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Chapter 166
Chapter 166: Immortal in the Wheelchair, Demon on His Feet

Heavy energy spread around the giant Origin of the world .

This was not a real world, but a space of consciousness formed by the Origin of the world . Only people like Lords of the Plane who could make contact with the Origin could show up here .

Sitting in the wheelchair, Lu Fan was looking at the red-clothed man standing on the shining flying sword . His white clothes were fluttering .

This man looked a little like a woman . With his hands in the shape of orchid fingers, his mannerisms were quite feminine .

They did not say much to each other .

It was natural that the red-clothed man hated Lu Fan . After all, a wisp of Spiritual Sense of his was suppressed . And that was not the worst . What was more hateful was Lu Fan used that wisp of Spiritual Sense of his as a medium to absorb the Origin of his world!

The Origin of a world was what made the world develop and improve!

By then it was being absorbed by Lu Fan . The red-clothed man, of course, could not stay calm .

As the Chinese saying goes, when the enemies come face to face, their eyes blaze with hatred .

The red-clothed man did not try to argue with Lu Fan . He shouted at and attacked the latter right away .

One wisp of Spiritual Sense of his had been suppressed .

However, the red-clothed man was still fearless . After all, this was his place .

By then, all of his Spiritual Sense had befallen . This was the real Spiritual Sense of a man in the Golden Elixir Realm .

This was his real strength .

Not only was he going to kill Lu Fan, but also he was going to make Lu Fan give back the Origin of the world that he had devoured!


With his hands in the shape of orchid fingers, the flying sword under the red-clothed man’s feet flew out toward Lu Fan .

The air was filled with sword energy .

He shook his orchid fingers . Then one sword turned into 10,000 swords . The sky was so densely packed with these swords that it felt like those 10,000 swords were flying back home .

Lu Fan did not want to be disturbed by the red-clothed man .

He needed to comprehend the characteristics of the elements in this world of the Origin so that he could endow the Origin of Wuhuang Continent with them .

Only in this way, Wuhuang Continent would be able to go beyond its limits .


Facing the red-clothed man attacking him…

Lu Fan pulled the armrest of the Thousand Blades Chair forward . And the Phoenix Feather Sword flew into the sky .

The burning fire smashed countless sword energy .

Lu Fan swatted his wheelchair with both hands .

He got to his feet slowly from the wheelchair . Then, the Thousand Blades Chair transformed into tens of thousands of blades that showed up behind him .

The Spirit Qi clinging around Lu Fan changed after he had stood up .

It suddenly became soaring black Demonic Qi .

His white robe turned black in an instant . It was as black as ink .

He grasped the Phoenix Feather Sword . The red sword had a wisp of black light around it, which gave it a mysterious look .

He was an Immortal when he sat and a demon when he was on his feet .

At the moment, standing grasping the sword, Lu Fan looked like an unparalleled senior demon .

The soaring demonic fire was burning, distorting the air around .

The red-clothed man opened his mouth and then closed it again . The tremendous pressure put him speechless .

“Who… Who the heck are you?”

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The red-robed man could not figure it out .

Why was such a dreadful person born in a Low Level Martial World?

He was actually strong enough to live in a top-class Mid Level Martial World .


Lu Fan threw his sword over . Numerous dark rays of light filled the space .

Still, with his hands in the shape of orchid fingers, the red-clothed man was smashed into pieces by the rays of light from the sword . Then he vanished like bubbles .

He was defeated once again .

This time, the enemy was even crueler .

The heavy blow caught him so unprepared .

It was super quiet in the world .

Only the giant Origin of the world was floating .

Lu Fan came up to the Origin . Standing under it, he took the Phoenix Feather Sword back . The blades assembled into the Thousand Blades Chair again .

Lu Fan sat down into the wheelchair, his black robe turning white . He was looking at the Origin quietly . It was really quiet after he got rid of the red-clothed man . No one would disturb him again . He could focus on comprehending the Origin of the world .

Lu Fan cupped one hand around his chin and rested the other arm on the armrest of the wheelchair . Lines were jumping in his eyes . He was studying the element change in the Origin .

Time passed slowly .

White Jade City called a truce for three months .

This gave the current world precious time to take a rest .

Three months was neither too long nor too short . It was enough for many unexpected changes to happen .

The whole world was restless . All powers were strengthening themselves secretly .

After all, since various powers had Dragon Gates, they could not restrict one another . Nor did they intend to sabotage or limit one another…

Because they all knew they would cease-fire in these three months . Even if soldiers met on the border, they would just nod at one another, rub their hands, and exchange alcohol to drink . No battle would happen because of White Jade City’s Tianji Order .

However, once the three months were up, the peaceful world would be like a stormy sea in which terrifying waves would keep tumbling .

