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Chapter 102: 102
Chapter 102: Overlord Came Stepping on Waves

The bloody rain swept over the capital city .

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There were ten-odd aristocratic families in the capital city, and each of them had a family member working in the government . They all submitted statutes to the emperor .

Therefore, all of these aristocratic families went through a severe ordeal .

With the 500 armored horsemen from Beiluo marching beside it, the carriage destroyed everything along the way, like a fierce beast from ancient times .

One by one, every aristocratic family was eradicated . A significant number of severed human heads rolled on the ground .

Of course, not the entire household of each aristocratic family was slaughtered .

Some of the family members of these aristocratic families survived, but most of the households were tremendously weakened .

Then there were those less important families who were extremely scared that Beiluo’s 500 armored horsemen would march to their doorsteps and break into their houses as well .

People were destined to bleed on this day .

For the aristocratic families in the capital city, it was a day filled with fear .

At the mention of Young Master Lu from Beiluo, the adults from the aristocratic families of the capital city would cover their kids’ mouths to stop them from crying .

The prime minister’s residence .

Zhao Kuo was sitting in the seat of honor, unhurriedly drinking his tea .

At his age, what mattered most were maintaining a calm mood and his well-being .

A subordinate of his knelt down before him after coming from outside in panic .

“Prime Minister, bad news!”

“Young Master Lu from Beiluo sent 500 armored horsemen into the capital . Minister He was caught, a lot of people were killed, and many aristocratic families were slaughtered . Quite a few officials died tragically… Blood is flowing like a river!”

This subordinate was extremely pale . He was apparently seriously scared .

At once, Prime Minister Zhao Kuo put the teacup down . A shrewd light flashed in his eyes .

“How dare this Young Master Lu from Beiluo kill people in the capital city! Does he really fear nothing?!”

“Cultivators are really a new unpredictable factor in the world . ”

Prime Minister Zhao Kuo stroked the jade thumb ring he was wearing . Then he raised and waved his hand .

A figure flew down from a beam in the darkness .

“Go to the east wing room and invite Master Du over . Cultivators should be handled by cultivators,” Zhao Kuo said .

Master Du got an Immortal encounter in the Imperial Palace of the Hidden Dragon Ridge . Zhao Kuo recruited him as an advisor . He was also Zhao Kuo’s trump card .

If He Shou and the other ministers were here, they would absolutely be shocked .

It turned out they were kept in the dark about so many things .

Currently, Zhao Kuo did not look like the silly old man that the others often saw .

Leaning against the back of his chair, he took a sip of the tea and shook his head .

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“Those ministers really let me down…”

“Now that bleeding is inevitable, then I’ll let people bleed more . ”

Looking at the subordinate kneeling on the ground, Zhao Kuo said in a low voice, “Prepare the carriage . ”

The subordinate left .

Zhao Kuo got to his feet from the chair in a relaxed manner .

“We have everything going our way except a prevailing wind from the east . Today, now, the wind is coming . ”

Zhao Kuo walked out of his residence and got onto the carriage . The coachman picked up the reins and gave the horses some slack . Then the horses started up . The carriage was on its way to the Book Pavilion .

Outside of the Book Pavilion .

Mo Tianyu was reading hexagrams . He lifted his head and saw a carriage stop just before the entrance to the pavilion .

Zhao Kuo got off the carriage . Throwing Mo Tianyu a look, he asked, “Is Imperial Advisor here?”

Mo Tianyu looked at Zhao Kuo . Taking a sip from the calabash, he said, “Yes, the Imperial Advisor is here, but he won’t see you . ”

Zhao Kuo was stunned .

He did not respond to Mo Tianyu . With his hands behind his back, he looked up at the shabby Book Pavilion .

“Kong Xiu, we’ve been enemies for half of our lives . It’s time to put an end to this,” Zhao Kuo roared .

“The emperor is too young to have his own opinions now . You are stuck in rumors . You can’t even protect yourself . Why don’t we stop fighting and work together to help the emperor govern the country?”

Once this suggestion was made…

Someone seemed to be walking inside the Book Pavilion…

Because of what Zhao Kuo was implying .

After a long while had passed, Kong Nanfei slowly showed up on the second floor of the Book Pavilion .

“Minister, let me tell you that he has never tried to fight you in his life, so there is nothing to settle,” Kong Nanfei finished speaking .

Zhao Kuo’s face flushed immediately .

He then tightly closed his fists .

Having never fought him meant he was never deemed as a rival .

He was completely ignored .

So, instead, he left without responding .

He would show Kong Xiu how stupid the latter was to refuse him .

Lake Island, Beiluo .

Lv Dongxuan’s violently body trembled .

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The two vertical plaques seemed to be pressuring him .

Lu Fan felt nothing in his wheelchair . He told Ni Yu to push him in the wheelchair to the second floor of the pavilion . They stopped by the rail . Lu Fan was feeling the wind there .

Standing in the distance, Lv Mudui showed a confused look .

Next to him, the teenage girl carrying the pipa on her back looked worried .

“Is Master Lv all right?”

“Will it be dangerous?” the teenage girl Mingyue asked .

Lv Mudui looked at that teenage girl . Waving his hand, he said, “It’ll be fine . In fact, there could be a great opportunity for him . ”

A great opportunity was contained in the vertical plaques at the door of White Jade City’s pavilion indeed . It could make people reach a moment of clarity and understand something deeper .

