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Chapter 134
Chapter 134: Powerful Chicks, Powerful You

This was… a dragon?!

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Chi Lian felt a chill run down her body as she took in the sight of the dragon head in front of her that was about as big as a washbasin .

The dragon had a dense layer of scales, and there were gills around its neck scattered in rings, making it seem fierce and savage .

As if it heard the voice that cut through the fog…

The eyes in the yellow dragon’s head turned slightly .

With a loud rumble, it turned to dive right back into the lake, its huge wings beating on the water surface .

That caused a huge wave, and the little boat shook upon impact .

Chi Lian grabbed onto Bai Qingniao, fear lingering in her eyes . That yellow dragon earlier was just too terrifying, and it had exerted some pressure on her, preventing her from even using the dagger she had in her hand .

What a strange place .

Why would their lord want Qingniao to cultivate in a place like this?

The fog was becoming increasingly thick and leaking with a terrible sense of gloom that made it difficult for one to breathe .


A “ding-dong” resonated throughout heaven and earth as if someone were walking on the surface of the lake .

A figure emerged slowly from the fog .

The figure walked out unhurriedly .

Yi Yue had a whip on her waist . There was a smile on her charming face as she cast a glance at Chi Lian and Bai Qingniao . She said, “The Young Master invites both of you into the island . ”

After that…

Chi Lian realized the fishing boat was slowly moving in the direction of Beiluo Lake, even though it was not being steered by the rowing stick .

Like a curtain being drawn, the fog parted slowly .

Finally, they passed through the fog, and Chi Lian saw the little island .

It was an island that was hovering within the immortal energy . On the island were ten stalks of Heaven Facing Spiritual Chrysanthemums growing skyward, as well as a tree with leaves as unreal as emerald adorned with flower buds on the verge of bloom .

Their fishing boat had reached the shore .

On a corner of the island were two elders drinking tea .

Under a giant stalk of chrysanthemum, a young man was stubbornly swinging his fists . It seemed as if each swing was accompanied by the chant of a dragon, and it made him seem exceptionally terrifying .

The charming young lady who had brought them into the island—the one who was dressed in a long, light yellow dress—found a spot to sit at and cultivate with her eyes shut .

Chi Lian pulled Bai Qingniao along . She felt that everything about this island was strange…

Whether it was the people or the things .

Even up until now, both of them had not even seen Young Master Lu of Beiluo .

And at this moment…

In the White Jade City Pavilion…

Lu Fan leaned against the railing . The little chick in his hand was lying stiffly and unmoving like a cooked chicken…

“You even know how to play dead, huh?”

Lu Fan laughed lightly .

Spirit Qi surged from his palm to morph a single feather .

He gently pinched the end of Lil Phoenix One’s wings to lift them up . He gathered the feathers, gently scratching at the tip of its wings .

Lil Phoenix One, who had been unmoving like a plush toy, could not bear it any longer .

A soft “chirp” left its mouth .

“This is a phoenix hatchling, unable to control its strength yet…”

Lu Fan laughed .

“It’s not a bad thing, looking like this . Not a bad thing to play dumb . ”

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Lu Fan had taken a liking to this little chick . He weighed the little thing in the palm of his hands, the little chick looking like it had lost its will to live .

It was a phoenix hatchling . How could it stomach such humiliation?

However, the little chick felt an aura coming from Lu Fan; it was terrifying enough to make it shudder, so Lil Phoenix One was terrified nonetheless .

Compromising would make a conflict much easier to resolve, and backing down this time would allow it to soar to greater heights eventually .

Gripped between his middle finger and thumb, Lil Phoenix One was sent flying .

“Go play with Little Responsive Dragon . ”

Bending his fingers inward, Lu Fan flicked Lil Phoenix One on its butt . Spirit Qi surged, and then Lil Phoenix One was suddenly sent flying forth…

Like a ball continuously spinning in the air .

Finally, the Spirit Qi that had surrounded its body finally pierced through it .

It was as if a flame was burning .

