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Chapter 158: 158
Chapter 158: Jiang Li Was Sieged, the World Was Shocked

Lake Island, Beiluo .

On the second floor of White Jade City Pavilion .

Lu Fan stretched himself . After a few days’ rest, the Soul Strength he had consumed to deploy the formation had recovered .

It was getting cold . The wind from the lake was becoming a little chilly .

Lu Fan appreciated the lake view from the second floor railing . He watched as an old man was fishing on the lake .

Lu Fan found that man was Lv Mudui .

He recalled the first time he saw Lv Mudui, who was dressed as a fisherman on Beiluo Lake .

The Thousand Blades Chair turned and silently moved as if it was going through a snow-covered ground .

The wheelchair went downstairs .

Lu Fan was controlling the wheelchair casually .

He had not walked around on the island for a long time .

Sitting on the stone stairs of the pavilion, Ning Zhao seemed to sense his arrival . Her long eyelashes fluttered gracefully, and then she opened her eyes .

“Young Master . ”

Ning Zhao hurried to get to her feet when she saw Lu Fan approaching .

“Internal Organs Realm aims to refine the five organs . Heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys, respectively, correspond to fire, wood, earth, metal, and water—the five treasures . When the five organs have been refined, Spirit Qi swirls will be produced, and they will form a Spirit Armor to improve the defense and produce endless Spirit Qi,” Lu Fan said slowly .

“Sister Ning, When it comes to refining the five treasures, refining isn’t the only important thing . You also should find the element that goes with you . That’s the key . ”

“Refining is only the start . You also need to consider the derivation of elemental Spirit Qi,” Lu Fan said with a smile .

A soft wind blew over, stirring his white clothes .

Ning Zhao nodded seriously .

“Thank you for your instruction, Young Master . ”

Then Ning Zhao went behind the wheelchair to push it slowly .

Lu Fan did not say anything . Leaning on the back of the wheelchair, he was gazing at Lake Island . Lu Fan had been too focused on Soul Strength these days that he didn’t notice everything on the island seemed normal and quiet .

In fact, the island looked stunning, embellished with the pink peach blossoms on one side .

Since Biluo Peach Blossoms had been planted on the island, Heaven Facing Spiritual Chrysanthemums, which had been the only Spirit Plant on the island, started to breathe in and breathe out Spirit Qi with much higher efficiency, as if they felt threatened by the existence of peach blossoms .

Ning Zhao pushed the wheelchair down the stone stairs and then walked along the edge of the island slowly .


The surface water exploded around Lake Island .

A giant head bobbed up . Its dragon scales kept opening and closing, while the gale around its neck was slightly shaking .

The little yellow dragon, which was already a heavenly dragon descendant by now, was looking at Lu Fan eagerly with its big eyes…

Breathing hot air from its nose .

Since it had been a heavenly dragon descendant, the little yellow dragon’s body had grown more massive . It was almost as big as a camel at the moment .

Lu Fan extended his hand to pet the little yellow dragon’s head . Its scales were freezing cold .

With its eyes shut, the little yellow dragon was enjoying the attention given by its master .

Lu Fan said with a small smile, “Go and play . Don’t scare the boatmen on the lake . ”

The little yellow dragon gave off a low chime . Then it went back into Beiluo Lake and vanished in an instant .

“Dragon Raising Site is really a wonderful place . That little yellow jiao dragon has been so big,” Ning Zhao exclaimed .

“You won’t necessarily win if the two of you fought,” Lu Fan said with a smile .

Ning Zhao also smiled . With her white dress was blowing, she continued to push the wheelchair forward slowly .

Nie Shuang was practicing fist methods in the water .

Half of his body was submerged in the water . Whenever he brandished his fist, even the water shook .

Lu Fan stopped to look at him with interest .

“Nie Shuang has progressed a lot too . With the aid of Dragon’s Blood Elixirs and Gathering Qi Elixirs, he can be regarded as a first-class cultivator now,” Ning Zhao said .

Lu Fan had seen how hard Nie Shuang had been practicing . He would run around the lake every day before daybreak . After completing his run, he would sit under the chrysanthemums to refine Qi . Then he would practice fist methods until sunset .

Lu Fan was very happy with him . Who wouldn’t like a hard-working kid?

Nie Changqing had nothing more to teach Nie Shuang . Therefore, Nie Shuang was always practicing on his own .

