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Chapter 187
Chapter 187: The Master Defending the Country’s Border

The Tianji Order caused a disturbance in the whole world .

This was another grand event after the Hundred Schools of Philosophy challenged Lu Ping’an from Beiluo . Beiluo City remained at the center of the grand event .

Lu Changkong was not in armor . He was standing on the city tower in civilian clothes, a thick cloak draping over his shoulders .

Luo Yue, carrying his knife, stood behind him .

A row of Beiluo’s Dragon Blood Army was standing at the head of the city tower, looking over at the boundless plains outside Beiluo City . It was snowing .

Every soldier in the Dragon Blood Army gave off strong energy . It was not only the aura of Spirit Qi, but also the Dragon Blood Qi from the Dragon’s Blood Elixir .

This was a real elite army, an army strong enough to be a trump card .

An army that could not be outshined by South County’s South Manor Army, West County’s Xiang Family’s Army, or the capital city’s Black Dragon Guard .

On the boundless plain outside of Beiluo City, the land was covered in snow . The bare branches of the few old trees on the plains were bent over by the weight of snow .

As horses galloped by, snow was shaken off the trees, spilling on the ground .

Before Beiluo City, many people were traveling on the state highway covered in snow .

They were cultivators from all over the world .

The anomaly of the world that happened a few days ago had created many cultivators . They had just achieved the Qi Core Realm and had not gotten any cultivation methods, but they still could be called cultivators .

These people were very excited to hear about Lu Fan’s lecture on cultivation . They came to Beiluo City from all over the world .

Some of them were young masters from aristocratic families . They came with their servants, who carried their luggage for them . It was a big fanfare .

They would cup hands and greet each other when they met other cultivators who were also young masters from aristocratic families on the way . Then, they would travel together to Beiluo .

There were martial arts practitioners from the Jianghu people as well, but this time, they were real martial arts practitioners .

Not the same ruffians of last time at all .

It was surprising that the cultivators who came to Beiluo also included some youngsters from poor families .

They captured Spirit Qi in the anomaly of the world . When they heard about Young Master Lu’s lecture on cultivation, they came in groups .

They wore torn clothes that had been patched up over and over again, carrying luggage on their own . They did not have horses . It was winter, but they were still wearing straw shoes . Step by step, they headed off on a hard journey towards Beiluo with a resolute heart .

All kinds of cultivators assembled in Beiluo .

Many people saw the magnificent Beiluo from far away . Looking at Beiluo City shrouded in abundant Spirit Qi, they felt like they had seen an immortal land .

They were all amazed . Some Confucius students even recited poems involuntarily .

Certainly, when these people had been before the city gates of Beiluo, they did not have the nerve to become unbridled again .

Beiluo City was not a place where people could be unbridled . The whole world had heard of the shocking incident of ruffians getting killed here .

People applauded Beiluo for it, but they were also terrified .

Beiluo City seemed all the more mysterious and powerful to them .

Many cultivators saw Lu Changkong and the Dragon Blood Army on the city tower .

The abundant blood and Qi, as well as the tremendous Spirit Pressure oppressed the cultivators before the city gate to such an extent that it took a great effort to go through the city gate .

Two soldiers from the Dragon Blood Army questioned the visitors .

No one dared to refuse, because some Jianghu people who had refused their questioning were subdued by Dragon Blood Army’s knives and imprisoned in Beiluo City’s dungeon after some struggling .

A cultivator’s army!

This was the first time civilians had seen a cultivator’s army .

They were even more shocked when they had entered Beiluo City .

There was an abundance of Spirit Qi . They literally thought they had arrived at an immortal land .

Many young masters from aristocratic families did not want to leave . They planned to buy a house in Beiluo City, no matter how much it would cost them .


They were told houses and lands in Beiluo City were not for sale .

At last, they all came to Beiluo Lake .

White Jade City was somewhere on the lake .

Many people were attracted to this place because of its reputation . They stood on the shore, staring .

Looking at the pavilion on the island that could only be vaguely seen amidst the abundant Spirit Qi, they were really amazed .

On top of the city tower, Lu Changkong squinted .

He looked into the distance .

Some armored horsemen had appeared . Lu Changkong’s eyes narrowed . An imperceptible shrewd light flashed in his eyes .

They were the emperor’s bodyguards, the Thirteen Black Dragon Armored Men…

Horses were galloping at full speed and snow splattered everywhere .

Horses neighed .

The leader of the pack was a man in black light armor .

His energy was strong . He was probably at the peak of the Qi Core Realm . He did not get off his horse . Instead, he remained on horseback .