Lil Phoenix One opened its beak and let out a resonant screech .

This shocked Bai Qingniao and Chi Lian, who were also on the island .

Suddenly, they saw a crimson flame leap all over Lil Phoenix One’s body . Feathers of fire grew from it like a dazzling, burning sun . Then it spread its wings and took to the skies .

This was similar to the scene when Lil Phoenix One transformed for the first time back in Drunken Dragon City, and now, it happened once again .


In Beiluo Lake…

The waters split with an explosive force .

A dragon’s call, loud and clear, rang out .

The heavenly dragon’s power permeated the air, causing even the flames on Lil Phoenix One’s body to tremble in the skies .

Little Responsive Dragon beat its wings, and then it rushed out of the lake to chase Lil Phoenix One .

With a shrill cry, Lil Phoenix One glided off, soaring through the sky like a ball of fire .

A dragon and a phoenix, engaged with each other in a chase…

Chi Lian felt a chill seize her heart . She turned to look toward White Jade City Pavilion…

Only to vaguely see a handsome figure dressed in white sitting in a wheelchair near the railings of the pavilion .

The sight startled Chi Lian .

“Beiluo… Young Master Lu!”

Chi Lian was stunned, and she rushed to pull Bai Qingniao down into a kneel to greet their master .

Lu Fan remained completely indifferent to them kneeling .

“On account of that chick, you can stay on Beiluo Island to cultivate . Honestly, there’s nothing too difficult about your cultivation methods . As long as that chick is strong, so will you be, which is why you have to raise that chicken properly…” Lu Fan spoke mildly, his voice lingering in Chi Lian and Bai Qingniao’s ears .

Bai Qingniao and Chi Lian were becoming increasingly uneasy even though they could not clearly see Lu Fan’s face .

After they listened to what he said, Chi Lian was filled with glee .

They could stay here, at the very least . This was the safest place in the world, and they had accomplished their lord’s goals .

Chi Lian heaved a sigh of relief . This Young Master Lu, he was actually not as difficult to get along with as the rumors had made him out to be .

He seemed even-tempered .

And yet the moment Chi Lian had formed that impression, Lu Fan’s faint voice sounded out .

“You can leave now . ”

“I won’t see you out . ”

“If you overstay your welcome, you’ll bear the consequences yourself . ”

Chi Lian’s expression stiffened .

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She lifted her head to look toward the second floor of the pavilion only to see that Lu Fan had long disappeared .

Chi Lian was a little hesitant . She had wanted to stay and accompany Bai Qingniao for a while, but… She felt that if she did not leave now, the rumored temper of Young Master Lu would likely go out of control .

Because of this, Chi Lian stood up anyway .

“You stay here on this island, Qingniao, and wait for our lord to come and get you . ”

“You have to be good . Don’t anger Young Master Lu . Do you understand?” Chi Lian asked .

Bai Qingniao seemed a little reluctant, but Chi Lian did not drag her feet any longer .

She turned and leaped onto the fishing boat quickly . With a swing of the rowing stick, the fishing boat glided out of the lake island .

Bai Qingniao looked at Chi Lian’s retreating figure and clenched her fists .

She had to work hard to improve so she could help Uncle Jiang when the time came!

Now that she was left alone on this island, Bai Qingniao had initially been a little anxious . However, after some time had passed, not a single person had paid any mind to her, so she was starting to become a little bored .

She lowered the basket on her back and let all the little chicks out .

The little chicks were running like crazy, dashing this way and that all over the island .

Up in the air, Little Responsive Dragon and Lil Phoenix One were still in that chase .

Ni Yu was a little shocked when she saw the little chicks that were all over the place .

Bai Qingniao saw Ni Yu as well, and the two of them chatted for a bit .

The two of them were about the same age . Although there was quite a difference in their built, both still some similarities that they shared .

When Bai Qingniao said that she made good chicken soup…

Ni Yu and Bai Qingniao grew closer in an instant . The relationship between girls was just so intriguing .

Buzhou Peak .

