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Chapter 168
Chapter 168: Now that You Are a Demon, the Buddha Will Rescue You Demon

The Five Barbarians were the foreign source of unrest for the Great Zhou Dynasty .

They were a herd of starving wolves coveting the Great Zhou, which was a gravy train for them .

In terms of geographical conditions, the Great Zhou was superior to the Five Barbarians . Even the Maurya Empire, the richest among the Five Barbarians, was not a match for it . As a result of the harsh environments and their toughness and valiance, the Five Barbarians had been coveting the Great Zhou’s territory since ancient times .

The Five Barbarians would intrude into the Great Zhou Dynasty’s inland and destroy the country once they crossed the border .

They liked to kill men, abduct women, loot wealth and food, and burn houses down . Creation was not their thing . They were only good at destroying .

Therefore, the Great Zhou Dynasty hated the Five Barbarians to the core .

That was why Tantai Xuan said, “Those who are not of our kin surely have a different mind . ”

In Tantai Xuan’s eyes, those barbarians were not humans . They were beasts, starving wolves .

Hurao Gate, which the Overlord was guarding, defends the cities in the West against advances by Guifang, a savage and cruel tribe . People from this tribe could give off Qi and blood . They had excellent explosive force .

The ferocious armored horsemen from Western Liang were the only troop that could resist Guifang’s attack .

If it were a troop from South County or North County, then they could be in deep trouble .

The armies guarding the frontier of the Great Zhou were specially trained to deal with different barbarian tribes, so they had different defense styles .

The Overlord did not linger at Dongyan River .

He and many generals, as well as Xiang Family’s Army, all jumped onto their horses . With deafening clip-clops, their horses all galloped toward Hurao Gate .

These horsemen’s armors and weapons gave off an extremely cold glimmer .

Hurao Gate was located on the border of West County . It was an old gate . Its mottled walls were full of all kinds of knife and arrow marks, which seemed to tell a bloody history made up of cruel battles .

The Overlord got off his horse before the gate . Carrying his axe and shield on the back, the muscular Overlord went straight to the top floor .

Some serious generals followed him .

If Guifang colluded with the Maurya Empire, then this is a very serious threat to West County .

However, they were not too worried .

After all, the current West County had a cultivator army, the Xiang Family’s Army . Once this army was sent, the enemy would absolutely lose and flee .

When he had been at the gate…

The Western Liang soldiers guarding the gate were all excited to see the Overlord . They looked at him with admiration and enthusiasm .

The Overlord nodded at them . He went onto the tower . Putting both hands on the cold stones that made up the wall, he looked into the distance .

There was a big army outside of Hurao Gate .

The dense mass of soldiers gave people a depressing feeling .

Guifang people had blonde hair and blue eyes . They were very hairy, tall, and muscular .

The Maurya Empire’s soldiers were better equipped than the Guifang soldiers . They also had many tamed beasts, such as wolves and elephants . All this allowed them to launch various kinds of attacks .

“Lord, we have Xiang Family’s Army . We are not scared of those barbarians . We’ll absolutely kill all of them! None of them will survive!” Xu Chu said coldly .

His eyes were shining .

Generals like him hated the Five Barbarians to the core . Lots of their good friends, even some of their families, were killed by the Five Barbarians while they were guarding the frontier .

Many people echoed Xu Chu’s view . Many generals roared in anger .

Xiang Family’s Army… As a cultivator army, they were superior beyond compare to that of regular armies .

The Overlord did not speak .

Xiang Family’s Army was strong indeed .

However, the Overlord had been feeling uneasy these days .

He was quite annoyed by this feeling .

He had wondered where this uneasy feeling came from . Why did this uneasiness overcome him as soon as White Jade City’s Tianji Order expired?

By then, he realized it might be because Guifang and the Maurya Empire had become allies .

He would not have been afraid if it were an ordinary collaboration . But since he was feeling so uneasy, those two must have some schemes he did not know .

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The word retreat did not exist in the Overlord’s vocabulary .

No matter how uneasy he was feeling, he would fight . He would not retreat from Hurao Gate!

The Overlord’s eyes suddenly lit up .

He aggressively glanced over at the troops of Guifang and the Maurya Empire .

“There are so many of them . Guifang and the Maurya Empire must have sent all they have!”

“We’ll keep killing them until these bastards are scared this time . We’ll even eliminate these barbarians!”

The Overlord roared in a low voice . His roar was echoed on the tower, inspiring all of his generals .

Before the city tower…

In the Guifang army, eight Guifang warriors were carrying a sedan chair, on which a blonde blue-eyed man in a ragged armor was sitting cross-legged with a faint smile . He was gazing at Hurao Gate’s city tower .

“Interesting… His energy is strong . Is he in the peak of Qi Condensation?”

The man’s blue eyes were fixed on that giant and muscular man standing on Hurao Gate .

“The Great Zhou Dynasty… Spirit Qi rejuvenated . Heh-heh . The Lord of the Plane should right be in the Great Zhou . As long as the Great Zhou is eliminated and that Lord of the Plane is killed, I’ll be able to bring this world under my control!”

