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Chapter 105

Capital city .

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 On the three-mile-long street…

 In the evening glow, the street was tainted blood red, as a cold and bleak atmosphere spread throughout .

 Blood was destined to spill on this day . The citizens of the capital city had gone home early to hide .

 The noble, aristocratic families—who were usually indifferent and intimidating and who saw themselves as tigers—were tragically screaming nonstop and bleeding .

 Though the public wanted to vent out their anger, they were terribly afraid .

 This resulted in an empty three-mile-long street .

 The blood on Luo Cheng’s armor had not dried yet . Meanwhile, He Shou, who was carried by Luo Cheng in one hand, looked despaired .

 On the other end of the long street, there was a massive army wearing full-body armor and carrying a shield on their left arm .

 Although it was just a regular army, Luo Cheng was surprised that there was such a troop in the capital city .

 Meanwhile, Nie Changqing was sitting quietly on the carriage while calmly looking at the massive army .

 Ning Zhao and Yi Yue walked out of the carriage after the curtain had been lifted .

 The soldiers smacked their heavy shields on the ground and jutted their long knives forward between their shields . Protected by a wall of long swords, they slowly advanced .

 Behind the intimidating wall of long swords, a cold voice came .

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 “You slaughtered seventeen aristocratic families in the capital city and killed twenty-one ministers . You ruined the foundation of Great Zhou . You are sabotaging the world . That’s extremely evil . ”

 “The capital city is where the emperor lives . It is intolerable that thugs like you are committing crimes this way!”

 “Now, we are under the prime minister’s order to catch you rebels! All rioters shall be killed!” a Confucian student announced loudly . Donning an azure robe, he was riding a red horse and pulling the reins .

 “Kill!” the troop immediately shouted as one, their voice as loud as thunder .

 It was an elite troop that Prime Minister Zhao Kuo had been secretly training .

 Since there were more than 8,000 soldiers, they were densely packed in the long street .

 Beiluo’s 500 armored horsemen versus 8,000 .

 The massive gap between the numbers on both troops in this battle could be compared to the battle on the Hidden Dragon Ridge, wherein the Overlord made a name for himself .

 Next to the Confucian student, donning an azure robe, was a youngster who was wearing a wide crane cloak and sitting in a sedan chair lifted by six servants .

 “Master Du . ”

 The Confucian student, wearing an azure rob, bowed to the youngster in a wide crane cloak .

 This man was called Du Tao . He used to be a first-class martial arts practitioner in the Jianghu . He was not bad, but he was really nothing compared to the other talented people in the Great Zhou Dynasty .

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 However, he got an Immortal encounter by chance in the battle on the Hidden Dragon Ridge . He got a wisp of Spirit Qi in the Secret Realm . Ever since then, he found his strength and had improved quickly and significantly . He was even stronger than average Grandmasters . And with the wonderful effect of that wisp of Spirit Qi, he was invincible in the Jianghu of the capital city .

 Later, Prime Minister Zhao Kuo recruited him in person . So he became a guest minister in the prime minister’s residence .

 Du Tao’s ego got so big after joining the prime minister’s camp . Since thousands of people held him in high regard, he felt he was better than most people . Even the prime minister would treat him with respect every time they met .

 Du Tao’s head was too big, so to speak, that he even imitated the Young Master from Beiluo, the greatest cultivator in the world . Du Tao thought that he would in no way walk when he could remain seated… So he got six servants to lift his sedan chair .

 On this day, the prime minister asked him in person to lead 8,000 elite soldiers to defeat the 500 armored horsemen from Beiluo and Young Master Lu’s coachman and maids .

 Du Tao turned him down in the first place because he knew himself well . He could deal with average martial arts practitioners, but he would definitely lose to cultivators, let alone cultivators under the command of Young Master Lu .

 However, Du Tao was tempted by the prime minister’s insistent request .

 With 8,000 elite soldiers armed with deadly weapons, he—a cultivator—and several martial arts Grandmasters might be able to defeat and catch Young Master Lu’s maids and coachman .

 No risk, no gain .