The crimson sunset cast a glow on the clouds so vivid it looked like they were on fire . The clouds looked like pieces of paper that had caught fire, and they gave off a transient but magnificent radiance .

On the bluestone, a Daoist dressed in tattered robes sat quietly with his legs crossed .

He looked at the glowing red clouds that had covered the entire sky, feeling as if his being would reflect that crimson red as well .

He had been sitting idle for an entire day and night .

But there was no movement in the cave on Buzhou Peak .

He had tried stepping foot into the cave, but a terrifying, murderous intent had blocked him . Li Sansi had no other alternatives, so he could only heave a heavy sigh .

He knew what had caused Zhu Long’s change .

It was because of that Immortal!

Li Sansi clenched his fists . Loose strands of hair covered half his face, and desolation was written on the other half .

He picked up his flute and rapped it gently against the bluestone .

After that, he held it against his mouth, and with a surge of air, the sound of the flute rang out in Buzhou Peak .

Li Sansi was rather downhearted .

As he thought about the pockets of time he had spent with Zhu Long, he suddenly felt a little contemplative .

“Dragon Raising Site, Dragon Raising Site… The way I see it, it’s just a cage, one that binds and restricts you . ”

“With my power now, I don’t have the right even to get close to you, and there’s no way I’ll be able to help you break that cage . ”

“Wait until I get stronger . It’s only a matter of time before I’ll be able to walk up to you . When that time comes, I’ll help destroy the shackles and free you,” Li Sansi said softly, lifting the flute away from his lips…

As if he was soundlessly making an oath .

After that, he took a look at the pitch-black cave, and then he placed his flute on the bluestone .

He brandished his wooden sword, dealing with the corpses on Buzhou Peak .

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He cast a glance behind him .

Then he made his way down the mountain .

After half a day, he climbed Buzhou Peak again . He had with him a jar of Green Bamboo Leaf Liquor that he placed on the bluestone .

He laughed .

Li Sansi made his way down once more . This time, he was leaving for good . He made an elegant exit, not dragging his feet at all . On the day of his return, he would help break Zhu Long out of her cage .

At the foot of the mountain, Li Sansi saw the black ox he had left chained in the distance .

He hurled himself up onto the ox and reached for the wine flask he had strapped to his waist, ceaselessly downing the flaming hot liquor . The retreating figures of the ox and the person slowly disappeared into the night .

Quite sometime after Li Sansi left…

The flute and liquor were left on the bluestone .

Moonlight spilled everywhere . It was rather peaceful .


From within the pitch-black cave on Buzhou Peak…

A figure with a person’s head and a snake’s body appeared from within the cave .

Underneath the moonlight, the figure slowly morphed into the figure of Zhu Long, the young girl with her eyes closed, as it neared the bluestone .

Zhu Long picked up the liquor and then turned to return to the cave .

However, after taking two steps, she seemed to recall something suddenly .

She turned back to take the flute with her as well, taking one step after the other back into the darkness of the cave .

Tang Xiansheng’s fleet worked their horses hard and cycled through quite a few of them on the way to the capital city . They moved for close to a day and a night before they finally arrived .

When the morning sun, which had been covered in gloomy clouds, wilfully tore through the clouds with a ray of light and illuminated the walls of the capital city that had been permeated with the traces of the ancient times…

Tang Xiansheng’s fleet entered the capital city slowly .

There were traces of decline in the capital city that had endured a rebellion .

Tang Xiansheng’s nose twitched as if he could pick up on the thick scent of blood .

“You smell that?”

“That’s the smell of death,” Tang Xiansheng said from inside the carriage .

Tang Yimo, who was riding the horse, froze in shock . He could smell something like that?

From far in the distance, there was a sound of armored horsemen approaching .

Powerful troops marched over, bringing with them an overwhelming wave of iron blood .

Tang Yimo squinted, his hair standing on end .

“Get off the horse, Yimo, and come see the Military God of Great Zhou,” Tang Xiansheng said with a laugh .

He pulled the curtains back . With the help of his servants, he shakily stepped down from the carriage .