“It would be great if Ni Yu could cultivate with half the effort Nie Shuang is putting into cultivation,” Lu Fan said with his fingers tapping on the armrest of the wheelchair .

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Ning Zhao covered her mouth with her hand and chuckled .

“I agree, Young Master . ”

Lu Fan turned his head to look into the distance .


Ni Yu was refining elixirs beside the black pot, with her butt sticking out . She was surrounded by herbs and elixir residues from her failed attempts to refine elixirs .

Her face was covered in smuts .

Shaking his head, Lu Fan stopped paying attention to Ni Yu . He told Ning Zhao to keep walking around on the island .

Then he seemed to be a little bored .

Lu Fan told Ning Zhao to find him a wooden boat . He was going to Beiluo City to relieve his boredom .

Yes, cultivation was cultivation, but he also needed some rest .

Soon enough, Ning Zhao found a wooden boat .

She pushed Lu Fan’s wheelchair onto the boat . Nie Changqing was already there, sitting cross-legged with his butcher knife .

Nie Changqing got to his feet immediately when he caught sight of Lu Fan .

“Young Master . ”

“Go to Beiluo City,” Lu Fan instructed .

Nie Changqing smiled . He punted the boat away slowly .

The water rippled as the wooden boat advanced . Schools of fish in the lake water were startled and scattered .

In the fog, they felt like they were traveling in an immortal world .

They got onto the shore .

Lu Fan did not go around the city with great fanfare . He only told Ning Zhao to take him around Beiluo City, just a quick stroll .

He also went back to Lu Manor .

Beiluo City was pretty prosperous at the moment . It was fair to say it was already one of the wealthiest cities in the Great Zhou Dynasty . Many people had moved to Beiluo to live and start a family because it was a stable and safe place .

With Dragon Blood Army patrolling around Beiluo City, no rascals or thieves would have the nerve to commit any crime .

After all, regular people were not a match for cultivators at all .

Troublemakers could never flee too far, since the Dragon Blood Army would catch them almost immediately .

Therefore, public security in Beiluo City was the best in the world .

Many patrolling soldiers from Dragon Blood Army were shocked to see Lu Fan in white and sitting in the wheelchair .

They hurried to salute him with respect .

Lu Fan nodded and smiled at them casually .

After strolling around in Beiluo City, Lu Fan felt himself becoming more relaxed and at peace .

Lu Fan preferred to have Ning Zhao push his wheelchair…

Because Ning Zhao would not keep on talking unlike Ni Yu .

“Where is my father?”

When they had gone back to Lu Manor, they still did not see Lu Changkong . Lu Fan was bewildered .

He was not on the island . Nor was he in the manor .

“Young Master, the Lord is on guard duty at the city tower . The current situation in the world seems to have changed…” Ning Zhao answered .

“The current situation in the world?”

Lu Fan raised his eyebrow . He had been too focused on setting up Mountain River Strategy and Wind Rain Strategy these days to recover his Soul Strength that he did not pay any attention to the changes in the world .

“Tell me about it . ”

Lu Fan was intrigued .

Ning Zhao was pushing Lu Fan in the wheelchair slowly in the garden of Lu Manor .

“A hundred thousand troops from South County went to the north . The emperor gave the order in person that Jiang Li would command South County’s 100,000 troops to suppress Tantai Xuan . I think it’s to scramble for the Dragon Gate newly found in Tai Mountains . ”

“The Overlord from West County commanded tens of thousands of troops to go to North County to reinforce Tantai Xuan . Since Tang Xiansheng has allied with the Great Zhou Dynasty, West County and North County also started a strategic alliance . ”

Ning Zhao told Lu Fan unhurriedly .

Lu Fan was cupping one hand around his chin and tapping on Phoenix Feather Arm with the other .

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“Tai Mountains? Azure Dragon’s Dragon Raising Site?”

“Why is it that Tantai Xuan always ran into such grumpy heavenly dragon descendants?” Lu Fan murmured with a smile .

“But… A day ago, the 100,000 troops going to the north sent a message back…” Ning Zhao said, squinting her eyes .

“South County and North County troops have surrounded and suppressed Jiang Li together…”


Lu Fan raised his eyebrow . He was really intrigued .

“I don’t think Jiang Li is a cultivator . In that case… I’m afraid he is doomed . ”

“That’s why the Lord went onto the city tower to guard the city today . This is also the Lord’s habit . Whenever a big incident arises in the world, the Lord will stay on guard at the city tower in case gangsters and the like plan on coveting Beiluo,” Ning Zhao said .

