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Chapter 112: 112
Chapter 112: I Have Another Small Request

The new message from Tianji School’s pigeons had shaken the world .

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The Immortal had pointed out that the eight Dragon Raising Sites had an Immortal encounter that could rival that of the Hidden Dragon Ridge, although the news was still really shocking .

However… what was even more shocking was Tianji School’s inscription that was included in the released message .

It was an inscription that had been created with fresh blood, White Jade City’s Tianji Pavilion .

Tianji School had now become Tianji Pavilion . Tianji School, one of the schools of the Hundred Schools of Philosophy, had now become a power under the command of White Jade City…

A school that had been passed on for hundreds of thousands of years had been acquired by White Jade City just like that .

Although Tianji School was not among the strongest in the Hundred Schools of Philosophy, it was still a part of it . Still, its existence could not be taken lightly by the common people .

Capital city .

Yuwen Xiu sat on the throne, a letter clasped in his hands .

Beside him, the old eunuch stood up after bowing in front of the young emperor .

“Tianji School has been acquired by White Jade City? The Great Zhou Dynasty has been trying for many years to get Tianji School to join, but to no avail, yet White Jade City has done it so easily…” Yuwen Xiu said slowly .

“This is one of the schools of the Hundred Schools of Philosophy, yet it’s been acquired by White Jade City . Just what is Lu Ping’an trying to do? Is he thinking of acquiring the other schools too in the future?”

“If it were another organization, perhaps this might be impossible, but… we’re talking about Lu Ping’an’s White Jade City, so there is a possibility…”

“If the Hundred Schools are integrated into one, how terrifying will White Jade City become?!” Yuwen Xiu murmured .

He turned his head and looked at the old eunuch . With his brows furrowed, he asked, “Old man, what do you think?”

The old eunuch’s body trembled as he knelt on the ground .

“Your Majesty, please forgive me . I dare not make any speculations . ”

Yuwen Xiu leaned back on his throne . “As expected, after killing those noisy ministers, his ears are much cleaner…”

“Lu Ping’an really has the means to do what I dare not do…”

“If I were the one who killed those ministers, I’d probably be cursed out by others… But Lu Ping’an isn’t scared of anything . He isn’t me, so any form of infamy to him is equivalent to the autumn breeze . ”

The old eunuch stayed on the ground, afraid to even utter a word .

Yuwen Xiu felt a little bored .

He touched his chin and looked at the red dawn outside the Imperial City, his gaze gradually flickering .

“There are Immortal encounters at the Dragon Raising Sites… I have already occupied one of them, so I’m ahead of everyone else . ”

“No… I’ve never been ahead of Lu Ping’an, since Beiluo Lake is actually a Dragon Raising Site itself…”

“When Lu Ping’an turned the black carps into dragons, it was actually also based on the characteristics of the Dragon Raising Sites…”

Yuwen Xiu’s eyes narrowed slightly .

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“Old man, go to the Book Pavilion personally and invite the Imperial Advisor… Tell him that many things are waiting to be done for the capital city, and he needs to manage everything . ”

Kneeling on the ground, the old eunuch nodded his head . “Yes, Your Majesty . ”

Yuwen Xiu got up as well, his dragon robe rolling over when he left the Zijin Palace and headed to the garden .

North County Army barracks .

There was a dismal silence as if a cold dead air lingered in all corners of the army barracks .

The Overlord had attacked the camp alone on his black horse, coming from hundreds of miles away and arriving right in front of Tantai Xuan . He had raised his chin while wielding his long axe in his hand; an air of arrogance surrounded him .

However massive the North County Army might have been, they had failed to lay their hands on the lone enemy .

Tantai Xuan looked like he had aged in years as he sat on his chair and massaged his brows…

Mo Beike and Mo Ju sat on opposite sides of him without saying anything .

Suddenly, a soldier delivered a letter .

Mo Beike and Mo Ju looked at the letter at the same time with a fixed gaze .

