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Chapter 104

In fact, the Overlord did underestimate the little maid . Even though she was Young Master Lu’s maid, what kind of person was the Overlord? How was it possible that he would be held back by a little maid?

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 However, when Ni Yu had tossed that black pot out…

 The look on the Overlord’s face changed…

 Because that black pot flying toward him was like a giant black hole . He felt he was being sucked in .

 That pot did not seem to be a pot anymore . Instead, it was a mountain and a sky!

 The enormous pressure made the lake water under his feet boil . The waves whipped up by his Spirit Qi fell apart .


 The water exploded as if a torrent was soaring through the air . This started a massive storm, spilling water on the ground .

 In the dense, heavy rain, the Overlord looked straight at that black pot that was flying toward him with eyes as ablaze like torches .

 The pressure blew his hair .

 “Young Master Lu!”

 It was Young Master Lu instead of the little maid who was controlling the black pot!

 On the terrace of the pavilion…

 Sitting opposite Lu Fan, Lv Dongxuan felt extremely pressured, as if even the air was frozen . The Spirit Qi that was spreading felt as heavy as a mountain .

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 Lv Dongxuan did not even have the force to pick up a chess piece . He only managed to sit straight before Lu Fan .

 “This pressure is terrifying… Is this the cultivators’ oppression?!”

 Lv Dongxuan was profusely sweating .

 He felt lucky . Allowing Tianji School to be incorporated into White Jade City might be the best decision he had ever made .

 Cupping one hand around his chin, Lu Fan did not let go of the chess piece he had placed on the chessboard .

 His white clothes fluttered in the wind, and his hair was blowing .

 On the lake…

 The black pot was flying toward the Overlord!

 The Overlord threw a punch at the black pot . He was fearless .


 A loud noise spread like ripples in the air, whipping up waves in the lake .

 The black pot flew back, floating in the air between Ni Yu’s hands .

 Meanwhile, half of the Overlord’s body was submerged in the lake .

 With her mouth agape, Ni Yu’s eyes were as wide as saucers . She grasped her black pot with her chubby hands, unable to believe what had happened .

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 “I… I’m so strong!” Ni Yu exclaimed .

 “I had no idea I was so strong!”

 Ni Yu swallowed her saliva . She took a sugar-coated Gathering Qi Elixir out of the satchel and put it into her mouth . She kept it under her tongue .

 However, thinking it over, she eventually decided to bite it . Crack .

 Ni Yu was high-spirited . “You just took one pot strike . There are still two left . Big guy, are you ready?” Ni Yu shouted at the Overlord while still carrying the pot with both hands .

 The Overlord climbed out of the water with a serious look .

 On the island…

 Jing Yue was shocked . He rubbed his eyes hard .

 But then something occurred to him . He looked back at the second floor of White Jade City’s pavilion, where Lu Fan was leaning against the carved wooden rail .

 Jing Yue was a smart man . He knew it must be the Young Master who was suppressing the Overlord in the dark!

 On the lake, Lu Changkong and his troop were also astonished .

 They know who the Overlord was . But at that moment on Beiluo Lake, he was suppressed by Young Master Lu’s little maid .

 They would have been convinced if it were Ning Zhao or Nie Changqing . After all, as famous first-class cultivators, they were both very strong . It was normal that they could exchange blows with the Overlord .

 But this little maid, who was a lazy glutton, suppressed the Overlord with a black pot?! What the hell?!

 Mo Liuqi was lying on his stomach on the boat . His eyes lit up at such a sight .

 The Overlord shifted his gaze . Instead of looking at Ni Yu on the shore, he looked at the pavilion farther away, which was covered in clouds and fog .

 He vaguely saw a white-clothed teenager placing chess pieces on the chessboard .

 The Overlord instantly felt inspired .

 When he took a step forward, waves exploded in the lake .

 Staring at him, Ni Yu tossed the pot out again .

 On the terrace of the pavilion, Lu Fan was smiling, cupping one hand over his chin . Unhurriedly, he held a piece between his forefinger and middle finger and took it out of the box .

 Clatter .

 The piece was placed on the chessboard .