“Today’s Beiluo… Even if all of the troops come together, what can they do?”

Lu Fan shook his head with a small smile .

There was a hint of arrogance in his voice .

Jiang Li, donning a full-body silver armor, looked extremely serious .

He looked up at the overcast sky . Heavy dark clouds continued to gather as an oppressive and dull spread throughout…

Just like their current situation . Jiang Li’s heart had sunk to the bottom .

“Indeed, Tang Xiansheng harbored no good intentions… This old fox wants to get rid of me first . ”

Standing by the cliff, Jiang Li took a deep breath . His big red cape billowed out behind him .

After days and days of marching, the Great Zhou’s 10,000 elite troops had joined the South County Army . And as soon as they entered North County together, they found the North County Army’s trace .

Finally, on their second day in North County…

They confronted North County’s troop .

Jiang Li suffered a complete loss in the first battle .


Under Tang Baiyun’s lead, those obedient generals from South County surprisingly attacked Jiang Li and his 10,000 elite troops from the Great Zhou .

The sudden change was unexpected for the whole world .

Fortunately, Jiang Li had prepared for the worst-case scenario just in case .

He still had Great Zhou’s 10,000 elite soldiers, so he chose to break through their formation right away .

The North County Army did not attack Jiang Li’s troop, but they cut off his retreat .

Under Jiang Li’s lead, the remnants of the troop were fighting while retreating .

The news shocked the whole world .

It was only a cover that South County’s 100,000 troops went to suppress Tantai Xuan . Their real goal was to kill Jiang Li!

This news astonished many people all over the world…

Because Tang Xiansheng was still in the capital city . And even if South County managed to kill Jiang Li, in the capital city, the young emperor would command the capture of Tang Xiansheng .

And it was exactly because Tang Xiansheng was in the capital city that Yuwen Xiu allowed Jiang Li to lead the expedition .


To everyone’s surprise, Tang Xiansheng, a person so afraid of death, suddenly had no fear of dying . He even had the nerve to get rid of Jiang Li .

The news of Jiang Li’s loss spread far and wide in a day .

It was almost as shocking as the four philosophers’ challenge against Young Master Lu of White Jade City…

Because that battle decided the distribution of power in the world .

All mayors of important counties were shocked .

So were the cities guarding the capital .

The capital city was especially shocked . It was like an earthquake for them .

Zijin Palace, Imperial City .

Yuwen Xiu sprang to his feet from the Dragon Throne, unable to believe what he had heard .

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“South County’s 100,000 troops rebelled . They attacked the commander together with North County . Jiang Li and the remnants of the troop of Great Zhou are escaping . They are stuck in a valley and under siege?!”

Yuwen Xiu started to tremble when he had heard the young eunuch’s report .

He had been feeling uneasy these days, and something bad really happened .

He was a little pale . Yuwen Xiu stumbled back and flopped in the Dragon Throne .

“Tang Xiansheng…”

“Tang Xiansheng, this old fox!”

“This is an order . Immediately capture Tang Xiansheng . I want to see Tang Xiansheng right away!”

Yuwen Xiu’s angry shout echoed throughout Zijin Palace .

The loud metallic ringing sound of armors reverberated in the air, as a chilling atmosphere spread throughout .

All troops in the Imperial City immediately acted . They headed for the wing room where Tang Xiansheng was living .

South County’s 100,000 troops intended to kill Jiang Li . Yuwen Xiu would absolutely not buy it if Tang Xiansheng claimed he had nothing to do with that .

The sky over the capital city was overcast . It did not take long for the cold rain to pour down . The raindrops smashed on the ground like moths to a flame . Clouds of fine spray came from the rain .

Book Pavilion .

The hardy banana leaves were slightly waving .

Standing before the window, the Master was looking at the hardy banana leaves in the rain, hunchbacked and in a slight daze .

Mo Tianyu’s clothes got wet in the rain . He entered the room in a hurry .

“Master, a big thing happened . ”

The Master did not speak . He was still looking at the hardy banana leaves waving in the rain . A wind blew into the room from the window, stirring the Master’s beads .

“I’m listening . Why are you so flustered?” the Master asked .

He sat back into the rocking chair . A creaking sound echoed, in tune with the rain outside, as he started rocking back and forth .

