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Chapter 473 – Endure!

While sitting on he carriage, Megan snorted and said, "Big Brother Hai, why do we need to endure? See this carriage, what kind of carriage is this? This is a carriage that servants ride on, why did you ride it?"

Looking at Megan's appearance, Zhao Hai faintly smiled and said, "It's fine, don't be too angry. You must have heard the servant calling me by my title, reminding me of my status. If we get angry, we would get Terry his satisfaction."

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Megan became calm. She turned to Zhao Hai and said, "Big Brother Hai, are you really not angry?"

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "What's the use of being angry? Even if we get unlucky today, think about the faces of the Robert Family tomorrow when they find out what just happened."

Megan smiled when she heard Zhao Hai, she said, "Alright, we'll endure. We still have something to do later." As she said that, the carriage stopped.

Zhao Hai stared outside when he got off the carriage. He stared not because the carriage stopped in front of the banquet hall, he stared because there were many people standing outside. Several of them looked at Zhao Hai with a ridiculing smile on their face.

Terry stood in front of these people, looking at Zhao Hai with a faint smile. Seeing that Zhao Hai's group had already got down from the carriage, Terry smiled and said, "Count Buda, are you comfortable with the carriage we've arranged you? There are no other carriages available for the count, our Robert Family only has this carriage left."

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "It's fine, I thank Mister Terry for the concern. I didn't think that there was such a malnourished horse in the Robert Family. It seems like the Robert Family isn't doing well lately. I'll have someone come to your family tomorrow and deliver ten Fire Horses that I use to pull my carriages. It really hurts the Robert Family's face if they use a thin horse just like that one."

When Terry heard Zhao Hai, his complexion couldn't help but change. He didn't expect Zhao Hai to say such things.

He wanted to insult Zhao Hai with this method, he didn't think that Zhao Hai would have that response. He actually made the Robert Family look poor.

Terry coldly snorted and said, "What kind of people is our Robert Family for us to treat our guests like that? Our treatment of Count Buda this time is quite acceptable."

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "It seems like the Robert Family deemed me to be unbearable, so why would they take the effort to send me an invite? Is the family not afraid of someone like me defiling your castle? If that's the case, then Mister Terry might as well break this castle tomorrow since I've already polluted the place."

Although Zhao Hai seemed like he was demeaning himself, saying such things about himself, the people present weren't fools. These people knew what Terry did in the past. Because of this nobody dared approach Megan. Seeing that Zhao Hai and Terry going head to head with each other, these people felt interested and excited.

Terry's complexion paled, he coldly snorted and then turned towards the crowd,
"Everybody, please enter the hall for the feast." Then he turned to Zhao Hai and said, "I'm inviting Count Buda in as well."

Zhao Hai faintly smiled and said, "I thank Mister Terry. For Mister Terry to personally invite a lowly person like myself really gives me great honor." Then he led Megan and the others towards the hall, leaving the black faced Terry behind.

Those who came out with Terry wanted to watch something fun, and they weren't disappointed. They didn't reveal too much in their expressions, but seeing how Terry and Zhao Hai interacted with each other, they knew that something interesting was going to happen inside the hall.

After going inside, Zhao Hai separated with Laura and the others as Jason went by his side. Jason patted Zhao Hai's shoulder and said, "You really are very good with your mouth. What's happening? I didn't expect that you would be present here today."

Zhao Hai smiled and said, "Why wouldn't I come? I want to see his expression today and what kind of attitude Terry uses when dealing with me. To be honest, I'm quite let down. If the heirs of the Robert Family are all like this, then I couldn't help but feel disappointed."

Jason smiled, "You should be careful with your words, Terry is not simple. With how he treated you today, I'm very sure that he has something planned. You should have went back earlier."

Zhao Hai looked at Jason, he knew that Jason's concern was sincere. Jason didn't want Zhao Hai humiliated here. Zhao Hai smiled a little and looked around, then he went closer to Jason before whispering, "No, I can't go back today. I need to appear here so that everyone can see me."

Jason is a smart person, as soon as he heard Zhao Hai, he immediately understood. He turned to Zhao Hai and said, "Tonight?"

Zhao Hai nodded and then didn't speak anything more. Jason snorted and said, "Why didn't you tell me? If I didn't ask you, then you won't tell me?"

Zhao Hai looked all around, then he whispered to Jason, "Don't be angry, the less people know the better. If everyone knew, then I'll be in trouble. People shouldn't know that I did it to avoid suspicion. Don't tell anyone about this, even your family."

Jason snorted, then he drank his liquor. Even if he didn't reply to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai knew that Jason understood him. Jason is a genuine friend, Zhao Hai wouldn't doubt him, he knew that he certainly would tell.

The banquet went smoothly. During the event, there were no other people who went to talk to Zhao Hai aside from Jason. One could say that Zhao Hai was isolated.

Zhao Hai sat down with Jason at the side. Jason looked coldly at the people present and said, "These people present here are all descendants of families that are in good relations with Terry's family. Right, Terry actually invited my second brother but I replaced him. It seems like the people wouldn't be friendly tonight.

