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+MERRIE ENGLAND.+--Cloth, crown 8vo, 2s, 6d., by Robert Blatchford.

A book on sociology. Called by the Review of Reviews: "The Poor Man's Plato." Over a million copies sold. Translated into Welsh, Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Hebrew, Norwegian, and Swedish.

+TALES FOR THE MARINES.+--A New Book of Soldier Stories. By Nunquam.

The Daily Chronicle says:

"This volume contains a batch of stories ('cuffers,' we understand is the correct technical term) supposed to be told by soldiers in the barrack-room after lights are out; and capital stories they are. If we were to call them 'rattling' and also 'ripping' we should not be saying a word too much. For our own part we never want to see a better fight than that between the bayonet and the sword in 'The Mousetrap,' or to read a sounder lecture on social philosophy than that delivered by Sergeant Wren in 'Dear Lady Disdain.' Mr. Blatchford knows the barrack-room from the inside, and obviously from the inside has learned to love and to enjoy it."

+JULIE.+--A Study of a Girl by a Man. Nunquam's Story of Slum Life. Price 2/6; by post, 2/8.

The Liverpool Review says:

"'Julie,' unlike 'The Master Christian,' is beautiful inside as well as out. Nunquam, like Corelli, has a mission to perform--to utilize romance as a finger-post to indicate social wrongs; but, unlike Corelli, he succeeds in his purpose. And why does he succeed where she fails?

Because he goes at his task sympathetically, with a warm heart; whereas she goes at it sourly, with a pen dipped in gall. It is all a question of temperament. If you want an object-lesson in the effect which temperament has upon artistic achievement, read 'The Master Christian'

and follow it up with 'Julie.'"

+THE BOUNDER.+--The Story of a Man by his Friend. By Nunquam. Price 2/6; by post, 2/8.

All who loved the Bounder and admired his work should avail themselves of the opportunity to possess this record of both, before the edition is exhausted.

+A BOHEMIAN GIRL.+--A Theatrical Novel. By Nunquam. Price 2/6; by post, 2/8.

Manchester City News:

"The swift interchange of thought and repartee in the conversations remind one of the brilliant 'Dolly Dialogues'; but there is an underlying earnestness and a deeper meaning in Mr. McGinnis's seemingly careless story than in Mr. Anthony Hope's society pictures."

+MY FAVORITE BOOKS.+--By Nunquam. Price 2/6; by post, 2/8. With Portrait of the Author.

The Christian Globe says:

"Instinct with generous and eloquent appreciation of what is brightest and best in our literature, we have only to complain that there is so little of it after all. Again we feel the spell of old times in the charmed garden; the breeze blows fresh, sweet is the odor of the roses, and we wander with our guide wherever it pleases him to lead us. We can give the author no higher praise. May his book prosper as it deserves."

+TOMMY ATKINS.+--By Nunquam. Price 2/6; by post, 2/8. Paper, 1/-; by post, 1/3.

A soldier story of great popularity which has already gone through several editions, and was long ago pronounced by Sir Evelyn Wood, and other great authorities on the army, to be the best story on army life ever written.

+DISMAL ENGLAND.+--By Nunquam. Price 2/6; by post, 2/8. Paper, 1/-; by post, 1/2.

A thrilling and life-like series of sketches of life in its darker phases.

+PINK DIAMONDS.+--A Wild Story. By Nunquam. Cloth, 2/-; by post, 2/2.

Paper, 6d.; by post, 8d.

A capital antidote to the dumps; full of rollicking action and wild humor.

+THE NUNQUAM PAPERS.+--2/-; by post, 2/2.

Some of Nunquam's best articles and sketches.

+FANTASIAS.+--By Nunquam. Cloth, 2/-; by post, 2/2. Paper, 6d.; by post, 8d.

Tales and essays of graphic, humorous and pathetic interest.

+A MAN, A WOMAN, AND A DOG.+--By The Whatnot. Cloth and gold, 2/6; by post, 2/8.

+TO-DAY'S WORK.+--Municipal Government the Hope of Democracy. By George Haw, author of "No Room to Live." Price 2/6; by post, 2/8.

A reprint, with revisions and additional chapters, of The Outlaw's articles on Local Government, published in the Clarion under the heading, "What we can do to-day."

+THE ART OF HAPPINESS.+--By Mont Bloug. With portrait of the Author.

Cloth, 2/-; by post, 2/2.

A mixture of fun and philosophy, of which the large edition is nearly exhausted, and is not likely to be reprinted. Those who have neglected to get it should do so while there is yet time. It is a book that any reader will be thankful for.

+DANGLE'S MIXTURE.+--By A. M. Thompson. Cloth, 1/6; by post, 1/8.

+DANGLE'S ROUGH CUT.+--By A. M. Thompson. Cloth, 1/6; by post, 1/8.

Capital examples of Dangular humor, of which it can be truthfully said that each is better than the other, while both are amusing enough to bring out a cheerful smile upon the glummest face.

CLARION PRESS, 72 Fleet Street, London, E. C.

Read _The Clarion_

The Pioneer Journal of Social Reform.

Edited by ROBERT BLATCHFORD, _Author of "Merrie England," "Britain for the British," etc._



Send for Specimen Copy to the Clarion Office, 72, Fleet St., London, E. C.

W. Wilfred Head and Co., Ltd., "Dr. Johnson Press," Fleet Lane, Old Bailey, London, E. C.

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