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Chapter 111: 111
Chapter 111: One Black Eye, One White Eye


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“Kill them!”

Tantai Xuan slapped one of his hands on the chariot’s armguard as he bellowed in rage .

One man and one horse had faced off with his army of 50,000, maneuvering freely and even charging from the edge of the formation toward his front .

It felt as though the Overlord had given him a hard slap and then spit on him .


A bunch of unreasonable cultivators!

Tantai Xuan had suffered too much because of the cultivators .

First, it was Beiluo City, then it was Hidden Dragon Ridge, and now… the Overlord was back to give him another slap .

Tantai Xuan was livid!

At Tantai Xuan’s thundering yell, the soldiers of North County regained their courage…

And once again charged toward the Overlord .

The Overlord laughed and turned back on his horse, energetically killing one soldier after another .

The stench of blood filled the air and lingered on the Overlord’s body .

The Overlord broke their formation, and nobody could rival him .

Under the bloodlike moon…

The Overlord had killed his way out of the blockade, laughing out loud, as he disappeared into the long night on his horse .

The faces of Xu Chu and the many Western Liang generals, who were waiting, turned crimson .

They stared at the Overlord, who was having his way with the North County Army, their blood boiling .

Even an army of 10,000 could not stop him . He was beyond the limits of an ordinary person!

The sound of hooves was deafening .

Xiang Shaoyun rode back at full speed with his blood-covered black horse .

Xu Chu and the other generals swiftly got down from their respective horses, and they knelt down in front of the Overlord, their faces filled with passion .

The Overlord arrived on horseback . Not only did he feel a bit exhausted, but also he was somewhat relieved after getting something off his chest, though deep down, he had an ounce of regret .

“What a pity . That was so close…”

The Overlord shook his head and lamented .

When he removed his armor, with blood still dripping from it, everyone there saw the many wounds that had been inflicted on his bulky body .

The Overlord really thought it was a disappointment . Given his state of mind and the combat situation earlier, it was like he was about to achieve a breakthrough .

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And once he had achieved that breakthrough, he might just have been a step closer to achieving the Internal Organs Realm that Lu Ping’an had mentioned .

And he could start digging into the treasures of the human body .

Xu Chu looked at the Overlord and thought he looked different from before . It was as if he had let go of something because he seemed much more relaxed than last time .

“Lord, Tianji School has disseminated a message using their messenger pigeons again…” Xu Chu said as he handed the Overlord a piece of Divine Paper .

The Overlord wiped the blood off his hands with a cloth and took a glance at the Divine Paper .

“Dragon Raising Site…”

Xiang Shaoyun’s eyes narrowed .

He looked at his troops below him . If Western Liang were to dominate the powers of the world in the future, he alone as the sole cultivator would surely not be enough .

He wanted his subordinates to be like him, a cultivator who could fight against a thousand or even as many as 10,000 enemies .

“Get the troops ready to head for Tong’an immediately . We’re taking down Tong’an City . ”

“And then…”

“Search for the Dragon Raising Site and seize the Creator!”

Beiluo Lake Island .

The light breeze blew by, creating ripples on the surface of the lake .

The Mountain River Strategy before them had been completed .

Lu Fan rolled up his sleeves and put the chess pieces back into the chess box one by one .

The Go Manual—Heavenly Go Manual—was a Heaven Level Low Grade Soul Refining Meditation method . Lu Fan had set his chess pieces according to the manual to visualize the situation . This not only improved his ability to play chess but also helped train his Soul Strength .

The nine Go strategies were recorded in the Heavenly Go Manual, starting from the easiest one and gradually increasing in level of difficulty .

Lu Fan had played the first strategy—the Mountain River Strategy—a dozen times, becoming more skillful with it after each round .

He had stopped paying attention to the Overlord’s situation, but he did feel somewhat disappointed, as the Overlord could have brushed the walls of the Internal Organs Realm but failed in the end .

