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Chapter 15

The sudden activation of a quest took Lu Fan by surprise .

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 But then again, a new quest was a good thing . Completing quests earned rewards that could help him reach the next level of his Refined Qi .

 Lu Fan rubbed his hands together as he continued to lean against the intricately carved window, starting to get a little excited about this .

 He felt a nervous anticipation, akin to the feeling of scratching a lottery ticket .

 He wondered what mission he would get this time .

 His consciousness dived into the Quests zone .

 In the next moment, everything went dark, and a whole bunch of messages from the system popped up .

 Besides that familiar main quest, anyway .

 Lu Fan’s eyes fell immediately on the new side quests that had appeared .

 [Quest explanation: As the power behind building this fantasy world, you need to possess vast knowledge and an excellent foundation . ]

 [Sidequest 1: Develop five transfusion techniques or martial arts moves (Current quest progress: 0/5) . ]

 [Sidequest 2: Create Supreme Power from nothing (Current quest progress: Not started) . ]

 1[Sidequest 3: Save the exiled Daoist disciple, Nie Changqing, from being assassinated by a Daoist assassin and gain his loyalty . ]

 1The three side quests were like three hammer blows to the head, and Lu Fan was stunned for several moments .

 After he finished reading all the side quests, he fell into deep thought .

 These three missions could be done all at the same time, but each mission was fairly difficult in itself .

 Just the first mission alone required him to develop five transfusion techniques, which meant that he had to find five different techniques and use his Spirit Qi to develop them .

 1The problem of Spirit Qi was easily solved . Lu Fan had 6 . 5 points of Soul Strength and could exchange them for 60 wisps of Spirit Qi, so he had plenty to spare .

 The bigger problem was… Where on earth was he going to find so many transfusion techniques?

 There was still that second mission .

 “Create Supreme Power from nothing . ”

 The system itself said it was from nothing, so how the hell was he going to create it?

 And what was “Supreme Power,” anyway?

 He had heard it referenced as a power that was mysterious, high above all others, and looked down upon the whole world . It was also the strongest ability of martial arts, and it struck fear in everyone’s hearts . A power that could hold the world in its palm and control everything in it—that was Supreme Power .

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 But Lu Fan could understand where the system was coming from . To build this fantasy world, he had to start by creating a power that belonged to him . This would be the only way to make sure he was not controlled or restricted by anything else, and he could do whatever he wanted .

 Lu Fan scratched his head in frustration .

 While the Wuhuang Continent might have been only a Low-Level Martial World, it wasn’t a simple world at all .

 There were so many mysterious sects and clans within the Hundred Schools of Philosophy, but Lu Fan’s current power wasn’t even enough to go against Great Zhou alone .

 Even though he had a maid at the Grandmaster level, Ning Zhao…

 This was far from enough .

 Lu Fan took in a deep breath and refocused . The third mission had aroused his curiosity .

 “Exiled Daoist disciple, Nie Changqing? I have to save him, then get him to follow me…” Lu Fan fell back into deep thought .

 Compared to the first two, the third one looked much easier .

 This Nie Changqing was that Beiluo City butcher who had been randomly dragged into the Dao Imparting Platform, and so Lu Fan was more confident about this mission .

 4It was getting late .

 Lu Fan decided not to think about these things anymore . He yawned a few times and stretched lazily .

 He smiled at the maids outside his window .

 “Ladies, going to sleep and waking up early is good for your complexion . ”

 Lu Fan flashed a smile, then walked away from the window .

 Ning Zhao, who was still sitting cross-legged on top of the green-tiled roof, fluttered her eyelashes and opened her eyes . Her eyes were as pretty as a painting, and Lu Fan’s voice continued to echo in her ears . She pursed her lips slightly and smiled faintly .

 Further out, Yi Yue put away her long whip . Her skin was slightly ruddy, and she was drenched in sweat .

 Meanwhile, Ni Yu licked her lips in her dream . Her chin slid off the lunchbox, jolting her awake .

