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Chapter 116: 116
Chapter 116: The Eight Dragons Roar and the Dragon Gate Appears

Capital city .

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Book Pavilion .

The old eunuch stood respectfully in front of the Book Pavilion .

Mo Tianyu laid down lazily with his chest exposed, holding a wine gourd in one hand .

“Eunuch, the Master does not want an audience with anyone,” Mo Tianyu said .

“Master Mo, His Majesty has given me orders to invite the Imperial Advisor over . If he does not go, His Majesty will definitely break my legs . ”

The old eunuch flicked off a speck of dust with a wry smile on his face .

“Oh, did His Majesty really say that?”

Mo Tianyu raised his eyebrows with a surprised look .

“With Zhao Kuo’s rebellion, there are now many things in the capital city that need to be settled, so His Majesty urgently needs the Imperial Advisor to come forth and take charge…”

“His Majesty said when literature has the Imperial Advisor and the military has Jiang Li, then that is when the Great Zhou will prosper,” the old eunuch said .

Upon hearing his words, Mo Tianyu frowned .

“No . If the Master says no, then it will be no,” Mo Tianyu said, waving his hands .

“Why don’t I do some fortune-telling for you?” Mo Tianyu asked, his eyes lighting up with expectation .

The old eunuch’s face changed after hearing that . “It’s, it’s fine…”

All of a sudden…

A coughing sound emerged from within the Book Pavilion .

Dressed in a Confucian robe, the Imperial Advisor, whose back was hunched, walked out slowly from the Book Pavilion with Kong Nanfei’s support .

“Tianyu, don’t put the eunuch on the spot . I will make the trip there,” the Imperial Advisor said .

After hearing that, the old eunuch trembled as he was almost moved to tears .

“Imperial Advisor . ”

The old eunuch bowed .

The Imperial Advisor helped the old eunuch up, lamenting that it was not easy for the eunuch as well, having served the previous emperor and watching the current emperor grow up .

“Let’s go . ”

The Imperial Advisor smiled lightly .

The old eunuch bowed again . “Yes, sir . ”

When they walked out of the Book Pavilion, there were already five luxurious horse carriages waiting for them outside .

After the Imperial Advisor had boarded the horse carriage, the news of the Master leaving the Book Pavilion instantly spread throughout the capital city .

The carriage wheels spun as it moved .

Inside the horse carriage…

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The Imperial Advisor opened the curtains and looked at the depressing long streets of the capital city, a deep look in his eyes .

On the capital city’s long streets were guards dressed in armor and patrolling .

The whole Imperial City was shrouded in a dreadful atmosphere .

“Jiang Li is a worthy disciple of the Militarists . Sure enough, he knows how to lead the military . ”

“Though Bai Fengtian may be dead, the Militarists have Jiang Li, so it’s not their downfall yet,” the Imperial Advisor stated .

Kong Nanfei nodded . He had thought that when the emperor issued the emperor’s decree to recall Jiang Li, it was to put Jiang Li in prison where he would end up having the same fate as Bai Fengtian .

However, he had not once expected that Zhao Kuo would rebel right at this time .

This instead gave Jiang Li another chance .

“This is all because of Beiluo City’s Lu Ping’an…”

Kong Nanfei let out a deep sigh .

“Oh? Why do you say that?”

The Imperial Advisor leaned against the carriage and could not help but smile after hearing Kong Nanfei’s sigh .

“If Lu Ping’an had not sent 500 armored horsemen from Beiluo to the capital city to wage battle, if… the three cultivators under Lu Ping’an had not killed and forced Zhao Kuo’s 8,000 elite troops to retreat, then Zhao Kuo might not even have rebelled so quickly,” Kong Nanfei said .

The Imperial Advisor stroked his beard .

“The only thing to blame is when Zhao Kuo asked people to draw up the call to arms . That was when the outcome had already been decided . ”

“He could have involved anyone else, but he got Ping’an involved instead . ”

The Imperial Advisor gave a slight laugh .

The horse carriage had slowly arrived at Zijin Palace .

The moment the Imperial Advisor and everyone else had alighted the carriage, Kong Nanfei, who was supporting the Imperial Advisor, raised his head as his expression changed, looking in the direction of the imperial garden .

The Big Marsh of South County, Coiled Dragon Raising Site .

Tang Yimo’s whole body was stained with blood as dark Qi swirled around him .

He was having a subtle battle of stamina with the Coiled Dragon .

Outside the Big Marsh .

Tang Xiansheng was clad in armor, his eyes shining with fervor . The First Young Master of the Tangs, Tang Baichen, was staring with envy and bitterness at Tang Yimo, who was walking in the Big Marsh .

“Awesome! Awesome!” Tang Xiansheng yelled twice, elatedly .

Tang Yimo’s bravery had exceeded his expectations .

Without backing off, Tang Yimo could face off single-handedly with the demon dragon that even a thousand soldiers could not deal with .

“He’s my son indeed! Hahaha!”

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Tang Xiansheng laughed, clapping his hands in joy .

If Tang Yimo was on his side, then the things that Tang Xiansheng dared not do before could perhaps… be put on the agenda now .

On the Big Marsh .

Tang Yimo stepped on the water .

He looked over at the Coiled Dragon, who had miasma surrounding it . A cold gaze exuded from the Coiled Dragon eyes, which were like those of a snake, and the miasma that surrounded its body was highly poisonous .

Tang Yimo performed the Eight Meridians Escaping Demonic Technique, and with the first meridian opened, he was only barely able to face off with the Coiled Dragon .

