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Chapter 174
Chapter 174: A Baby Chick Fell From The Sky

The silence that ensued was frightening .

Bending her neck a little, Ni Yu could clearly see the figure behind her . The expression on her face froze and her cheeks were suddenly stiff and numb .

She didn’t even feel remorseful that the sugarcoated elixir had fallen on the snow .

Of course, it was also because she believed in the five-second rule that the elixir would still be edible if she picked it up right away .

“Young…Young Master?!” Ni Yu spluttered .

Sitting in the wheelchair, Lu Fan stared at Ni Yu expressionlessly .

He didn’t scold Ni Yu though . Lu Fan had an extremely mild temper after all .

He simply raised his eyes slightly and waved his hand . A pebble from the lakeside flew to him and floated in the air . Lu Fan lifted his finger and gently wrote on the pebble .

Dust from the stone blew away in the wind .

Then, Lu Fan gestured with his hand, causing the pebble to fall on the ground, crushing the elixir .

“I have been in seclusion for three months . So maybe that’s why you think you can slack off . ”

“The refining manual of the Body Tempering Elixir is documented on this pebble . Take a look . I want to see the finished product in three days,” Lu Fan spoke in a soft voice, leaning forward in his wheelchair .

Ni Yu didn’t know what to do with her hands . She looked at the crushed elixir, heart-aching at the loss of the treat .

Was the Young Master a monster?

Why couldn’t he let an innocent elixir go?

Hands shaking, she picked up the pebble on the ground and read the elixir recipe carved on the pebble in tiny font .

No one else but the Young Master would carve an elixir recipe casually on a pebble .

Ni Yu pursed her lips .

Did she dare to refuse the Young Master?

“Young Master… Is your seclusion over?” Ning Zhao asked, looking at Lu Fan with her bright eyes . She combed her fingers through her hair .

Lu Fan nodded .

“Young Master,” she said, “Jing Yue and the others have left the island to fight against enemies in each county . ”

Ning Zhao continued, “The world is facing a huge crisis . ”

“I know . ”

Lu Fan remained calm and composed, unsurprised by the news .

Ning Zhao was puzzled for a moment, then she realized that the Young Master probably already knew about it .

Even though the Young Master rarely left the island, he was somehow aware of everything happening in the world when he sat in the pavilion alone .

Snow drizzled from the sky .

White snowflakes fell into their hair .

Naturally, the snow couldn’t touch Lu Fan . An invisible energy current flowed around his body and dispelled the snow .

Lu Fan rested his chin on one hand, a white coat draped over his shoulders .

Then, automatically, the Thousand Blades Chair wheeled itself down the White Jade City Pavilion and moved toward Beiluo Lake .

Ni Yu held the pebble in her hands and Ning Zhao looked after the Young Master in confusion .

In the distance, Yi Yue also opened her eyes from cultivating and rushed to them .

Inside the lake, the small Responsive Dragon leaped out through the ice as if it sensed Lu Fan’s presence . Lu Fan petted it briefly and it disappeared into the lake .

The Thousand Blades Chair moved slowly past the lakeside and floated above the lake like a lonely canoe .

It’s movement wrinkled the mirror surface of the lake .

Lu Fan reached the center of the lake and slowly raised his hand .

The lake split into halves suddenly and opened up .

Ni Yu and the rest were dumbstruck by this scene .

A giant golden ball rose from the bottom of the lake . Five different colors floated inside the golden ball .

The ball emitted energy of a tremendous momentum that frightened Ning Zhao and the other people on the island .

Even Ning Zhao, who had reached the Internal Organs Realm, didn’t dare to stare directly at the golden ball .

“What…What is that?”

Ning Zhao was intimidated .

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Gripping the pebble, Ni Yu gulped . “Could it be…a large fried dough the Young Master made?”

Ning Zhao didn’t know how to respond .

Above Beiluo Lake, Lu Fan’s hair was blowing in the wind . He looked at the floating Plane’s Origin which had the similar dimensions of a pan, then reached out his hand and put his palm on top .


A peculiar kind of wave started to surge .

The clouds above White Jade City broke up and swirled into an upside-down funnel .

A strange transformation began to take place .

South County .

It was raining outside of Nanjin City .

The pungent smell of blood permeated the air .

The situation on the battlefield was now under control . Jing Yue wielded the Jing Heaven Sword among the Nanman Army . His white robe was still spotless somehow .

The force of the sword affected hundreds of meters with one strike . Many Nanman soldiers were severely injured .

Jing Yue felt that even his sword spirit was well refined for this kind of attack .

In the distance, Hua Dongliu, the Sword Saint, was amazed by Jing Yue’s technique .

The essence of the sword cultivation borne out of flashy and complicate movements had returned to its original purity and simplicity . It was very difficult to master simple techniques like thrusting or sweeping .

He hadn’t expected Jing Yue to be able to understand that .

Hua Dongliu easily saw through what Jing Yue was after . Jing Yue wanted to refine his sword spirit, just like Hua Dongliu’s East Flowing sword spirit which had crushing power, mighty and irresistible as a rushing river .

Hua Dongliu had spent thirty years developing that East Flowing sword spirit .