Zhao Hai just smiled and said, "It's alright, be relieved. What's wrong with being unfriendly? Their attitudes cannot affect me, don't worry."

The situation with Laura and the others were very different from Zhao Hai's. They were surrounded by people and naturally their attention was fully set on Megan, ignoring Laura and the others. Moreover they were talking strangely to Megan, they kept speaking bad things about Zhao Hai while occasionally inserting some good words for Terry.

Regarding Terry's method, Laura and the others couldn’t help but sneer. Such a method couldn only be described as weak, there was nothing special about it.

At this moment, Terry suddenly walked towards the orchestra and rang the cup on his hand. He smiled at everyone and said, "I'm very happy to see everyone today. But it seems like the atmosphere has become quite bland, how about we share a performances for everyone? What do you think?"

Zhao Hai almost spat out the liquor in his mouth. Jason looked at him and said, "What happened? Is there something wrong?"

Zhao Hai bitterly smiled to Jason and said, "There's a problem, big problem, I can't play instruments, dance, and make poems. Haha, Laura and the others already saw this coming. Terry would actually do this method to deal with me."

When Jason heard Zhao Hai, he couldn't help but get anxious. He quickly asked Zhao Hai, "You really can't write poems? Can't dance? Can't play musical instrument? Didn't the people of your family teach you?"

Zhao Hai smiled and said, "They taught me, but unfortunately I just cannot learn."

Seeing Zhao Hai's nonchalant expression, Jason couldn't help but get even more anxious, "Then what are you planning to do? If you cannot give a performance, they you would get disgraced. In the future, nobody would want you in their circle."

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "It's alright, rest assured that I'm going to be fine. I have also thought about this point and naturally have a way to get around it. You don't need to be worried."

At this time, several Nobles have already given their performances. They didn't do anything else other than reciting poems and playing musical instruments.

When Jason looked at Terry, his heart couldn't help but beat faster. He knew that Terry would deal with Zhao Hai today. When a man playing an instrument was finished, Jason went forward and said, "I will go next." Then he went to the band and played a harp.

Zhao Hai knew that Jason was stalling for time. The time Jason took while playing was very long. Zhao Hai couldn't help but smile, Jason is really caring.

However, it was impossible for Jason to perform for the entirety of the banquet. Although he had delayed, he still had to stop playing. At this moment, Terry's gaze rotated towards Zhao Hai.

But Zhao Hai didn't notice it, he was currently communicating with Cai'er. He decided that their operation needed to start upon seeing Jason playing.

Zhao Hai gave them a time limit of one hour. Jason's performance lasted for 20 minutes, almost 50% of the time has passed by.

At this time, there have already been groups who had finished their job. Zhao Hai's estimate was very accurate, the information that Cai'er has collected came in useful. The undead he sent out went in to kill, ensuring that they finish quickly. Even if they have one hour to finish, it was best to finish early.

What surprised Zhao Hai was the time it took for the fastest team to finish; the group took ten minutes to finish everything. This group was made up of undead assassins, their actions were very swift.

In ten minutes, they dealt with everything, Cai'er also had the inventory of the shop stored into the Space before the team burned the shop down.

Just as Zhao Hai took his mind off the operation, Jason's performance was also on the verge of finishing. The applause given by the crowd completely woke Zhao Hai up.

Zhao Hai looked at Jason who was currently walking down the stage. Although Jason's performance was very successful, he didn't have a happy expression on his face. He just coldly looked at Terry as he slowly returned to his seat.

Terry didn't notice Jason's look since his eyes were aimed at Zhao Hai. Then he went up the stage and said, "Everybody's performance today was very fantastic. How about we invite Count Buda to show us something too?"

The crowd was naturally very supportive of Terry. Zhao Hai had already expected this to happen. He didn't say anything as he handed his wine glass over to a servant and slowly went up the stage.

Terry was in the stage looking at Zhao Hai with a ridiculing gaze. Before he started to deal with Zhao Hai, he had investigated him well. He knew that Zhao Hai wasn't weak. He was a Dark Mage and although Terry didn't know how he attained his strength, he can just think of it as Zhao Hai having a fortuitous encounter. However, when it came to performances, Terry was well confident that Zhao Hai was going to be very terrible in it.

Terry already checked and knew that Adam was a playboy, although Zhao Hai had been quite exceptional recently, he had neither learning nor skill when he was a child. Magic can be improved by potions, but talent in performing? Terry doesn't think so. He had not heard about a potion that improves one’s talent in dancing, poem, and instruments.

Because he had thought of this point, Terry arranged this day to enact on his plan. He must make Zhao Hai lose face, he wanted Zhao Hai to be forever excluded from the circles of Rosen Empire's nobles.

Zhao Hai stood on the stage and looked at the proud face of Terry. He then smiled and said, "I suddenly find myself to be quite ashamed right now, it seems like this banquet is specifically held for me. For someone of my status, it was impossible for me to get such a treatment. Since Mister Terry has invited me over to perform, then it would be impolite for me to decline. The previous performances were very good, It made me deeply admire the younger generation of the Rosen Empire. Since everyone wants to see me perform, then I can only apologize in advance if I make any mistakes. But me performing along wouldn't be very special, I want to ask my fiancees over to accompany me. I wonder If everybody can agree to it?"

