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Chapter 179
Chapter 179: Qi Refiner Realm Boss?!

The violent gale suddenly hit .

At this moment, the Spirit Qi diffused in the world condensed into a palm, which was vividly reproduced and seemed extremely real . Even the lines were visible .

A fearsome feeling of power spread throughout the battlefield, making even the Overlord catch his breath .

This kind of pressure left the Overlord sweating and made his hair stand on end . Even though he had currently entered the Internal Organs Realm, before the appearance of the Spirit Qi palm, he could not muster up even a shred of fighting spirit .

“This is…”

The Overlord immediately forgot all about the curses the twisted spirit of the Buddhist monk was spouting .

Moreover, he was not concerned about the curses at all .

“Young Master Lu?” The Overlord murmured .

Only that young man in White Jade City could perform this kind of theurgy, to condense a palm from thousands of miles away .

Then, the palm crashed down, as the twisted spirit of the Buddhist monk let out a miserable wail .

He wanted to escape and spread out into the world, but he was unable to avoid this palm, as it enveloped him straight away and fiercely smashed him into the ground .

The Overlord could suddenly feel the earth shake from the impact .

Then, he heard the Buddhist monk’s spirit wailing again from within the earth .

But the palm formed of Spirit Qi was merciless . It smacked the monk a few more times, as though it was swatting a fly .

The Buddhist monk’s spirit stopped its wailing, as it even entered a kind of stupor .

To the Overlord, it was an extremely familiar incident… It reminded him of himself back then, after he had received a savage beating from society .


As though it was picking up a small chick, the Spirit Qi palm pinched up the Buddhist monk’s spirit and vanished into thin air .

The Buddhist monk’s headless corpse fell backward like a log in the falling snow .


A gust of Spirit Qi blew by .

The corpse disintegrated into ashes right away, scattering into the wind .

In the distance…

The blonde man who was locked in combat with Nie Changqing sensed the Buddhist monk’s aura disappearing, and he stopped in his tracks .

Blocking the butcher knife in Nie Changqing’s hand with his own sword, he looked in the Buddhist monk’s direction in disbelief .

There, he saw the Buddhist monk’s corporeal body scattering into ashes…

It was going to disappear into the air completely!

This scene brought a horrific thought to the blonde man’s mind—the body would be destroyed without a trace .

Who did this?!

There was a cold feeling in the pit of the blonde man’s stomach as he thought of this world’s strange Lord of the Plane, who had yet to make his appearance or join a fight .

Was the Buddhist monk’s disappearance this Lord of the Plane’s doing?

“Although your strength is slightly above mine, still… how dare you get distracted in the midst of our battle?”

All of a sudden…

Nie Changqing’s voice resounded in the blonde man’s mind .

“Oh no!”

The blonde man was shaken as he looked toward Nie Changqing’s position in the next moment .

There, he saw…

The man dressed in white slowly spreading apart his arms, stretching them out in front of him, like a legendary giant bird spreading its wings .

The butcher knife was rotating at high speed in front of him, and as it spun, it let out a sharp sound as it cut through the air .

Wisps of Spirit Qi were gushing forth from Nie Changqing’s Qi Core .

The Spirit Qi was converging around the butcher knife .

It transformed into a phantom blade that was gradually becoming solid .

“Knife Control Technique,” Nie Changqing said impassively .

Following this, he raised his hand and brought it down fiercely toward the blonde man as though he was holding a huge phantom blade .

The illusory blade that was over ten meters long came slashing downward suddenly .

The blonde man wanted to evade this attack, but he found himself unable to move away from under Nie Changqing’s phantom blade . Somehow a force made him unable to dodge .

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“This is… knife spirit?!”

The blonde man was taken aback . Even though it was only an indistinct knife spirit, but… the bonus it added to his combat power was extremely significant .

Things like knife spirits and sword spirits were difficult to comprehend .

He did not expect anyone to actually realize the existence of knife spirits in a Low Level Martial World like this one .

He was unable to escape .

The blonde man hurriedly raised the sword of light in his hands to block the attack!


