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Chapter 153
Chapter 153: Lu Changkong Taking the Corpse to the Capital City in Anger

The giant palm made of Spirit Qi looked like a thick cloud covering the sun . It swatted the black-robed man after traveling ten-odd miles .

The black-robed man was startled .

“Spiritual Sense?!”

The black-robed barbarian turned pale . He did not expect that Lu Ping’an from Beiluo would have Spiritual Sense . And where he was hiding was found out because Lu Ping’an followed the Spirit Qi thread using his Spiritual Sense . Then from far away, Lu Ping’an swatted him like a fly .

Even a cultivator in the peak of the Foundation Building Realm could not make it . Only freaks in Golden Elixir Realm could!

That being said, this Young Master Lu probably had the same achievements as freaks in Golden Elixir Realm .

The slack flesh of the black-robed man’s face trembled . If his real body were here, then he might have been able to repel Lu Fan’s attacks . But the body he’s occupying now was only a Spiritual Sense duplicate… How would he be able to fight Lu Fan?!


The black-robed man stopped hiding . He got to his feet .

Something unexpectedly exploded . A crater with a diameter of six miles had formed on the ground .

And he turned into a black shadow and flew away .

“This world is a big lie!”

Beads of sweat rolled down the black-robed man’s forehead . It was rare for cultivators in the Foundation Building Realm to appear in a Low Level Martial World .

However, in this world, there was a freak in Golden Elixir Realm who had Spiritual Sense!

How would he be able to fight?

“I thought I’d come to a Low Level Martial World . I even wanted to take the Plane’s Origin here to enhance my world… But now, there is nothing I can do here!”

The more the black-robed man thought, the more terrified he was . He always felt it was due to some whopper that he came to this Low Level Martial World .

He only wanted to flee, so he accelerated to the utmost .

This barbarian’s body could not take so much force, so the body started to explode .


That giant palm made of Spirit Qi followed him

The black-robed man had nowhere to run .

With a loud, piercing phoenix chime, an astonishing flame whizzed across the sky . Then it suddenly fell before him to stop him from running .

Numerous flames gushed out .

A heatwave tumbled over .

“Spirit Tool?!” the black-robed man screamed .

That horrible burning feeling had definitely startled the black-robed man because it was not only a Spirit Tool but also a high-grade Spirit Tool . He couldn’t even identify which grade it was!

Low Level Martial World?

He was stupid to believe this was a Low Level Martial World!

There was nowhere to run .

The black-robed man turned . With his hand in the shape of orchid fingers, golden lights burst forth from the middle of his forehead . Then he made a gesture with both of his hands and swatted upward with great force .

He was going to prop that shocking giant palm up .

Numerous white lights transformed by Spirit Qi rushed into the clouds to knock the giant palm .

However, like droplets flowing into the river, these white lights transformed by Spirit Qi were devoured by the giant palm without causing any trouble .


The giant palm swatted once more .

A dreadful blast spread on the ground . Numerous people were shocked .

It seemed the entire city of Beiluo had sensed the terrifying quake on the ground . It was as dreadful as an earthquake .

On the city tower, Beiluo’s guards watched silently in the distance, shocked and stunned .


A cloud of smoke coiled up .

A giant crater emerged on the plain .

“That… That’s terrible!”

“A battle between Immortals?”

Several soldiers’ eyes were filled with terror .

If the walls of Beiluo City had been attacked, then it would have collapsed instantly .

No city wall in the world could withstand such an attack .

Smoke and dust slowly dissipated .

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On the plain…

There was a massive, deep crater in the shape of a giant palm .

Inside the deep crater, a dead body was kneeling on the ground . The body was still intact, terror lingering on the face .


But it was already dead .

The Phoenix Feather Sword was suspended in the air quietly, like a red flame .

It was eerily quiet in the world .

Only the sounds of sands flying and stones rolling could be heard .

Beiluo .

Lake Island .

Lu Fan was leaning on the back of his wheelchair . Those silver blades flew back and transformed into an armrest on both sides of the Thousand Blades Chair .

