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Chapter 145

Lake Island, Beiluo .

 The sky was cloudy .

 Although everyone on the island had just experienced the dreadful Spirit Pressure, none of them had the nerve to speak .

 Sitting straight in his wheelchair, Lu Fan was looking at the sky with his eyebrows slightly knitted . A wisp of Spiritual Sense had been ready .

 Since he had accepted the appraisal quest to upgrade the level of the world, Lu Fan had been ready to confront strong enemies . To be honest, he had not met any well-matched enemies since his debut in the world .

 Yinyang School’s philosopher might be one…

 At least, he made Lu Fan stand up from the wheelchair .

 However, unfortunately, Yinyang School’s philosopher Wei Luan was killed by only one blow .

 Lu Fan was really disappointed .

 None of them could fight .

 Lu Fan’s strength had been greatly improved since the battle with Yinyang School’s philosopher . And now, no one could rival his strength .

 The new quest said that a Lord of the Plane from a Mid Level Martial World would befall in the form of Spiritual Sense duplicate .

 Lu Fan was kind of expecting that .

 He wondered whether this Lord of the Plane would make him stand up from the wheelchair too .

 Certainly, just to show the opponent some respect, Lu Fan was more or less nervous also .

 He waited and waited .

 A gentle wind blew by, stirring the chrysanthemums on the island .

 The water rippled on the surface of the lake . However, no one came .

 It was so quiet .

 Even the dark clouds started to disperse . It became sunny again .


 “He won’t befall here directly? Will he show up in other places?”

 Lu Fan frowned .

 It was still breezy and bright on Lake Island .

 The system prompt said that the four wanderers would befall in three months, but it said nothing about the Lord of the Plane from a Mid Level Martial World .

 Therefore, Lu Fan supposed he would befall right away .

 Lu Fan waited for half a day, but no one showed up, so he gradually lost his interest .

 In fact, Lu Fan was not worrying too much . After all, with his current strength, Refined Qi Level 3, he was even beyond the Internal Organs Realm in terms of fighting power . He actually could be compared to cultivators from a Mid Level Martial World .

 A Spiritual Sense duplicate of the Lord of the Plane from a Mid Level Martial World, how would that be a big concern for Lu Fan?

 He was more interested in those wanderers .

 According to the explanation of the system, those wanderers had been Lords of the Plane in their respective destroyed worlds . They were losers who had been eliminated .

 They were wandering between different worlds, waiting for a chance to occupy a new world to restore their glory .

 Compared to the Lord of the Plane from a Mid Level Martial World, these wanderers might be more eager for the world and more threatening to Lu Fan’s quest .

 Leaning on the back of the wheelchair…

 Lu Fan frowned . He didn’t think he could stay this lazy anymore .

 The wheelchair moved automatically to take Lu Fan downstairs slowly .

 On the first floor of the pavilion, on the island…

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 The Spirit Qi storm gradually quieted down . The peach blossoms had fully bloomed, while the chrysanthemums were stirred by the wind . It looked like a place where the Immortal lived .

 “Young Master . ”

 As soon as Lu Fan went downstairs…

 Ning Zhao, who had finished refining Qi, opened her eyes . She sprang to her feet and bowed at Lu Fan with respect .

 Ni Yu, carrying her black pot, also stood up . Her face was rosy .

 The three philosophers, Xie Yunling, Gongshu Yu, and Hua Dongliu, all looked at Lu Fan in surprise . This was the first time they looked at him up close .

 They sized up the legendary Young Master Lu .

 He was sitting in the silver wheelchair . There were two chess boxes next to both of the armrests . One of the armrests was scarlet, just like that Phoenix Feather Sword .

 His clothes were as white as snow . Red-lipped and white-toothed, he looked like an elegant and erudite young master .

 Looking at Lu Fan, Hua Dongliu was surprised that the person who had launched that brilliant sword attack was such an elegant young man .

 “Young Master Lu . ”

 The three cupped their hands .

 From a distance, a boat approached the shore .

 Lv Dongxuan also went onto the shore, gathering up the ends of his robe with both hands .

 Lu Fan glanced and nodded at the three .

 “Now that the thing is over, you can go,” Lu Fan said .

 Hua Dongliu, Xie Yunling, and Gongshu Yu were slightly stunned .

 “Young Master Lu, aren’t you going to incorporate us? Why are you telling us to go?” Xie Yunling asked involuntarily, puzzled .


 Sitting in the Thousand Blades Chair, Lu Fan threw Xie Yunling a glance . He thought for a while .

 “That’s right . ”

 “So, from today onward, Daoist School, Sword Sect, and Jiguan School will be under White Jade City’s command…”

 “You will be called Daoist Pavilion, Sword Pavilion, and Jiguan Pavilion from now on…”

 “But different from Tianji Pavilion, White Jade City won’t put limits on your development . It’s okay if you compete with one another . As long as you don’t eliminate one another, everything is negotiable . ”

 “There will be an assessment every two years . You’ll get prizes like Spirit Stones, cultivation methods, and Spirit Tools from White Jade City based on the result of the assessment…” Lu Fan said in a plain voice while tapping on the armrest of the wheelchair .