Ten-odd more black-armored horsemen were behind him . However, their light armor and the leader’s light armor had different designs .

Their leader was the emperor’s bodyguard, one of the Thirteen Black Dragon Armored Men .

The others were all regular Black Dragon Guards .

Pulling in the reins, the leader squinted . Many pedestrians before the city gate were scared out of the way .

After all, these Black Dragon Guards had a reputation of being ferocious and cruel . They would kill people without blinking an eye . Most importantly, the Spirit Qi pressure from these Black Dragon Guards really freaked out the cultivators who were yet strong .

“Make way!”

“Black Dragon Guard is traveling by . Idlers go away!”

Two Black Dragon Guards jumped off their horses .

They were clearing the way .

The cultivators from all over the world crowded before the city gate were instantly pushed aside .

The Black Dragon Guards even pushed some of the poorer cultivators in straw shoes to the other side of the state highway . One such cultivator fell . He got to his feet from the snow-covered ground, angry but not daring to say anything .

The Black Dragon Guard leader was riding his horse in a slow canter .

He came to the city tower .

Lu Changkong, in his Confucius robes, followed by Luo Yue, went down the city tower .

Several soldiers from the Dragon Blood Army were standing with their knives .

“I’m Liu Tao, the thirteenth armored man from the Thirteen Black Dragon Armored Men . Nice to meet you, City Lord Lu . ”

The leader cupped his hands on the horseback when he saw Lu Changkong .

Lu Changkong slightly frowned .

Behind him, Luo Yue squinted at the black-armored leader .

“You are already in Beiluo City . Get off your horse!” Luo Yue yelled .

The Black Dragon Guards behind Liu Tao hesitated . Finally, they got off their horses, but the leader, Liu Tao, did not .

Liu Tao cupped his hands at Lu Changkong . He said with a smile, “City Lord Lu, His Majesty sent me here to record Young Master Lu’s lecture on cultivation . Unless Young Master Lu is here in person, I won’t get off my horse . ”

When that had been said, it was instantly super quiet before the city tower .

Then, the air was charged with tension . The wind and snow felt like iron knives .

Around them, the cultivators who had come to Beiluo for the lecture started to talk about it in a low voice .

The poor cultivators who had been pushed away stared at the leader in anger .

Lu Changkong did not speak .

However, Luo Yue’s mouth hung open and his eyes were startled . He unsheathed the knife he had been carrying at the waist right away .

“You son of a bitch . What did you say?!”

Luo Yue flew into a rage .

Liu Tao acted like he was superior to the rest . But who the heck was he? How dare he be so rude to Lu Changkong, the city lord of Beiluo?

Liu Tao squinted .

The Black Dragon Guards immediately unsheathed their knives .

The air turned cold and tense all of a sudden .

The Dragon Blood Army behind Luo Yue also unsheathed their weapons . The two parties were facing down . The clash of their energies drove the wind and snow away .

Liu Tao, in his black armor, looked extremely cold .

As the emperor’s bodyguard, one of the Thirteen Black Dragon Armored Men, he was favored by the emperor and learned Dao from the Black Dragon . In this way, he had become enlightened and learned a killing movement . His strength improved a lot . So, he stood out from the competitive Black Dragon Guard and joined the Thirteen Black Dragon Armored Men . His fame soared in the capital city . Any minister would have to treat him with respect when they saw him .

He killed many ministers, too .

Therefore, Liu Tao became proud . He knew Beiluo City was powerful . After all, the number one cultivator power, White Jade City, was headquartered in Beiluo City .

However, Liu Tao, who had learned Dao from the Black Dragon, felt worthy of Beiluo City . He would be able to do whatever he wanted in Beiluo City, unless White Jade City’s disciples acted against him .

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Besides, he was there on behalf of Yuwen Xiu, the emperor . Why should he get off his horse?

Lu Changkong smiled .

“I’ve heard that His Majesty’s Thirteen Black Dragon Armored Men are like monsters in the capital city, that a lot of people were killed and everyone living in the capital city is afraid of you . Seeing what I am seeing now, I believe it’s true,” Lu Changkong said .

Liu Tao squinted .

“Now that City Lord Lu has agreed, please let us enter the city,” Liu Tao said .

The smile on Lu Changkong’s face faded and vanished a little . “That being said, the capital city is the capital city, and Beiluo is Beiluo…

“Even if His Majesty had come in person, His Majesty would get off his horse at the sight of me… You are just a bodyguard . Who gave you the guts and confidence to defy?

