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Chapter 106

The entire island seemed to be shaking because of the dreadful Spirit Pressure .

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 On the second floor of White Jade City’s pavilion, the Overlord felt like someone had dropped a mountain on top of him, and he was trapped underneath it . He felt his bones were cracking due to the pressure .

Lu Fan’s remark left him in a trance .

 Being a cultivator was his biggest advantage .

 No schemes could compete with solid strength .

 The Overlord felt he had gained insight . His eyes lit up…

 Lu Fan, with his white clothes fluttering and his hair blowing in the wind, looked at Xiang Shaoyun indifferently . He let go of the chess piece placed on the chessboard . The dreadful Spirit Pressure instantly disappeared, as if it was never there .

 “Lv, see the guest out, please,” Lu Fan said flatly . Then he took a sip of the green plum wine and turned his head to the other side, his body leaning on the back of the wheelchair .

 The Overlord got to his feet . He threw Lu Fan a profound look . Then he cupped his hands .

 “Thank you, Young Master Lu, for clearing my doubt . ”

 Lu Fan nodded slightly .

 On the other side, Lv Dongxuan’s forehead was covered with sweat . It was dreadful . Was this the competition between two top cultivators in the current world?

 The Overlord or Young Master, they both gave him an oppressive feeling . He knew he could not contend with them .

 The Overlord looked at Lu Fan when he was about to go downstairs .

 “Young Master Lu, will there be any cultivation methods of Internal Organs Realm in the next Immortal’s Secret Realm?” the Overlord asked while standing there .

 Lu Fan raised his liquor cup .

 “There is a great chance . ”

 The Overlord’s pupils constricted . He cupped his hands again . Then, he turned to go downstairs .

 Lv Dongxuan threw Lu Fan a look . Then he also followed the Overlord downstairs .

 Ni Yu was still heating the green plum wine, its sour fragrance wafting through the air and filling the room .

 Sitting by the rail, Lu Fan was gazing at the foggy lake . A smile tugged at the corners of his lips .

 He had high expectations for the Overlord . If anyone could go beyond the limits of a Low Level Martial World and bring it to a Mid Level Martial World, then the Overlord might be one of them .

 That is why Lu Fan did not want the Overlord to go astray .

There was no sense in dominating the world . The most important thing was to make efforts to cultivate .

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 The Overlord and Lv Dongxuan went downstairs .

 Lv Dongxuan, wearing a gold beaded necklace around his neck, grinned, showing his yellow teeth .

 “Tianji School is one of the Hundred Schools of Philosophy . Are you serious about joining White Jade City?” Xiang Shaoyun asked, looking at Lv Dongxuan .

 “Of course . It’s really good to join White Jade City . ”

 Lv Dongxuan burst out laughing . “A small pond isn’t where a golden carp is supposed to be . When the time comes, it will transform into a dragon . ”

 “White Jade City is exactly the golden carp… It will be superior to others and take over the whole world sooner or later . ”

 Xiang Shaoyun’s pupils constricted . Tianji School’s philosopher could calculate anything in the world . Since he said that, it would probably happen .

 “Overlord, why don’t you join White Jade City too? You won’t suffer any losses . You won’t regret it!” Lv Dongxuan said . His gold beaded necklace kept vibrating .

 The two of them headed to the lake . They were looking at the peaceful lake, as a breezy wind blew by .

 Lv Dongxuan’s suggestion surprised Xiang Shaoyun .

 Then he burst out laughing .

 “White Jade City is great, but it’s not where I belong . I’m the lord of Western Liang, Overlord of West County . I’m the leader of 100,000 armored horsemen, and they are expecting a lot of me . How can I retreat to Lake Island? I can’t let them all down . ”

 “Besides… I promised Mingsang something, and I haven’t finished it yet . ”

 Xiang Shaoyun stood with his hands behind his back, his hair blowing in the wind .

 “Master Lv, can you read a hexagram for me?” Xiang Shaoyun suddenly said .

 Lv Dongxuan was stunned . He was slightly surprised .

 “I need you to tell my fortune . I can pay you a decent amount of gold,” Xiang Shaoyun said .

Lv Dongxuan laughed . He waved his hand . “Overlord, that won’t be necessary . I never charge for fortune-telling . Of course, Overlord, if you insist, I won’t reject your offer . After all, this is for our friendship . ”

 As soon as he finished speaking…

 Lv Dongxuan seemed like a different person .

 The grin disappeared, and his yellow teeth no longer showed . With both hands, he reached for his gold beaded necklace . The necklace was made up of a string of hollow gold beads .

Lv Dongxuan stroked the necklace, and the gold beads all started to spin at high speed, accompanied by low, harsh noise .

 After a long while…

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 Once the gold beads stopped spinning, the hexagrams carved on them were now visible .

 Lv Dongxuan’s fingers touched every hexagram . Then he nipped his fingers to calculate .

 Throwing the Overlord a glance, he frowned .

 The Overlord left the island .

 He left Beiluo Lake Island on a boat . He did not walk on waves like how he came .

 In the evening glow, the boat drove across the glistening lake . Standing with his hands behind his back, Xiang Shaoyun looked a little bit lonely .

 Meanwhile, on the island…

 Lv Dongxuan stood with his hands behind his back .

 Lv Mudui came with the bamboo cane . Mingyue, holding the pipa, also came with him .

