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Chapter 141
Chapter 141: End of the Era

The Spirit Pressure was then transferred to Lv Dongxuan .

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Lu Fan did not obviously expect this to happen . Lv Dongxuan, wearing a gold beaded necklace, looked like a nobody, yet he did possess something .

He clearly had investigated the Spirit Pressure of a cultivator and thus found this flaw, which technically shouldn’t be considered as a flaw .

Now all Spirit Pressure that was supposedly directed to the three philosophers was now on Lv Dongxuan .

So Lv Dongxuan now had to bear much more pressure than Xie Yunling, Hua Dongliu, and Gongshu Yu .


Lv Dongxuan shivered .

A large amount of blood spurted from his mouth, which tinted his white beard and white clothes crimson red .

The seven gold tubes floating around him, spinning at high speed, met with resistance . Lv Dongxuan’s palms were almost pressed together .

Once his palms were pressed together, it meant he could not take the Spirit Pressure anymore . By then, Xie Yunling and the others would have to face the ultimately powerful Spirit Pressure from Lu Fan .

If that happened, only less than one-tenth of their fighting force could be exerted .

Therefore, Lv Dongxuan had to hold his own .

That was why he told Xie Yunling and the other two that they only had one shot .

“Young Master’s Spirit Pressure is really powerful . ”

Even Lv Dongxuan’s bones trembled, while his white beard shook . Blood tinted his teeth red .

Although he was in so much pain, he did not give up .

There were some things that you might regret if you did them . However, if you didn’t do them, then you absolutely would regret not doing them .


Since the seven spinning gold tubes helped to keep the Spirit Pressure at bay for the moment, Xie Yunling and the other two gained time to launch an attack .

Gongshu Yu’s Pear Blossom in the Storm was Jiguan School’s most powerful secret weapon .

It ranked first among the school’s secret weapons . He spent his whole life polishing it . Even after he had become Jiguan School’s philosopher, he still didn’t stop working on it .

Pear Blossom in the Storm had 9,999 silver needles in it .

Great patience was required to put each needle inside Pear Blossom in the Storm carefully .

In fact, placing one silver needle inside this powerful weapon could take several hours .

From his adolescence to old age, Gongshu Yu devoted his whole life to this masterpiece . And he finished it on the day the Mohist City of Traps was captured .

He didn’t use Pear Blossom in the Storm to deal with the Overlord…

Because he didn’t think the Overlord deserved this powerful secret weapon that he had spent his whole life completing .

But on this day, on Beiluo Lake, Gongshu Yu finally would put it into use .

It was his whole life’s work, and all of his efforts was to bring about this great moment—the blooming of the pear flower .

Gongshu Yu would never regret using the Pear Blossom in the Storm to attack Lu Ping’an, the greatest cultivator in the world . In his eyes, Young Master Lu was good enough for this powerful secret weapon .


The sound of metallic ringing permeated the air .

The metal bud bloomed, and the heavy rain seemed to come to a halt .

Brilliant silver rays of light burst forth in the air .

Everyone was shocked .

Ni Yu, Lv Mudui, and the others were completely amazed at the sight before them .

The fruit of the lifelong work of Jiguan School’s philosopher was fully revealed .

Gongshu Yu fell down on the ground after executing Pear Blossom in the Storm .

He seemed utterly worn out . Steam and smoke rose from his metal arms despite the heavy rain .

In a trance, he gazed at the silver rays of light bursting forth in the air .

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Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

When the silver rays of light, as beautiful as an ox hair, was unleashed, it mixed in with the heavy droplets of rain .

The powerful secret weapon Pear Blossom in the Storm stood out even more amidst the sea of dark clouds and torrential downpour .

Every single raindrop contained one silver needle .

The grandeur of the powerful secret weapon unexpectedly disappeared . The weapon’s ultimate beauty was then replaced by an ultimate danger .

Ning Zhao was holding the umbrella for Lu Fan .

She slightly frowned and raised her hand . Spirit Qi was flowing in her Qi Core .

“No . Leave it to me,” Lu Fan said .

Ning Zhao paused and then gave him a small nod . “Yes . ”

She knew Lu Fan wanted to give the four philosophers the respect they deserved .

The rain continued pouring down, bringing with it a terrifying sense of danger .

Gongshu Yu stare was fixed on the second story of the White Jade City Pavilion .

Sparks flew off in all directions .

The clanging sound of metal striking metal rang out continuously .


Gongshu Yu saw Lu Fan lift his hand slowly, and then all the raindrops around him stopped in midair, unable to fall .

Every still raindrop contained a silver needle shining in it . This image was as brilliant as the Milky Way .

“This secret weapon is so great,” Lu Fan exclaimed in admiration .