“Try remaining on horseback and see what happens,” Lu Changkong said .

As soon as he finished speaking, the air in Beiluo City was charged with even more tension .

All the soldiers from Dragon Blood Army looked ready to kill Liu Tao .

Liu Tao lifted his head slowly . He stared at Lu Changkong .

His black armor started to tremble slightly . Spirit Qi was flowing into his Qi Core . It sounded like the Black Dragon’s low chime .

“Lu Changkong…”


All of a sudden, as soon as Liu Tao spoke, he was suddenly as pale as a ghost, because a dreadful pressure suddenly befell him . The Spirit Qi flowing in his body became stagnant in an instant . He could not even mobilize it .

“How dare a nobody like you call my father by his name?” a flat voice said .

It lingered around the city tower .

The dreadful pressure felt as heavy as a giant mountain .

Liu Tao’s eyeballs were almost popping out of his eye sockets .

He was terrified . He despaired .

This pressure was even more dreadful than the pressure from His Majesty’s black dragon .

Then, a silver ray of light flew across the sky like a shooting star .

It showed up all of a sudden and flew around the city gate . However, before anyone could come to themselves, it vanished .

As if…

It never appeared .

And this was just an illusion .

However, blood splattered from Liu Tao’s neck while he was still sitting atop his horse .

He looked astonished and terrified .

His head flew into the sky when the silver ray of light had vanished .

The dead body in light armor fell off the horse .

Luo Yue, unsheathing his knife, paused involuntarily .

Looking at Liu Tao’s dead body, Lu Changkong was also shocked .

Was that Lu Fan’s voice?

“Hahaha… How dare you look down on the city lord of Beiluo!”

“Our Young Master always protects his family and friends . He’ll kill you without any warning!”

Luo Yue burst out laughing immediately .

Lu Changkong also smiled . He looked back in the direction of Lake Island . His son would certainly protect him .

“Keep the others in the dungeon,” Lu Changkong, said to a soldier next to him with his hands behind his back .

“Send a message back to His Majesty . Black Dragon Guard Liu Tao was killed for offending the city lord of Beiluo . The other Black Dragon Guards will be sent back to the capital city when the lecture on cultivation is over . ”

The soldier left to carry out the order right away .

Luo Yue waved his hand to command the Dragon Blood Army to act . Pointing at the Black Dragon Guards, he said with a cold smile, “Tie them all up!”

The disturbance before the city gate vanished .

People had thought it would be a severe clash and cause a great disturbance .

However, it ended so fast .

They thought that Liu Tao would pose a big threat . After all, he was the emperor’s bodyguard…

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However, he was killed in three seconds .

What a tragedy!

It was said that Young Master Lu had acted in person . As expected…

Rumor had it that Young Master Lu was really bad-tempered, and it turned out to be true .

Instantly, the cultivators from all over the world became all the more careful not to cause even the slightest trouble .

Lake Island, Beiluo .

On the second floor of White Jade City’s pavilion .

Lu Fan watched the snowfall by the railings . The flying snow was pleasing to his eyes .

Ning Zhao was heating green plum wine in the snow . With her hair hanging over her shoulders, she looked very gentle .

A silver ray of light flew over from far away . It stopped before Lu Fan . Falling slowly, it entered the wheelchair .

Killing Liu Tao was nothing to Lu Fan .

Lu Fan would always protect people close to him, no matter what they had done .

Nie Shuang was hurt by the punch of the Lord of Xirong, so Lu Fan swatted the latter to death . Of course, he would deal with Liu Tao, who looked down on Lu Changkong .

However, Lu Fan was surprised by the energy in Liu Tao’s body .

“The Black Dragon’s energy…”

Lu Fan raised his eyebrow . He tapped the arm of his wheelchair .

He had not paid any attention to the Black Dragon for some time . However, judging from Liu Tao’s energy, this little thing seemed to be on a narrower path .

He stopped thinking about it .

Three days had passed . He had promised to explain the anomaly of the world to people, and it was time to do it .

And it was time to guide the development of cultivators for the Jianghu people as well .

He would like to realize a cultivators’ version of the Hundred Schools of Philosophy before this world became a Mid Level Martial World .

Dongyang County .

On the city tower of the frontier city .

Mayor Yang Mu’s armor had broken into pieces . He was covered in blood . He climbed onto the city wall to direct the army .

The battle to defend the city was difficult .

Some of these Dongyi people were very strange . They were unafraid of death .

