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Chapter 130: 130
Chapter 130: Who Slashed My Black Jiao Dragon?

Capital city .

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Late at night, the moon was hidden behind the clouds .

The black jiao dragon was lying leisurely on the Dragon Gate . It felt content and happy, being nourished by the Spirit Qi coming from the Dragon Gate under its body .

It could feel that it would transform into the real heavenly dragon descendant very soon .

It was a magical and heavenly feeling . Its strength would skyrocket as soon as it transformed into a heavenly dragon descendant, even though it was still far away from becoming a mature dragon .

Nevertheless, it was making progress, at least .

It had meat to eat and the prospect of becoming the heavenly dragon descendant .

What a wonderful life .

All of a sudden…

The dark scales on the black jiao dragon flipped upward like human hair standing on end .

It coiled itself around the Dragon Gate nervously…

As if something terrible was going to happen .

The dragon opened its mouth and was about to bellow when all of a sudden, the Dragon Gate beneath him suddenly shot out a ray of silver light .

The energy approaching with the silver light was rather frightening . A sense of oppression from the bottom of its heart paralyzed the black jiao dragon . The shout was choked in its throat .

The ray of silver light was beautiful, like a sharp blade without a handle . It floated in the air silently like a straightened feather .

A loud bang reverberated .

Then a giant silver bowl appeared behind the sharp blade . The bowl was also extremely exquisite and flawless as though it was carved from a crystal .

Nonetheless… Why was there a bowl?

Confusion filled the black jiao dragon’s eyes .


The black jiao dragon understood the purpose of the bowl before long .

Its widened eyes watched in terror as the silver blade dove and stabbed its tail . The dragon’s hard dark scales were no better than a piece of paper and couldn’t withstand the sharp blade at all .

Fizz .

The dark scales broke .

Blood spurted out .

The black jiao dragon shut its mouth tight and didn’t dare make a sound .

It was too afraid to complain or question .

Facing the terrifying energy, it had no choice but to swallow the excruciating pain .

The giant silver bowl floated near the wound on the black jiao dragon’s tail . The blood gushed out and flowed into the bowl .

The black jiao dragon stiffened as it feared the giant silver bowl .

All the meat the dragon ate in the past few days was lost .

And in a short while, the giant silver bowl was filled to capacity .

Together with the silver blade, the giant silver bowl dashed into the Dragon Gate in the dense darkness .

Finally, the horrifying energy disappeared after the dragon’s ordeal .

The black jiao dragon opened its mouth and roared in pain and anger .

The roar shook the entire Imperial City in the dark night!

A commotion erupted in the Imperial City .

The patrol guards hastened to the scene at full speed .

Wearing a silver armor, Jiang Li’s face was grim and somber .

What was wrong with this black jiao dragon?!

By the time Jiang Li arrived…

Yuwen Xiu also rushed to the Dragon Gate . He wrapped himself in the imperial robe and was escorted by eunuchs and maidservants .

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“What happened to my black jiao dragon? Why is it screaming in pain?!”

Clenching his fists, Yuwen Xiu was furious and frightened at the same time .

The eunuchs were pale-faced and kept quiet out of fear .

The maidservants were also trembling in terror .

Jiang Li walked to them and made a courteous gesture to greet Yuwen Xiu .

Yuwen Xiu’s sharp eyes were full of anger .

He stared at Jiang Li and solemnly asked him, “Jiang Li, do you know what disturbed my black jiao dragon?!”

The black jiao dragon was the hope and the most precious treasure in Yuwen Xiu’s heart .

Jiang Li shook his head . However, he raised his hand and pointed at the black jiao dragon’s tail .

“I observed the black jiao dragon as soon as I got here . There is an injury to the tail of the black dragon . It seems as if a sharp object had slashed it…” Jiang Li answered .

In the darkness of the night, Yuwen Xiu’s pupils constricted and looked at the black jiao dragon’s tail .

He indeed saw its dark scales were cut and soaked in blood .

“Who did it?! Who on earth did this?!”

Yuwen Xiu was enraged .

Jiang Li remained silent . He was responsible for patrolling the Imperial City . Yet someone sneaked into the imperial garden and even cut the black jiao dragon without him knowing .

He obviously failed in his duty .

He could understand why Yuwen Xiu was raving mad .

The black jiao dragon helped Yuwen Xiu turn the tide when Zhao Kuo plotted to revolt . It was safe to say that the black jiao dragon was almost everything to Yuwen Xiu .

Just when Yuwen Xiu was in a frenzy…

A figure staggered out of the Dragon Gate .