“Tianji School was acquired by White Jade City… From now one, there is one less school in the Hundred Schools of Philosophy . ”

As the head of the Mohists of the Hundred Schools of Philosophy, Mo Beike naturally let out an emotional sigh .

For one of the Hundred Schools of Philosophy to be acquired, it meant that… It was the beginning of the end of an era .

Quietly, it was as though a giant hand had snatched one of Great Zhou’s Hundred Schools of Philosophy .

However, what Tantai Xuan saw was not Tianji School getting acquired, but the news of the Dragon Raising Sites .

He stood up abruptly and walked back and forth in the big tent .

“Dragon Raising Site…”

“The capital city is a Dragon Raising Site . It’s because that bastard Yuwen Xiu received the protection of the Black Dragon that he was able to defeat and kill Zhao Kuo…”

“Those who acquire the dragons must be the most special ones since they can rightfully claim the emperor’s throne . ”

“Furthermore… there are Immortal encounters in Dragon Raising Sites . I can’t miss the Immortal encounters again this time!”

Tantai Xuan’s eyes reddened as he clenched his fists with determination .

As an overbearing cultivator, the Overlord had made Tantai Xuan deeply understand that strength mattered most . The Overlord also proved that one man could possibly defeat an army of 10,000, and this meant Tantai Xuan could no longer be complacent .

“Gather all the soldiers . We will search for all the Dragon Raising Sites in the world!”

Tantai Xuan’s gaze lit up like a torch .

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Mo Beike nodded his head as he watched Tantai Xuan . Tantai Xuan possessed this one good quality in him, and that was the fact that he continues to persevere despite multiple setbacks . Even when he experienced defeat, he would not be discouraged . He would get back on his feet in no time and… clearly see through the situation .

A person like this had a great chance of success .

South County .

A secret letter had flown into the Tang Manor .

As the most prominent aristocratic family in South County, the Tangs occupied a huge span of resources .

Tang Xiansheng, dressed in a Confucian shirt, sat at the head of the dining table, which was crowded with hundreds of delicious dishes .

After reading the secret letter, Tang Xiansheng laughed and folded the letter . He grabbed his chopsticks and picked up a piece of clear fish meat . Then he rolled up his sleeves and personally put the piece of meat into Tang Yimo’s bowl, the latter completely engrossed in eating his rice .

“Yimo, eat more,” Tang Xiansheng said with a gentle smile .

Tang Yimo did not say anything, but just silently stuffed the piece of fish into his mouth .

Ever since he killed Tang Baichen, Tang Xiansheng’s attitude toward him had changed, making him extremely unaccustomed to it .

He had changed from a stranger who he barely met once a year to a very kind father .

Tang Yimo’s mother and younger sister were also brought out of the woodshed and were assigned their own new house, where they’ll be staying . More than a dozen maidservants have been arranged for them, and now their status in the Tang family was below that of the Tangs’ first lady .

Tang Yimo knew the reason for that . He was not a fool, and his mother depended on him .

His mother had even looked for him in a panic and told him to be careful and not to do anything dreadful .

However, when Tang Yimo looked at his mother and sister dressed up in silk-woven clothes and eating delicious meals, he did not reject Tang Xiansheng’s offer and chose to accept it .

Was it not his goal to enable his mother and sister to live a good life?

Was it not to protect them and let them live safely?

Now that all of that had been achieved, it was enough .

“Yimo, look at this news . ”

Tang Xianshang pushed the secret letter in front of Tang Yimo . Tang Yimo paused and put down his utensils and then wiped his hands on his clothes . Seated across him, the first young master of the Tangs could not help but frown .

Tang Yimo opened the secret letter .

“Dragon Raising Site?”

“There are eight Dragon Raising Sites in the Great Zhou? And there are Immortal encounters in the Dragon Raising Sites?”

Tang Yimo was stunned .

