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Chapter 167: 167
Chapter 167: The Overlord Is Feeling Uneasy

The changes the Five Barbarians had been experiencing would not affect the Great Zhou Dynasty yet .

When the three months had been up, the entire Great Zhou Dynasty seemed to fall into chaos .

The North County army had experienced a purge . Fully armored, they deployed a battle formation .

They conducted military exercises on the border . War cries were deafening . The soldiers were all resolute and unyielding .

In North County’s main tent .

Tantai Xuan, donning a full-body armor, was sitting in the tent . As the three months’ time limit approached, Tantai Xuan felt more and more pressure every day .

In the tent, Mo Ju was waving his feather fan, while a white fog was coming out of Mo Beike’s mouth, who was wearing a thick wool cloak .

“Three months already passed . The world had been in turmoil these days . Mayors of various counties have dispatched armies . The chips are down at the moment,” said Tantai Xuan, sitting in the seat of honor inside the main tent .

He had been exhausted over the past three months .

Although there was no war, everyone was so tense .

Besides, he also led the troops to explore the Dragon Gate to train a cultivator army, because compared with West County and South County, North County had really lagged behind in terms of its own cultivator army .

So Tantai Xuan had to work harder and devote more time and energy to building his own cultivator army .

Fortunately, he and the Azure Dragon liked each other, so the Azure Dragon did not cause him too many troubles . Nor did it bother the cultivators from North County who had entered the Dragon Gate .

Tantai Xuan himself also managed to break several terracotta warriors in these days . He finally got one wisp of Spirit Qi and refined Qi to achieve Qi Core Realm .

He was so emotional when that had been achieved .

“South County hasn’t become of a threat since their 100,000 troops were defeated and slaughtered . Besides, Tang Xiansheng is very sick . He has been actually out in the power competition . He might let his third son Tang Yimo succeed him very soon . ” Mo Ju analyzed inside the main tent .

“Tang Xiansheng has lived a hard life . Two of his sons had died . He doesn’t like the third son because both of their mothers are from humble origins . However, in the end, it’s the son whom he likes the least that will succeed him . It’s like destiny . ”

“That being said, Tang Yimo doesn’t seem to be interested in the world . He is like the Overlord . They both aim to be better cultivators . And he is even less ambitious than the Overlord . ”

Mo Ju continued to ponder as he waved his feather fan gently . His voice echoed in the tent .

“Lord, Ju suggests North County bide our time for now . Let’s see what West County and the Great Zhou Dynasty want first,” Mo Ju said .

Mo Beike, wearing many clothes to fight the cold weather, also nodded . He was apparently very satisfied with Mo Ju’s analysis .

“I agree . The three-month truce has just been up . White Jade City’s Tianji Order has just been lifted . If we declare war so early, won’t that be a slap in the face for White Jade City?”

“Lu Ping’an from Beiluo is so bad-tempered . If we don’t give him face, he absolutely won’t give us face…”

“So we, North County, will bide our time . And we really should send more troops to reinforce Tianhan Gate . The winter has come . That damn Xirong has started to harass our border again,” Tantai Xuan said .

He started to curse again in the end .

The meeting was dismissed when he had finished cursing . He went out of the tent and asked an attendant for a jar of liquor . Then he went to another tent with the liquor .

It was exactly Jiang Li, whom he had imprisoned, in the tent .

Since Tantai Xuan had caught Jiang Li, although Jiang Li refused to surrender to him, he was not annoyed . He just came to this tent with a big jar of liquor every day to drink with Jiang Li .

Although he was never a match for Jiang Li in drinking and got drunk every time, he was really enjoying that .

West County .

The waters of Dongyan River were running violently .

In the cold winter, the Overlord was still standing by Dongyan River in cold armor, gazing at the running water .

He pinched his forehead and then breathed out .

“Three months had passed . I still haven’t achieved Internal Organs…”

“Internal Organs . Why is it so difficult?”

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Gazing at the Dragon Gate in the running Dongyan River, the Overlord put his hands behind his back . The cape over his armor was fluttering .

The Overlord had not relaxed even a little bit during the three-month truce . He kept sending Western Liang warriors to take adventures in the Dragon Gate so that they could break the terracotta warriors to get Spirit Qi and become cultivators .

By then, Xiang Family’s Army had grown a lot . It was fair to say they had had a big leap in their overall strength .

They even had two geniuses who managed to challenge the iron chain bridge…

Although they were almost killed by the purple smoke couple as soon as they got onto the bridge . If the Overlord had not helped, he might have lost those two geniuses .

The setting sun of winter was burning like a fire .

The evening glow lingered over the horizon like red silks and satins .

The Overlord looked into the west, frowning .

He felt uneasy somehow .

What was that? What on earth was making him uneasy?