They climbed the walls barehanded . They did not retreat even though they were struck by knives or swords or hit by giant rocks, and not even when their heads had been smashed and tilted . They just kept climbing, in defiance of death . This made the city defense much more difficult .

“Imperial Advisor, retreat into the city, please .

“It’s too dangerous here,” Dongyang County Mayor Yang Mu said to Kong Xiu .

Mo Tianyu’s face, after turning white, regained color and became ruddy, as if he had found courage, too .

These soldiers showed so much courage in defending their city . They were fearless in the face of death . This made Mo Tianyu feel brave too .

He wanted to unsheathe a sword and charge into the enemies to kill them too .

However, at the thought of the Master, Mo Tianyu restricted himself . He said to the Imperial Advisor, “Master, let’s leave first . It’s safer in the city . ”

However, the Imperial Advisor Kong Xiu waved his hand .

He looked at the large, elegant man standing on the small boat far away .

Dongyang County Mayor Yang Mu and Mo Tianyu were shocked when he rejected their advice .

Yang Mu frowned . “Imperial Advisor, please leave the city tower . I can’t let anything happen to you . ”

The Imperial Advisor was an important Confucianist of the country . If something happened to him in Dongyang County, Yang Mu would certainly be the one to blame .

Mo Tianyu panicked .

He thought of the hexagram he had read before leaving . The hexagram for the Master and the Book Pavilion was a great blessing…

Great blessing? That was bullsh*t!

Cold sweat almost rolled down Mo Tianyu’s forehead .

“Why should I retreat?” the Imperial Advisor Kong Xiu said slowly .

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“Aren’t the lives of those soldiers who are protecting the country equally precious?

“They might have parents waiting for them to at the door every day, virtuous wives eager to see them again and young kids waiting for them to show up so that they can grow up with their parents… They are many people’s hopes . Aren’t their lives more precious than mine?

“Why must I be the one to retreat?” the Master said in a calm voice .

Calm but powerful .

Yang Mu was shocked . His hand shook .

Mo Tianyu instantly turned pale .

The old hunchbacked Master in his eyes appeared to be straight-backed again . His senility and lethargy were completely gone . He seemed to be the young man who had visited the Hundred Schools of Philosophy once more .


Shapeless Qi assembled over the frontier city all of a sudden and formed some thick clouds .

The Master smiled .

He was gorgeous and eye-catching .

“Lv Dongxuan and the other few old men believed they were the last of the glorious era of the Hundred Schools of Philosophy, but they forgot that I had defeated them alone when we were young . ”

“I overwhelmed them when we were young . And now, how can I miss out on being the last of the glorious era of the Hundred Schools of Philosophy?”

The Master placed his hands behind his back . His Confucius robe was fluttering in the wind .

His laugh echoed in the city tower .

He took a step forward .

His slim body seemed to burst with tremendous energy .

He opened his mouth . His eyes bulged .

He talked passionately and confidently . His eloquence was as amazing as lotus flowers .

Righteous and tremendous energy gathered over his head .


The next second…

Everyone in the frontier city of Dongyang County was wrapped by warm energy . War drums and horns sounded in their hearts .

They felt a strong power, which was supporting and encouraging them .

It gave them hope and courage!

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Everyone was extremely eager to fight . The fear of the fearless Dongyi people, the fear of the insane enemy was instantly gone .

On the city tower, the soldiers were beating the drums stripped to the waist . They were snarling . Bathed in the righteous energy, they beat the drums harder than ever . Their faces flushed red because they were beating both sides of the drums at the same time with so much effort . The drumbeats were deafening .

As if the drumbeats were expressing the city’s will…

The drummers would not go home until the enemy was repulsed!

Yang Mu’s blood was boiling . He fixed his eyes on the Imperial Advisor . His body was shaking . So was his face .

As Dongyang County’s Mayor, he was certainly not dumb . Since the message sent to the capital city had got no response, he guessed what the emperor in the capital city was thinking .

The emperor intended to take advantage of the barbarians to weaken all counties .

Yang Mu had been desperate . However, the Master had left the capital city and come to the east, giving Yang Mu hope again .

At that moment, shrouded in the righteous energy from the Master, looking at the hunchbacked Master who would not retreat, why should he be desperate?

He wished he could be a sword to kill the Dongyi people!

He raised his sword and snarled .

“Kill them!”

Mo Tianyu was struck dumb .

The copper coin he used to read hexagrams slipped out of his hand and fell to the ground with a silvery sound .

At that moment, he could see nothing but the Master with righteous energy gathering above his head .

At that moment…

The Master was defending the county’s border .

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