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Chapter 109: 109

“Dragon descendant?”

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 Lv Dongxuan was shocked .

 “The Immortal selected eight Dragon Raising Sites—which are closely connected with the second Secret Realm . Only those who occupy the Dragon Raising Sites are qualified to enter the second Secret Realm,” Lu Fan said, keeping one hand under his chin . His long delicate fingers were tapping wheelchair’s armrest .

 “In fact, the eight Dragon Raising Sites is the Immortal’s plan . However, I will sabotage the Immortal’s plan . That’s why I need Tianji Pavilion to act as my messenger . ”

 1Lv Dongxuan took a deep breath .

 Young Master Lu was going to make another big move . He heard about what happened in the Secret Realm of the Hidden Dragon Ridge .

 So many people died on the Hidden Dragon Ridge because Lu Fan had spread the news that there was an Immortal encounter there . Once the forces all over the world learned about that, they all gathered there .

 And this time there were even dragons involved .

 Dragon! What would it mean?

 At the moment, the world was in such turmoil . Counties were fighting one another . If anyone could occupy a Dragon Raising Site and get a dragon descendant, it was like he was the chosen one, and it would be justifiable for him to seize power .

 This competition would absolutely be more frightening than the last one .

 Besides, people got to know how frightful cultivators were after what had happened in the Secret Realm of the Hidden Dragon Ridge, so they would value more the new Secret Realm this time .

 Stroking the gold beaded necklace around his neck, Lv Dongxuan felt excited .

 His Tianji School would be involved in more important events again .

 The little yellow jiao dragon went back into the lake after playing on the island for some time .

 “Young Master, as you said, there are other six Dragon Raising Sites… Where are they?” Lv Dongxuan asked out of curiosity .

 Lu Fan glanced at him . “The Immortal selected them . How would I know?”

 Lv Dongxuan was surprised .

 “Send Tianji Pigeons to tell the world that there are six more Dragon Raising Sites all over the world, and they can enter the second Secret Realm once they find those Dragon Raising Sites . ”

 “Those Dragon Raising Sites are their tickets to enter the second Secret Realm, just like the Heaven Qi Plaque and Earth Qi Plaque were the tickets for the Secret Realm of the Hidden Dragon Ridge,” Lu Fan said .

 Rubbing his hands, Lv Dongxuan tumbled to the reality . He grinned, showing his yellow teeth .

 “No problem . Just count on me . ”

 Then Lv Dongxuan turned to leave . He found Lv Mudui, who was cultivating, and said something to the latter . Then Lv Mudui got to his feet and bowed before Lu Fan . Then they left for the capital city together by boat .

 Lu Fan certainly knew where the other six Dragon Raising Sites were . After all, it was he who was behind all this .

 However, he did not want to disclose them . Instead, he wanted people to find them on their own .

 Leaning on the back of the wheelchair, Lu Fan looked at the quiet Beiluo Lake .

 He opened the Stats Page with his mind, and the page popped up before him .

 [Host: Lu Fan]

 [Title: Qi Refiner (permanent)]

 [Refined Qi Level: 2 (progress toward Refined Qi Level 3: 550/1000 wisps)]

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 [Soul Strength: 60 (exchangeable: 0)]

 [Physique Strength: 6 (exchangeable: 6)]

 [Spirit Qi: 20 wisps]

 [Transformation Reward: Fantasy Creation Qi Refining Manual, Transformation Technique, Indestructible Demonic Body (beginner)]

 [World Leveling System: Wuhuang Continent (Low Level Martial World)]

 [Access: (Quest) (Dao Impartment Platform) (Spirit Qi Deployment)]

 [Sub-access: (All Method Furnace [LV1])]

 [Spirit Tool: Spirit Pressure Chessboard (Heaven Level Low Grade)]

 [Meditation Technique: Heavenly Go Manual (Heaven Level Low Grade)]

 Seeing the Refined Qi Level remained in level two, Lu Fan squinted involuntarily . He was going to make White Jade City a Supreme Power by deploying the new Secret Realm .

