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Chapter 124: 124
Chapter 124: Someone Made A Breakthrough to Internal Organs

Star Picking Peak .

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The sun shone brightly . It was scorching hot, but it still could not drive the clouds shrouding the peak away .

With its mouth open wide, a dragon descendant made of thick clouds roared in the sky, emanating a powerful Spirit Pressure .

The Daoist priests watching were all shocked by the sight .

Some of them closed their fists excitedly .

They saw hope, the hope of the Daoist School defeating the monstrous man that had come .

From Nie Changqing’s cleaving the Daoist School’s main gate open to his reaching the summit of Star Picking Peak, the Daoist School appeared to be very fragile in Nie Changqing’s eyes . Their bite seemed to be a lot worse than their bark .

Even the formation that made use of Qi and blood created by the Daoist School’s philosopher failed to resist Nie Changqing’s butcher knife .

The Daoist School’s elder, head of the formation, had even been decapitated by Nie Changqing in the end .

The Daoist priests had been shrouded by dark clouds since Nie Changqing walked through the main gate . They had witnessed the dreadful power of cultivators .

But now, the Daoist School finally had a person who could fight Nie Changqing .

Li Sansui, Li Mo Chou .

That unsociable woman .

She had summoned the Cloud Dragon to suppress the disciple of White Jade City!

Clouds moved . Every Daoist disciple’s robe fluttered in the gale .

The butcher knife struck upwards .

The invisible knife radiance seemed intent on tearing the clouds apart .

The bright sunshine was gone as if it was cut away by this knife strike, what was left behind was eternal darkness .

Nie Changqing was emotionless .

It had been a serious knife strike . With this strike, he felt like he had gone back in time to the day he executed Knife Control Technique for the first time on Beiluo Lake with Lu Fan’s help and instruction . He was as excited as he had been back then .

On Beiluo Lake, Nie Changqing killed hundreds of Confucian students with just one knife stroke . Blood flowed into a river .

And today, the amazing knife strike appeared again!

This one was intended to cleave the Cloud Dragon in the sky into two!


The knife hit the Cloud Dragon .

The knife radiance instantly spread through the Cloud Dragon’s body .

The dreadful sharpness of the knife, together with a force that could break anything, sliced the Cloud Dragon’s body into halves .

The clouds were gone!

The Daoist nun’s hair was messed up . She could not help but open her eyes .

She was astonished .

Obviously .

It was beyond her expectations that Nie Changqing would defeat the Cloud Dragon she had created with only one knife stroke .

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Since the Cloud Dragon had been cleaved into half, everything at Star Picking Peak seemed to come to a standstill .

Leaves fell silently . The wind blew without making much noise .

The second after the Cloud Dragon was split into two like a white giant pastry, a deafening roar lingered over Star Picking Peak .

A gale started to blow . Sand and stones began to be raised into the air .

By the Dragon Gate, Daoist nun Li Sansui flopped to the ground .

A strand of hair fell in front of her eyes, like a small strand of sadness .

It took her breath away .

She lost…

She had not lost for a long time .


The butcher knife whooshed across the sky .

It hung before Li Sansui’s face . The gale created by its movement blew her hair to both sides and left a cut in her soft skin . Blood beaded on the surface of the wound .

In the end, the butcher knife did not fall .

While it was buzzing, Nie Changqing waved his hand hard .

The butcher knife flew backward with a dreadful oppressive force . It pierced into the hard ground of Star Picking Peak’s field .

A crater appeared immediately . With the crater at the center of the field, the flagstones around it cracked . Web-like cracks spread further and further .

An airwave formed by Spirit Qi surged . The watching Daoist disciples lost their balance . They were rolled and crawled across the ground .

Nie Changqing pulled the butcher knife out of the ground slowly . Then he lifted it to his waist .

“Sansui, you don’t belong here . You should go to Beiluo,” Nie Changqing said in a dull voice .

Li Sansui was sitting in front of the Dragon Gate . Her long eyelashes fluttered .


Nie Changqing raised his head . Without his beard, he looked a little bit lazy under the sun .

“If I hadn’t stopped, you would have been dead . ”

“You did receive the immortal encounter of the Dragon Gate Secret Realm, but there is still a huge gap between us . You won’t be able to defend against my knife attack so easily . ”

Nie Changqing was telling the truth .

“Can you tell me where Ru’er is now?”

His calm voice lingered over Star Picking Peak .

The Daoist disciples trembled with fear .

She lost .

Even Li Sansui lost!

Li Sansui had been extremely strong after she had the immortal encounter . She even summoned so many clouds to create a dragon . However, she still failed to resist Nie Changqing’s butcher knife!

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Miao Renyu and the other higher-ranked disciples were extremely shocked . They knew more than the other ignorant Daoist students .

Nie Changqing was not even the strongest in White Jade City .

That mysterious and unpredictable Young Master Lu from Beiluo was even more powerful . He was a man full of incomprehensible tricks .

They had thought that with the grand formation created by His Excellency, the Daoist School might be able to win in a fight with White Jade City .

But then…

One disciple of White Jade City suppressed the entire Daoist School .

Before the Dragon Gate, Li Sansui arranged her hair back into a bun .

She managed to calm herself down . She jumped down from the Dragon Gate .

“Brother Nie, come with me,” Li Sansui said .

In the distance, a senile Daoist priest’s eyes constricted . He said, “Sansui… Don’t do that!”

However, as soon as he said that, the black butcher knife rushed at him .

A head flew into the air .

Nie Changqing raised his hand to control the knife . Blood was still dripping off the butcher knife . He glanced over at the other Daoist priests, his expression cold .

“I’ll kill whoever speaks next,” Nie Changqing said in a cold and threatening manner . His words sent a shiver down all their spines .