 The Spirit Pressure leveled up once again .

 The Overlord was strong, especially after he sacrificed himself to demonify . He was stronger than average cultivators .

 If Lu Fan simply used Spirit Pressure to suppress the Overlord, then he might not be able to make it, unless the Spirit Pressure contained more than 500 wisps of Spirit Qi .


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 It was different with Ni Yu’s black pot .

 Ni Yu’s black pot had gone through a transformation . It was some sort of Spirit Tool . The more elixirs were refined in it, the more it would absorb the elixirs’ Spirit Qi . As a result, the black pot’s quality would be enhanced .

 Therefore, the black pot was a perfect choice for Lu Fan to suppress the Overlord .

 The second pot strike came . The Overlord growled in a low voice .

 The black Demonic Qi was surrounding him . The fishes in the lake were all uneasily trembling . White waves kept spreading like white snakes .

 Under the Demonic Qi, the enchanting Overlord threw another punch at the black pot .


 The water below him exploded .

 This time, only half of his ankle was submerged in the water .

 The black pot was sent flying . However, the third pot strike came immediately .

 The black pot, spinning at high speed, brought a tremendous Spirit Pressure . It was as heavy as a mountain . Almost no one could breathe smoothly under that pressure .

 Ni Yu took two Gathering Qi Elixirs in a row to get over the shock .

 The Overlord’s Demonic Qi surged . He jumped into the air with a roar, which sounded like a fierce beast’s growl .


 The Overlord collided with the pot .

 The black pot stayed still…

 While the Overlord fell into the lake, raising some white waves in the process . The Overlord sank to the bottom of the lake .

 The black pot flew back into Ni Yu’s hands .

 Due to the impact, the boats on the lake were drastically rocking back and forth . Lu Changkong took a deep breath, smiling .

 “Let’s go back,” he commanded .

 Then he left with the elite soldiers following behind .

 The Overlord would not be able to start any disturbance in Beiluo .

 It was like a storm was finally over, and calmness was restored .

 On the second floor of the pavilion, Lv Dongxuan breathed out slowly . Three consecutive pieces were placed on the chessboard . He felt like all of them had been placed on his heart . The pressure made him hardly able to breathe . It was just too much for his heart .

 “Let him get onto the island . ”

 Lu Fan stretched himself . He was in a good mood because he had suppressed the Overlord .

 Ni Yu put the black pot onto her back . Her eyes squinted like two crescent moons when she had heard Lu Fan’s instruction .

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 “Yes,” Ni Yu answered .

 Then, Ni Yu looked at the swirling lake .

 Patter .

 The Overlord popped his head out of the water and swam to shore . His giant body was completely soaked, water dripping from his clothing .

 Carrying the pot on her back, Ni Yu looked up at the Overlord, who was more than six feet and seven inches in height . Her chubby face suddenly vibrated .

 “Your pot… Interesting,” the Overlord said with a smile after wiping water off his face with his hand while looking down at Ni Yu .

 Standing before the Overlord, Ni Yu was only lap high to him . The gravity she had established vanished immediately . She suddenly looked worried .

 “Young Master, this way,” Ni Yu said .

 Then she turned around to lead the way .

 The Overlord smiled . He looked at White Jade City’s pavilion expectantly . As he had expected, Young Master Lu from Beiluo was exactly a cultivator that had gone beyond the Qi Core Realm!

 It was the right choice to come here .

 The Overlord glanced over Beiluo Lake . As he took a deep breath, the Spirit Qi of the universe all flowed into his body .

 “What a nice place…,” Overlord said .

 He looked away with a poker face as soon as he saw Jing Yue .

 Then he saw Lv Mudui . His eyebrow was slightly raised . Tianji School?

 Then he looked at the teenage girl carrying the pipa on her back, who was hiding behind Lv Mudui with fear .

 As soon as he saw her…

 The Overlord could not help but tremble .

 “Ming… Mingsang?” the Overlord murmured .

 But his pupils soon constricted as he shook his head slightly . It could not be Mingsang . Although they looked alike, their dispositions seemed completely different .