Zhao Hai being self deprecating made everyone present feel that there wasn't anything wrong. Knowing that Laura and the others, very beautiful women, were going to perform, the people present naturally gave a loud applause. Terry, on the other hand, had a very ugly expression.

When he heard Zhao Hai, he immediately knew that Zhao Hai had already prepared for this moment. Otherwise, he wouldn't have asked Laura and the others to accompany him on stage. This made Terry very disappointed. However, he still wanted to see Zhao Hai perform. He didn't believe that someone who had no artistic talent could give a very good performance.

Chapter 474 – Change in Attitude

Jason looked at Zhao Hai's appearance on the stage and smiled, he suddenly didn't worry. Although he didn't know Zhao Hai for a long time, he understood that Zhao Hai wasn’t the kind of person that would suffer without hitting back. He was not the type to come unprepared as well. Seeing him so calm meant that he was prepared, it seems like Jason's worries were all in vain.

Thinking about this, Jason couldn't help but alternately look between Zhao Hai and Terry. The corners of Jason's mouth slowly lifted, showing a smiling expression. He was really in anticipation for tomorrow, he wanted to see how Zhao Hai retaliated.

At the very least, Jason was sure that ZHao Hai would make the Robert Family suffer. But all of these have nothing to do with Jason, he wouldn't be affected by the Robert Family's bad luck.

At this time, Laura and the others were already standing up the stage. These beautiful women standing on the stage naturally attracted everybody's attention. In turn, Zhao Hai who stood in front looked very insignificant.

Seeing the crowd being attracted to Laura and the others, Zhao Hai couldn't help but feel uncomfortable. He was a man and the women behind him were his fiancees. With these people's eyes going green in front of him certainly made him feel strange.

Zhao Hai coughed lightly, then turned towards Laura and the others and gave a signal. The women nodded and turned towards the orchestra and discussed something. The musicians didn't decline the women and immediately gave them four types of musical instruments.

Laura took the harp, Megan took the cello, Meg had the horizontal flute, and Nier held the violin. Seeing that the group was prepared, Zhao Hai turned to the crowd and said, "I don't know how to dance, play musical instruments as well as making poems. Because of this, I have to choice but to sing. I hope that everyone present won't be offended by my performance." Then he turned to Laura and the others and nodded.

The people facing the stage didn't expect Zhao Hai to sing. Singing wasn't generally something that nobles study. This was because it was very difficult to learn it. Songs in Ark Continent usually referred to operas. If you don't practice it for a long time, there was not a way to present themselves in public. Most importantly, studying opera meant that you need to condition your vocal chords every day, for Nobles, this was very laborious, explaining the lack of people who studied it.

When the crowd heard Zhao Hai sing, they were shocked, all of them stared blankly at Zhao Hai. The gentle music was very soothing, it was as though it was touching their very hearts. However, the song had a touch of tragedy in it, making the crowd feel as though their hearts were being constricted, their entire bodies slowly being surrounded by a sad atmosphere.

The song 'Bed of Chrysanthemums' was actually not suited to the present situation because the song itself was played in a movie. How could people who hadn't seen a chrysanthemum think about the emotion that one presented. It's strange, but sometimes, song lyrics didn't need to be understood in order to receive its soul. Back on Earth, Michael Jackson had many fans who didn't understand English at all.

'Bed of Chrysanthemums' might not be able to contend against Michael Jackson's songs, but for the people of the Ark Continent, the song still made their minds blank. This was because this form of singing didn't exist in the continent before. Also, chrysanthemum seemed to be a foreign word.

There are times when foreign words bring advantages. Everytime one appears, it always feels novel and intriguing.

Before long, Zhao Hai finished singing 'Bed of Chrysanthemums', Even after he closed his mouth, there was still no sound that’s heard inside the hall. It may be because the crowd was still immersed in this out of the ordinary song.

Suddenly, an applause was heard in the hall, the crowd who were still staring couldn’t' help but turn around and look for its source.

Zhao Hai also looked for the source of the applause, then he saw that the one clapping was none other than Jason. This fellow was the first to recover, therefore he applauded first.

When the crowd saw Jason, they immediately recovered. Then a thunderous applause broke out almost instantly. Zhao Hai and the others stood in a row and bowed to the crowd before walking down the stage.

These young people became lively. All of them were invited by Terry, and all of them didn't have a status that was much worse than him. However, all of them had a good relationship with Terry's family. Therefore, when Terry asked them to help him humiliate Zhao Hai, they were all very glad to play along.

But when they heard Zhao Hai sing, they suddenly forgot about Terry's request. When Zhao Hai got off the stage, they immediately surrounded him. They asked Zhao Hai about the song, for them, this song was very attractive.

Zhao Hai chatted and laughed with these people as well. For the questions about how he learned to sing, he just responded that he really liked to sing when he was alone. But he knew that this kind of song cannot be sung in an opera, so he didn't bother to reveal it.