 His voice echoed over the pavilion . However, Xie Yunling and the other two philosophers were quite surprised .

 What Lu Fan wanted was clear—White Jade City would not intervene in their development . It even allowed them to compete with one another .

 Xie Yunling had never expected such a result .

 However, it was kind of the best result for Xie Yunling and Daoist School . It was even a precious opportunity .

 Daoist School had a significant advantage over Sword Sect because they had a Dragon Gate!

 The Dragon Gate was the best Secret Realm to train cultivators . The disciples of Daoist School would improve a lot in it . They would absolutely far exceed Jiguan School and Sword Sect!

 “Thank you, Young Master Lu!”

 That was all he said .

 Xie Yunling, Hua Dongliu, and Gongshu Yu all cupped their hands .

 “From now on, you can call me Young Master like Old Lv…” Lu Fan said, nodding .

 “By the way, just a reminder . There will be a big change in the world . You should get ready for that,” Lu Fan said .

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 Xie Yunling and the other two were astounded . They had no idea what Lu Fan’s reminder meant .

 There would be a big change in the world?

 Did Lu Fan mean a war?

 Would those mayors finally usurp the Great Zhou Dynasty’s throne?

 But if you think about it, the empire, long divided, must unite—long united, must divide . A result will eventually come out in a war .

 Unlike Confucianism and Mohism, the powers from the Hundred Schools of Philosophy, such as them, actually were not involved in politics a lot .

 But since Lu Fan had said that, Xie Yunling and the others would certainly listen to him .

 “Thank you for reminding us, Young Master . ”

 Lu Fan saw the change in their facial expressions, but he didn’t say anything .

 The appraisal quest to upgrade the level of the world was not so bad, after all .

 By then, despite the rejuvenation of Spirit Qi and the fact that the entire Great Zhou had entered an era of cultivators, most people were not pursuing ultimate cultivation .

 Instead, most people thought cultivators were fundamental for seizing the power of the world .

 Lu Fan hoped cultivators could take advantage of cultivation resources and focus on breakthroughs in realms .

 He didn’t want to see them involved in politics and fight for the world…

 No matter how great this world was, would it be more important than upgrading this world?

 “Go . ”

 Lu Fan waved his hand .

 He told Xie Yunling and the other two that they could go .

 Hua Dongliu pulled the old sword out of the ground . This old sword had been with him for decades, but now, it had a crack on the blade as if it could fall apart anytime .

 Hua Dongliu smiled . He sheathed the sword as if it was not a big deal for him .

 He cupped his hands at Lu Fan and then left .

 Sword Sect was renamed Sword Pavilion . Although it was a shame for Hua Dongliu, he didn’t hate the idea . After all, Sword Sect still existed . He was lucky enough that it wasn’t uprooted .

 Besides, Hua Dongliu was actually excited somehow .

 Sword Pavilion’s opponent was Daoist Pavilion .

 There would be an assessment in two years, and that would be the competition between Sword Pavilion and Daoist Pavilion!

 As to Gongshu Yu’s Jiguan Pavilion… The disciples of Jiguan School all died in the battle that destroyed the Mohist City of Traps .

 So Gongshu Yu was not a concern for Hua Dongliu .

 Besides, Jiguan School’s strength was hidden weapons . Gongshu Yu already used his hidden weapon Pear Blossom in the Storm once .

 And now it was already useless .

 That Pear Blossom in the Storm cost Gongshu Yu his whole life . Hua Dongliu had to admit one thing .

 The hidden weapon Pear Blossom in the Storm was very powerful .

 If its target had not been Young Master Lu but him, Hua Dongliu, he would definitely have been killed .

 The lifelong effort of Jiguan School’s philosopher was demonstrated in that one moment . If the opponent were not a freak like Young Master Lu, who would have been able to repel it?

 Without Pear Blossom in the Storm, Gongshu Yu was greatly weakened . Therefore, he was not a threat at all .

 Hua Dongliu also bowed at Lu Fan .

 However, Gongshu Yu, the philosopher of Jiguan School, did not move .

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 Xie Yunling and Hua Dongliu didn’t say anything . The two left . They got onto the boat and left Lake Island .

 “Why are you still here?”

 Lu Fan looked at Gongshu Yu .

 Gongshu Yu created Pear Blossom in the Storm, a hidden weapon that even he found amazing .

 He enhanced the fighting power of the entire world to a new level with just only one hidden weapon .

 So Lu Fan quite appreciated his skills .

 “Young Master…”

 Gongshu Yu’s hoarse voice came .

 His tiny body trembled . Then he cupped his hands and knelt down with his forehead pressed against the ground .

 “Gongshu Yu is the only one left in Jiguan School . I spent my whole life pursuing the ultimate skill of building hidden weapons, but in the end, everything is in vain . I hope Young Master would allow me to stay on the island to spend the rest of my life here quietly . ”

 Gongshu Yu sounded a bit frustrated and a little helpless for being past his prime .