The fearsome waves of Knife Qi seemed to slice apart the air itself .

An empty space was cut out through the sky filled with falling snow . As the snow drifted down from the sky, it bypassed the areas enveloped by the knife spirit .

The dust and gravel on the ground were pushed apart .

The sword of light in the blonde man’s hand was broken in two .

His golden locks of hair were cut, slowly falling on the ground . Following this, blood dripped down onto the falling golden hair .

A hideous gash stretched out from his waist as though he was almost split in half .

The dark red blood flowed out unceasingly .

Inside his body, the knife spirit was creating chaos and disrupting his life force .

The blonde man let out a cry of agony, staggering two steps before collapsing backward onto the ground .

He gasped for air hungrily .

Tiny beads of sweat were densely packed on his forehead .

The blonde man watched as Nie Changqing walked toward him, his eyes fixed on the man’s floating butcher knife .

A smile surfaced on his deathly pale face .

In this smile, there was a sense of helplessness and of release .

He raised a trembling bloodied hand, stroking his blonde hair . Raising his head, he saw that Nie Changqing was already standing before him, blocking his view of the snow that covered the sky .

“Will you do me a favor and give me a merciful and beautiful death?” the blonde man asked .

He did not want to meet an ugly end like that of the Buddhist monk .

Looking down on him from above, Nie Changqing’s face was stony and expressionless .

In his eyes, he saw what had happened in the long corridor of the Central Palace .

In that scene, he saw how the ancient cultivators had met a tragic end while facing the Alien Evil Spirits in battle . He saw images of the ancient Sovereign surrounded by many powerful enemies, refusing to hand over the Mountain River behind him at the cost of his life .

Slowly, he let out a long breath .

“I will not,” Nie Changqing replied .

As the words left his mouth, the blonde man’s expression immediately froze .


The butcher knife turned into a black blur, as it swept across him .

The blonde man’s head was thrown up high into the sky before it crashed into the ground .

In front of Nie Changqing, the butcher knife floated in the air .

Nie Changqing retrieved a white cloth handkerchief from his sleeve and gently wiped the dark-red blood off the butcher knife .

White snow blew past him as he did so, adding a touch of grace to this elegant scene .

From the blonde man’s headless corpse, a twisted spirit emerged .

It was comparable in its hideousness and madness to that of the Buddhist monk’s .

However, the blonde man’s spirit had an evil laugh .

He twisted around to stare at Nie Changqing who was wiping the butcher knife with the cloth and let out a weird and creepy laugh .

“A day will come when you all will meet invaders even stronger than us . You will feel how powerless you are, and you will also end up like me, having your heads chopped off as you suffer in despair…”

The blonde man was incomparably hideous .

Even so, Nie Changqing finished wiping the butcher knife, taking in the blonde man’s words very calmly .

He put away the cleaned butcher knife at his waist .

“I know . ”

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Nie Changqing was completely composed .

He glanced up at the sky full of falling snow .

“This land has been invaded by Alien Evil Spirits like yourself a long time ago . Elegies flow out from the ground here, the Sovereign has wept tears of blood, and the sky has wailed in mourning . ”

“Even so, we will grow stronger . We will not allow the regrets of the ancients to be repeated in this land,” Nie Changqing answered slowly .

The blonde man’s spirit was stunned .

This guy… What was he saying?

Were they not the first batch of invaders?!

This inhabitant of a Low Level Martial World was so strange .


Up in the sky, Spirit Qi gathered and transformed once again into a phantom palm .

Nie Changqing looked up at the palm, sensing a familiar aura, and a look of respect finally surfaced on his calm face .

“Moreover, this world… has the Young Master . ”

Nie Changqing’s unshaven lips curled up in a smile .

The Spirit Qi palm suddenly crashed down .

Trying to resist it, the blonde man’s spirit let out a miserable shriek .

Then, he met the same tragic fate as the Buddhist monk’s spirit, as the Spirit Qi palm gave him a vicious beating before he quieted down and stopped his howling .

Again, picking him up like one would pick up a small chick, the Spirit Qi palm vanished into thin air .