Terry's face was pale while he stood there looking at Zhao Hai. He requested these people to help him humiliate Zhao Hai. Naturally he didn't only want to embarrass Zhao Hai, he also wanted to drive a wedge between Zhao Hai and these people.

If two people met and left a bad impression on each other, it would be very difficult for the two of them to become friends later. First impressions are very important.

Terry knew about this, so his plan was very simple, he would make Zhao Hai look bad in front of these young nobles. In the future, they would feel awkward towards Zhao Hai, exempting him from their circles, making becoming friends with him much more difficult.

But he didn't think that Zhao Hai would actually be patient and even ridiculed himself, not offending these young nobles. And then afterwards, with his new and odd song, he made those nobles approach him and even chat with him. It was very clear that Terry's plan completely failed.

Jason didn't join the other nobles in surrounding Zhao Hai. His relationship with Zhao Hai was very different than these people. He can see what Zhao Hai was doing with them. So as a true friend, he will not interfere, he also thought that his help was unnecessary.

On the other hand, Jason was paying attention to Terry. Jason lived in Carson City since he was a child, so he knew the temperaments of the young nobles in the city. He understood more than Megan how sinister Terry was. He was afraid that Terry might have another method to deal with Zhao Hai.

Terry looked at Zhao Hai, his eyes filled with intense anger. He couldn’t accept it, he couldn't accept that Zhao Hai managed to evade his plan to humiliate him.

With this thought, Terry's eyes immediately hid his expression. He then headed up the stage and gently tapped the glass on his hand. Everyone immediately looked at him, feeling confused.

At this point, the crowd also remembered Terry's request and thought about how nobody cared about it right now.They are now looking at Terry's mildly annoyed expression.

These people aren't fools, they understood why Terry was obviously targeting Zhao Hai. Although Terry told them bad things about Zhao Hai, after listening to Zhao Hai's performance at the banquet, all of these nobles felt appreciative of him, they also felt much better towards Zhao Hai. In fact, they quite liked Zhao Hai more than they respected Terry. Terry was very arrogant and always wanted to have his whims accomplished. This fact gave these nobles an unfavorable impression towards Terry.

Now that they saw up the stage again, these people knew that Terry must be scared of Zhao Hai, which made them even more disgusted. Everyone knew that Zhao Hai didn't offend Terry. The cause of the hatred between them was Megan.

Everyone also knew that Terry grew up with Megan, but after all these time, Megan's treatment of Terry was always neither warm nor cold. But Terry still made it clear that nobody would get to approach Megan. Now that Megan was married, he still actually made a move on Zhao Hai. This made him lose style, this was not a method befitting of a Great Noble.

Terry didn't care about any of these, what he was thinking right now was how to crush Zhao Hai. Therefore, when he stood up on the stage he smiled and said, "Count Buda's performance was really too splendid. Everyone please give him a round of applause."

When the crowd heard him mention Zhao Hai's title, they became even much more disgusted. There were also some people here who held the title of count. When they wanted to embarrass Zhao Hai, they didn't care about this. But now, Terry mentioning the title made them feel how harsh Terry was. However, they were still in the Robert Family's castle, they still needed to give the family face. Therefore, all of them clapped but not the kind that showed enthusiasm.

Terry counted two seconds before he waved his hand, making the applause slowly fade. When he heard that the clapping has stopped, Terry continued, "From the applause, I believe I share the same sentiment as everyone when they heard Count Buda singing. There seems to be a sense of incompleteness. I want to ask Count Buda to come on stage again, but since singing was too boring, Count Buda needs to do something else."

Those under the stage weren't fools. When they heard Terry's words, they understood what Terry intends to do. It seems like Terry wanted to humiliate Zhao Hai no matter what.

Doing this, Terry didn't express his brilliance, on the contrary, it showed how small-minded he was. He looked like someone very desperate, this made the crowd disdain him.

Terry didn't care about any of these, he proudly stood on top of the stage and said, "I invite Count Buda again."

Zhao Hai looked at Terry and then faintly smiled. He knew that Terry was now at a loss, he already didn't know how to proceed with this night's events.

Zhao Hai slowly climbed on the stage. This made Laura and the others worried. They knew that Zhao Hai was with them the entire day, practicing their song. This time, they didn't know how Zhao Hai would perform, will he really lose face today?

Zhao Hai stood on the stage and looked at the crowd, he showed a faint smile and said, "It's a pity that Mister Terry didn't allow me to sing, otherwise I would’ve made this night into my concert." The crows laughed.

Zhao Hai then continued, "It's already quite late. I still have some matters back at the family. Therefore, I shall give this small performance. However, I need to apologize first to the people below, I also need to apologize to Mister Terry."

Chapter 475 – Huge Harvests

Zhao Hai saying that he would be leaving wasn't a surprise. They knew that Zhao Hai wouldn’t want to keep on participating in Terry's ruse any longer. To be honest, for Zhao Hai to endure until now made them admire him even more.

Although Terry was unwilling with Zhao Hai announcing his departure, it wouldn't be good if he was to stop him. He can only lift his wine glass to Zhao Hai and agree.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then bowed towards the people down the stage before saying, "Since Mister Terry didn't want me to sing, then I won't be singing. When I went to the sea some time ago, I accidentally wrote two verses. I ask everyone here to please  appraise it."