“Jiang Li went for the expedition as commander, but it turned out to be a scheme concocted by Tang Xiansheng . South County’s 100,000 troops have allied with the North County Army to kill Jiang Li!”

“Jiang Li is in danger!” Mo Tianyu said in a hurry while patting his wet clothes .

But he was stunned because the Master did not seem to be surprised .

“Master, you already knew?” Mo Tianyu asked .

“No, I didn’t know . I just guessed it… The current world is in a delicate balance . This balance is good for the Great Zhou because it allows the country to recover and rally its forces to start anew . It’s not bad for West County because the Overlord had occupied a Dragon Gate, and he is getting stronger every day . Average soldiers’ improvement isn’t very threatening . However, if it’s the Overlord… Then that’s really a big concern . ”

“For North County and South County, this delicate balance can be a death blow . ”

“They don’t have anyone as strong as the Overlord . So their advantages over Great Zhou would degrade over time . ”

“Therefore, Tang Xiansheng wants to break this balance,” the Master said slowly .

Mo Tianyu’s eyes narrowed .

“But… Tang Xiansheng is still in the capital city!”

“Is he going to sacrifice his own life to get rid of Jiang Li?” Mo Tianyu asked about what was puzzling him .

“No one fears death more than Tang Xiansheng . How could he have made such a decision? He must have made full-scale preparations . ”

“So that he can leave the capital city safely,” the Master said in a low voice .

He sounded like he was falling asleep .

The rain was getting stronger .

“Preparations that can allow Tang Xiansheng to leave the capital city safely… What can that be?”

Mo Tianyu frowned .

“He wouldn’t have been able to do that in the old times . But now, it’s not the era of the Hundred Schools of Philosophy anymore . ”

“Do you still remember that bloody battle on the long street of the capital city?”

The Master’s voice came .

Mo Tianyu’s eyes narrowed .

Looking at the Master, who seemed to have fallen asleep, he said in a low voice, “Cultivators?”

Wing room, Imperial City .

By the candle flame, a man was drinking tea .

In the heavy, cold rain, armored soldiers were approaching with their weapons drawn .

They kicked the carved wooden door open .

A cry of alarm came from behind the door .

On the roof, the old eunuch, holding an oil-paper umbrella, jumped down, waving his fly-whisk .

He saw the man the soldiers had taken out of the room and found that man was wearing Tang Xiansheng’s clothes, but he was not Tang Xiansheng .

The old eunuch flew into a rage .

Tang Xiansheng ran away under his nose?

“Chase! Lock down the Imperial City!”

A high-pitched voice, like a sharp arrow, tore open the raining sky over the Imperial City .

On the long street of the capital city…

A carriage was advancing in the rain .

Wearing a bamboo hat and a straw raincoat, Tang Yimo whipped the horse hard . The horse’s trotting splashed water all over the side street .

Several people were running around the carriage . They were all wearing a bamboo hat and a straw raincoat and carrying a sword case on the back .

The open gate of the Imperial City was just in front of them .

Tang Yimo, wearing a cold expression, whipped the horse harder and more frequently .

His horse neighed .

When he was about to rush out of the Imperial City .

From the other end of the long street…

Noises that sounded like bowstring breaking could be heard . A giant thick arrow suddenly showed up in the rain . It pierced into the wood eaves of the city tower and created a big hole in them!

The guards on the city tower were all terrified by the arrow .


“Shut the gate!”

Screams drowned the rain out .

One by one, a guard jumped off the city tower to close the vermilion city gate .

Under the bamboo hat, Tang Yimo’s look grew even sharper . He whipped the horse hard .

The horse accelerated to rush out of the city .


The guards on the city tower shot arrows at them .

One after another, feather-tailed arrows shot through the rain and fell with high-pitched harsh sounds toward the carriage .

If the carriage managed to get out of the city gate, it would be devoured by a rainstorm of feather-tailed arrows .

Therefore, Tang Yimo gave up in the end . He pulled the reins .

The horse neighed and stood on its hind legs, splashing water all over . Then its forelegs fell hard on the ground .


The city gate, with water dripping from the copper nails, blocked the carriage’s escape from the Imperial City .

On the other end of the long street…

Armor clangs were echoing .

The old eunuch came holding the umbrella .

Black Dragon Guards running on roofs jumped down . They activated the Spirit Qi in their cinnabar fields . The aggressive energies before the city tower were filled with Spirit Qi . Like a giant rock thrown into a quiet lake, they raised a big wave .

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