Nie Changqing watched the blonde man’s corpse disintegrate into ashes, scattering into the sky alongside the snow .

He let out a breath of warm air .

Shaking his head, he looked up at the gloomy skies . The falling white snow had an icy coldness as it fell on his face and soaked into his skin .

“Our world…”

“Is protected by our White Jade City . ”

Beiluo Lake Island .

Lu Fan grasped out in the air once again . They were really keeping him busy .

“These wanderers are somewhat quite weak . ”

Lu Fan was a little speechless .

When the quest completion objective the system gave him was to prevent the destruction of the White Jade City, Lu Fan had thought these wanderers would be very powerful .

However, these wanderers were so weak that they left Lu Fan feeling kind of disappointed .

He had wanted these wanderers to be stepping stones for Nie Changqing and the Overlord, but it was a pity…

They died very peacefully .


The formless Spirit Qi transformed into a storm .

The surface of Beiluo Lake suddenly sunk inward, as though an invisible boat was pushing down the water as it moved at high speed .

A loud roaring noise accompanied this event .

It alarmed the fishes and birds around the island .

Finally, the roaring noise subsided .

On the lake surface, the figures of two translucent spirits had appeared all of a sudden…

They were still in a state of disarray and had not yet recovered from the vicious beating they had endured .

Dense Spirit Qi floated around Lu Fan, as he sat in the Thousand Blades Chair, observing the two figures impassively .

The Internal Organs Realm was comparable to the Foundation Building Realm . Even though they were two different cultivation methods, they were equal in terms of combat ability .

When one reached the Internal Organs Realm, one was able to see the inner workings of the body and control how Spirit Qi circulated within the body and temper the internal organs . This was because the soul had become stronger .

For this reason, when a powerful master of the Internal Organs Realm died, their soul would not be destroyed immediately and could temporarily appear in a solid state .

Under Lu Fan’s control, the dense Spirit Qi cut them off from the outside world .

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The spirits of the blonde man and the Buddhist monk regained consciousness .

After that, they saw Lu Fan .

The Buddhist monk and the blond man were both stunned…

He was a very good-looking young man, dressed in clothes whiter than snow and seated in a wheelchair .

However, the fact that the wheelchair was floating above the lake surface highlighted to them that he was no ordinary young man .

“The Lord of the Plane?!”

The spirits of the Buddhist monk and the blonde man let out cries of surprise .

Lu Fan shot both of them a sidelong glance and gave a slight nod .

He was not paying them much attention at this moment because something had happened when he brought the Buddhist monk and the blonde man into his custody .

Before his eyes, a system prompt had popped out .

[Appraisal quest: Resist the invasion of the four wanderers from the alien world and the Spiritual Sense duplicate of a Mid Level Martial World’s Lord of the Plane (current rate of progress: 3/5) . ]

Lu Fan rested his chin on one hand while tapping lightly on his wheelchair with the other .

“Rate of progress… Does this mean there are still two wanderers that haven’t been dealt with?”

Lu Fan gave it some thought .

While Lu Fan was thinking, the Buddhist monk and the blonde man had already recovered from their initial shock .

Looking straight at each other, they recognized the stunned look in each other’s eyes .

Very quickly, this stunned look transformed into a look of shock and rage!

They had been deceived!

They were the victims of a huge scam…

The young man in a wheelchair before them was no old Golden Elixir Realm monster .

They knew this because he did not emit the oppressive aura of one who had condensed a Golden Elixir .

He was not even at the Foundation Building Realm .

From what the spirits of the Buddhist monk and blonde man could sense…

This young man in front of them was only at the Qi Condensation Realm!

Just the Qi Condensation Realm!

How could the Buddhist monk and blonde man not be angered?

They had made the right bets, but… they were slain by the native inhabitants of this world .

This left them feeling awful . They were vexed and suffering greatly…

If Lu Fan were to try and describe their current emotional state, it would be a kind of despair equivalent to winning the top prize of a lottery and then discovering that the winning lottery ticket had been torn to shreds…

“Qi Condensation Realm… Haha… Actually just a Qi Condensation Realm…”

The blonde man did not know whether to cry or to laugh .