Everyone’s eyes focused on this person at the same moment .

The figure became clear gradually .

It was the old eunuch who was sent to the Dragon Gate by Yuwen Xiu .

Jiang Li’s eyebrows knitted . As meticulous as he was, he realized the old eunuch seemed to be a little off .

“Your… Your Majesty…”

The old eunuch’s face was as white as paper . His eyes were still filled with fear .

He saw the infuriated Yuwen Xiu .

The old eunuch felt relieved for a moment . Compared to the horrifying man in white, he would rather face His Majesty’s wrath .

“Old bastard… what did you see?!”

“You were in the Dragon Gate . Do you know who hurt my black dragon?!” Yuwen Xiu asked .

His rage swelled .

Jiang Li and all the other guards of the Imperial City remained silent . They were derelict in their duties .

After all, it was the black jiao dragon that was hurt this time . What if the young emperor was injured the next time?

Yuwen Xiu was probably infuriated because of that, besides feeling distressed for the black jiao dragon .

“Your Majesty…”

The old eunuch tried to remain composed .

He stuttered and hesitated .

Seeing Yuwen Xiu clenching his fists in a fury, the old eunuch spoke haltingly .

“I… I might have seen… Lu Ping’an of Beiluo,” the old eunuch said in a quiet voice .

However… .

The moment he uttered those words…

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Yuwen Xiu’s body stiffened . His angry roar also came to an abrupt stop .

Jiang Li raised his head hastily with his eyes brimmed with astonishment .

The garden suddenly became eerily quiet .

They could only hear the gurgling sound of a brook and the low growl of the black jiao dragon .

Dongyan River .

The Overlord, who was stabilizing his inner energy, suddenly opened his eyes .

He sensed a terrifying energy a moment ago .

It came from the Dragon Gate!

It lingered for a split second .

The Overlord was once near the Central Palace . So… did the energy come from the Central Palace?

Did someone pass the floating sky island and break into the Central Palace?

The Overlord was too concerned to rest . Carrying the giant axe and shield, he sprang out of the tent and dashed into the Dragon Gate with full speed .

Some terracotta warriors blocked his way but were chopped into pieces by his axe .

Since the purple smoke couple was defeated by the Overlord once on the iron chain bridge, the purple smoke in the bronze three-legged cauldron didn’t emerge this time when it sensed the Overlord’s energy .

The Overlord moved through the iron chain bridge and stood on the edge of the floating sky island . He gazed at the Central Palace enveloped in a dense mist and a sea of clouds .

All of a sudden…

The Overlord squinted .

He vaguely saw a white figure walking through the Central Palace at a leisurely pace with silver radiance around him .

Someone was there indeed!

Who was it?!

The Overlord took a deep breath . He moved forward and stepped on the iron chain that led to the Central Palace from the floating sky island .

He sped on the chain .

On the other side, the giant silver bowl that was filled with the black jiao dragon’s blood was floating above Lu Fan’s head .

Lu Fan supported his chin with one hand and rested the other hand on the wool blanket and moved across the palace unhurriedly .

The dormant energy inside the palace didn’t dare move even the slightest throughout the course .

Lu Fan suddenly raised his eyebrows as he was getting on the iron chain .

He shot a glance at the direction of the Dragon Gate in the Secret Realm of the Dongyan River and turned back his head with a faint smile .

The Thousand Blades Chair got on the iron chain and glided to the Dragon Gate in the Secret Realm of Beiluo .

The Overlord sprinted on the iron chain .


He saw the white figure got on the iron chain… and then slid away .

He disappeared in the dense fog .

The man left the Central Palace .

Then Central Palace, which was initially tranquil, boiled over in an instant .

A frightening stream of energy soared into the air and then crashed down on the Overlord’s body with tremendous force like a rushing waterfall .

The Overlord’s face changed instantaneously .

Running on the iron chain, he abruptly halted .

He stamped his foot and shook the iron chain .

The frightening existence inside the Central Palace woke up…

The blood in the Overlord’s body started to boil beyond his control .

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“Internal Organs…”

Suffering in pain, the Overlord found it difficult to advance or retreat .

Bang… .

The old gate of the Central Palace slowly opened .

Creak… Crack…


A burly and intimidating black shadow rushed out of the palace .

It was running too fast to be clearly seen .

It darted on the iron chain in a second .

And it ran to the Overlord directly .

The Overlord’s face changed . The tremendous pressure made him release the Demonic Qi .

He brandished the giant axe and put the shield in front of him .