Hua Dongliu flew down from the wall of the gate tower .

He pulled and brandished the Morning Chrysanthemum sword . Countless shadows of the sword fused and struck with great strength and energy .

Hua Dongliu landed next to Jing Yue .

“You need to maintain a steady stream of Qi in your heart to comprehend the sword spirit . You have to understand what you want from the bottom of your heart, what your sword wants,” Hua Dongliu explained .

He spoke with a smile, looking at Jing Yue, “The sword has its own spirit . If you understand that, you will be able to develop a sword spirit without too much trouble . ”

“The times are different now . Spirit Qi gives the sword a breath of life, so it’s become easier to develop the sword spirit . You just have to put your heart into it . ”

Holding the Jing Heaven Sword aloft, Jing Yue nodded .

He closed his eyes and tried to feel the Spirit Qi surging in his Qi Core .

Hua Dongliu didn’t say anymore . He charged at the enemy with his sword .

They might have been commoners living in the greenwood, nevertheless, the world was not simply full of the government and the officials . The populace was an important component of society .

How could they sit by idly and cower under the enemy’s attack?

The effectiveness of combat started to improve with the support of different groups in South County . The Nanman soldiers began to retreat frantically .

Tang Yimo had been fighting in a frenzied manner ever since he activated the second meridian .

He had killed most of the bizarre shamans in black robes .

Inside the woods, a deafening sound shook the ground .

A tall and brawny figure appeared from its dark depths .

The sod underneath his feet nudged him forward helplessly .

Tang Yimo’s body stiffened . He sensed a great deal of pressure as this man emerged .

“A cultivator from White Jade City?”

Wrapped in a black robe, the man was strong and muscular, yet moved with a soft and elegant manner .

He glanced at Jing Yue in the distance, then fixed his eyes on Tang Yimo .

“You’re cultivating a demonic technique . It’s a sin to sink into Demonic Cultivation . ”

The man in black robe crossed his fingers in front of his chest like a noble gentleman .

His demeanor seemed incongruous with his stature .

Tang Yimo didn’t waste time talking to him .

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His entire body was feverish, covered in bulging blue veins .

He lunged forward like a raging demon . The ground under his feet dented and cracked .

This muscular man must be the chief culprit who directed the Nanman Army and began this war . The Nanman Army would retreat as long as he killed this general .

“How grumpy . ”

The mud and soil under the man’s feet somehow shifted him out of reach .

Surprisingly, Tang Yimo couldn’t keep up .

It didn’t feel right .

“I’m at the Peak Foundation Building Realm,” the man said, contemptuously . “Judging by your cultivation method, even though you have a similar combat capability with those in the Foundation Building Realm, you still rely mostly on physical strength .

“You need to know that technique is where the real power lies .

“As strong as your body is, what good can it be if you can’t even come near me?”

Anger raging with his eyes, Tang Yimo picked up speed .

His skin began to bleed because he had activated the second meridian without much thought and his body hadn’t adapted to the power raging underneath his skin .

The muscular man chuckled .

He raised his hand and waved .


A giant stone pillar burst out of the ground abruptly .

Tang Yimo punched the pillar and blasted it to pieces .

With help from the moving ground, the muscular man slid far away and continued smiling elegantly .

He continued to wave and twist his fingers while chanting something with his mouth .

Spikes came out from the ground .

This bizarre technique sent cold shivers down the spines of those who saw .

Of course, Tang Yimo was not afraid . He exerted all of his strength and shattered the spikes .

“You have a strong body . Unfortunately, there is always a limit to physical strength…”

The muscular man smiled gracefully .

He raised his hands, palms facing each other .

Then he clapped his hands together .

The broken stones from the ground suddenly flew up into the air . Everything went black in front of Tang Yimo’s eyes .

Two hemisphere-shaped piles of dirt shot up and encased Tang Yimo .

They morphed into a sphere and fell to the ground quietly .

Stone dust skittered off the surface of the ball .

The muscular man smiled faintly .

He raised his head and looked at the wall of Nanjin City .

“The Lord of the Plane…”

He crossed his fingers in front of his chest once more . Even though he was only a drifter, he still wanted to maintain elegance .

Shamans in black robes appeared behind him again . Staring ahead vacantly, they had soulless expressions on their faces .

They were puppets who only moved with knowledge of their techniques .

Everyone was stunned to see Tang Yimo cocooned inside a dirt sphere .

Suddenly, Jing Yue opened his eyes .

An invisible wave of energy was surging around his body .

After a bit of practice, Jing Yue finally understood the true meaning of the sword spirit after that lecture from Hua Dongliu .

“My sword spirit…is to press forward with an indomitable will!” Jing Yue muttered .

He griped the Jing Heaven Sword hard in his hand .

It reminded him of the time when he was practicing in Beiluo Lake, the sense of accomplishment when he saw the water was split by his thrust .

Again, and again .

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The distance his sword could reach became longer and longer .


Jing Yue opened his eyes .

He felt as if his entire body was replaced by an invisible blade .

The sword spirit!

Gripping the sword tight, Jing Yue lunged forward and thrust .