Then he closed the fist of his raised hand…

And every single suspended raindrop exploded .

Without the raindrops’ cover, those silver needles were all exposed to the air . Lu Fan pressed his forefinger and middle finger together, extended his hand, and moved the needles horizontally lightly .

Then it instantly came .

Those fine silver needles were sent flying back .

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Gongshu Yu’s eyes narrowed . He trembled…

He saw those 9,999 silver needles pierce into the ground around him, giving off a cold glow .

The moment Gongshu Yu’s secret weapon was sent flying back…

Xie Yunling from Daoist School unleashed his water snake to attack Lu Fan .

The water snake snarled and then coiled, preparing to strike . The tumbling water had a powerful impact .

With a spiral motion, the water snake lunged at Lu Fan .

Lu Fan was leaning on the back of the wheelchair .

Clearly, this attack of Xie Yunling had some features of a Daoist method in it .

However, he was only a little bit better than Li Sansui .

Lu Fan pulled the armrest of the wheelchair with the palm of his hand .

A silver blade flew out of the armrest, like a shooting star glowing in the night sky . Spinning at high speed before Lu Fan, it looked like a giant pinwheel .

Water splashed in all directions as soon as the water snake crashed into the sharp silver blade .

The water snake contracted and finally vanished soon enough .

Xie Yunling’s eyes narrowed . He felt instantly worn out, yet two more water snakes flew out of the formation .

However, even the formation was out of energy . It simply collapsed in the sky .

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Xie Yunling flopped to the ground, stumbling and spitting up blood .

But it did not matter to him . He raised his head to stare at the two water snakes in the air .

Nevertheless, it did not take Lu Fan long to crush Xie Yunling’s hopes…

Because two more silver blades showed up on Lu Fan’s wheelchair .

They cut the water snakes into pieces in the same way .

The water snakes vanished . And the heavy downpour resumed .

During the attack of the water snakes, the Sword Saint Hua Dongliu’s sword method had been executed . His sword could be compared to a river running east .

Each of the ten swords shone brightly . They pressed forward with an indomitable will .

Swordsmen were good at attacking .

When he was younger, Hua Dongliu had killed numerous men .

There was nothing his sword could not break, and there was no one that could defend against his sword .

He earned the reputation of Zhongnan Sword Saint in his middle age when he executed five sword strikes at the same time with only one sword .

In his old age, he became the philosopher of the Sword Sect . He had been living in seclusion in the mountain behind Sword Sect, and no one had seen the Sword Saint’s sword attack ever since .

However, this day, the Sword Saint made a comeback .

Despite living in seclusion for decades, Hua Dongliu’s sword method became more powerful . His skill did not retrogress at all . He could even turn one sword into ten by then .

The sword attack was as aggressive as always . It could be compared to Hua Dongliu’s tremendous skill of using one sword to strike five times simultaneously in the past .

Despite living in seclusion for decades, Hua Dongliu’s sword method had become more powerful . His skill did not retrogress at all . In fact, he could even execute 10 strikes simultaneously by just using one sword .

Ten sword strikes all at once would definitely be like a river running violently to the east .

Unstoppable and inexorable .

Holding the umbrella, Ning Zhao was astonished . She was amazed by the three philosophers of the Hundred Schools .

If cultivators had never existed…

These three philosophers would absolutely have been the strongest people in the world .

Except for Xie Yunling, who created the water snake formation with Spirit Qi, both Hua Dongliu and Gongshu Yu had no Spirit Qi, but their skills could be compared to those of cultivators in the peak of Qi Core Realm .

If she had not achieved Internal Organs Realm…

Facing these three philosophers all at once, Ning Zhao might have lost the battle .

Even though she was already in Internal Organs Realm, she still felt it would have been hard to defeat all three of them, especially with that Pear Blossom in the Storm and East Flowing Sword weapons .

It was fair to say these three philosophers were magnificent .

What a pity…

If their opponent were any other cultivator in the world, they would have a chance of winning .

But their opponent was the Young Master .

Even though she had broken through to the Internal Organs Realm, Ning Zhao still felt the Young Master was unfathomable .

“This sword is great too,” Lu Fan exclaimed in admiration again .

These three philosophers showed him the greatest martial arts techniques one could achieve when Spirit Qi had not been rejuvenated in the Great Zhou Dynasty .

In fact, the Overlord could have been just like a little kid before these three philosophers if he had not got any Spirit Qi and had never demonified . He could be killed in a second .

There were no exchanges of any fancy blows .

Fatal blows were all they had .

“A sword like a river running east,” Lu Fan whispered .

“Well, I’ll give you a sword strike in return then,” Lu Fan said .

The heavy rain washed over Hua Dongliu’s eyes . However, he suddenly opened his eyes widely .