 The night went by in silence .

 3The next morning, the beautiful sunshine shone in through the intricately carved window .

 Lu Fan opened his eyes and got out of bed .

 The moment she heard a sound in the room, Ning Zhao, who had been waiting outside his door, pushed the door open and walked in .

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 Yi Yue and Ni Yu followed closely behind her .

 Ni Yu’s little face was all red . She had her sleeves rolled up, and she was hugging a bronze basin filled with hot water that had just been boiled .

 “Young Master has awoken? We will help you with washing up . ” Ning Zhao smiled gently .

 Yi Yue was holding a wooden tray that held plain porridge, a few side dishes, and a small mound of salt .

 The salt was for washing up, while the porridge and side dishes were for breakfast .

 This service was exactly what he needed .

 Lu Fan’s lips twitched a little .

 The last couple of days had been… Well, a little messy .

 After he washed up, he had breakfast .

 Ning Zhao pushed Lu Fan out of the room in his wheelchair, while Ni Yu held up the umbrella as always, and Yi Yue walked along at his side .

 In the garden, Lu Changkong was dressed in a long robe as he watered the plants . The strong smell of blood he had carried away from the battlefield had faded, and he no longer gave off that murderous aura .

 The sound of the wooden wheels creaking against the ground made Lu Changkong stop what he was doing .

 “Father, you’ve settled the siege of the city?” Lu Fan smiled from his seat in the wheelchair . The woolen blanket had been placed back over his legs .

 Lu Changkong looked at Lu Fan with searching eyes .

 “It’s all thanks to Ning Zhao . Otherwise, Beiluo City would be in ruins right now . ” Lu Changkong sighed deeply .

 He had been too careless . If Ning Zhao hadn’t come out to help, then Tantai Xuan would have conquered Beiluo City . The rebels would have broken through the last defense that Great Zhou had, and nothing would have stopped them from attacking the capital city . The consequences of that were too terrible to even think about .

 “Ning Zhao told me everything . She said she was able to rise to the Grandmaster level because of this Spirit Qi . Is there really Spirit Qi in this world?” Lu Changkong asked, narrowing his eyes .

 2He had thought about this for the entire night . But he was a martial arts practitioner, after all, and he didn’t believe in immortals .

 “Of course there’s Spirit Qi . Doesn’t Sister Ning’s sudden breakthrough prove it?”

 Lu Fan’s lips curled upward .

 “Father, I had an immortal encounter, and now I can walk and even cultivate, so all of this is good news . ”

 Lu Changkong also smiled and flicked his hands to clear away the droplets of water .

 “Having an immortal encounter… Of course it is a good thing, but Fan’er, I still want to warn you . Don’t trust other people too easily . You must learn how to protect yourself,” Lu Changkong said to him sternly .

 Immortal encounter? Was there really something like that in this world?

 He was afraid that the change in Lu Fan was because of the Yinyang Clan, or some scheme by a strong fighter from one of those secretive clans from the Hundred Schools of Philosophy .

 “I know what to do . ” Lu Fan nodded . He knew what Lu Changkong was worried about, so he didn’t try explaining . Many things would only get worse if he explained .

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 He tapped a finger lightly on the woolen throw .

 Suddenly, Lu Fan looked up at Lu Changkong .

 “Father, I have something to ask of you,” Lu Fan said .

 1Lu Changkong raised an eyebrow . “What is it?”

 “I would like to create my own branch of power,” Lu Fan replied very calmly .


 A glint flashed in Lu Changkong’s eyes .

 Ning Zhao and Yi Yue also narrowed their eyes from behind the wheelchair .

 The Young Master had just received this immortal encounter, and he was already going to step into this chaotic world?

 “Father, this world is only going to get messier, so I need to develop power… Think of it as a form of self-defense . ”

 After thinking it through, Lu Fan decided that self-defense was a pretty good justification . His father couldn’t possibly say that he was going to use it to make trouble, right?

 He was weaker than the wind, and he had little strength in his hands . So there was nothing wrong with creating a branch of power to protect himself .