Time went by .

Lv Dongxuan seemed to be dead in a seated posture .

He had been sitting there for half a day .

On the second floor of the pavilion, Lu Fan took a few sips of wine from his cup . Then he took out the chessboard and set up Mountain River Strategy on it .

While focusing on the chessboard, he also took a minute to see what was happening in the capital city…

And the deployment of the Dragon Raising Sites .

Lu Fan did not worry about the situation in the capital city too much . With Ning Zhao, Yi Yue, and Nie Changqing working together, no one in the capital city could stop them . Unless they were facing a troop of 100,000 soldiers, nothing could go wrong .

He looked at somewhere deep in the capital city .

In the garden of the imperial palace…

Yuwen Xiu was standing by a pond, holding the black jiao dragon .

The black jiao dragon wrapped its body around Yuwen Xiu’s arm . Then it went into the pond, where there were thousands of fishes . The moment the black jiao dragon entered the pond, the fishes made way for it in panic .

Lu Fan focused . He raised his hand and pressed one wisp of Spirit Qi down unhurriedly .

The Dragon Raising Site in the imperial palace was hence decided .

All of a sudden…

Lu Fan diverted his attention . His eyebrow slightly raised .

On the first floor of the pavilion…

Lv Dongxuan opened his drowsy-looking eyes . The thick gold beaded necklace around his neck seemed to be more brilliant . He was feeling something intricate . In the end, he rubbed his hands and let out a long sigh… It was completely worth it that Tianji School was incorporated this time .

However, Lu Fan was not paying attention to Lv Dongxuan .

Holding the bronze liquor cup, Lu Fan leaned forward against the rail as his hair blew in the wind .

He was looking at Beiluo Lake, its waters glittering under the setting sun .


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There were people who came by boat, while someone came walking on the waves .

Below the city tower of Beiluo .

Lu Changkong stood on the city tower . Luo Yue, in armor, was beside him .

A black horse showed up before the city after galloping over the plain .

The man on the black horse was wearing a wide black robe and a bamboo hat . It was impossible to see his face .

However, his large body gave people an oppressive feeling .

“I’m here to see Young Master Lu from Beiluo . City Master Lu, please do me this favor,” the black-robed man said as he pulled the reins on the black horse .

On the city tower, a profound look was on face Lu Changkong’s .

“City Master, this man… He is frightful,” said Luo Yue . A mere look at the black-robed man put him extremely distressed .

As a cultivator, Lu Changkong was even more sensitive .

The man before the city…

He was also a cultivator, and he had high achievements .

“Who are you? Where are you from?” Lu Changkong asked .

He put his hand on the knife he was carrying at the waist . The Spirit Qi in his Qi Core was mobilized . He was like a waking lion .

With the help of the Gathering Qi Elixir, Lu Changkong had achieved Fifth Stage Qi Core Realm by then .

The cultivator’s energy was threatening too .

Before the city…

The black-robed man smiled .

Without releasing Spirit Qi, he burst out laughing instead . He said, “I’m from Western Liang . ”

His declaration created an uproar on the city tower .

Western Liang!

The giant black horse!

Lu Changkong’s pupils constricted . Could this man be the Overlord of West County?

Lu Changkong waved his hand after thinking for a long time . The city gate was opened .

The black-robed man burst out laughing, while his black horse neighed . Then he and his horse trotted into Beiluo City .

Lu Changkong had been waiting on the other side of the gate with his troop .

The black-robed man took off the bamboo hat after going through the gate . A proud, imposing face showed up .

Lu Changkong was surprised .

Luo Yue was so nervous that he unsheathed his knife immediately .


This man was definitely the Overlord!

The Overlord fought 500,000 soldiers alone in the battle at the Hidden Dragon Ridge . He killed so many people that blood flowed like a river .

It was an astonishing result .

By then, who in the world wouldn’t be intimidated at the mention of the Overlord?

For Luo Yue, the answer was obvious as to why the Overlord came to Beiluo . It was definitely for Lu Fan . In Beiluo City, only Young Master Lu could draw the Overlord’s attention .

Was the Overlord here to challenge Young Master Lu?

With a smile, Xiang Shaoyun cupped his hands at Lu Changkong . Then still on horseback, he went toward Beiluo Lake slowly .

Lu Changkong followed him from afar with Beiluo’s soldiers at his side .

When he had arrived at Beiluo Lake…

Lifting his head, Xiang Shaoyun gazed at the glistening water surface of Beiluo Lake in the evening glow .

He vaguely saw an island with abundant Spirit Qi surrounding it .

On horseback, Xiang Shaoyu felt his blood was boiling . He was excited—excited at challenging a strong rival .

All of a sudden…

Xiang Shaoyun burst out laughing .

The next second, the black robe exploded . His muscular body under the robe, with the axe and the shield on his back, was revealed .

He landed on the lake . The water immediately tumbled, as if there would be a high wave .

Xiang Shaoyun did not stop . He walked forward, step by step on the lake surface .

The water started to rise .

A sudden wind came, and white waves broke .

Xiang Shaoyun’s body smashed the waves into pieces . His look was like a sharp arrow, ripping through the thick fog blanketing the entire lake .

The Overlord stepped on the waves toward Lake Island!

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