Nie Changqing glanced over them coldly .

He had killed quite a few people during the time he had been with Lu Fan .

But until now, the elder who had torn his letter was the only person he had killed in the Daoist School—and that was because he really deserved it .

He did not want to start slaughtering priests . By doing that, he would be repaying the goodwill of the Daoist School for training him with manslaughter .

But he had run out of patience . If anyone else had the nerve to say anything to stop him…

The butcher knife in his hand was ready to be stained with blood .

Everyone was intimidated by Nie Changqing . No one had the nerve to speak again .

Li Sansui threw an indifferent glance at the crowd on Star Picking Peak .

“Brother Nie, come with me,” Li Sansui said .

Suddenly, she stopped after taking two steps . She said stubbornly, “By the way, call me Mo Chou from now on . Stop calling me Sansui . ”

Dumbstruck, Nie Changqing followed Li Sansui .

At Star Picking Peak, the crowd took a look at the crater on the field and the cracking flagstones . Then, they looked at Nie Changqing, disappearing from their sight . Many of them were weak at the knees and flopped onto the ground .

At this moment, someone suddenly recalled when the news of Han Lianxiao’s death had come from Beiluo City, His Excellency had said “don’t look for trouble” . What foresight he had!

After descending Star Picking Peak, they walked along a narrow trail .

The place was even quieter .

Li Sansui was silent . Nie Changqing, rubbing his hands, was nervous and expectant .

Five years had passed . His sideburns had grown white .

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He was finally going to meet his wife . He would be lying if he claimed he was not nervous .

There were two bamboo houses deep in the mountain .

“Sister Ru is in that bamboo house,” Li Sansui said, pointing at a shabby bamboo house .

Looking at Nie Changqing, she wanted to say something, but she held her tongue .

Lake Island, Beiluo .

Lu Fan, who had planned the opening of the eight Dragon Gates and started a storm to revive Spirit Qi, finished his porridge . He told Ni Yu to take the bowl and chopsticks away .

He was leaning against the carved wooden rail, relishing the cold breeze . His hair was blowing in the wind .

“She reached the ninth stage in her first try to refine Qi . Although she is really talented, it was mainly because she and the Cloud Dragon liked each other…”

Lu Fan was thinking .

That being said, Li Sansui had the makings of a great cultivator indeed . Besides, after going through Butcher Nie’s savage beating, she would absolutely become more mature .

He was really curious about her future achievements .

Old Nie’s challenge to the Daoist School was basically over . It would not be hard for him to take his wife back now . As a result, Lu Fan lost interest in them .

What he was curious about at the moment, was whether Overlord and Ning Zhao could conquer the difficulties required to break through to the Internal Organs Realm in the eight Dragon Gate Secret Realms .

Once someone made a breakthrough, the Spirit Qi fluctuation that erupted from the breakthrough to Internal Organs would result in a heavenly dragon descendant being born . Once that task was completed, he would get more Available Points .

Besides, as the Spirit Qi from those broken warriors created more cultivators, Lu Fan received more and more Spirit Qi .

He might be able to level up from Refined Qi level two to level three very soon!

Dragon Gate Secret Realm, Dongyan River .

Overlord cleaved the purple smoke man in half with his ax . He was thrilled .

He created a sally port at the cost of getting injured . However, it had saved his life .

That was very much Overlord Xiang Shaoyun’s style .

The explosion of the purple smoke man did not affect the purple smoke woman . They were just emotionless beings transformed by elixir mist . They did not feel pain .

Overlord felt a burn in his shoulder . He had sword wounds all over his body .

But he did not flinch . With his ax in one hand and his shield in the other, he pressed through the pressure .

“Almost! Almost!” Overlord roared in a low voice .

The giant shield in his hand pushed a way through .

Without the purple smoke man, the purple smoke woman did not give Overlord too much pressure .

He had felt triumphant like he was on the verge of a breakthrough, but then the feeling was gone like an ebb tide .

Overlord was anxious and unhappy . He raised the ax to hit the purple smoke woman, no matter which direction she moved in . Overlord looked like he had gone mad .

He was so close!

The purple smoke woman could not resist Overlord anymore after getting struck by his ax several times . She was cleaved in two by the ax in the end . She turned into purple smoke and disappeared .


The heavy ax fell on the iron chain bridge . The bridge started to shake .

With his head lowered, Overlord was bleeding .

He punched the thick iron chain, unhappy with his results .

What a pity…

The couple transformed by purple smoke had been strong, but they still could not give him enough pressure to breakthrough into the Internal Organs Realm .

Overlord got to his feet . He turned around to look at the iron chain bridge in the distance .

He wanted to see whether the other challenger had broken through to the Internal Organs Realm .

However, he was not able to find out anything, no matter how hard he tried .

After all, although the two iron chain bridges did not appear to be far away from each other, they were actually very far apart .

Overlord was carrying the ax and the shield on his back . On his iron chain bridge, the wind was blowing .

He was soaked in sweat and blood, hair swinging, as he looked at the palace on the floating sky island .

The three-legged bronze cauldron was still there . Purple smoke was curling up from it .

He breathed out .

Overlord walked forward slowly . Every step he took was extremely steady .

Finally, he lifted his leg and stepped onto the floating sky island . Half of him had stepped off the iron chain bridge .

However .

As soon as one foot stepped on the ground of the floating sky island, he felt something .

It was like a string had been pulled .

He trembled .

He turned his head instinctively to look at the iron chain bridge from another Dragon Gate Secret Realm, far away in the distance . There, powerful Spirit Qi was swirling upwards .

His eyes widened . His pupils constricted . He closed his fists .

He was extremely reluctant to accept the fact .

Who was it…?

Who beat him in breaking through to the Internal Organs Realm?

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