 Once he succeeds, Du Tao might get some Immortal Cultivation method or simply get the cultivation methods from Young Master Lu’s maids and coachman .

 Then he would be able to improve more .

 This prospect greatly tempted Du Tao .

 That’s why he was there, on the three-mile-long street .

 In the carriage…

 Ning Zhao waved her arm, and her Cicada Wing Sword slipped out of her sleeve .

 “Spirit Qi . They have a cultivator…” Ning Zhao said, with her red lips slightly open .

 “But… It’s pretty weak . ”

 “I almost couldn’t perceive it…”

 Grasping the butcher knife, Nie Changqing got to his feet . “Should be a lucky guy who got an Immortal encounter by chance in the Immortal Palace of the Hidden Dragon Ridge . ”

 Ning Zhao suddenly burst out laughing .

 “What is he up to?”

 Nie Changqing turned his head . “Using the human wave attack to defeat us with 8,000 elite soldiers and getting cultivation methods from us…”

 “It’s the first time a cultivator had the nerve to challenge the disciples of White Jade City…”

 “Interesting . ”

 “What would Young Master do if he ran into such an ignorant cultivator?”

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 Rolling her long whip, Yi Yue said with a cold smile, “Whip him to death, of course . ”

 Ning Zhao and Nie Changqing were quite relaxed .

 Compared to their relaxed demeanor, Luo Cheng was extremely nervous . He grasped the knife handle so tightly that the skin of his hand turned bluish . He was, after all, not a cultivator . 500 versus 8,000—this was a definite defeat for him .

 Even a Seventh or Eighth Resonance Grandmaster would not be able to win a fight like this—not to mention Luo Cheng, a general, was only a first-class martial arts practitioner .

 Clatter .

 Nie Changqing jumped off the carriage and landed next to Luo Cheng . The general released his tight grip on the knife handle . Suddenly, Nie Changqing pressed his black butcher knife against He Shou’s throat .

 “Aren’t you good at writing denunciations?”

 “Curse Zhao Kuo . Curse him in front of the army here . ”

 Nie Changqing’s request sent shivers down He Shou’s spine .

 Pushed by Nie Changqing, he took a few steps forward .

 He was trembling . Opposite him, there were 8,000 elite soldiers, but it was a cold butcher knife pressed against his throat that he terribly feared .

 So he started to curse .

 As soon as he started, a sharp arrow flew over and pierced the right side of his chest…

 He Shou widely opened his eyes . He lifted his head, unable to believe what had happened . Among the 8,000 elite soldiers, the one holding the bow was the Confucian student, wearing an azure robe, who was still on horseback . The bowstring was still shaking .


 Blood flowed from He Shou’s mouth, his face becoming even more unsightly .

 With a sarcastic look, the Confucian student, wearing an azure rob, shot another arrow that pierced He Shou’s shoulder .

 Nie Changqing moved the butcher knife away from He Shou’s throat .

 He Shou looked insane . Suddenly, he stood up and ran forward, staggering…

 Screaming in a loud voice, reluctant to accept reality .

 A picture emerged before his eyes .

 In this picture, he was high-spirited in the prime minister’s residence . He wrote the denunciation, and everyone cheered for him; he was so eloquent that all of the officials clapped their hands praising him…

 Especially the prime minister who was sitting in the seat of honor, kind-faced, appreciating his talent .

 Not until this moment did He Shou realize a cold-killing intent was hiding in Prime Minister Zhao Kuo’s kind smile .

 One by one, arrows flew, turning He Shou into a hedgehog, with arrows sticking out of his body .

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 After the cunning hare was killed, the hound was boiled, because its task was done and it was not useful anymore .

 He Shou was dead .

 One after another, the arrows flew over He Shou’s dead body toward Nie Changqing and others .

 Ning Zhao acted . She lifted her hand to release Spirit Pressure . In the peak of Qi Core Realm, her Spirit Pressure was extremely oppressive .

 One by one, the arrows fell on the ground .

 With six servants lifting his sedan chair, Du Tao, in his crane cloak, squinted . He was slightly shocked . They were strong .