By then, there would be a hard power competition .

Therefore, all powers paid the most attention to training cultivators during the three months .

West County’s Xiang Family’s Army, South County’s South Manor Army, and the capital city’s Black Dragon Guard…

These cultivator armies had been growing .

North County had a Dragon Gate too . It was beyond doubt that they were training a cultivator army as well . However, no one knew how strong on earth North County’s cultivator army was .

As a result, although there was no battle during these three months, scouts and spies from these powers were very busy .

If they could get important information, it would be a great help for their power in the big war three months later .

Political powers were competing with one another .

In the Jianghu, changes were happening too .

Xie Yunling, leader of the Daoist Pavilion, walked out of Beiluo City . He announced Daoist nun Li Sansui would succeed him as the leader .

This day, many people from the Jianghu came to congratulate Li Sansui .

Many people wondered why it was not Li Sansi who was appointed as Xie Yunling’s successor .

They did feel it was weird, but no disciple of Daoist Pavilion spoke of the reason .

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Daoist Pavilion had a Dragon Gate, but Sword Pavilion did not .

As a result, Sword Pavilion lagged behind .

Therefore, the leader of Sword Pavilion left Zhongnan Mountain . He went to Beiluo again but was then told Young Master Lu was in seclusion .

Although he did not see Young Master Lu, he saw his old friend Gongshu Yu .

For their friendship, Gongshu Yu made two swords for the leader of Sword Pavilion .

He used the craft mentioned in Tool Refining Manual to make them . One sword was called Morning Chrysanthemum and the other was called Green Peach . They were both named after the two Spirit Plants on Lake Island .

Morning Chrysanthemum Sword’s raw materials included petals of Spiritual Chrysanthemums .

And Green Peach Sword’s raw materials included petals of peach blossoms .

The iron was tempered tens of thousands of times . Special methods were used so that they could be forged successfully .

It was said the Spirit Qi on Lake Island fluctuated violently when these swords had been successfully forged .

Sword Saint Hua Dongliu was extremely excited . He left with these two swords . And Sword Pavilion treated them as treasures .

Jing Yue, holding the Jing Heaven Sword, watched as the Sword Saint Hua Dongliu left the island and felt very complicated .

Even the Spirit Tool of Earth Level Low Grade built by Gongshu Yu made the Sword Saint so excited .

Wouldn’t he be crazy if he saw something built by Young Master?

Capital city, Great Zhou .

In the imperial garden…

Yuwen Xiu stood with his hands behind his back . A golden cloak was draped over his shoulders since it was getting cold . Green leaves in the garden had fallen, as all branches were bare at this point .

Something was moving in the green pond .

Yuwen Xiu was standing on the nine-turn bridge looking at the green pond .

The water split . A hideous-looking black dragon emerged from the water . Its gill and the scales around its neck looked revolting and terrifying .

Its growl even had a breathtaking power .

Yuwen Xiu lifted his hand to touch Black Dragon’s nose .

“It has been almost three months . And the truce has been in effect for three months . ”

“What on earth does White Jade City intend to do?”

“What on earth is Lu Ping’an thinking?”

Yuwen Xiu took a deep breath . The Black Dragon went back into the green pond . Seeing the Black Dragon disappearing in the pond, he let out a deep breath . A white fog came out of his mouth because of the low temperature .

Lake Island, Beiluo .

Holding the Cicada Wing Sword before her chest, Ning Zhao was still standing in front of White Jade City Pavilion silently to guard Lu Fan .

Ni Yu was chasing the baby chicken Lil Phoenix One . The girl and the chicken were running around on the island .

They brought some joy to the cheerless Lake Island .

Jing Yue was practicing his sword technique . He was standing near Beiluo Lake despite the coldness . He kept throwing the sword he was holding forward .

He could create sword energy that was hundreds of meters long every time he threw the sword forward . It was like a white snake in the lake . The water was cut in half and could not recover in a short amount of time .

And he also grew sharper thanks to the sword spirit he had refined .

Nie Shuang was practicing fist methods not far away from him . One of them was practicing sword, while the other was practicing fist methods .

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“It’s almost three months . Young Master is still in seclusion?” Yi Yue said .

In thick clothes, she was looking at the second floor of the pavilion that was shrouded in fog . It seemed to be wrapped in some mysterious power .

“It’s said time doesn’t even exist in the Immortal’s seclusion . How would we know anything about the level of the Young Master’s seclusion?” Ning Zhao said while looking at Yi Yue . Her white dress was blowing in the wind .

However, Ning Zhao turned her head to look at the second floor of the pavilion . She seemed worried too .

Three months had almost passed . If Young Master did not end his seclusion quickly…

The world would really fall in chaos and turmoil!