When everyone heard Zhao Hai, they couldn't help but be disappointed. Only two verses, how can this be considered to be poetry? Everyone at the crowd understood that Zhao Hai was going to be embarrassed this evening.

The expression of Laura and the others were not good either. Only Terry wore a smug face, he believed that he had won.

Zhao Hai looked at the expressions of the crowd and couldn't help but smile faintly. "When I went to the sea in the past, I managed to get some Marine Magic Beasts to bring back to the continent in preparation for God's Grace Day. This poem had these magic beasts as an inspiration. I only managed to write a few words, but I think that you would be able to get its message, moreover, its intent is very profound."

The people below the stage looked worriedly at Zhao Hai. They didn't know how Zhao Hai can deliver a message with such a short poem.

Zhao Hai looked at the crowd and smiled faintly, "I think that there are a lot of you who were able to eat crabs. This poem is about them, I ask the crowd to please appraise it." Then he cleared his throat, scanned the crowd before stopping his gaze on the proud looking Terry. Zhao Hai slowly opened his mouth and said, "I often look coldly at crabs, but I always see them looking so proud!"

Then there was a static silence, the place was even more silent than the time after he sang.

Hahaha, Hahaha. A huge laughter was suddenly heard, breaking the silence. Zhao Hai didn't need to look for the person who laughed, he was certain that it was Jason.

Jason's loud laughter provoked a chain-reaction. The crowd in the hall were all laughing at this point. People understood who Zhao Hai's poem was pertaining to.

These young nobles came to find themselves liking Zhao Hai more and more. If Zhao Hai continued to endure after all this time, then they wouldn't like him. This was because they would see Zhao Hai as someone who didn't have courage. Even if he did counterattack at a later time, they would then think that Zhao Hai was a sinister villain as well.

However, when Zhao Hai delivered his two lines, they immediately knew what Zhao Hai meant. Zhao Hai was clearly scolding someone, he even made a gesture towards the person. But most importantly, the crowd knew that Terry cannot say anything. If Terry makes a commotion, not only would he lose face, he would also be claiming that he was the butt of the joke. This move was wonderful, very wonderful.

Zhao Hai stood on the stage and then bowed to the crowd before saying, "Everybody, since I still have family matters so attend to, I shall be leaving first. I want to thank Mister Terry for the entertainment, I give my utmost gratitude to you." then he bowed again before walking towards the exit.

There were some young nobles who followed Zhao Hai when he left, as if showing their support for him. Terry was standing there, pale faced. He knew that he would certainly be a laughing stock among the noble circles in Rosen Empire tomorrow.

Laura and the others also followed Zhao Hai out, all with smiles on their faces. When he reached the door, Zhao Hai turned back and gave a last bow to the nobles before he left the premises.

Although these nobles liked Zhao Hai, they still need to give the Robert Family face, so they didn't immediately leave after Zhao Hai. However, each and every one of them looked between Zhao Hai and Terry with a strange expression.

Jason didn't care about face, so he just left with Zhao Hai. The servants didn't know what just happened inside the hall, but they already received an order from Terry beforehand. When Zhao Hai exits, they would still give him the carriage with the malnourished horse. However, even if Jason's Crook Family wasn't a millennium-old clan, their family still cannot be neglected. So in addition to Zhao Hai's malnourished horse carriage, the servants brought a separate carriage as well.

Jason didn't care about the other carriage, he just went forward and rode Zhao Hai's carriage. Laura and the others followed them up. After the group sat down, Jason laughed and said, "Nice, Little Hai. You did good, hahaha. Did you see Terry's face after hearing your poem? Hahaha, it's all black, I'm afraid he might even vomit blood."

Zhao Hai smiled and said, "You're exaggerating. But if he didn't vomit blood today, he will certainly do so tomorrow. Hehe."

Naturally, Zhao Hai's voice was said while under soundproofing magic. He did that because he was afraid that they would be heard by the servants outside. Laura and the others just sat there smiling, they didn't expect that Zhao Hai would have a poem that would leave Terry speechless.

The carriage quickly arrived outside Savage Wolf fort. Zhao Hai and Jason disembarked from their carriage and then said farewell to each other. They got on their own carriages and then slowly went down the hill.

After boarding his carriage, Zhao Hai immediately returned to the Space. Just as he left the hall, the one hour limit for the operation just passed. Zhao Hai wanted to see what happened this time.

Just as he arrived inside the Space, he was received by Green and Kun's smiling face. Looking at their expressions, Zhao Hai relaxed, it seems like the operation flawlessly succeeded.

Seeing Zhao Hai and the others arrive, Green and Kun immediately had them sit down before Green reported, "Young Master, the operation went by successfully without accidents. Not only did we get rid of the Robert Family's people, we also looted their inventories. Even the bricks and wood inside weren't let go. Even if they saved the fire in their shops, they wouldn't be able to rebuild it. And most importantly, this time we got over 10 million tons of living supplies. We also received 10 million gold coins, 20 million silver coins, and 100 million copper coins. The bricks and wood could build 500 buildings. We have gained greatly this time!"