A simple and unadorned move .

He jabbed at the muscular man .

The ground cracked beneath the force of the sword .

An invisible bolt of energy spurted out five hundred meters .

The moving ground under the muscular man’s feet stopped .

The man raised his hand and waved gently .

Dozens of stone planks rose from the ground under the attack from Jing Yue’s sword spirit .


The stone planks were pierced through by the force of the sword .

One by one, the stone planks cracked, unable to withstand the impact at all .

The sword penetrated 52 stone planks like darts through paper .

By the time it passed through the last stone plank, the force was so weak that it was barely detectable . It was almost like a breeze blowing against the muscular man .

It simply cut a strand of his hair .

“Swordsman . ”

The muscular man squinted .

The natives of this world were quite something .

The young man who had the physical strength of the Internal Organs Realm and this swordsman who pierced 52 stone planks with one thrust—they both had extraordinary talents .

They were remarkable .

Jing Yue frowned when his first strike failed . Holding the Jing Heaven Sword aloft once more, he took out a folded handkerchief from his pocket, opened it carefully, then picked up a Gathering Qi Elixir and put it in his mouth .

The Spirit Qi flowed through his body again .

He raised the sword .

He didn’t succeed with one strike, so he would try a few more!

The muscular man waved his hand .

The shamans behind him stepped forward and started to incant .

Whistling, spikes shot toward Jing Yue one by one as they chanted .

The disciples of the Daoist Pavilion led by Xie Yunling also roared and stepped forward into formation again .

A giant, round formation made by Spirit Qi floated in front of him and blocked the spikes .

On the city wall of Nanjin, a figure wearing a blue robe slowly came into view .

Sima Qingshan was tired . He had remained in the Dragon Gate for three months to improve his strength . He wanted to be able to kill the enemy with ease, like Nie Changqing .

Gripping the brush in his hand, he stared at the gory battlefield outside of Nanjin City .

He raised his head and relished the cold rain dripping onto his face .

Sima Qingshan retrieved and unfurled the unused paper he carried on his back . He flung the brush into the air and used the rain as ink .

Spirit Qi gushed from his Qi Core .

He painted with the rain .

Under the city wall of Nanjin, the muscular man’s view suddenly changed .

The bloody field covered with corpses vanished .

Instead, he could only see a misty, rainy sky . He seemed to be floating above a lake while the rain wrinkled the surface of the lake .

He looked around frantically only to discover the exact same scene in the same color palette in all directions .

Like he was trapped in a limitless cage .

On top of the gate tower of Nanjin City, Sima Qingshan face cracked a bright smile even though his face was white as a sheet .

The penurious painter drew a painting with the rain and encaged the muscular man .

North County .

The battlefield was a tragic sight because North County didn’t have powerful cultivators like Nie Changqing .

It had been an especially fierce and arduous fight .

Jiang Li led the army and had gained the upper hand . The North County armored horsemen clashed with the Xirong soldiers like ice and snow melting together .

Lord of Xirong watched Jiang Li in his silver armor .

“This is indeed an interesting world with plenty of gifted people… What a shame!” the Lord of Xirong exclaimed .

He thought he should give these talents their well-deserved respect .

He climbed down from his chariot and walked briskly toward Jiang Li like a swift shadow .

A sense of danger made Jiang Li’s blood run cold and his flesh creep .

Like the shadow of death had enveloped him in an instant .

Jiang Li pulled out his short sword instinctively and held it defensively in front of his chest .

The black shadow somehow stepped on the head of Jiang Li’s horse . He pointed at Jiang Li with one finger .

Jiang Li defended himself with the short sword .

A cracking sound .

The short sword shattered .

Jiang Li was thrown off the horse by a strong force . Blood spewed from his mouth .

Two cultivators from North County rushed to block the attack .

Chi Lian sprang toward them frantically .

Lord of Xirong simply waved his hand .


With frightening force, he tossed Chi Lian and other people away .

Lord of Xirong walked up to Jiang Li with deliberate steps .

“You’re talented . Tell me your name so I may remember you,” the Lord of Xirong said .

“You’re not the Lord of Xirong…” Jiang Li said in a soft voice, blood streaming down from the corner of his mouth as he examined the man in front of him .

“What I did was sinful,” the Lord of Xirong spoke hesitantly . “I couldn’t face all of you . That’s why I will use another man’s face . It’s the only way I can feel less guilty . ”

“Humph .

“What hypocrisy!” Jiang Li sneered .

“You don’t deserve to hear my name if you don’t dare to show your face,” Jiang Li said .

The compassion on the Lord of Xirong’s face vanished . He stared at Jiang Li expressionlessly and lifted a finger .

He reached out to poke the center of Jiang Li’s forehead between his eyebrows .

Chi Lian dashed toward them, yelling hysterically from afar .

Everything seemed to have lost its color and sound vanished from Jiang Li’s ears .

All of a sudden, a yellow baby chick flew in an arc across the sky, innocent and confused .

It fell into Jiang Li’s arms, bouncing a little from the force of its flight .

Lord of Xirong had been interrupted by a baby chick . He was dazed for a moment .


What was the meaning of this?

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