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Chapter 154
Chapter 154: My Son Has Leg Problems . He Is Lonely and Needs Company .

Tang Xiansheng knelt down .

His reaction put the whole hall of Zijin Palace so eerily quiet that a pin drop could even be heard . All of the ministers were left speechless . They could hardly believe that Tang Xiansheng knelt before Lu Changkong on both knees .

In the Dragon Throne, Yuwen Xiu was shocked too . He had not expected Tang Xiansheng to have had a well-thought-out solution to the problem .

It seems Tang Xiansheng is faking it—falling asleep or his indifference . He might have decided to kneel down early on…

Because he knew he would not be able to pass the buck this time, so he had to assume responsibility .

The Great Zhou Dynasty’s feelings toward the Five Barbarians was resolute and clear .

Tang Xiansheng was responsible for guarding South County and repelling Nanman . But now, there was severe negligence . He would not be able to avoid punishment . Besides, this barbarian from Nanman even went to Beiluo City in an attempt to assassinate Young Master Lu .

If the problem were only a barbarian from Nanman showing up there, then it would be easy to think of a remedy . Tang Xiansheng would just need to offer Lu Changkong a credible explanation .

After all, it is hard to keep all fishes inside the net . There is always one or two that will escape . Similarly, it was understandable that the South County Army missed one barbarian .


This barbarian had attempted to assassinate Young Master Lu, and that was considered a felony .

Several people could not help but wonder whether Tang Xiansheng had sent this barbarian . After all, with their sorceries, it was hard to counter the attacks of these barbarians from Nanman .

Therefore, to resolve this problem, Tang Xiansheng chose to kneel down to beg for Lu Changkong’s mercy .

Tang Yimo stood behind Tang Xiansheng and his father, old and feeble, kneeling down slowly . The Lord of South County, a local despot in a high position, knelt down .

This was the first time Tang Yimo realized Tang Xiansheng was not quite the same person in his memory .

South County was rich and powerful not completely because of its natural resources . Tang Xiansheng, as Mayor of South County, had contributed a lot .

Tang Yimo opened his tightly shut fist slowly .

Tang Yimo had to admit he suddenly kind of admired Tang Xiansheng .

Meanwhile, Luo Yue was bewildered .

Looking at Tang Xiansheng kneeling on the ground with both hands on his laps, Lu Changkong frowned . He was speechless for the moment .

“I admit it was my mistake . That being said, I didn’t send anyone to assassinate Young Master Lu . I knelt down because a barbarian had entered Great Zhou’s territory because of my negligence . ”

Tang Xiansheng’s husky voice echoed in the hall of Zijin Palace .

It was okay for him to admit some mistakes, but there was no way would he admit to other crimes he did not know of .

Lu Changkong looked at Tang Xiansheng without uttering a single word . Then when the Mayor of South County lifted his head, their eyes met .

After quite some time…

Lu Changkong extended his hands to help Tang Xiansheng stand up .

“Mayor Tang, that was not necessary . I was just too angry because Fan’er was attacked,” Lu Changkong said .

Supported by Lu Changkong, Tang Xiansheng stumbled to his feet . Smiling, he patted Lu Changkong’s palm with his .

“I understand . We are both fathers . If it were my son that was attacked, then I would be as angry as you,” Tang Xiansheng replied .

The tension in the hall was instantly released .

The ministers felt relieved .

They had feared that Lu Changkong might start another slaughter frenzy in Zijin Palace .

After all, the armored horsemen from Beiluo did that once in the past .

In the Dragon Throne…

Yuwen Xiu burst out laughing .

“Minister Lu, calm down . Mayor Tang is in the capital city . He is not the one to blame for someone else’s neglect of duty in South County . ”

“Besides, Mayor Tang is a kind person . Why would he send a killer to assassinate Ping’an? We—the Great Zhou—and the Five Barbarians have absolutely irreconcilable blood feuds . So why would he collaborate with the Five Barbarians? That would be truly heartless!” Yuwen Xiu said loudly .

His voice was sonorous .

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Tang Xiansheng beamed . Lu Changkong nodded, cupping his hands at Yuwen Xiu .

“Your Majesty, I was just too angry . Please punish me for my offense against Your Majesty,” Lu Changkong said .

“Minister Lu, it wasn’t that serious . We know how much you love your son . We are also worried about Ping’an since there was an attempt on his life . If we were you, we would be on the warpath too!” Yuwen Xiu said seriously .

Tang Xiansheng was still smiling . He stepped aside after cupping his hands and assumed a low profile .

Yuwen Xiu’s remark calmed Lu Changkong down . The anger on his face faded .

He told Luo Yue to take the barbarian’s body out .

“Minister Lu, since you are finally in the capital city, we have a favor to ask you,” Yuwen Xiu said, still sitting in the Dragon Throne .

Lu Changkong cupped his hands . “I’m all ears . ”

“Mayor Tang sent 100,000 troops to the north . We commanded Minister Jiang to lead the expedition . He is leading the 100,000 South County troops to quash Tantai Xuan and his forces . Since Minister Jiang left, the guard of the capital city lost their spiritual pillar, so… We want Minister Lu to lead the guard to protect the capital city,” Yuwen Xiu said seriously .