Zhao Hai didn't think that they would get so much this time. He looked at Green and asked, "How did we get so much?"

Green smiled and said, "God's Grace Day has just passed. At that time, various shops in the continent kept a lot of goods in stock. During the days leading up to God's Grace Day, the shops would sell a lot of stuff. Because of this, the shops needed to be able to restock after God's Grace Day passed by, explaining the amount of goods they have stocked up. Additionally, they also had the profits they just made a few days before. So it was natural that we got so much this time."

Zhao Hai nodded and said, "How about the staff? Are they dead? Are the managers dealt with?"

Green nodded and said, "Young Master can feel relieved, according to Cai'er, all of the staff have been taken care of. No witnesses should have survived. Moreover, we also made sure to leave no evidence when we ransacked the place. Additionally, we also used Dark Magic before starting the operations, ensuring that nobody can see what was happening inside. All those who saw the magic were killed as well."

Zhao Hai nodded and said, "That's good, let's see how the Robert Family handles this. Moreover, when the beastmen come, we won't worry about their food and clothing. Hahaha."

Green smiled as well, millenium-old clans were truly extraordinary. If they didn't attack the Robert Family, then they wouldn't have gotten these goods. With these things, settling 100 thousand people wouldn't be a problem. Moreover, they can also used their plundered goods to trade with the Merfold and the Beastmen. And most importantly, they had obtained a lot of silver and copper coins, enabling them to establish a currency system within Iron Mountain Fort. They can now say goodbye to bartering, as well as the awkward situation of giving salary.

Although Iron Mountain fort has some sort of currency system, the amount of silver and copper coins circulating was pitifully small. Gold coins were the most common type of coin present. So people can still technically acquire coins when they trade their products in Zhao Hai's shop.

But this was not convenient, this system can only work because there was still a small amount of people in Zhao Hai's domain. When their numbers increase in the future, confusion would surely appear. But now that the silver and copper coins were taken care of, the circulation of currency in the fort wouldn't have any more problems.

Kun smiled and said, "The operation went as smooth as it can possibly be, there shouldn't be any flaws in its execution. In order for people to not find out that we used Dark Magic, we used Light Magic in order to remove all traces of Dark Magic in the area. Now, traces of Light Magic were the only things left in the scene, masking all of our traces. Maybe people might even associate this matter with the Radiant Church, which would be very good for us."

When he heard Kun, Zhao Hai stared, then he asked, "Grandpa Kun, whose idea was this? Why haven't I thought about this before?"

In the past, Zhao Hai was only thinking about not being recognized, he didn't think of using light magic to destroy the scene that he left behind. It seems like this old man still had his formidable wit.

Kun smiled and said, "It's great that even you didn't think about this. Right, all of us are quite tired, we should rest early. Tomorrow, we have to construct buildings in the Black Wasteland in preparation for the incoming Beastmen slaves this spring."

Zhao Hai nodded, Greed didn't immediately go to rest, he looked at Zhao Hai and asked, "Young Master, how was the banquet?"

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "It's very good, it went by smoothly."

Laura and the others actually chuckled. Then they told Green and Kun about what happened back at Terry's banquet. When they heard about what happened, Green and Kun couldn't help but laugh. They didn't expect Zhao Hai to take this opportunity to scold Terry, moreover, Zhao Hai scolded him in front of his face.

While the group chatted inside the Space, the bull-pulled carriage continued to travel slowly towards Calci Family's fort. Shue and Shun sat on the driver's seat with bored expressions. They knew that there was an operation tonight, it was very unfortunate that they weren't able to participate.

Chapter 476 – Antimagic Powder

Seeing that there was nothing to look at, Shue told Shun, "Shun, what do you think about tonight's operation? Do you that it'll succeed?"

Shun faintly smiled and said, "It'll definitely succeed, with Cai'er as well as the undead, it would be impossible to fail. Right, Young Master said that if he manages to find the right plants to cultivate, he can give us potions in order to upgrade our strengths to 8th rank."

Shue smiled and said, "There are already a lot of powerful experts on young master's side. Even if we arrive at 8th rank, we wouldn't be a big help to the Young Master, unless we reach 9th rank."

Shun sighed and said, "If only reaching 9th rank can be so easy. If it was that easy, Grandfather Green, Grandmother Merine, and Grandfather Kun would have reached 9th rank already." Suddenly, his face changed, he lowered his voice and told Shue, "Shue, be alert, I just sensed killing intent."

Shue nodded, "I also felt it, I'll immediately go and inform the Young Master." Then with an intention, a shadow appeared and knocked three times on the doors of the vehicle.

This was a code, as long as Shue knocks three times, Cai'er would know that something just happened and then she would immediately inform Zhao Hai.

Upon hearing Shue's knocks, Cai'er immediately appeared on the villa's living room and told Zhao Hai, "Young Master, Shue just knocked on the door, something probably happened."

Zhao Hai, who was chatting with Green, stared, then he immediately said, "What happened? Immediately open the monitor." Cai'er complied and then opened the monitor.

The range of the monitor was much larger than original ten li. Looking at the monitor, Zhao Hai saw a lot of red dots appearing.