Flopping on the ground, Xie Yunling was as pale as a ghost . That was the consequence of being used as a puppet . He was running on empty .

Gongshu Yu rushed to him and supported him by the arm . Then he pinched Xie Yungling’s philtrum .

Lu Fan was stroking the armrest of the wheelchair . Then he tapped his fingers on it .

“You wanted to run?”

A smile tugged at the corners of Lu Fan’s lips .

Lines were jumping in his eyes . His look was so profound that it looked like a star river in the sky .

Lu Fan shifted his consciousness .

He took out a chess piece from the box .

He put it down .

Clatter .

As soon as the chess piece was placed on the chessboard, a wind started to blow .

On the plain…

An invisible pressure suddenly covered the plain, and then a quake shook the ground .

The ground cracked . A golden light that had been hiding underground fled out of there like a startled fish . It tried to escape at high speed .


No matter how hard it tried, it couldn’t go anywhere, as if it were kept in an invisible cage .

In the pavilion, Lu Fan extended his hand . He bent his finger .

The Phoenix Feather Sword that was suspended in the air started to move .

It flew across the sky with a blare .

The tip of the blade pierced through the golden light . Then it flew back to Beiluo City with that golden light fixed on its tip .

The golden light gradually turned into a distorted face .

It was a pretty face, maybe even a stunner . But terror, reluctance, and struggle were etched on it .

Zipping across the sky over Beiluo City, it released a loud shout .

The fog dispersed .


The red Phoenix Feather Sword hovered over Beiluo Lake quietly .

The water slightly split .

Luo Yue was still standing on the wooden boat . Everything had happened so fast that he had not come to himself yet .

When he had finally come to himself, everything was over .

Xie Yunling had passed out on the ground .

A red sword was floating in the air with a golden light .

“Spiritual Sense?”

Lu Fan was looking at that golden light .

The Phoenix Feather Sword flew back quietly . Landing on the armrest of the wheelchair, it looked ordinary again .

Looking at that golden light, Lu Fan felt curious . This was the first time he met another person’s Spiritual Sense .

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He bent his fingers once more . The golden light then flew to the second floor of White Jade City Pavilion .

On the island, everyone’s curiosity was piqued .

What on earth had happened?

What was that golden light?

“Well, go do your own stuff . ”

Lu Fan’s voice came . Echoing in everyone’s ears, it dispelled their curiosity .

Lu Fan obviously would not tell them what that golden light was .

In short, they were not strong enough to deal with that golden light yet .

Gongshu Yu stopped pinching Xie Yunling’s philtrum when he had realized that he could not wake up the latter .

However, as soon as he let go of his hand, Xie Yunling woke up .


Xie Yunling’s face was super red . He kept coughing .

“That barbarian intends to harm Young Master Lu!” Xie Yunling hurried to say .

However, he suddenly found he was on Lake Island of Beiluo, so he held his tongue . He completely forgot what he had intended to say .

Gongshu Yu patted him on the shoulder and told Xie Yunling the whole thing of him being used as a puppet .

On the second floor of the pavilion…

Lu Fan was leaning on the back of the wheelchair . His hair was blowing in the wind .

He was looking at that golden light calmly .

Stroking the wool blanket covering his lap with one hand, he extended the other hand to grasp the golden light .

Lu Changkong stopped cultivating .

He and Luo Yue left Lake Island by boat . They went back to Beiluo City .

The whole city of Beiluo was talking about that giant palm . It was like something only the Immortal could do . The mortal all flushed with excitement .

“Go and see what happened outside of the city,” Lu Changkong said in a deep voice .

Someone tried to kill his son by controlling a philosopher using some sort of sorcery .

It was fair to say this was the strongest enemy Lu Changkong had ever met .

Although Lu Fan had killed the enemy without effort, Lu Changkong still had a lingering fear .


Luo Yue felt very guilty because it was he who took Xie Yunling, possessed by another entity, onto Beiluo Lake .

The city gate was opened widely .

Luo Yue rushed out of the city on horseback . The sound of a horse galloping echoed on the plain .

Soon enough, he arrived at the crater .

That crater, in the shape of a giant palm, looked terrifying .