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Then he saw the sword attack he would never forget .

Hua Dongxliu, known as the Sword Saint, realized that he was nothing compared to this sword attack before him .

What he saw was…

Lu Fan raised his hand and pulled the right armrest of the wheelchair lightly…

As if he was plucking strings .

Then a phoenix chime came . The raindrops seemed to evaporate . Only white vapors were left in the air .

A red ray of light flew out from the right armrest of the wheelchair .

It turned into a red sword in the air .

As soon as that sword showed up…

All of Hua Dongliu’s swords were broken in the sky .

He obsessively looked at that red sword .

His whole life, he had been obsessed with swords . He never got married, and swords were his only company . In this way, he achieved the peak of swordsmanship .


By then he found…

The peak of swordsmanship he had achieved was only the tip of the iceberg .

If a man in the morning hears the right way, he may die in the evening without regret .

Hua Dongliu was fascinated by it . He went weak at the knees and fell onto the ground .

That old sword of his pierced into the ground . Its blade kept shaking .

“What sword is that?” Hua Dongliu asked, infatuated .

Blood flowed out of his nose and mouth .

“It’s called Phoenix Feather,” Lu Fan answered .

He raised his hand, and the wide sleeve of his white robe was blowing in the wind .

Instantly, the Phoenix Feather Sword flew out like a flame . It circled the air and then flew right back .

The rain evaporated even before hitting the ground .

Down there…

Lil Phoenix One was trembling in Bai Qingniao’s arms, for fear and excitement .


The shining sword was gone, and peace was restored once more . The Phoenix Feather Sword returned to the right armrest of Lu Fan’s wheelchair .

Ning Zhao was holding the umbrella . A drop of sweat rolled down her forehead .

The rain paused for a second .

Then it started to fall again .

On the boat on the lake…

Lv Dongxuan could not hold on any longer . His hands were pressed together .

The seven gold tubes fell on the ground . Lv Dongxuan lay down on his back on the boat . Gazing at the falling rain, he noticed the raindrops looked bigger and bigger as they neared him . Then he let out a deep sigh .

It was like an exclaim for the end of the era .

It was also like a cry for his last-ditch effort in the grand finale of that era . By doing that, he had no more regrets .

Standing with his cane, Lv Mudui exclaimed, shaking his head, “I’m afraid Mo Beike and Kong Xiu will regret…”

Lv Dongxuan broke into a burst of quiet low laughter .

It was very tranquil on Lake Island . There was only the sound of the rain .

Jing Yue looked at the spellbound Sword Saint Hua Dongliu, feeling complicated .

Xie Yunling was sitting on the ground, drenched in the rain .

“We lost . ”

Although he knew it would happen from the very beginning, Xie Yunling still wanted to take chances .

What if they won?

Yet reality was cruel . They lost . They downright lost . They weren’t even able to touch Lu Ping’an’s clothes . Worse yet, not a single drop of rain even fell on the Young Master’s white robe .

However, Xie Yunling had no regrets .

“Philosophers of the Hundred Schools do deserve your reputation . Although you are not cultivators, you are not weaker than any cultivator in the peak of Qi Core Realm… You came to Beiluo to show your true mettle before the end of the era of Hundred Schools of Philosophy so that you would have no regrets . And you made it . ”

“We tried our best . ”

“I would like to pay my homage to your era with the sun shining after the rain and the peach blossoms on the island,” Lu Fan said slowly .

On the second floor of White Jade City Pavilion…

His voice echoed on Lake Island, White Jade City .

As soon as he announced his decision…

He stopped restricting himself and released the Spirit Pressure of Refined Qi Level 3 .

The dreadful Spirit Pressure swept over like a storm .


Many raindrops were instantly crushed by the Spirit Pressure . They turned into a cloud of mist, which made the island seem like it had Immortal energy all over .

Xie Yunling, Hua Dongliu, and Gongshu Yu’s clothes all stuck to their bodies .

They were shivering . It was incredible .

This turned out to be Lu Fan’s real strength!

On the boat…

Lv Dongxuan showed a bitter smile . It turned out Young Master had never gone all out . Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to resist the Spirit Pressure .

Lu Fan lifted his hand .

The Spirit Pressure turned into a giant palm of a hand .

It pushed aside the dark clouds in the sky .


As the thick clouds scattered…

The brilliant golden sunlight shone through the clouds .

It spilled on Lv Dongxuan’s face like golden silks . It felt warm .

On Lake Island .

Under the bright sunlight that shone through the clouds and the omnipresent dreadful Spirit Pressure, flowers were budding on the Biluo Peach Trees planted on the island .

One after another…

Peach blossoms were blooming on the island .

As if they were announcing the end of this battle .

And the end of the era of Hundred Schools of Philosophy .

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