In the west…

That was where the Guifang people were living . Could those bastards make him worry?

The Overlord frowned . He closed his fist and took a step forward, trampling stones and pebbles with every step .

He jumped into the Dragon Gate .

South County .

The truce lasted for three months, and Tang Xiansheng did not get off his bed for three months .

Tang Baiyun’s death and South County’s massive defeat, with 100,000 soldiers killed, were a huge blow for Tang Xiansheng . And he was exposed to the heavy rain when he was escaping from the capital city . He was not young anymore . His health broke down, and he was very sick .

During these three months lying in bed, Tang Xiansheng had sorted out many things .

He was not so eager to compete for the world anymore .

He knew he did not have many days left, so he did not want to go on governing South County .

Over the past three months, he let Tang Yimo manage South Manor Army, learn to govern South County, and handle some other things .

Tang Yimo obviously guessed Tang Xiansheng’s intention, but he mentioned nothing to the latter .

Tang Yimo would not refuse the position as South County Mayor…

Because he knew once he was in that position, with the power, his mother and his sister would live a better life .

So, besides cultivation, Tang Yimo was also learning how to manage things from his father . Tang Xiansheng even found some Confucian students to teach him .

It was very quiet in Tang Xiansheng’s room .

And he liked that . In addition to lying in bed, Tang Yimo’s sister would occasionally come to take a walk with Tang Xiansheng in the garden .

This was some precious fun time for Tang Xiansheng .

Tang Yimo’s younger sister Tang Guo was still very young . She still looked like a little girl . Since life had not been very kind to her, she was as intelligent as Tang Yimo was .

This day, Tang Xiansheng and Tang Guo were speaking in the garden . They even laughed from time to time .

Tang Yimo walked into the garden donning a full armor with a poker face .

Tang Xiansheng nodded kindly at Tang Yimo at the sight of him .

However, Tang Yimo only nodded back at Tang Xiansheng coldly . He only showed some gentleness while touching Tang Guo’s head .

“Since Nanman was repulsed after breaking through Nanjin City’s defense lines a month ago, they have toned down a lot . However, lately, our scouts reported those Nanman people had not been quiet at all,” said Tang Yimo .

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“Your plan to collude with Nanman was really stupid . Those people are beasts with wild ambitions…”

“I know . Although it was called an alliance, it was actually… Well, we were used by them . I made plans so that those Nanman people would never go back . ”

Leaning on the back of the wooden chair, Tang Xiansheng looked feeble .

Tang Yimo did not speak . The die had been cast . He really did not want to talk about that anymore .

“You said Nanman people hadn’t been quiet lately? What did they do?” Tang Xiansheng asked . With his eyes lowered, he seemed sleepy .

“We, South County, sent some scouts hiding in the forest . However, we have heard nothing from them lately . Those Nanman people must have got rid of them . ”

“The few barbarian tribes roaming about outside of the city also disappeared,” answered Tang Yimo .

Tang Xiansheng opened his swollen eyes . He frowned slightly .

“It doesn’t sound right… Those Nanman barbarian tribes roaming about outside of the city are undisciplined and unorganized . Unless their tribe’s priest summons them to a meeting on the brink of a big attack, they are usually moving around by themselves . Our scouts are all hiding in places Nanman people could hardly find . How is it possible they were wiped out?” Tang Xiansheng said slowly .

“Nanjin City is a border city . Send more troops there . You can send a team of South Manor Army to Nanjin City… What Nanman has been doing makes me quite uneasy . ”

Tang Xiansheng’s hoarse voice echoed in the garden .

He was graver than Tang Yimo .

He had been dealing with Nanman for his whole life since he had become the Mayor of South County, but he had never seen them act this way .

Nanman people were made up of many different tribes . It was very hard to unite all of the tribes, so if they were really united, then it could not be good news for South County .

“Okay . ”

Tang Yimo nodded after a long silence .

Capital city .

Late in the night…

In Zijin Palace, the old eunuch was kneeling on the ground . He said, “Your Majesty, news came from North County . Tantai Xuan refused to release General Jiang Li again . ”

Candles were not lit in the palace, so it was a little dim .

Sitting in the Dragon Throne, Yuwen Xiu responded in a low voice .

It had been three months . Yuwen Xiu had tried all kinds of ways, but Tantai Xuan still refused to release Jiang Li .

He was a little helpless . However, if he thought about it, it did make sense . Why would Tantai Xuan release a top-class general like Jiang Li?

Even though he could not make Jiang Li surrender to him, he would keep Jiang Li at house arrest because Jiang Li would absolutely be a threat to him if released .

“Well, forget about Jiang Li . ”

“Old man, accompany us to the garden,” Yuwen Xiu said flatly .

The old eunuch, kneeling on the ground, instantly trembled .