 Watching the boat and the Overlord until they vanished in the thick fog, Mingyue seemed emotional .

 Zijin Palace, Imperial City .

 The evening glow spilled on the colorful roof tiles of Zijin Palace . The brightly colored vermilion walls were as impressive as blood .

 Terrible things were happening all over the Imperial City . Besides the privately recruited soldiers, most of the prime minister’s elite soldiers were from the Imperial City Guard, all of whom he had purchased .

 When the fight against Beiluo’s 500 armored horsemen on the long street had started…

 The Imperial City Guard’s rebellion also broke out . The guards in the prime minister’s camp and the few guards loyal to the emperor fought against one another . It was a heated battle that blood flowed in Zijin Palace .

 It was a premeditated rebellion .

 Zhao Kuo walked slowly, his shadow lengthened by the setting sun . Behind the prime minister were martial arts Grandmasters, who were there to protect him .

 In the garden…

 By the pavilion and pond, on the nine-turn bridge paved with flagstones…

 Yuwen Xiu, in his dragon robe, was standing with his back facing everyone . He was carrying a wooden barrel, and inside of it was raw meat in blood .

 He rolled his sleeves up . Then he took a piece of raw meat out and threw it into the pond .

 “Your Majesty . ”

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 Zhao Kuo’s voice came after some ruckus .

 The old eunuch looked indignant . He pointed at Zhao Kuo, hardly able to believe the prime minister had shown up here . Even his fingers were shaking . “Zhao Kuo! The crime of treason will result in nine kinship exterminations!”

 Zhao Kuo showed a faint smile . He spoke while stepping forward .

 “Your Majesty mistrusted the scoundrel Kong Xiu . Kong Xiu had the late emperor killed . How could Your Majesty appoint the man who killed Your Majesty’s father as the Imperial Advisor? Unfortunately, Your Majesty is too young to govern the country alone . That’s why Your Majesty needs my aid to govern Great Zhou,” Zhao Kuo said .

 His voice echoed in the garden, drowning out the sound of flowing water .

 He wanted Yuwen Xiu to become a puppet emperor controlled by him .

 It was very tranquil in the garden .

 With his back facing Zhao Kuo, Yuwen Xiu did not speak .

 Zhao Kuo smiled . “What is Your Majesty still expecting under the circumstances?”

“Trust me . This is the only chance for Great Zhou to resolve the current crisis and find new opportunities!”

 Yuwen Xiu burst out laughing . Then he took another piece of raw meat and threw it into the pond . The meat vanished immediately .

 The old eunuch looked like he was ready to die . Grasping the fly-whisk, he stood in between Yuwen Xiu and the prime minister to protect the young emperor .

 “Over my dead body will you harm His Majesty!” the old eunuch screamed .

 Zhao Kuo threw the old eunuch a dull look . With a wave of the prime minister’s hand, two martial arts Grandmasters who were not any weaker than the old eunuch came forward . Their Qi and blood burst so loud that it was deafening .

 All of a sudden, Yuwen Xiu said in a clear voice, “Let Prime Minister Zhao come over . ”

 The old eunuch froze . He looked back, unable to believe what the emperor had said .

 “Your Majesty…”

 However, Yuwen Xiu ignored him . He took some more raw meat and threw it into the pond .

 The raw meat sank into the pond immediately .

The old eunuch turned red, but he made way for Zhao Kuo .

 Zhao Kuo squinted .

 He approached with his hands on his back . Five steps away from the pond, he stopped behind Yuwen Xiu .

 “Will Your Majesty accept my suggestion?” Zhao Kuo asked .

 Yuwen Xiu smiled . He shook the blood from the raw meat off his hand after putting the wooden barrel down .

He looked back at Zhao Kuo with a sarcastic face .

 “Prime Minister Zhao’s remark does make sense . However, how come you are so confident? Why do you think you can help Great Zhou resolve the current crisis and find new opportunities?”

 “You are not as good as Mo Beike…”

 “Nor are you as good as Imperial Advisor Kong Xiu…”

“Let alone Lu Ping’an from Beiluo . ”

 “So… An old man like you, what’s the basis of your confidence?” Yuwen Xiu asked .

 His voice echoed in the garden, as the air was charged with tension .

 Zhao Kuo’s kind smile was gone . His face was dark and gloomy .

 Qi and blood burst from his hunchback posture, as loud sounds kept coming . He suddenly straightened up . The old appearance was gone . He even looked a little bit muscular and strong .

 The old prime minister Zhao Kuo was a martial arts Grandmaster in secret!

 “Your Majesty… That’s too much,” Zhao Kuo said coldly .

 He took a step forward, like a tiger ready to pounce .

 The old eunuch came to himself, but it was too late .

 Zhao Kuo had advanced to claw at Yuwen Xiu .

 Standing by the pond, Yuwen Xiu was smiling . It was a lunatic smile…

 The green water surface suddenly bubbled . Then it exploded . A black figure rushed out of it and wrapped around Yuwen Xiu’s body .

 Sweeping like a bolt of black lightning, it collided with Zhao Kuo’s palm .

 Blood splattered .

 Zhao Kuo’s pupils constricted…

 He felt a sharp pain . The arm that was about to claw Yuwen Xiu…

 It was severed from his body!

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