The man seemed more and more excited .

As a wanderer, his goal was to invade a world to restore his glory . This was the only way to stop being a wanderer and end that hopeless dark life he had been living .

The man turned his head to look at the Maurya Empire’s army in the distance .

He knew he was not the only one who had such a goal . So did the bald monk who had befallen the Maurya Empire .

“This world is only a Low Level Martial World . It will be good enough for the people here to achieve the Foundation Building Realm . The Lord of the Plane here should be at most a Foundation Building Realm cultivator too . The wanderers that had befallen here are all in the peak of Foundation Building . It won’t be difficult to take this world . ”

The blonde man thought .

What he needed to consider at this point was whether he would be able to defeat the others when the Lord of the Plane of this world was killed .

After all, there was only one Lord of the Plane .

“I’ve been here for half a month . I kind of know the Great Zhou Dynasty’s situation well by far…”

“White Jade City should be the power led by that Lord of the Plane . It’s said White Jade City’s Tianji Order called a truce for three months… Tut-tut-tut . Only a Lord of the Plane could have done that . ”

The man burst out laughing .

While he was laughing, many restless dark lights flashed in his eyes .

The Lords of the Plane were very strong . They could not be too careful . Any Lord of the Plane was difficult to deal with, and that was also why the blonde man and the bald monk had chosen a barbarian tribe, respectively .

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The sounds of war drums and horns had permeated the air .

The heavy drumbeats made the Maurya Empire’s elephants draw up their trunks into the air and roar, releasing a sound similar to a trumpet .

It was snowing . A thick layer of snow covered the ground, and the world seemed to be all white .

On the city tower of Hurao Gate, crossbows and crossbow machines seized from the Mohist City of Traps had all been set .

Snow fell on the crossbows .

In the Maurya Empire’s army…

A monk in a red Kasaya—who sat atop an elephant—pressed his hands together before his chest . His eyes were slightly closed .

He waved his hand gently .

Then ten-odd bald warriors ran out of the Maurya Empire’s army .

These warriors’ eyes were quite dull, looking as if there were walking dead .

On the other side…

Seeing the Maurya Empire send their troops, the blonde man showed a mysterious smile . He also waved his hand .

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Guifang warriors in cold armors all ran forward .

These warriors were just like the Maurya Empire’s bald warriors . They were all glassy-eyed . Reflected in their eyes were only a cold, killing intent and obedience .

On Hurao Gate…

The Overlord’s eyes narrowed . He waved his hand and gave his order .

Gears started turning in those crossbow carts .

Then, one after the other, a bolt was shot . They whizzed across the sky as if it was raining bolts .

The bolts from the Mohist City of Traps were the fruit of painstaking labor of Jiguan School and the Mohist School .

The Overlord did not destroy these machines when he had taken the Mohist City of Traps . Instead, he brought them back to West County to protect the city .

Several bolts zipped across the sky . They tore snowflakes apart and smashed them into pieces .


Whoosh! Whoosh!

The bolts fell .

The Guifang warriors who advanced were shot . The bolts pierced through their bellies with a giant force and nailed them on the ground .

However, it was astonishing that these Guifang warriors pulled the bolts out of their bellies with a poker face, as if they had no idea what pain was . They threw the bolts at Hurao Gate and then kept charging .

The bald warriors from the Maurya Empire turned into a shadow one by one . They all dodged the sharp bolts successfully .

On the city tower…

The generals of the West County were all stunned .

“How is this possible?!”

The Overlord’s eyes narrowed .

He seemed to have guessed something . He looked into the distance as if he saw the young man sitting on the sedan chair in Guifang’s army and the bald man sitting atop an elephant in the Maurya Empire’s army .


“No… They don’t feel like cultivators!” The Overlord murmured .

He felt extreme pressured . It was a dreadful pressure that came right at him .


However, the Overlord was fearless . He pounded on the city wall of Hurao Gate . His roar echoed all over the wall .

The city gate was instantly widely open .

War cries filled the world .

Western Liang’s warriors charged out like crazy . These fully armored soldiers were not afraid of death .

The barbarians intended to intrude onto their territory, so they must kill those intruders!

The two enemies met on the plain . Blood splattered, and people died .

Those glassy-eyed Guifang warriors were very strong . They seemed to have Spirit Qi flowing in their bodies too . With shining Qi waves gushing out of them, they were super destructive .

Even ordinary Grandmasters would be heavily injured and cough up blood if they were hit .

The bald warriors from the Maurya Empire were even more mysterious . Their bodies were super flexible . They were just like monkeys . They broke Western Liang’s warriors’ necks as they jumped and moved .

Xu Chu led Xiang Family’s Army to charge . They and Guifang warriors and the bald warriors from the Maurya Empire met and fought .

It was diamond cut diamond when all the armies met in the battlefield . Although aided by Spirit Qi, Xiang Family’s Army still could not overthrow the enemy .

On the city tower…

The Overlord’s eyes narrowed .