There red points were obviously not them, but an ambush on the both sides of the road. At this time, the carriage had already arrived in the middle of their encirclement. Looking at their numbers, Zhao Hai estimated them to be about 500 people. Moreover, they were all experts, most are 6th and 7th ranks, and then a couple dozen 8th ranks. These people were all in full body armor, and had various weapons in their hands. Most importantly, these people had 20 ballistas as well.

Ballistas are impossible to use without proper installation. It seems like these people had prepared these ballistas quite early, they should be in ambush for at least a couple of hours.

Zhao Hai appeared in the carriage and told Shue and Shun about what he saw, making them prepare. The two men immediately went down on the ground and didn't move. The remaining matters would be left to him.

Naturally, the two didn't object to Zhao Haim since both of them knew about Zhao Hai's strength. So they didn't say anything and just concentrated on the situation.

Zhao Hai didn't return to the Space and just sat in the carriage while observing the scene on the monitor. Among these people, he can see a fully bearded man that seemed to be their commander. He was standing nearby a ballista, looking intently at the carriage without blinking an eye. He can also see that the ammo used on the ballistas were all whistling arrows.

Upon seeing the whistling arrow, Zhao Hai immediately changed his vision towards the other ballistas and saw the same thing. Upon looking closely, he noticed black jars being tied up on the arrows. He had no idea what they were trying to do.

If this was ancient Earth, ZHao Hai might have guessed that the other party were using explosives. But this was Ark Continent, there aren't explosives here. Zhao Hai was very curious about the black jars.

But Zhao Hai certainly knew that those jars aren't good for him. At this time, he saw the bearded man issue an order, Zhao Hai immediately called out and said, "Get ready!' as the man's voice came down.

The bearded man swung his hand down and said, "Release!" Then the more than 20 ballistas immediately shot their ammunition. Zhao Hai waved his hand as he took Shue and Shun to the Space as the arrows smashed the carriage into pieces.

Zhao Hai didn't delay and immediately released a large number of undead. He had some of them surround the ambushers while some surrounded his carriage.

Zhao Hai just sat in the Space and looked at the bearded man. He knew that the bearded man was their leader. Zhao Hai just had his forces stay still and prepare on dealing with the enemy,

When he observed the bearded man, Zhao Hai saw something interesting. When he released his undead, the bearded man looked very silly. The man murmured, "Impossible, this is impossible. We used Antimagic Powder. How can he still use magic?"

Zhao Hai stared before his complexion changed. This was because the bearded man seemed to indicate the presence of a potion that was widely known in the continent, the Antimagic powder. This powder can debilitate Mages in large scales.

Antimagic Powder, just as its name suggests, is a kind of powder that can inhibit magic. This powder had no effect on ordinary people nor do they affect Warrior. This powder only targets Mages.

Sprinkling this powder around a Mage will make their magic spells cost exponentially more. When one was surrounded by Antimagic Powder, spells would take ten times as much as they normally did. In the past, people used this powder in dealing with Mages.

This Antimagic Powder was made by a Grandmaster Alchemist. Generally, Alchemists are Mages that wanted to branch out in their profession. But this Grandmaster wasn't a Mage, not only was he not a Mage, he also had a huge hatred towards the profession.

When the Alchemist was young, he really wanted to study Magic. But when he went to get tested, he found out that he had no talent. Additionally, that night, the Mage who tested him went to his family and killed everyone. He was only able to survive because he went to a secret passage and ran away.

After several years of investigation, he managed to find out that he wasn't untalented in Magic at all, on the contrary, he was very gifted. An enemy clan paid the Mage to fake his result and see to it that he was tested as having to talent. Afterwards, the Mage felt greedy and decided to attack the Alchemist's family, murdering everyone and robbing their reserves. The Alchemist's family only had small fame, they were a Merchant family with no background. Without an expert to guard them, the Mage went unhindered in eliminating the clan.

For revenge, the Alchemist didn't study Magic, on the contrary, he even thought that Mages were a danger to humanity. He thinks that the profession must not exist, he wants to eliminate all Mages. Because of this he learned Alchemy and before long, he became a Grandmaster.

After 30 years of unyielding effort, the Alchemist managed to successfully make Antimagic Powder. The powder separates a Mage from the elements surrounding him, making a small space where he can barely use any spells. With the powder, there was no way for a Mage to use powerful spells.

Everyone on the continent knew that Mages specialize in spiritual force, through practicing it, they can communicate with the elements around them. Then, with the help of the elements, they could execute formidable magic spells. With this image, one can compare a Mage to a general commanding his soldiers. But with this Antimagic Powder, a Mage's connection to the elements would be cut off. Making a Mage fully rely on his spiritual force. In this way, the Mage can only use a small amount of Magic he has in his body to cast spells. When his spiritual force runs out, the Mage can only wait for death.

This powder immediately caught the attention of all the Mages in the Continent. Every Major power also began to treat this as an important matter. Clans were even starting to use this powder to deal with Mages. Before long, all the Mages in the continent felt panic.