Jiang Li’s body was covered in silver armor, and there was a chilly expression on his face . The armored horsemen around him were equally cold, bringing along with them the aura of iron blood .

Tang Xiansheng squinted . Jiang Li knew what he was doing when he brought his troops along with him . As expected, he truly was a Militarist .

They said that Bai Fengtian had been a more powerful leader of the troops . If Bai Fengtian were not dead, and if Yuwen Tuo were still alive, the few of them would not be given the time of day in this era .

Not even the Overlord would be able to compete against them .

“I’ve heard a lot about you, General Jiang . Now that I’m meeting you in person today, you truly are powerful . You’re not any weaker than General Bai from back in the day!”

Tang Xiansheng laughed .

However, in the long street of the capital, he was the only one laughing .

Jiang Li was stoic, and his soldiers were equally expressionless .

Tang Xiansheng’s laughter slowly died down . There was an affable expression on his face, not at all betraying any signs of unease .

“I’ve prepared great gifts to greet His Majesty with, and I’ve prepared something for General Jiang Li as well . This humble gift is just a little token of my respect for you . ”

Tang Xiangsheng clapped his hands .

A servant retrieved a wooden box and walked over .

Tang Xiansheng opened the wooden box, pulling out a bamboo slip from it .

“This is a military volume personally penned by General Bai Fengtian . In it, he recorded his own views and analyses of several brutal battles . I had to read it several times every night . I really hold General Bai in great esteem!”

“Today, I have to deal with the pain of giving up something this dear to me so I can gift it to you, General Jiang Li,” Tang Xiansheng said with a smile .

Jiang Li’s eyes fell upon the bamboo slip in an instant . His eyes widened, and he clenched his fists .

What a man this Tang Xiansheng was .

It was obvious he had come prepared, and he knew every single person in the capital city like the back of his hand .

This bamboo slip was a gift that Jiang Li could not reject .

After quite some time, Jiang Li unclenched his fists to receive the bamboo slip . He greeted Tang Xiansheng with a fist and palm salute .

“This way, Mayor Tang . Don’t keep His Majesty waiting for too long,” Jiang Li said .

“Yes, yes . How can I keep someone like His Majesty waiting for someone like me? Forgive me,” Tang Xiansheng said hurriedly .

There was a huge smile on his face .

The group moved toward Zijin Palace with great vigor .

Gloomy day, gloomy clouds .

There was a bout of inhibiting wind that blew in the air, wafting through the empty large streets and small alleyways of the long street in the capital city .

Jiang Li led the soldiers in the direction of the Imperial City of Zijin Palace .

There was a low rumble of thunder .

Tang Xiansheng’s face crumpled, and the affable expression on his face was gone .

His back was bent, and he pulled Tang Yimo, who had been beside him, closer toward him .

Tang Yimo supported Tang Xiansheng, his gaze becoming much shrewder instantly .

When raindrops, large as peas, tore through the thick clouds and poured down from the gloomy heavens…

A black figure wearing a bamboo hat floated into view from the blue-tiled roofs that lined both sides of the long street of the capital city .

Thunder suddenly struck…

As if it were a signal to move .

Black figures demonstrated their Lightness Skill as they flew down from the rooftops . They wore bamboo hats and straw raincoats that the rain splashed off of .

They unsheathed their long blades and smashed through the walls .

A dazzling blade cut through the pealike raindrops, tearing apart the curtain of rain .

With the intent to kill and cut through bone, and like a venomous snake that had touched the ground, they quickly moved toward Tang Xiansheng, who had been gripping tightly onto Tang Yimo .

Jiang Li, decked in his armor, focused his gaze on the sight before him .

He was taken aback .

Numerous soldiers brandished their weapons as well . The sound of metal clanging rang out and echoed in the long street . Silver pikes suddenly flew out and cut through the rain, piercing a hole in the curtain of rain .

Who was it?!

Just who was it that had the audacity to make an attempt on Tang Xiansheng’s life this brazenly in the strictly controlled capital city?!

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