If they were to fight a real battle, it was hard to determine who would emerge victoriously .


Tang Yimo was taken aback when he sensed that the water beneath his feet was starting to stir .

It seemed that a huge terror was brewing in the Big Marsh .


Tang Yimo was stunned . He saw the Coiled Dragon rapidly fly beneath the Big Marsh and cause a huge disturbance in the marsh as the mud flew all over .

Running out of the Big Marsh’s vicinity, Tang Yimo stared at it .

However, what he saw was a huge vortex that had appeared in the middle . In the vortex, a white glow of Spirit Qi was suspended like an eggshell, and there was pressure being released from within it .

“Immortal encounter…” Tang Yimo mumbled .

The soldiers of South County were also astounded .

Tang Xiansheng got off his horse, coming to stand beside Tang Yimo .

“Yimo, what happened?”

He had never been to the Secret Realm of the Hidden Dragon Ridge, so he was unsure what the current situation was .

“There is an Immortal encounter in the Dragon Raising Site . And that right there is the appearance of the Immortal encounter,” Tang Yimo stated .

“Immortal encounter?! Is it dangerous?” Tang Xiansheng asked with glimmering eyes .

Tang Yimo glanced at him and said indifferently, “Very dangerous . ”

Dongyan River, Clam Dragon Raising Site .

The West County Army was stationed outside the river . They watched from afar the big river that had been shrouded in a hazy and colorful mist .

Within the mist, the Overlord’s figure appeared and disappeared again .

Suddenly, above Dongyan River, the clouds changed .

The river water was spun into a billowing vortex, and a white eggshell-like mask of energy appeared in an instant in front of everyone’s eyes .

With a yell from the Overlord, the colorful mist dispersed, as he broke away from the mirage-like illusion .

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“Place of Immortal encounter!”

“Lu Ping’an said that the Immortal encounter in a Dragon Raising Site contains the cultivation method of the Internal Organs Realm… I must get my hands on it!”

The Overlord’s deep and confident voice resounded throughout the whole stretch of Dongyan River .

Dongyang County, Fissure Gorge, Red Dragon Raising Site .

The corpses on the ground released a burning stench .

Dongyang County had suffered a lot in the Fissure Gorge this time . The fire jiao dragon that was like a long red snake had melted everything, including the rocks, in its path with its high temperature .

Ordinary people could not even get close to it, as they would get burned to crisps by the heat .

Grandmasters were perhaps able to get near it, but once they did, they would be killed by the dragon’s breath of fire .

Amid all these, the Dongyang County mayor saw a white-colored eggshell appear inside the Fissure Gorge .

That was an Immortal encounter like the one at the Secret Realm of the Hidden Dragon Ridge .


There was absolutely no one who could enter the Fissure Gorge .

They could only look at it with wide eyes .

The most painful thing on earth was when an Immortal encounter had appeared in front of them, yet they were incapable of pursuing after it .

Tiandang Mountain, Catching Stars Peak, Cloud Dragon Raising Site .

The appearance of a phenomenon had gained the attention of all the Daoists . In one of the Daoist temples on Catching Stars Peak, Daoist priests raised their heads one after another .

In their eyes were looks of excitement .

An old Daoist priest walked over slowly as he looked at the white eggshell that had appeared amidst the sea of clouds .

“Sansui, you are destined with the heavenly dragon of this Dragon Raising Site . You must grab hold of the Immortal encounter firmly this time…”

“It’s a pity that Sansi never returned . He’s been to the Hidden Dragon Ridge to search for the Immortal encounter, so it’d surely be easier with him around,” the Daoist priest said .

“Call me Mochou . Don’t call me Sansui,” the Daoist nun remarked coldly .

She raised her head and then saw a translucent spirit that seemed to be condensing in the clouds looking right at her .

Beiluo Lake Island .

White Jade City pavilion, second-story balcony .

Except for Lu Fan, there was nobody else in the pavilion .

On the Spirit Pressure Chessboard, the red dots were constantly changing .

Lu Fan sat in his wheelchair as it spun around by itself, bringing him to the front of the sandalwood table . He picked up a piece of green plum leisurely and dropped it into the hot liquor, letting it boil until there was the sour fragrance of wine . He then rolled up his sleeves and used a bamboo spoon to scoop out a spoonful carefully .

Without pouring the liquor into his wine cup, Lu Fan took a sip from the bamboo spoon .

He smiled satisfactorily .

Moments later, his wheelchair moved, bringing him to the Spirit Pressure Chessboard with the bamboo spoon in his hand .

Lu Fan watched as the dense red dots reflected eight spirit pressure barriers .

His index and middle fingers moved into the chess box, and he picked up a black chess piece .

Lifting it up slowly, he set it on the central position of the chessboard .

Clack .

A clear sound seemed to ring throughout the whole world .

The moment he placed the chess piece…

Lu Fan’s Soul Strength experienced a strong fluctuation…

And spread between heaven and earth like ripples .

In front of the various Dragon Raising Sites…

A sudden terrifying bout of spirit pressure was released, causing many people to be so overwhelmed that they became breathless and horror-struck .

The originally hidden jiao dragons had all shown themselves one by one .

Every dragon was circling around the white eggshells and letting out their unique cries .

The eight dragons roared together, their cries shattering the eggshell behind them .

Like bubbles under the sunlight, the eggshells broke with a crack .

In the next moment…

After the eggshells broke, faintly, a magnificent “Dragon Gate” engraved with dragon patterns emerged .

The eight dragons roared together, and the Dragon Gate appeared!

The Secret Realm of the Dragon Raising Site…

Was finally opened!

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