With a loud clang, the black shadow crashed into the Overlord’s shield with formidable force .

The Overlord felt like the blood inside his body was about to spout out .

His mouth and nose were bleeding .

Struck by the tremendous force, he lost control, staggered back, and fell off the iron chain .

He only found his footing after backing three more steps on the floating sky island .

When the shield fell on the ground, the Overlord stood up straight .

“Is this the existence in the Central Palace? It’s truly much more powerful than the Ancient Qi Practitioner in the Secret Realm of the Hidden Dragon Ridge!”

The Overlord wiped away the blood on the corner of his mouth .

He didn’t care even though he was beaten yet again .

He was more curious about the identity of the fleeting white figure .

The existence inside the Central Palace never showed up before .

It only erupted after the white figure left .


The existence in the Central Palace was afraid of the white figure . Who was so powerful that even the existence in the palace was too frightened to appear?

Lu Fan returned to the floating sky island .

He was only passing by . Why did the Overlord come to look?

Now he took a beating for no good reason .

Sitting in the wheelchair, Lu Fan raised his brows and looked at the iron chain bridge .

The battle over there was about to finish as well .

Lu Fan didn’t stop . He moved past the iron chain bridge in his wheelchair again . Fighting a pitched battle, Ning Zhao and the purple smoke couple still didn’t see him .

After leaving the iron chain bridge…

Lu Fan exited the Secret Realm straightaway .

On the iron chain bridge…

Blood splashed on the purple smoke couple’s swords . One sword pierced into Ning Zhao’s ribs while the other one stabbed through her shoulder .

The blood gushed out and split on the ground of the iron chain bridge .

Ning Zhao, however, had a smile on her face .

Her white dress was now dyed in red with her blood .

She smiled with unyielding heroism .

The Cicada Wing Sword in her hand quivered . All of a sudden, it shot up and spun at high speed in the air .

She grasped the purple smoke couple’s swords with her hands tightly . She wouldn’t let go even though her palms were about to be cut through .

The Cicada Wing Sword transformed into a translucent ray of light and swept across the purple smoke couple’s heads .


The purple smoke couple dissipated immediately .

The Cicada Wing Sword fell on the ground . Ning Zhao feebly collapsed on her knees . With the hem of her dress billowing, she looked like a blooming red rose .

Everything around her became quiet .

Ning Zhao’s shallow breath was the only sound left .

She… made it .

Either one of the purple smoke couple was stronger than her . Yet she achieved the breakthrough under the extreme pressure .

The Young Master once said that she wasn’t particularly gifted . Nie Changqing, the Overlord, and even Mo Liuqi had more natural talent than her . It was likely that she would peak at the Qi Core Realm .

She refused to resign herself to defeat .

Stubborn and headstrong, she finally made the breakthrough on the iron chain bridge almost at the cost of her life .

Ning Zhao raised her head . Blood streamed down her delicate face, heartrending and striking .

However, she was smiling .

She grinned with triumph .


Inside the Secret Realm…

The Spirit Qi swirled and started to gather swiftly above Ning Zhao’s head .

It didn’t matter that she had less natural talents .

She would accomplish great things as long as she made assiduous efforts even after major setbacks .

On the bank of the Beiluo Lake Island…

Sitting in the wheelchair, Lu Fan didn’t go to the pavilion .

He turned the wheelchair and faced directly at the Dragon Gate .

The little yellow jiao dragon, previously sleeping, suddenly became excited . It flapped its wings and flew back and forth above the Dragon Gate like a restless bumblebee .

Numerous strong streams of Spirit Qi spurted out of the Dragon Gate and went into the little yellow jiao dragon’s body .

The little yellow jiao dragon began to grow . Its tremendous power as a heavenly dragon descendant started to be released .


A resounding roar of the dragon!

It rippled the surface of the entire Beiluo Lake .

Lv Mudui and Lv Dongxuan both raised their heads in wonderment .

Yi Yue opened her eyes in the middle of her cultivation . Nie Shuang was practicing his fists next to a cluster of chrysanthemums and stopped his movement .

Ni Yu just finished making the elixirs and putting the hot elixirs into the bag . Her chubby face trembled at the sound . She raised her head and looked at the Dragon Gate .

A graceful figure was inside the Dragon Gate . Her white dress was dyed in red with her own blood .

Under the starry sky, she slowly walked out of the Dragon Gate, accompanied by the dragon’s roar .

Lu Fan leaned in his wheelchair . The night breeze ruffled his earlocks and white robe .

Looking at the determined figure…

A soft and gratified smile crept on his originally expressionless face .

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