 “Don’t use arrows . Use the human wave attack to defeat them!”

 He knew the cultivators’ weakness well . Cultivators only had limited Spirit Qi . Once they were out of Spirit Qi, they wouldn’t be any stronger than average martial arts practitioners .

 The Confucian student, donning an azure robe, gave the order with a wave of his hand .

 As the prime minister said, only cultivators knew other cultivators’ weaknesses .

 The troop stopped shooting arrows . Instead, they raised their shields and started to advance, waving their long swords at the same time .

 The 8,000 elite soldiers were like a current of iron on the long street .

 Lake Island, Beiluo .

 A gentle breeze came, as Lu Fan’s hair blew in the wind .

 The entire pavilion of White Jade City was very tranquil . Only the sound of a few birds flapping their wings could be heard .

 Xiang Shaoyun looked at Lu Fan with enthusiasm when he had explained his intention .

 Lv Dongxuan felt he had heard something he was not supposed to hear…

 Leaning on the back of the wheelchair, Lu Fan looked at Xiang Shaoyun . Raising the bronze liquor cup in his hand, he said to Ni Yu, “Ni, I need a refill . ”

 “Yes . ”

 Ni Yu hurried to scoop some wine to refill the liquor cup .

 Lu Fan took a sip . It was impossible to know from his facial expression, whether he was happy or angry .

 “You kind of failed me…” Lu Fan said after a long pause .

 Xiang Shaoyun’s face froze . He slightly frowned .

 “Why did you say that, Young Master Lu?”

 Holding the bronze liquor cup and leaning against the carved wooden rail, Lu Fan gazed at the foggy lake . He said indifferently, “You still haven’t understood what being a cultivator truly means . ”

 “I thought you had come to White Jade City to seek for the truth . What a pity . You really failed me . ”

 “North County has Mo Beike . South County has Sword Sect . Great Zhou has the Imperial Advisor Kong Xiu…”

 “But neither Mo Beike nor the Imperial Advisor is a cultivator . They can only rely on schemes to take control of the world…”

 “You are different, although without the help of Mo Beike or the Imperial Advisor . You are a cultivator… The Immortal imparted Spirit Qi to you . The Demon Lord transformed you . You are the Overlord of West County,” Lu Fan said and then drank his wine .

 Xiang Shaoyun was shocked . How did Lu Fan know he sacrificed himself to demonify and was transformed by the Demon Lord?!

 What Lu Fan had said made him ponder .

 Lu Fan took another sip of the wine . He said indifferently, “You are a cultivator yourself . That’s your biggest advantage . It’s enough to make you defeat any schemes…”

 “In this world, strength is what matters most . ”

 Xiang Shaoyun was shocked .

 Lu Fan unhurriedly took a chess piece out of the box . He lifted it high and then put it on the Spirit Pressure Chessboard with a tapping sound . Suddenly, a splash of light appeared before those who were there .

 Lu Fan focused . He was going to teach the Overlord a lesson on this day .

Almost 500 wisps of Spirit Qi in his body were suddenly activated .


 An invisible Spirit Pressure was released .

 The water around the Lake Island sank several feet at once .

 On White Jade City’s pavilion, a strong gale started . Lv Dongxuan instantly became extremely pale . The gold beaded necklace around his neck kept vibrating .

 Xiang Shaoyun got to his feet at once . The nine wisps of Demonic Qi in him started to flow automatically to protect him .


 Facing Lu Fan’s Spirit Pressure…

 His Demonic Qi dispersed immediately .

 Xiang Shaoyun could hardly handle the dreadful pressure . He felt even his spine would break . He kept retreating until he was forced to kneel down on one knee…

 Lu Fan was sitting in his wheelchair . With his hair blowing and his white robe fluttering, he looked like a fallen Immortal .

 Showing up in an unreal atmosphere, he looked at Xiang Shaoyun indifferently .

 “Besides, have you ever thought who in the world deserves Lu Ping’an’s help?”

 “Do you deserve it?”

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