All of a sudden…

Lu Fan’s movements stalled for a moment .

He raised his head as his vision shifted to a thousand miles away, where he saw a blurry image .

A figure was sitting on top of a bluestone, while a creature with a human’s head and snake’s body was curled around it and looking at the figure .

“A Dragon Raising Site has already been discovered so soon?”

“But of the remaining six sites, a few of them are extremely dangerous places…” Lu Fan mumbled, leaning back on his wheelchair, as he supported his chin with one hand .

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The Torch Dragon, Responsive Dragon, Azure Dragon, Black Dragon, Red Dragon, Clam Dragon, Coiled Dragon, and Cloud Dragon were the Eight Great Heavenly Dragons that Lu Fan had created based on the myths in his memory . They were also an advance plot he had laid out to move the Wuhuang Continent into a High Level Martial World or even the Ultimate Fantasy World .

If it were the Clam Dragon, Coiled Dragon, or Cloud Dragon, then they were not that dangerous .

But if the ones encountered were the other three types…

It could only be said that they were unlucky .

Lu Fan had created these three dragons using the Dao Impartment Platform, so they possessed extraordinary power .

Their power was far beyond that of Qi Core Realm cultivators .

Lu Fan had chosen the raising sites for these three dragons to be extremely remote places . However, he had not expected them to be discovered so early .

For instance, the Torch Dragon was a terrifying dragon species that Lu Fan could not recreate even if he wanted to with the Dao Impartment Platform .

With a raise of his hand, the bronze wine cup on the timber table floated into Lu Fan’s hands .

He took a sip of the already cold liquor .

Lu Fan was quite excited . If these people could escape death from this encounter, perhaps it would provide him with a small surprise .

North County, Tianhan Gate .

The mottled city wall told of the loneliness of the ancient times . Under the moonlight, the weathered Tianhan Gate stood between the mountains beyond the Great Wall .

The Tianhan Gate beyond the Great Wall was a side gate at the northernmost part of the Great Zhou Dynasty, guarding the frontier fortresses of the Great Zhou .

On the other side of the Tianhan Gate, it was no longer Great Zhou territory .

It was said that the Tianhan Gate was built by the first emperor in ancient times . Although thousands of years had passed since it was first built, the gate still stood at the mountain fortress, guarding the country .

Outside Tianhan Gate was an endless stretch of a desert—this was Xirong territory .

For thousands of years, the troops of Xirong had been knocking on the Tianhan Gate, but this resulted in bloodshed, and they were still unable to get past the gates .

The wind beyond the Great Wall was extremely cold and also a little biting .

A black ox was moving, Li Sansi sitting on top of it . He was wearing a green top, and a wooden sword was attached to his waist .

The moonlight was cool as water as it shone on the black ox .

Li Sansi took out his long flute and blew softly, the elegant sound of the flute floating in the wild plains beyond the Great Wall .

The sound of the flute was a blend of loneliness and a hint of emptiness .

Li Sansi did not like playing the flute in front of other people . He liked playing it in the desolate and uninhibited places beyond the Great Wall, alone .

A black ox and a long flute, together under the moonlight, were the kind of solitude that he was drawn to .

Although Li Sansi was the number one disciple of Daoist School, he had rarely gone back to the school in recent years . He had spent his days roaming around the fortress, killing soldiers, and making enemies run for their lives .

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“Old buddy, hang in there . Up ahead a bit more, and we’ll see the village beneath the Buzhou Peak . ” After his song on the flute had ended, Li Sansi smiled and patted the horns of the black ox .

The Buzhou Peak within Tianhan Gate was Li Sansi’s goal for this time .

Buzhou Peak was a desolate mountain with many rare treasures and herbs . For the guards who guarded the frontier at Tianhan Gate, these precious herbs could help them survive .

After harvesting these herbs, the mountain people would go to the market town below the Tianhan Gate to sell them .