 In fact, the current White Jade City was only one step away from becoming a Supreme Power .

 The night was already deep .

 In the night, a horse galloped into the West County Army’s barracks .

 Xu Chu, who had disguised himself as the Overlord, came immediately to receive him . They went into the tent together .

 Xiang Shaoyun looked emotionless . It was impossible to tell whether he was happy or sad . However, he felt pretty gloomy, just like the sky covered with dark clouds before a storm .

 The Overlord went into his tent . Although no one was there, the candle lights were lit, illuminating the whole tent .

 Xiang Shaoyun sat in the seat of honor, gazing at the candle lights . He seemed to be in a trance as if he was lost in his thoughts .

 Neither did he move nor stand up until after a long time has passed . Suddenly a dark Demonic Qi burst from him, its airflow putting out all the candles inside the tent .

 Meanwhile outside, Xu Chu did not dare make any noise . Most of the military generals that were there exchanged looks .

 These military generals knew the Overlord had gone to Beiluo City .

 At the moment, judging from the Overlord’s look, they wondered whether he had suffered a big loss in Beiluo City .

 So if the Overlord terribly lost the fight, then how strong on earth was Young Master Lu from Beiluo?

 Suddenly, the tent’s curtain was lifted while the Western Liang military generals who were there were exchanging looks .

 Xiang Shaoyun walked out of his tent, wearing black armor and carrying his axe and shield on his back .



 His generals greeted him one after another .

 Seeing Xiang Shaoyun in full armor again, Xu Chu seemed to have guessed something . He felt thrilled .

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 “Lord, are you going into the capital city?”

 “I’ve got information . Prime Minister Zhao Kuo launched a rebellion and was killed . The capital city is in complete chaos . It’s actually the perfect timing for us to go to the capital city,” Xu Chu said .

 Xiang Shaoyun looked at Xu Chu . Then he shook his head .

 “No . We can’t go to the capital city for now…”

 “Jiang Li went back there . Now the emperor trusts him a lot . Zhao Kuo’s troop is now under his control . The dead capital city is alive again . ”

 “If we launch an attack now, we might not be able to win . And North County is also watching our move . ”


 The Overlord’s voice was a little bit hoarse .

 The military generals’ pupils constricted . The two spiked maces Xu Chu was carrying shook slightly .

 “We’ll launch an attack against the North County Army tonight,” the Overlord said .

 Overlord said .

 Many military generals’ pupils constricted . They looked thrilled .


 But what the Overlord said next poured cold water over their excitement .

 “However, only I will attack the North County Army… There is something I need to prove,” Overlord added .

 The generals were all stunned .

 They thought maybe they had misheard him .

 The Overlord was going to attack the North County Army alone?

 The North County Army stationed outside of Yuanchi City had tens of thousands of soldiers .

 Was the Overlord insane?

 Xu Chu turned serious immediately . He tried to talk the Overlord out of it .

 However, the Overlord looked at all the generals who were there . His sharp look made all of them involuntarily hold their tongues .

 “I’ve made up my mind . ”

 All the generals remained in silent .

 In the barracks of North County Army .

 Tantai Xuan, Mo Ju, and Mo Beike were sitting studying the current situation .

 Since Zhao Kuo’s rebellion failed, the situation in the capital city had been out of their control .

 “As Bai Fengtian’s apprentice, Jiang Li wouldn’t bring shame on him… The nine decrees of the emperor summoned Jiang Li back to the capital city . However, he became the leader of Zhao Kuo’s rebel army, and with it, further strengthened Great Zhou’s defense,” Mo Beike exclaimed .

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 “What shall we do?” Tantai Xuan asked, frowning .

 “Go back to Yuanchi City . And then bring one of the six cities guarding the capital under our control…” Mo Ju said while waving his feather fan .