 “Uncle Lv, who is that man?” Mingyue, carrying the pipa on her back and watching Xiang Shaoyun approaching White Jade City’s pavilion, asked with a puzzled face .

 “This man is Xiang Shaoyun, the Overlord from West County, lord of Western Liang, a martial arts practitioner . He could fight 10,000 people alone… He is really a hero in the current world,” Lv Mudui exclaimed, holding his bamboo cane .

 Mingyue’s eyes lit up . Her red lips slightly moved . Chewing on Lv Mudui’s remark, she felt attracted to the Overlord .

 The Overlord was about to go to the second floor of White Jade City’s pavilion . Just like Lv Dongxuan, he lingered at the door for a long time when he saw the vertical plaques .

 Then he finally went up and saw Lu Fan .

 Lu Fan was sitting in his wheelchair . With his white robe fluttering gently, he looked quite elegant .

 Lv Dongxuan, with his gold beaded necklace around his neck, grinned at the Overlord .

 “Sit . ”

 Lu Fan waved his hand, and a cushion slid toward Xiang Shaoyun automatically .

 This was Xiang Shaoyun’s first official meet up with him .

 Xiang Shaoyun took a good look at Lu Fan . This red-lipped white-teethed teenager who looked so thin and frail was the legendary cultivator in the world, the Young Master Lu?

 “The Overlord came to Beiluo City in person . Can I help you with something?” Lu Fan asked as he looked at Xiang Shaoyun while taking a sip of the warm green plum wine from the bronze liquor cup .

 Lv Dongxuan was sitting very straight, grinning from ear to ear, showing his yellow teeth .

 Xiang Shaoyun looked at Lu Fan with enthusiasm .

 “There are many great people in the world . But Young Master Lu is the only one that can convince me . ”

 “In today’s world, most of the cultivators are in Qi Core Realm . I’m curious about realms beyond Qi Core Realm . That’s why I came to Beiluo Lake to see Young Master Lu, hoping that Young Master Lu could clear my doubts . And… There is another thing I want to talk with Young Master Lu about,” Xiang Shaoyun said .

 His eyes were ablaze like torches .

 Lu Fan raised his eyebrow . He took a sip of the wine, smiling .

 “This is Tianji School’s philosopher, Lv Dongxuan . From today on, Tianji School is officially a part of White Jade City . It’s White Jade City–Tianji Pavilion now,” Lu Fan introduced .

 Xiang Shaoyun was astonished .

 Tianji School was after all one of the Hundred Schools of Philosophy . Was it incorporated into White Jade City?

 “White Jade City will disclose cultivation secrets and release news regarding the Immortal’s Secret Realms on a sporadic basis in the future…”

 Stroking the bronze liquor cup, Lu Fan smiled .

 “You want to know what’s next after Qi Core Realm . It’s actually no secret . I mentioned it to my maid and coachman once…,” Lu Fan said .

 The Overlord was surprised . Then, cupping his hands, he said seriously, “Young Master Lu, please enlighten me . ”

 Seeing the Overlord cup his hands, Lu Fan felt very emotional . After experiencing quite a few setbacks in the world, the Overlord had indeed matured .

 “It is Internal Organs after Qi Core . Internal Organs Realm is the next realm…”

 “Internal Organs Realm?” Xiang Shaoyun squinted .

 Lu Fan slightly nodded . “The second Secret Realm deployed by the Immortal will be ready soon… If I’m right, in the second Secret Realm, cultivation methods to break through to Internal Organs will be available . ”

 “The second Secret Realm for cultivation…”

 Xiang Shaoyun took a deep breath . He did not press further with the subject .

 On the cushion, Xiang Shaoyun cupped his hands .

 Looking at Lu Fan, whose white clothes were fluttering, he bowed with a serious face . He started his speech in a sincere voice .

 “The current world is in chaos . The four greatest powers are South County, West County, North County, and the Great Zhou… Tantai Xuan from North County has Mo Beike . The Tangs from South County have Sword Sect, and the Great Zhou Dynasty has Kong Xiu…”

 “However, there is nobody I can use in West County, so…”

 “I want to invite Young Master Lu to help West County . Let’s dominate the world together…”

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