“News from Tianji School… Oh, no, from White Jade City’s Tianji Pavilion are credible . The news of the Hidden Dragon Ridge last time was completely true as well . I let slip the Immortal encounter last time . This time, I don’t wish to miss the Immortal encounter at the Dragon Raising Sites again . ”

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“The future will be a world of cultivators . Whoever has possession of the strongest cultivator will gain control of the world . ”

Tang Xiansheng put down his jade chopsticks and stroked his beard, chuckling .

“Yimo, are you willing to help your father?”

Tang Yimo was startled . He turned his head and looked at his younger sister, whose mouth was completely greasy from eating . A sudden gentleness appeared in his eyes as he said, “Father, please let me know how I can help . ”

Tang Xiansheng was sharp as ever . He took a glance at the eating girl, and his smile widened .

The news had spread all over the world .

And the whole world was shocked .

It was not only the major powers, but also those in the lakes, rivers, and forests were stunned . The eight Dragon Raising Sites were places with Immortal encounters .

Whoever entered a Dragon Raising Site would acquire an Immortal encounter, and if they could get the favor of the dragon in these sites, then it would even mean enlightenment for the dynasty!

The martial arts world was fired up .

The Hundred Schools of Philosophy were also fired up .

The Sword Sects, Daoists, and many other schools were starting to view this piece of news with importance .

Naturally, they had also realized that Tianji School’s name had been changed to White Jade City’s Tianji Pavilion .

This piece of news had stirred a sense of crisis in the two major powers .

If White Jade City could acquire Tianji School today, would it suppress and acquire their Sword Sects, Daoists, and Jiguan School in the future?

Someone could sense the ambition of White Jade City .

Young Master Lu’s White Jade City was going to swallow up the Hundred Schools, suppress the martial arts world, and become the greatest power in the Great Zhou!

At once, the martial arts world of Great Zhou was in a state of change and panic .

Many martial arts masters and sects were starting to search for the Dragon Raising Sites to nurture cultivators frantically . Only by doing so could they have the ability to counterattack White Jade City .

Without anyone knowing, the once unknown White Jade City had now become a colossal monster that frightened the world .

Beiluo Lake Island .

The morning light slowly broke through the clouds as though it was sprinkling golden rice onto the ground, the surface of Beiluo Lake sparkling with golden light .

Beiluo’s 500 armored horsemen had returned from the capital city as Nie Changqing’s carriage headed straight for Beiluo Lake Pier .

He rode across Beiluo Lake on a lonely boat .

Ning Zhao, Nie Changqing, and Yi Yue also arrived at the island one after another .

Ni Yu, who was refining the elixir on the island with her sleeves rolled up, immediately grew excited as she waved her hands at Ning Zhao and the others from afar .

In the loft, Lu Fan leaned on the carved wooden railing and smiled .

“Young Master, we have completed the mission with much luck,” Nie Changqing as he and the two others arrived in front of Lu Fan and bowed .

Lu Fan nodded his head .

“Well done . ”

Nie Changqing and the two bowed again .

“Sister Ning and Yi Yue, go ahead and cultivate first . I have something to tell Old Nie,” Lu Fan said .

“Yes, Young Master . ”

Ning Zhao and Yi Yue bowed and left .

“Sit . ”

Lu Fan pointed at the futon in front of him . Nie Changqing sat down with his legs crossed, seemingly understanding why Lu Fan had wanted only him to stay behind .

“Old Nie, I once said that when the matters with the capital city have been settled, you may then go and pursue the things you’ve always wanted to do…”

“Young Master…” Nie Changqing opened his mouth .

“Go ahead . To be able to reunite with your family is actually quite a beautiful thing . Aren’t we who are alive in this earth all in pursuit of happiness?”

Lu Fan played with the jadelike chess pieces in his hands .

Nie Changqing’s face moved as he clenched his fists tightly .

“Go . Go and bring your wife, Lil Shuang’s mother, back from the Daoists,” Lu Fan said .


“I have another small request . ”

Nie Changqing paused and responded, “Please say it, Young Master . ”

Lu Fan smiled as the gentle breeze blew by, ruffling his hair bun and white shirt .

“Finish off the Daoists…”

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