 “If Lu Ping’an from Beiluo were really going to intervene, he probably would have put it into motion . Now that he hasn’t made any move, we can’t give up Yuanchi City . This will be a sally port for us when we are going to assault the capital city . ”

 Mo Beike nodded . He looked at Mo Ju with appreciation .

 Fanning himself, Mo Ju pointed at a particular item on the sand table .

 “Besides, the West County Army is coming too…”


 When Mo Ju was pointing at the sand table, a soldier roared in a broken voice while running into the tent .

 He knelt down before Tantai Xuan .

 “Report! Mayor!”

 “The enemy is approaching us!”

 Tantai Xuan sprang to his feet as soon as the soldier finished speaking .

 “Xiang Shaoyun sent his army over?! What a lunatic!”

 No one except the West County Army would attack the North County Army during the night .

 Tantai Xuan asked a critical question after taking a deep breath, “How many of them?”

 The soldier hesitated to say, “Only one…”

 Tantai Xuan’s face froze . The atmosphere in the tent was kind of strange .

 Clank .

 Tantai Xuan unsheathed his sword and pressed it against the soldier’s throat . He cursed .

 “Explain it!”

 The soldier trembled . Immediately, he said, “Sentries found a man coming from the West County Army’s barracks . He, alone, was approaching us on his horse…”

 “That man is six feet seven inches tall, carrying an axe and a shield on his back, and is mounted on a giant black Western Liang horse!”

 Holding his sword, Tantai Xuan turned serious . “Overlord… It’s the Overlord!”

 “What is he doing?”

 “He intends to attack the North County Army’s barracks alone?! Is he courting death?!”

 “Who does he think he is? An Immortal?!”

 Tantai Xuan flew into a rage .

 Mo Ju could not believe it either . Was the Overlord insane?

 Mo Beike’s heavy eye bags vibrated . He seemed to be pondering over the Overlord’s intention as well .

 Mo Beike had dealt with Xiang Shaoyun before . He knew that Xiang Shaoyun was not a reckless or a brainless man who had no merits except boldness .

 He would in no way attack an army alone .

 So why was he doing this?

 A slight wind raised sand from the ground .

 Xiang Shaoyun was on his giant black horse . He patted the horse’s visible ribs . No matter how much the black horse ate, its ribs were always visible . Purebred horses tended to have visible ribs and run faster .

 The cold moon was hanging high in the sky, spilling a pure luster .

 The Overlord was wearing black armor and carrying his axe and shield on his back . In his hand, he was also holding a long black spear, like a demon lord walking out of some dark abyss .

 He looked serious, staring at the troop deployed before West County Army’s barracks .

 He suddenly recalled the dreadful Spirit Pressure released by that teenager sitting in the wheelchair on the Lake Island of Beiluo . His white clothes fluttering in the wind, he looked like he was disappointed .

 “You still haven’t got what being a cultivator truly means…”

 “You are a cultivator . The Immortal imparted Spirit Qi to you . The Demon Lord transformed you . You are the Overlord of West County . You really failed me . ”

“You are a cultivator . That’s your biggest advantage . It’s enough for you to defeat any schemes…”

 “In this world, strength is what matters most . ”

 The Overlord closed his eyes . He recalled Lu Fan’s remarks .

 He was not convinced .

 He grasped the spear more tightly . There was something he wanted to prove .

 Then suddenly, something else emerged before his eyes . Lv Dongxuan’s gold beaded necklace was spinning, and he was telling a fortune for the Overlord .

 But he was not convinced by that hexagram .

 “I’m a cultivator…”

 “Xiang Shaoyun doesn’t believe in fate!”

 He opened his eyes . His sharp look was like a bolt of lightning that was going to tear the night sky apart . Xiang Shaoyun snarled in a low voice .

He picked up the reins as the giant black horse stood on its hind legs, neighing .

 The horse started to gallop, raising sand into the air .

 One man and one horse, shrouded in the cold moonlight, rushed at the North County Army’s barracks .

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