Luo Yue was horrorstruck . He felt he knew a little more about the Young Master’s strength .

He realized even a hundred of him could not rival the Young Master’s strength .

Containing his shock, Luo Yue saw a man kneeling in the middle of the crater .

He jumped off the horse . Unsheathing his knife, he ran toward that man at a fast pace .

However, Luo Yue saw the man was kneeling with his mouth wide open . The body was full of cracks, but there was no blood . Although swatted by the Young Master’s dreadful, massive palm, the body was still intact . That meant the Young Master had extraordinary control over his own strength…

Luo Yue changed his opinion . By now, he realized that even 200 of him could not rival the Young Master’s strength .

He breathed out to relax himself a little bit . Then he started to size up that dead body . It had been dead for days .

Luo Yue was shocked . And he felt scared somehow .

Why would a dead body show up in Beiluo if it had been dead for days?

“A barbarian from Nanman?!”

Luo Yue took a deep breath .

He was surprised that it was a barbarian . The Five Barbarians invaded the Great Zhou Dynasty a long time ago . The people of Great Zhou lived in misery during that period .

At the moment, a barbarian showed up in Great Zhou’s territory again .

Luo Yue closed his fist . He lifted the barbarian’s body and jumped onto the horse to go back into the city .

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In the city…

Looking at the barbarian’s body, Lu Changkong seemed emotionless .

“South County is in charge of repelling the barbarians from Nanman . Why is this barbarian here?”

Lu Changkong sounded cold .

Rummaging around on the barbarian’s body with his knife, he found a wooden plaque carved with a hideous-looking pattern .

Grasping the plaque, Lu Changkong breathed out slowly .

“The Five Barbarians are the enemy of the Great Zhou Dynasty . We can’t forget about the misery of the past . ”

“Fan’er declined Tang Xiansheng yesterday, and a barbarian came today…”

“What is Tang Xiansheng up to?”

Lu Changkong’s voice was cold and angry .

“Get my horse ready . Inform 300 armored horsemen to stand by . We are going to the capital city!” Lu Changkong said .

Luo Yue’s eyes narrowed . Cupping his hands, he said, “Yes!”

It did not matter to Lu Changkong whether or not Tang Xiansheng was the one to blame . Even if Tang Xiansheng had nothing to do with it, he would still hold Tang Xiansheng accountable for the barbarian’s appearance in Beiluo .

This day…

The city gate of Beiluo City was opened .

Horses were clip-clopping on the flagstone-paved street .

The noises were deafening .

Lu Changkong, in a Confucian robe, led 300 armored horsemen to the capital city .

Scouts passed on the news as soon as they learned about it .

Capital city .

Yuwen Xiu got the news in the imperial study . He turned pale immediately .

He pounded the table hard!

“A barbarian showed up outside of Beiluo City?!”

“Is Tang Xiansheng an idiot?!”

Yuwen Xiu swore directly . Next to him, the old eunuch hurried to bow and cup his hands at Yuwen Xiu . He did not even dare breathe hard .

The Great Zhou’s intention of appointing so many Mayors was to protect the country’s territory from the Five Barbarians’ invasion .

But now, the barbarians from Nanman, which was under the jurisdiction of South County, showed up inside the territory of the Great Zhou Dynasty .

How absurd and irritating that was!

Even if Tang Xiansheng knew nothing about this incident, as Mayor, he was undoubtedly the one to blame .

“Besides, this barbarian appeared in Beiluo City . This is the only place he shouldn’t have appeared… Now Lu Changkong is leading 300 armored horsemen to the capital city . This means he is going to condemn the incident! He is going to condemn the incident! You understand?!”

Yuwen Xiu flew into a rage .

“We just agreed to let Jiang Li lead 100,000 troops from South County, and now… Now this came up!”

“Old geezer, go and call Tang Xiansheng over!”

The old eunuch cupped his hands at Yuwen Xiu . Then he left immediately for the wing room where Tang Xiansheng was residing .

On this day, it was quite unpeaceful in the capital city .

Jiang Li, donning his armor, led 500 soldiers out of the capital city under Emperor Yuwen Xiu’s command . They were heading for South County Army’s camp .