He sounded very sincere .

When that had been said…

Tang Xiansheng, with his head down, squinted .

The other ministers also went into an uproar .

Letting Lu Changkong lead the guard of the capital city?

Since Beiluo City was at the height of its powers at the moment, Yuwen Xiu’s decision was really not very well-considered .

After all, Lu Changkong was the father of Young Master Lu of Beiluo City .

If he somehow he would offend Young Master Lu because of this, then Yuwen Xiu would go out for wool and come home shorn .

The air in the hall was charged with tension .

Yuwen Xiu looked at Lu Changkong expectantly .


After a long pause…

Lu Changkong cupped his hands and bowed .

“Many thanks for Your Majesty’s trust . But as you know, my son Lu Ping’an has leg problems . He is very lonely . He really needs some company . As his father, it’s my responsibility to stay with him and protect him . ”

“So, I’m afraid I’ll have to turn Your Majesty down . ”

Lu Changkong bowed .

The air in the hall changed again . Now, the ministers were looking at Lu Changkong—their faces filled with terror .

Scowling, Yuwen Xiu did not speak . He was tapping his fingers on the armrest of the Dragon Throne .

Lu Ping’an had leg problems . He was lonely, so he needed company?

Lu Changkong’s skill of lying through his teeth had improved .

Lu Ping’an was not lonely at all .

Yuwen Xiu’s face was sullen and cold, but he squeezed out a smile .

“Well, if that’s the case, we won’t force Minister Lu to stay in the capital city . We wish Ping’an’s legs will be cured very soon,” Yuwen Xiu said .

“Thank you, Your Majesty . ”

Lu Changkong cupped his hands .

Then he turned to walk out of the hall of Zijin Palace .

Luo Yue, waiting outside, followed him . The ministers found both of their energies very oppressive, and in this way, they left Zijin Palace .

Outside of the palace, 300 armored horsemen from Beiluo were waiting in silence .

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As soon as Lu Changkong and Luo Yue showed up, they all cupped their hands . The loud metallic ringing sound of their armors could be continuously heard .

“Get onto your horses . Go back to Beiluo,” Lu Changkong commanded .

He came to the capital city this time to show his boldness .

Whether Tang Xiansheng had anything to do with the attempted assassination of his son or not, he must show his boldness first .

And if this happened again, then he would not just condemn it and let it go .

Lu Changkong left .

Meanwhile, the atmosphere inside the hall of Zijin Palace had become eerier .

Tang Xiansheng, with his head down and hands held together inside the full thick sleeves, looked obedient . He was very silent .


All of a sudden…

Yuwen Xiu pounded his fist hard on the Dragon Throne . His Spirit Qi was activated, and the dragon head on the armrest of the throne cracked .

Yuwen Xiu’s face was sullen . He was panting heavily .

“Lu Changkong . How great!”

“He is relying on his son’s power… Huh!”

He held back his anger .

As he glanced at the ministers down there, who remained as mute as a fish, Yuwen Xiu’s face grew sullener . He fixed his eyes on Tang Xiansheng .

However, he saw Tang Xiansheng falling asleep again .

Yuwen Xiu flew into a rage .

The incident of the barbarian was not so simple . But putting this Lu Changkong’s thing aside…

Tang Xiansheng, this old man, had a lot of secrets too .

Waving his sleeve, Yuwen Xiu announced in a low and cold voice, “You are dismissed!”

Book Pavilion .

A cluster of hardy banana trees stood tall, and their leaves were waving in the wind . In an elegant, small quiet house, the faint scent of sandalwood lingered in the room .

A rocking chair was making creaking sounds .

Kong Nanfei and Mo Tianyu quietly sat cross-legged on cushions . They were looking at the old man who was sitting in the rocking chair, looking much older than he should have been .


“Lu Changkong was irritated . He brought the barbarian’s body to the capital city and threw it into the hall of Zijin Palace to condemn Tang Xiansheng . Why didn’t you go to mediate between them?” Kong Nanfei asked, puzzled .


“Why was it necessary? Tang Xiansheng resolved it . Besides, on the surface, Lu Changkong came this time to condemn Tang Xiansheng, but in fact, he was to sound out His Majesty’s feelings . ”

White Jade City was at the height of its power . Lu Changkong needed to know the emperor’s outlook .

The Imperial Advisor’s old voice echoed in the room . “Tang Xiansheng isn’t a simple person . He knows when to eat humble pie and when to hold his head high . He stood out among the many sons of the late South County lord and has been in power for so many years in South County . Do you really think he is as old and as foolish as he looks?”

“There are many things you don’t know . It was a long time ago, and many things have been blocked since Tang Xiansheng came to power in South County . If you are not from that age, you won’t know those things . ”

“Tang Xiansheng’s mother was a prostitute . The hardships Tang Xiansheng has had and the humiliations he has faced since he was young are beyond your imagination,” the Master said slowly .

Kong Nanfei and Mo Tianyu slightly turned pale .

Tang Xiansheng’s mother was a prostitute?


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“So now you can imagine how difficult it was for Tang Xiansheng to climb the political ladder?”