The Buddhist monk placed his palms together in prayer, his emotions in turmoil .

“Uh… Are you done lamenting?” Lu Fan asked lightly, looking at the Buddhist monk and the blonde man .

“I never expected the Lord of the Plane actually to be this weak . No wonder you never made a move . It turns out… it wasn’t that you didn’t want to, but that you couldn’t,” the blonde man remarked .

“If I knew you were this weak, we could have simply invaded the Great Zhou Dynasty and come straight to White Jade City to eliminate you!”

“Why did we bother stirring up the Five Barbarians to attack the Great Zhou…”

The blonde man was filled with regret .

Lu Fan rested his chin on one hand while the other hand stroking the Phoenix Feather Sword’s handguard, as he silently watched the blonde man muttering to himself .

The Buddhist monk’s spirit suddenly raised up his head .

“Now that we know… it’s still not too late!

“If we overcome this Lord of the Plane’s soul, we can take his place!”

A savage expression suddenly surfaced on the Buddhist monk’s peaceable face .

He suddenly transformed into the Evil Buddha .

He pounced savagely toward Lu Fan, who was seated in his wheelchair .

Lu Fan’s lips curled up in a sneer . He had detained the souls of the blonde man and the Buddhist monk and brought them here because he wanted to research their cultivation methods .

He did not expect the two of them to develop… a convenient misconception .

Was the vicious beating he had just given them… a false impression?

Did they conveniently forget how they had just been given a thrashing?

So what if he was at a Qi Refining level?

Was someone at a Qi Refining level not qualified to be a boss?

When he had refined a hundred levels of Qi, he would be able to eliminate all gods and demons under the heavens .

Lu Fan plucked at the wheelchair’s armrest lightly with his finger .

“Are you… out of your mind?”

A ray of silver light gathered and shot out .

With a poof…

It penetrated the space between the Evil Buddha spirit’s eyebrows, nailing him in midair .

The aura emitted from the silver blade was almost enough to disperse the Evil Buddha’s frail spirit .

From Lu Fan’s body, wisps of Spirit Qi had started to gush out .

There was a terrifying pressure, as though a fearsome power had broken the peace .

It was a dreadful oppressive feeling, as though a sleeping lion had just opened its eyes .

It was like the rising sun had come out over the horizon to shine its light over the earth .

The blonde man’s spirit went limp, dropping to his knees on the lake surface .

The howls of pain from the pinned Buddhist monk’s spirit came to an abrupt stop .

The fearsome aura spreading out through the world gave them the feeling that he could blow them to smithereens with just a little push .

“This aura…”

“A Gold… Golden Elixir Realm… monster!”

The blonde man was so scared that he could not speak properly .

The aura coming from Lu Fan at this moment was like a blazing sun .

If they were regular ghostly spirits, Lu Fan was like a blazing sun god .

A Golden Elixir Realm…

He was a damn Golden Elixir Realm cultivator!

They found that their bets had been wrong from the very beginning .

It was not that Lu Fan could not kill them, but he just could not be bothered to . The current reality had shown them the truth, and all their assumptions had been misconceptions .

It turns out… Lu Fan was really using them to sharpen the skills of Nie Changqing and the others .

Lu Fan paid no heed to the spirits of the blonde man and the Buddhist monk .

He simply raised his hand .

And lightly motioned toward the lake surface in front of him .

Instantly, the waters of the lake split apart .

From within the lake…

A ray of golden light soared upward .

Bathed in golden light, there was a twisted face numbed with desperation…

“Uh… there’s still two more to go,” Lu Fan said, tapping lightly on the armrest with his fingers .

In the distance…

When the blonde man and the Evil Buddha saw the golden light, they sensed the strong aura of Spiritual Sense coming from the golden light that threatened to blow their spirits apart .

It was a scene that threw them deeper into the pits of despair .

There was another Golden Elixir Realm monster!

Inside the lake… there was actually another hidden Golden Elixir Realm monster?!

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