A Tianji Order from White Jade City called a truce for three months .

In this restless world…

Three months had finally passed .

It was so dark in the night that people did not even dare breathe .

There was no light in the sky . Dark clouds blocked the stars and the moon .

Lake Island, Beiluo .

Lv Dongxuan was sitting on the bluestone on the island . Water was boiling in a kettle before him . The kettle lid kept moving up and down .

He put some tea leaves into the kettle . Color instantly appeared on the colorless water . He smelled the aroma of the tea .

He washed his teacup and then lifted the kettle to pour the tea into his cup .

Lv Dongxuan held the teacup with both hands . However, the green tea was rippling in the cup .

He had a hunch . He suddenly looked up at the dark sky .

The gold necklace around his neck was slightly shaking .

He touched the gold necklace . All of the gold tubes started to spin at high speed .

“Has it already started?”

Lv Dongxuan put his teacup down .

He turned his head to look at White Jade City Pavilion, which was shrouded in the mysterious mist .

“No wonder the hexagram shows great curse… It’s because the Young Master is in seclusion . ”

In the dark night sky…

Suddenly four shooting stars that looked like fire flew across the sky . The sky seemed to be torn apart .

Tianhan Gate, North County .

In the spacious desert…

A spark fell in the desert from the sky, creating a giant crater on the ground . Sands and stones seemed to have melted .

When the smoke and dust had dissipated…

In the crater, a burned thing emerged . Then, new skin grew out .

A man crawled out of the crater . He was in a black robe .

“I’ve finally become who I once hated most…”

The man covered his head with his hands as if he was in pain . He used to hate those wanderers who invaded others’ worlds . However, he had become the type of person that he had hated the most by then . Life was just that cruel .

When he wiped the ashes off his face, a withered face showed up . He looked at Tianhan Gate, which was still far away . Winds of sand blew over .

“It’s not up to me,” he murmured .

Then, he turned around to walk counter to Tianhan Gate .

Outside of West County .

On the desolate plain…

Another spark fell from the sky . It smashed onto the ground and caused a violent quake .

When smoke and dust had dispersed…

A blonde young man in a rugged armor crawled out of the crater . Standing there, he looked at Western Liang’s endless mountain passes . He showed an evil charming smile and then walked away slowly .

While the Great Zhou Dynasty was peaceful during this period, the Five Barbarians outside of the dynasty were quite restless . They were going to make some trouble .

For the Xirong people, as winter came, they started to recruit soldiers again to attack Tianhan Gate . As long as they could break through Tianhan Gate once, they would be able to enter the Great Zhou to loot food and resources for them to survive the winter .

However, this day, an unexpected guest came to Xirong’s camp .

It was a man in an old rugged black robe . He walked through the winds of sand .

He said that from this day on, he would be the new lord of Xirong people .

The Lord of Xirong flew into a rage . He walked out of his tent and lifted his bow to shoot three arrows in a row . Xirong people were good at horsemanship and archery . The arrows flew toward the black-robed man aggressively to take this disrespectful person’s life away . He was going to feed this man’s flesh and blood to vultures .


The three arrows froze in the air when they were about to get this dirt-speckled man .

They could not move even a inch farther .

The black-robed man looked like he was sad and could not bear to see what would happen next .

He walked forward . Wherever he passed by, the Xirong people there were forced to kneel down due to tremendous pressure .

He came up to the Lord of Xirong, grasping those three arrows in his hand .

He pierced one of the arrows into the lord’s chest . In this way, the Lord of Xirong, who had been overwhelming across this prairie, died with reluctance and in desperation .

The black-robed man extended his shaking hand . He put his burned hand on the lord’s face . Then he ripped the lord’s facial skin off and put it onto his own face .

The Xirong people around felt they had seen a demon .

They all knelt down, not even daring to breathe hard .

“From today on, I am your new lord!” said the black-robed man .

His voice, echoing around Xirong people’s tents, seemed to have some kind of magic .

This not only happened in Xirong, but also strange things happened in Guifang, Nanman, and the Maurya Empire .

The same thing happened in Guifang, which bordered West County . A blonde man came to Guifang . He intruded into Guifang’s biggest tribe and broke their leader’s neck—thus making him the new leader of Guifang .

Where Nanman and Dongyi bordered, a spark fell from the sky .

A muscular man crawled out of the spark . He waved his hand and thorns pierced through the earth . The leaders of Nanman and Dongyi were killed . He became the new leader of the two nations .

A spark fell into the Maurya Empire’s imperial palace .

On the cracking ground of the imperial palace, under the empire’s eminent minister’s gaze, a bald monk walked out of the fire slowly, with his hands pressed together before his chest .

He called himself Buddha .

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