 In the distance…

 Touching the gold beaded necklace around his neck, Lv Dongxuan let out a sigh .

 Compared to the other powers from the Hundred Schools of Philosophy, Jiguan School was quite strict with its disciples . They required their disciples to be patient and talented people .

 After all, building hidden weapons and beast machines did require great technique . So talent was a must .

 As a result, Jiguan School never had too many disciples .

 The Overlord destroyed several beast machines while attacking the Mohist City of Traps . Jiguan School’s disciples, who were controlling those beast machines, also died, which led to Jiguan School’s current miserable situation—Gongshu Yu was the only one left .

 Besides, Gongshu Yu spent his whole life creating Pear Blossom in the Storm . And now that Pear Blossom in the Storm had been used, he lost all of his motivations and passions .

 This old man seemed older at the moment .

 It was because of the frustration and disappointment when one had lost his hope .

 Leaning on the back of the wheelchair, Lu Fan looked at Gongshu Yu, who was kneeling on the ground . His look was very calm .

 “I’ll give you a month . You can stay here if you can build another Pear Blossom in the Storm,” Lu Fan said .

 Then, his Spiritual Sense turned Tool Refining Manual into a golden radiance . It was put into Gongshu Yu’s brain through the middle of his eyebrows .

 After this, Lu Fan stopped paying attention to Gongshu Yu, who was still in shock . Ning Zhao pushed his wheelchair up to the teenage girl holding the pipa, sitting on the stairs .

 Mingyue was a little thrilled and a little nervous .

 Everyone witnessed how strong Lu Fan was . Mingyue, of course, was nervous .

 It was just like ordinary people seeing their emperor .

 “I told you I would let you stay if you could make the sound of the pipa carry Spirit Qi, and you made it,” Lu Fan said .

 Mingyue flushed red, because of nervousness and excitement .

 “Young… Young Master, I…”

 Waving his hand, Lu Fan told her, “Play something . I want to listen to something . ”

 Mingyue was stunned . She nodded immediately . Holding her pipa, she crossed one leg over the other and sat straight on the stairs . Putting her hand on the strings, she started to play .

 Mingyue closed her eyes . This was the pipa melody she composed based on the insights she had gained from the battle between Lu Fan and the four philosophers .

 When she had calmed down, the melody became faster and faster, like a wind started by the brandishing of a knife . It was sharp and threatening .

 It was a determined attack so that there would be no regrets .

 Spirit Qi, carried by the melody, spread . Even the gravels on the ground were jumping .

 There was a vague cutting force .

 However, something was still not so right .

 The melody was over .

 The seriousness and aggressiveness on Mingyue’s face vanished right away . She looked a little nervous again .

 “Good… What’s it called?” Lu Fan asked while tapping the armrest with a clear sound .

 “Ah . ” Mingyue was embarrassed .

 “Young Master, it doesn’t have a name yet . Young Master, would you like to name it?” Mingyue said with respect .

 Ning Zhao curled her lip when she had heard the request .

 This girl wanted Young Master to name her melody . She was crazy!

 Ni Yu also covered her forehead with a hand . You want Young Master to name your melody? Are you kidding me?

 However, Bai Qingniao was very interested . She just liked to name things . It was her biggest passion .

 Lil Phoenix One popped its head out of her collar as if it had sensed Bai Qingniao’s enthusiasm . It rolled its eyes at her .

 Lu Fan met Mingyue’s excited and expectant eyes .

 He felt he could not let her down .

 So, frowning, he started to think .

 On the lake…

 The boat was rocking from side to side . Carrying the Daoist nun on the back, Nie Changqing stood on the boat . He had waited until Xie Yunling had gone to avoid the latter . Not until then did he come back to the island .

 The wind was blowing softly, his white robe fluttering .

 He could finally see the island .

 On the island…

 Lu Fan breathed out lightly . He met Mingyue’s expectant eyes .

 A smile tugged at the corners of his lips . He said, “You created this melody while watching the four philosophers’ great performance before the end of the old era . So… Let’s call it Unsetting Sun . ”

 Mingyue was dumbstruck .

 Ning Zhao, standing behind the wheelchair, curled her lip . As she had expected…

Ni Yu tried very hard to keep a straight face . She couldn’t laugh . If she laughed, her narrow-minded Young Master might roast her .


 Ni Yu did not laugh .

 But Lil Phoenix One, popping its head out of Bai Qingniao’s collar, started to flap its wings and chirp . It looked like it was laughing…

 Ni Yu threw Lil Phoenix One a glance . She couldn’t help but burst out laughing in the end .

 Her laughter echoed on the entire island .

 After quite some time…

 The laughter faded away little by little . In the end, it was peaceful and serene again on the island .

“Young Master, if I tell you I was laughing at that baby chicken, will you believe me?”

 “Young… Young Master… It’s my bad!”

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