“Your Majesty, as usual?”

Yuwen Xiu smiled . “Yes . ”

“We have some new young eunuchs in the palace, right?”

The old eunuch, kneeling on the ground, slightly trembled, but he had no idea how to answer Yuwen Xiu .

Yuwen Xiu got to his feet with his hands behind his back . With a gold cloak draping over his shoulders, he left the palace for the garden .

The old eunuch followed him . Behind the old eunuch, two young eunuchs were walking with their heads down, carrying a wooden barrel full of raw meat .

They came into the garden .

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Yuwen Xiu stood before the pond . The cold water splashed in the pond .


A black dragon that looked a little hideous popped its head out of the water . It touched Yuwen Xiu’s forehead with its nose…

Black energy was spreading and curling up .

It was a spooky sight under the moonlight .

The old eunuch looked very serious .

The two young eunuchs were trembling .

They felt the black dragon terrifying because it was looking at them with excitement .

Yuwen Xiu left .

He told the old eunuch to arrange everything .

The old eunuch said yes . Then he watched Yuwen Xiu leaving .

He turned his head to touch the two young eunuchs’ cheeks with a sad look .

“Go . Feed His Majesty’s Black Dragon well…” said the old eunuch .

The two young eunuchs’ legs were shaking because of fear .

They let go of the barrel and knelt down on the ground . The raw meat in the barrel fell on the ground . They begged the old eunuch to let them go . They did not want to feed the dragon .

However, the old eunuch waved his fly-whisk and turned around .

The two young eunuchs were crying and screaming . Behind him, a pair of eyes lit up .

A bloody wind blew over .

The two young eunuchs’ crying and screaming suddenly stopped .

The old eunuch turned around . He only saw the wooden barrel and the raw meat that had been dropped onto the ground .

The slack flesh of the old eunuch’s face vibrated . Staring at the rippling water of the pond, he took a deep breath .

Then he bent down to pick up one and another raw meat .

Lake Island, Beiluo .

Touching his gold beaded necklace, Lv Dongxuan was pacing back and forth before White Jade City Pavilion .

He looked like he was really bothered .

He gave it some thought . Then he took a deep breath and walked forward, intending to intrude into the pavilion .

However, without making any noises, the Cicada Wing Sword was suddenly suspended before Lv Dongxuan .

“Leader Lv, no one is allowed to go inside without the Young Master’s permission,” Ning Zhao said .

“Ning Zhao, I really need to see the Young Master . It’s urgent . There will be a disaster in the world,” Lv Dongxuan said helplessly after taking one step back .

“Leader Lv, maybe the Young Master has already been aware of what you calculated… Why did Young Master call a truce for three months? Maybe it’s right because of this disaster . ”

“If the Young Master’s seclusion is disturbed, we can’t afford the consequence,” Ning Zhao said seriously .

Lv Dongxuan was stunned . He had to admit Ning Zhao was right .

He opened his mouth . However, the heavy pressure from Ning Zhao was getting stronger and stronger .

Lv Dongxuan felt helpless . He only let out a sigh and turned around to leave .

Three days later .

West County .

The first snow of the year fell .

The running water of Dongyan River seemed to froze .

The Overlord stood on the shore as a cold wind blew by . He reached out to catch the snowflakes, but when he did, they melted in the palm of his hand .

Luo Mingsang walked out of the tent slowly wearing a fur coat .

“Mingsang… I’ve been feeling uneasy these days . Am I overthinking?” said the Overlord as he gazed at the flying snowflakes .

“Shaoyun, maybe you are just too stressed… Come into the tent . Let me play a song for you . ”

Luo Mingsang blew on her fair hands . Then she grasped the Overlord’s big hands .

Overlord smiled .

“Okay . ”

However, when he was about to go into the tent .

He heard horses galloping in the distance . Even the snow seemed to be disturbed .

Two horsemen came from the west . They were scouts from West County’s frontier juncture Hurao Gate .

The Overlord frowned .

He put on his armor after telling Luo Mingsang to go into the tent . Then he went to the main tent quickly .


“Lord, Guifang’s army assembled outside of Hurao Gate . They are already before the gate!”


“Lord, the Maurya Empire’s army came from the southwest of Hurao Gate . Hundreds of bald people from the empire are challenging us outside of the gate!”

In the tent…

The Overlord’s eyes narrowed when he had heard the scouts’ information .

The other Western Liang generals in the tent flew into a rage . They punched the armrest of their chairs hard .

However, the Overlord was not as angry as the other generals .

He would have been if he were who he had been .


At the moment, he had a hunch that this was something unusual .

He got to his feet slowly in the tent, giving off depressing and serious energy .

He lifted his head and looked into the northeast .

Squinting, he murmured, “Is this why White Jade City called a truce for three months?”

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