“In fact, among the three powers in the current world—West County, North County, and South County—the Overlord is not the most threatening . Nor is Tantai Xuan . It’s actually Tang Xiansheng . ”

“This man has built South County into an impregnable fortress . It’s impossible to find any sally port . ”

“Not like West County and North County, whose defenses have obvious flaws,” the Master said, rocking slightly and leaning on the back of the rocking chair . His eyes were turbid .

Kong Nanfei and Mo Tianyu exchanged a look . They saw the shock in each other’s eyes .

The Master turned out to be so afraid of Tang Xiansheng?

Lake Island, Beiluo .

On the second floor of White Jade City Pavilion .

Lu Fan was sizing up the golden light he was holding in his hand . There was consciousness hiding in that golden light . However, this consciousness refused to release itself, or it did not have the nerve to release itself .

It did not matter to Lu Fan . This was a wisp of Spiritual Sense . However, compared to Lu Fan’s Spiritual Sense, it seemed to be much weaker .

That was a surprise for Lu Fan .

However, Lu Fan recalled he had been setting up the Mountain River Strategy and the Wind River Strategy very often . Heavenly Go Manual seemed to be very beneficial for refining Soul Strength . He supposed that the Soul Strength refined by the manual could be fed back to Spiritual Sense .

That was a pleasant surprise for Lu Fan .

“Coward,” Lu Fan indifferently said as he looked at the golden light in his hand .

Something fluctuated in the golden light . It went quiet again very soon .


Lu Fan stroked the armrest of the Thousand Blades Chair .

A red ray of light emerged . The hot burning flame seemed intent on devouring the golden light .

“I’ll burn you to death if you don’t come out,” Lu Fan indifferently declared .

As soon as he said that, the golden light started to shake like a small snake .

It did not take long for that consciousness to fly out of the golden light .

“Lie . This world is a big lie!”

The golden light was extremely resentful .

How could it not be?

It had thought this was an opportunity to devour the world’s Origin . However, on the surface, this world was only a Low Level Martial World . But there was actually a freak that could be compared to a cultivator in the Golden Elixir Realm .

Lu Fan’s eyes narrowed .

It finally showed up .

Lu Fan was very curious .

He had many questions, like how this golden light had come to Wuhuang Continent . Did the system lead it here?

In that case, did the owner of the golden light know Lu Fan had a system in his body?

“What are you? How did you come to this world?”

“And why are you in this world?” Lu Fan asked unhurriedly . He leaned on the back of the wheelchair, with one hand cupping his chin and the other hand resting on the blanket on his lap .

Then he controlled the Phoenix Feather Sword with his mind . The sword approached the golden light with hot energy, intending to burn the latter to nothing .

The golden light could not stop shivering .

Well, it had not answered yet, so why was it already being burned?

The elimination of one wisp of Spiritual Sense might be fed back to the true body and affect the true body’s cultivation .

The golden light calmed down . It still wanted to save itself .

“This is the true body’s Spiritual Sense duplicate . Attracted by the world’s Origin, the true body sent one wisp of Spiritual Sense as his duplicate to come to this world…”

A magnetic voice with some coquetry came from the golden light .

However, it stopped there…

Not because it did not want to go on, but because it could not tell Lu Fan more .

Lu Fan raised his eyebrow . The world’s Origin?

He seemed to understand something .

The golden light did not know about the system . He was attracted here by the world’s Origin .

“System, what is the world’s Origin?” Lu Fan asked the system silently .

He did not ask the golden light because he did not think he could trust it .

[“Low Level Martial Worlds don’t have Origins . The creation of Origin signifies the upgrade to Mid Level Martial World . The strength of Origin represents the strength of the strongest person in a world . Origin is also called Natural Law . ”]

[“Remark: this rule doesn’t apply to Host . ”]

The system’s explanation made Lu Fan’s eyes light up .

And he came to understand the reason that the Spiritual Sense duplicate of the Lord of the Plane was here .

Lu Fan threw the golden light an even more interested look .

The consciousness in the golden light could not help but shiver .

On the main pathway in the Imperial City .

When the court had been dismissed, those ministers all left in a hurry .

Tang Xiansheng was walking with his hands held together in his sleeves . He looked as calm as usual .

However, Tang Yimo, following him, sensed something different in Tang Xiansheng’s breathing .

Apparently, he was uneasy about the incident earlier, when he knelt down .

“Yimo…” Tang Xiansheng said .


Tang Yimo looked at him, puzzled .

“Take a good rest . Your father’s life will rely on you in a few days,” Tang Xiansheng said after taking a deep breath .

Tang Yimo’s eyes involuntarily narrowed .

“If I can go back to South County this time, I’ll declare your sister as a princess and marry your mother,” Tang Xiansheng said emotionally with his hands still held together inside the sleeves .

Tang Yimo was stunned . Tang Xiansheng’s sincerity put him a little lost .

A wind brushed by .

It stirred the sands and gravels on the pathway, the ends of Tang Xiansheng’s clothes, and Tang Yimo’s hair .

Tang Yimo’s low and profound voice did not come until after a long pause .

“Okay . ”

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