Tang Xiansheng’s South County Army had gone north .

Jiang Li left the capital city .

However, another army had travelled across the desert and then entered the capital city .

The people of the capital city all kept their mouths shut when they had seen this army . They did not even dare speak .

It was the armored horsemen from Beiluo that slaughtered the aristocratic families in the capital city!

And they were here again!

The people were all right, but the ministers and officials were all scared out of their wits . They did not even dare breathe hard .

Lu Changkong, in a Confucian robe, rode his horse through the long street in the capital city . A cold look was etched on his features .

Soon enough, he reached the Imperial City .

Lu Changkong was followed by Luo Yue, while Luo Yue was dragging the barbarian’s body and carrying his knife . They went into the Imperial City directly .

Zijin Palace .

Yuwen Xiu was sitting in the Dragon Throne .

Tang Xiansheng was standing aside with his head down .

The air in the hall was a little bit heavy . Outside of the hall, the old eunuch, raising his fly-whisk, came at a fast pace .

“Your Majesty…”

“We told you to ask the Imperial Advisor to come . Has he come?” Yuwen Xiu asked right away .

“The Imperial Advisor won’t come . He said he shouldn’t meddle in this,” the old eunuch said, cupping his hands .

Leaning on the back of the chair, Yuwen Xiu curled his lip . He turned his head to look at Tang Xiansheng . However, he found this old man had fallen asleep again .

He was in the same camp as Tang Xiansheng . Seeing Tang Xiansheng like this, he was instantly irritated .

He had planned to let the Imperial Advisor mediate, but the Imperial Advisor did not want to meddle in this at all .

Outside of Zijin Palace, a young eunuch called in a loud voice . “City Master Lu wants to see Your Majesty!”

“Let him in . ”

Yuwen Xiu let out a sigh .

Outside of Zijin Palace .

Lu Changkong, in a Confucian robe, walked into the hall with a cold look .

Luo Yue, in full-body armor and carrying his knife, dragged a dead body into the hall of Zijin Palace step by step .

In the hall, all ministers were wearing serious expressions . None of them had the nerve to make any noise .

In the Dragon Throne…

Yuwen Xiu’s eyes narrowed . He stared at the body .

Tang Xiansheng looked as if he had finally woken up . He opened his droopy eyes and glimpsed at the barbarian’s body that Luo Yue had dragged inside the hall .

The corner of his mouth twitched .

He really felt he was wronged .

However, if Lu Changkong found him responsible for this incident, then he would be in big trouble .

Lu Changkong cupped his hands at Yuwen Xiu . Then he looked at Tang Xiansheng .

Luo Yue threw the barbarian’s body into the hall . It fell on the ground with a loud thud .

The ministers went into an uproar .

“Tang Xiansheng, this barbarian went across South County’s territory . He stayed outside of Beiluo City and intended to assassinate my son using some form of sorcery from there…”

“How will you explain this?”

Lu Changkong’s cold voice came, but he didn’t sound oppressive .

Suddenly, silence hung in the air inside the hall of Zijin Palace .

Everyone there sucked the air through gritted teeth .

This barbarian showed up in Beiluo City and attempted to assassinate Lu Ping’an from Beiluo?

Several people seemed puzzled, pondering on something .

Lu Ping’an refused to see Tang Xiansheng the previous day .

The next day, someone had attempted to assassinate Lu Ping’an .

This incident was really unfavorable for Tang Xiansheng .

Tang Xiansheng did not speak . He only stared at the barbarian’s body .

Tang Yimo, standing behind Tang Xiansheng, slightly frowned .

Tang Xiansheng’s face was slightly trembling .

After a long while, he took a step forward .

He lifted his head to smile at Lu Changkong .

“City Master Lu, it’s Tang Xiansheng’s fault that the barbarian had entered the country! I’m willing to take full responsibility for that!”

“I’ll kneel down to apologize . ”

When he had said that…

Tang Xiansheng really went up to Lu Changkong and knelt down in full view of everybody .

The moment his knees hit the ground…

The whole hall fell silent .

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