If Xiang Family’s Army had not gone through the intense training over these three months, they might not be a match for these spooky armies .

At this moment, the Overlord wondered even more whether White Jade City had called the truce because it had anticipated this .

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The battle was critical . The white ground before Hurao Gate turned into a sea of blood . Corpses were everywhere, and blood flowed into a river .

In Guifang’s troop…

The blonde man squinted .

“Interesting… Cultivator army?”

The man showed a mysterious, charming smile . He lifted his hand and waved it again .

“This Bright Army Group is only a pickup team . However, despite that, it won’t be easy to deal with them . ”

The man smiled .

Guifang soldiers stepped aside to make way .

One by one, a Guifang woman in a very clean white robe, who looked as pure as orchids, walked out . Also glassy-eyed, they were all holding a branch with green leaves in hand .

They were reciting something .

Like some mysterious support, Guifang warriors were made stronger and stronger .

“This is my Bright Army Group!”

The blonde man burst out laughing . This Bright Army Group was supposed to conquer this world .

Since he did not have much time, the blonde man had to brainwash those people so that they could be reduced to the Bright Army Group’s weapons in the war .

“I am the Lord of Brightness!”

On the other side…

The bald monk in Kasana sitting atop an elephant got to his feet .

He pressed his hands together . Gazing at the battlefield full of dead bodies, he recited the Amitabha quietly .

In the Maurya Empire’s army, many old bald monks wrapped in a piece of red cloth sat down . They pressed their hands together and started to recite the Amitabha too .

“There was no Buddha in this world . I came, so there would be Buddha,” the bald monk in Kasaya said quietly while sitting atop an elephant .

West County was not the only one to be attacked by the barbarians .

Outside of Tianhan Gate, North County .

The Xirong army was bearing down on the frontier .

Tantai Xuan personally led the North County Army to fight . His armor was stained with blood .

South County .

Numerous Nanman tribes gathered together to attack Nanjin City .

Tang Yimo led ordinary soldiers and the South Manor Army to defend the city and ward off the barbarians’ attack . Blood was flowing everywhere outside of Nanjin City .

The many powers in the Great Zhou Dynasty had thought a big war would break out inside the Great Zhou when White Jade City’s Tianji Order expired .

However, to everyone’s surprise…

When the Tianji Order had expired, no one fought inside the Great Zhou . However, the Five Barbarians assembled again to invade the Great Zhou .

The last time the Five Barbarians invaded the Great Zhou at the same time was two hundred years ago .

That time…

The Five Barbarians almost destroyed the Great Zhou .

Therefore, everyone stopped thinking about infighting .

They all sent troops to the frontier .

Facing a dreadful army in which no one knew what death was, the brave Western Liang armored horsemen felt a shiver run down their spines .

Some glassy-eyed Guifang warriors could still brandish their weapons to kill the enemy even though their heads had been cut in half .

Several people were terrified .

Facing the unknown was indeed the most terrifying thing .

Xiang Family’s Army led by Xu Chu killed lots of enemies . This cultivator army was as strong as always .

After three months’ training, it was still not a very big army . After all, it was not so easy to become a cultivator .

On the city tower…

The Overlord finally acted .

He did not go down the stairs .

Instead, he jumped down from the sixteen-foot-high city tower .


Brandishing his axe and shield, he charged forward .

The numb bald monk soldiers came . The Overlord’s eyes narrowed . He brandished his long axe to kill these monk soldiers right away .

His ferocious fighting power created an opening on the critical battlefield .

The Overlord was after all the Overlord .

He was still that fearless, brave Overlord, who dared brandish his axe and shield before the Immortal!

He led the charge from the front .

“Where are the Western Liang’s armored horsemen?!”

“Where is the Xiang Family’s Army?!”

The Overlord snarled in anger .

His snarl drowned out all war cries on the battlefield .

Black Demonic Qi surrounded the Overlord’s muscular body, his hair blowing in the cold wind . It was an overwhelming sight to behold .

The defeated Western Liang armored horsemen and the struggling Xiang Family’s Army were somehow injected with faith .

Brandishing their weapons, they snarled in anger .

The Overlord was not riding his black horse . Instead, he was running . And he was not any slower than a galloping horse .

The Western Liang’s armored horsemen and Xiang Family’s Army were behind him .

Led by the Overlord, they started to charge again .

Hurao Gate was right behind them . It was the last barrier that could keep the barbarians out of the country .

So Western Liang’s armored horsemen could not afford to retreat or, worse yet, lose this battle .

In Guifang’s army…

The blonde man stood up . Gazing at the Overlord, who had black Demonic Qi surrounding him and had killed many people from Guifang and the Maurya Empire’s armies, he looked extremely excited . Some bright pale colors flashed on his face .

“He turns out to be a demon . ”

“Well, I, the Lord of Brightness, will eliminate the demon . ”

In the Maurya Empire’s army…

Standing on the back of the elephant, the bald monk in a red Kasana pressed his hands together . He showed more compassion on his face .

“Now that you are a demon, I, the Buddha, will rescue you demon . ”

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