 608 (exchangeable: 521)]

[Physique Strength: 510 (exchangeable: 510)]

[Spirit Qi: 4790 wisps]

[Available Points Awarded: 83]

His Physique Strength increased five hundred points all at once, as a result of which, Lu Fan felt a huge change occurring .

Lu Fan was standing on the second floor of White Jade City Pavilion .

He was no longer sitting in his wheelchair anymore .

Under Lu Fan’s control, the Indestructible Demonic Body started to work . As it worked, the imbalanced feeling caused by the soaring Physique Strength was finally offset .

Lu Fan looked into himself . He saw something new in his cinnabar field .

There were many drops of black liquid, each of them contained extremely powerful energy .

Lu Fan was going to call one drop of this black liquid .

However, a prompt popped up when he was on the verge of doing it .

[Exchange 100 points of Physique Strength for one drop of Magic Demon Blood?]

Magic Demon Blood?

Lu Fan was dumbstruck . He hurriedly canceled the call .

He asked the system what Magic Demon Blood was .

The system did not explain it to him . Therefore, Lu Fan could not figure out what Magic Demon Blood was used for .

But since one hundred points of Physique Strength could only be exchanged for one drop, he supposed it must be extremely powerful .

It could be regarded as something like a trump card .

“Physique Strength’s points can be exchanged for Magic Demon Blood, while Soul Strength can be used to refine Spiritual Sense…”Lu Fan thought .

Therefore, Magic Demon Blood could not be weaker than Spiritual Sense .

He restricted his energy . Lu Fan looked up at the clouds that seemed to rumble with thunder . He could not help but laugh .

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“Thunder Calamity?

“By the way… I still have a Natural Law Thunder Calamity Experience Reward available . ”

Lu Fan smiled .

However, that Thunder Calamity Experience Reward should be different from the Thunder Calamity suspended over his head at the moment .

The Thunder Calamity suspended over his head was a calamity created by the Origin of this world .

Since even the Origin of this world was created by Lu Fan, this Thunder Calamity certainly could not pose any threat to him .

The Origin of this world sensed something way more powerful than this world, so it created a Thunder Calamity automatically .

Lu Fan smiled .

He shifted his consciousness .

“Exchanging five hundred points of Soul Strength for Spirit Qi…”

By exchanging five hundred points of Soul Strength for Spirit Qi, he would get five thousand wisps of Spirit Qi…

Lu Fan had 5055 wisps of Spirit Qi at the moment . With the new five thousand wisps, Lu Fan would have more than ten thousand wisps of Spirit Qi in storage!

Refined Qi Level Four!


A Spirit Qi storm started with Lu Fan at the center .

Over Lu Fan’s head, thunder and lightning crackled in the clouds, on the verge of breaking out .

Like a water tank full to overflowing, a thick lightning bolt finally flashed through in the clouds .

The lightning flashed across the sky with great power .


It smelt burnt in the air .

Meng Haoran, kneeling in the distance, opened his eyes wide in shock .

“Master, it is thundering and lightning!

“Master! That flash of lightning struck Young Master Lu!”

Kong Nanfei was panting heavily . He was looking at White Jade City Pavilion in shock . However, Kong Nanfei’s exclamations really pissed him off . He could not help but hit Meng Haoran’s over the head .

“Stay quiet!”

Compared to the low-profile change of Lu Fan’s body, the Thunder Calamity created by the Plane’s Origin shocked the whole of Beiluo City .

The crowd on West Mountain also looked over .

They saw thick lightning bolts flashing over Beiluo Lake .

At that moment, it was as bright as the daytime . The whole of Beiluo City seemed to be illuminated .

Clouds and flying snowflakes exploded!

“Young Master?!”

“This is the prestige of the heavens!”

“What did Young Master Lu do? Even the heavens are pissed off?”

On West Mountain, many cultivators were shocked .

Nie Changqing and Ning Zhao did not show any hesitation . They jumped up and turned into two white lights that flew across the city towards Beiluo Lake .

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Ni Yu, carrying the black pot on her back, was also dumbstruck . She dropped the sugar-coated Gathering Qi Elixirs in her hand on the ground without noticing it in her fear . Then, she hurried towards Lake Island .

And on Lake Island, on the second floor of White Jade City’s pavilion, thunder struck .

Thousands of silver blades piled together and turned into a wheelchair .

Lu Fan, with his white clothes fluttering, sat in the wheelchair . He looked up at the lightning .

His hair blew . The corner of his lips lifted .

He picked up a chess piece with his forefinger and middle finger . Then, he threw it up .

The chess piece suspended in the air immediately and bumped against the lightning bolt .

The lightning bolt instantly turned into starlight and vanished . The clouds also disappeared .

Yuanchi City was not far from Beiluo City . Mo Beike ordered his coachman to go at top speed . In this way, he finally arrived in Beiluo City .

Lu Changkong came to the city gate to receive him after learning about his arrival .

“Giant, it’s really you this time, isn’t it?”

Lu Changkong put on a fake smile .

He still remembered Mo Beike’s last visit to Beiluo, only he turned out to be Yinyang School’s philosopher Wei Luan .

In the end, Wei Luan had an easy death .

However, Lu Changkong brought this up anyway .

Mo Beike’s heavy eyebags trembled . He did not take offense . Smiling, he answered, “City Lord Lu, that was funny . I came this time on behalf of the Lord of Beixuan . I would like to see Young Master Lu . ”

“Great Xuan is sending troops against Great Zhou . So, we would like to know what Young Master Lu and White Jade City thinks about this . ”

Lu Changkong’s eyes narrowed involuntarily .

He had certainly heard that Tantai Xuan founded Great Xuan .

“Giant, actually, you didn’t have to come . Beiluo City doesn’t want to compete for the world . Fan’er’s attitude is clear . As long as others don’t offend us, we won’t offend others,” Lu Changkong said with a smile .

Mo Beike was going to add something .

However, suddenly, thunder roared . The entire Beiluo City was shocked .

Lu Changkong turned pale . He gave off extremely powerful energy . Even Mo Beike was too pressured to speak .

That was the energy of the Internal Organs Realm .

“Giant, excuse me!”

Lu Changkong turned pale . He looked back at White Jade City Pavilion .

That astonishing thick lightning bolt flashed through the clouds and struck Lake Island .

He was worried about Lu Fan’s safety, so he stopped talking to Mo Beike .

He headed for Lake Island at top speed .

Mo Beike’s face trembled as he was feeling the dreadful energy remaining in the air .

“This is the cultivators’ Internal Organs Realm!” Mo Beike exclaimed .

“It’s really strong! Strong enough to make people tremble . Kong Xiu, that old man, defeated a man like this in Dongyang County?

“He defeated an Internal Organs cultivator with a mortal body? I’m really not a match for him . ”

Then, he walked towards Beiluo Lake slowly, his hands behind his back .

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