 “This world is indeed becoming messier… It seemed like those Grandmasters merely defected to the enemy camp, but I’m sure there’s a greater power behind all of this,” Lu Changkong said . He took in a deep breath .

 “Isn’t having Ning Zhao enough for you?” Lu Changkong looked at Lu Fan . If he just needed to protect himself, Ning Zhao should be enough .

 Ning Zhao’s abilities couldn’t match a Grandmaster with Eight or Nine Resonances .

 But among the Grandmasters with One or Two Resonances, she was quite terrifying .

 Ning Zhao didn’t say anything . She was an intelligent girl, and she knew that she only had to listen obediently when her Young Master and Master were talking .

 “They’re not enough . Sister Ning is only at the Second Stage of the Qi Core Realm… That’s way too far off,” Lu Fan said, shaking his head .

 Ning Zhao looked slightly taken aback at these words . She had great confidence in her cultivation level . This Second Stage Qi Core Realm was enough to strike down four Grandmasters with Two Resonances, so it was already very powerful .

 Lu Fan’s words made her feel a little disappointed and also a little indignant .

 Lu Changkong narrowed his eyes . “Qi Core Realm?”

 “The Qi Core Realm is the first realm level for cultivators . Take Sister Ning’s dantian as an example—she can only take a maximum of nine wisps of Spirit Qi now . Every time she gets one more wisp, she will progress by one stage,” Lu Fan explained .

 Lu Changkong fell silent .

 Whatever Lu Fan was saying was a completely new system of cultivation . It came as quite a shock to him, and he wasn’t able to comprehend it .

 After a long time, he finally let out a sigh .

 “Fan’er, this Spirit Qi is like an illusion—like looking at flowers in the mirror or the moon in the water . It could appear now and then disappear once it has been used up . A strong physical body is the only thing you can rely on . ”

 “I’ve never cared about Spirit Qi . I’ve relied only on my own Qi and blood to get where I am today . I am a martial arts practitioner, and I don’t believe in immortals or deities . I only believe in the Qi and blood of my body and my fists,” Lu Changkong said, his voice very serious and sincere .

 Ning Zhao, standing behind Lu Fan’s wheelchair, started to say something . She wanted to refute the master’s words, but she stopped herself .

 Lu Fan waved his hand, and Ning Zhao kept her mouth closed .

 Lu Fan smiled at his father .

 He didn’t argue or try to explain .

 Instead, he grabbed Lu Changkong’s hand .

 “Activate Access to Spirit Qi Deployment . ”

 “Deployment target: Lu Changkong . ”

 2A sudden gust of wind rolled through the garden, billowing Lu Changkong’s long robe .

 His eyes brightened .

 He could feel a strange flow of Qi running through his arm and entering his body, combining itself with his Qi and blood . It filled his entire body and finally collected in his dantian .

 It was as if a restraint on his body had been smashed to pieces by this Spirit Qi .

 Lu Changkong’s energy, mind, and spirit… They were now expanding like crazy .

 The sudden rush of energy completely flattered the plants in the garden, and Ning Zhao took a step forward to protect Lu Fan .

 Ni Yu hid behind Yi Yue and watched with large eyes . She was both excited and curious .

 After some time, Lu Changkong regained control of the aura emanating from his body .

 His face returned to normal, and he put his hands behind his back and looked at Lu Fan, his gaze seemingly conflicted .

 “Father, how do you feel?” Lu Fan asked, still seated in his wheelchair .

 Lu Changkong kept his expression calm . He wanted to insist on continuing in his ways and claim that Qi and blood were the correct path . He wanted to hold onto everything he had always believed in .

 He wanted to be as immovable as a mountain .


 He hesitated . The words reached his lips, but they instantly changed in tone .

 “This Spirit Qi… is simply amazing! It feels great!”

 “Son, why don’t you give me another wisp?”

 6Lu Fan gaped as he looked at his suddenly enthused father .

 He didn’t say anything .


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