However, a few days ago, some mountain people said that their village had been ransacked by a small group of soldiers who had entered the area secretly, and they had been chased and cornered into Buzhou Peak .

They had then encountered a real dragon in the peak .

That real dragon had one black eye and one white eye .

When those eyes opened, the brutal soldiers who were chasing the mountain people ended up dying tragically .

The mountain people survived by luck and then proceeded to scramble down Buzhou Peak .

They had spread the news to the people in the market town .

After hearing of it, Li Sansi thought of the Secret Realm of the Hidden Dragon Ridge and planned to head toward it .

There were six wisps of Spirit Qi in his body now . Although his cultivation progress was slow despite having acquired cultivation techniques, he still did have some improvement .

However, if he really wanted to progress quickly, he needed to find a heavenly abode like that of Beiluo’s Lake Island .

The moon was bright and cold .

The black ox moved slowly, and Li Sansi could vaguely see the village as told by the mountain people .

When he entered the village, it had already been entirely demolished by those soldiers . The cottages were destroyed, and the corpses piled up all over…

Li Sansi looked devastated .

After many years of roaming around the fortress, he had seen too many of such scenes .

Li Sansi got off the black ox and found a shovel . He used it to dig a huge pit so that he could give the dead villagers a proper burial of some sort .

After that, he cut a piece of wooden board and pushed it upright into the ground before the pit, making it into a simple tombstone .

On the wooden board, Li Sansi did not write anything .

He got back onto the black ox and continued to move forward, taking out his long flute and playing it for a long time .

For many years, these grounds had seen too many battles . Now, the bones of the dead were laid to rest here .

The flute sounds lingered in the village until slowly disappearing .

At the foot of Buzhou Peak…

Li Sansi was sitting sideways on the black ox, raising his head to look at Buzhou Peak .

Buzhou Peak was extremely high . It was now shrouded in a misty fog, and it was as though an inexplicable horror was lurking beneath it .

He put away his flute and readied his wooden sword as he jumped off the ox’s back .

He gave a few pats on the black ox’s belly area .

He could feel the ox’s fear—a fear toward Buzhou Peak—which prevented the beast from stepping a foot on it .

Li Sansi did not force the ox .

He tied it to a large tree and then held onto his sword as he climbed up the mountain .

The higher Li Sansi went, the more he could feel the pressure from above .

His forehead was glistening with fine beads of sweat .

Rays of dusk shot from the end of the horizon, resembling that of a long golden river .

Li Sansi stopped and stood on a blue stone on the Buzhou Peak as he held his chest and panted heavily .

There was the faint lingering wisp of Spirit Qi between heaven and earth .

And this surprised Li Sansi a little .

He activated the Spirit Transmission Sword Transcript, as wisps and wisps of Spirit Qi entered his body .

On the opposite side of the bluestone was a deep cave .

In front of the cave, a few corpses lay on the ground . Their blood and flesh had already dried up, and only their bones and a few soldier’s armor were left .

Li Sansi did not enter into the cave . He did not dare to .

He knew that this Buzhou Peak was definitely a place for an Immortal encounter like the Hidden Dragon Ridge, but…

He did not dare go in . The despair and fear he felt in his blood prevented him from even taking a half step near the corpses .

Therefore, he could only sit on the bluestone and absorb the wisps of Spirit Qi that were leaving heaven and earth .

The rays of dusk were chilly and unfriendly .

Li Sansi sat on the bluestone, his green top fluttering .

His wooden sword was placed atop his legs as he performed cultivation techniques and absorbed wisps and wisps of Spirit Qi into his Qi Core, filling himself with more energy than ever .

However, what Li Sansi did not know was that…

When he was quietly performing his cultivation techniques…

Above him, the face of a young girl with fine crimson scales had appeared some time ago . She had a snakelike body with a bloated belly, with one black eye and one white eye . Silently and soundlessly, she stared at Li Sansi .

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