Because of the Antimagic Powder, all of the Mages in the continent made an alliance and started to chase the Alchemist down. In the end, the Alchemist was killed off. After that, the Mage Alliance went and exerted pressure on all Nobles and Major Forces of the continent, making them ban the future usage of the powder. Additionally, all Mages swore that if they find out that someone was still using the powder, they would get eliminated immediately.

Zhao Hai saw this story in a book discussing the history of the Continent. This matter happened 3000 years ago, and from then on, there was no other heard instance where Antimagic Powder was used.

He didn't expect that today, he would actually hear someone mention this Antimagic Powder. This would certainly be a huge matter if it reaches the ears of the people of the continent.

The people who wanted to deal with Zhao Hai didn't think that Zhao Hai's magic was different. His magic was provided by the Space and wasn't affected by the Antimagic Powder.

Those who attacked Zhao Hai surely didn't expect that he wouldn't be affected by Antimagic Powder. Zhao Hai didn't allow them time to escape, he immediately made his Undead rush towards the enemy. In less than half an hour, all of the ambushers were killed off completely.

Zhao Hai used Wind Magic to collect the scattered Antimagic Powder. After doing that, he prepared to head back and tell Randolph about this matter, making them deal with it.

Zhao Hai clearly knew that the appearance of the powder today was a huge event in the continent. This matter doesn't only affect Dark Mages, but all of the Mages in the Continent as well. Zhao Hai's status was too small to handle this matter, only through Randolph and the Calci Family can this problem be dealt with.

After collecting the Antimagic Powder, Zhao Hai immediately turned all those who attacked him into undead. The also made the leader into an Advance Undead. From the man's mouth, Zhao Hai discovered that the one who sent for the ambush was the Robert Family. As for where the Robert Family got the Antimagic Powder, the man didn't know.

Now that Zhao Hai's bull-pulled carriage was destroyed, Zhao Hai had no choice but to release Alien as he headed back to Dark Soldier Fort. Compared to the giant-horned bull, Alien was much quicker, therefore, Zhao Hai arrived at the fort much faster. In order to avoid misunderstandings, Zhao Hai went out when he was a small distance away from the roadblock. After which, he walked forward towards the small house.

After talking to the servant at the roadblock, Zhao Hai went back inside Alien and then headed towards the fort. Waiting for Zhao Hai outside the fort were Randolph and Smith.

When he saw the two, Zhao Hai immediately went out and gave them a salute. Randolph nodded and looked at Zhao Hai before asking, "Are you alright?"

Zhao Hai nodded and said, "I'm fine. I made Grandfather worried, let's talk inside the fort." Randolph looked at Zhao Hai and immediately understood that Zhao Hai had something important to say. He immediately nodded and led Zhao Hai to enter the fort and sat down in the main lobby. Sitting beside Smith were notable members of the Family, only Juwan was not present.

After the group sat down, Randolph looked at Zhao Hai and said, "Little Hai, did some people attack you?"

Zhao Hai nodded and responds, "Yes, grandfather, people from the Robert Family ambushed me, there were about 500 of them. My carriage was destroyed because of that."

When Randolph heard that it was the Robert Family, he snorted. Zhao Hai looked at him and then held up a leather back. He placed the bag on the ground next to Randolph and said, "Grandfather, in dealing with me, the Robert Family used Antimagic Powder. I've collected some of them in this bag."

Just as Zhao Hai expected, when the people heard that the bag was filled with Antimagic powder, all of them became startled. They couldn't help but unconsciously take two steps back. They looked at the bag as though it held a savage magic beast inside.

.The Calci Family was known as a Dark Mage clan. Naturally, most of their members studied Magic, if they didn't practice Dark Magic, then they would practice other elements. Therefore, regarding the Antimagic Powder, it was no wonder that everyone in the room treated it as a fatal threat.

Randolph expression also changed, but he was the Family's head, so when he heard about the powder, he didn't take a step back. But his expression was still ugly, he looked at the bag and said, "Is there really Antimagic Powder in this bag?"

Zhao Hao nodded and said, "There is, in addition to the Antimagic Powder, I also had the commander of the attackers turned into Advanced Level Undead. From his own mouth, i learned that they are all people of the Robert Family. There shouldn't be anything wrong about his testimony."

Chapter 477 – Acting Out of Desperation

Randolph's face showed a serious expression, he clearly knew how huge the matter regarding Antimagic Powder was. This was something that was taken seriously by the continent. A lot of Mages suffered because of this powder.

Also, he didn't believe that Zhao Hai would deceive him. Although Zhao Hai had some problems with the Calci Family in the past, Randolph can see that Zhao Hai really liked Megan. This Antimagic Powder held a very significant place in the hearts of all the Mages in the Continent. It didn't matter whether they were Dark Mages or Light Mages, every single one of them were extremely concerned about this item.

Randolph nodded and said, "What are you planning to do now?"

Zhao Hai smiled and said, "I reckon the Robert Family is finished. This night, except for their shop in Carson City, all of their shops in the continent will be attacked, they wouldn't even get a single cent from them. In the future, their troubles would only get bigger. If Grandfather is swift, the Calci Family might even take over Robert Family's businesses."

After Zhao Hai talked, Third Grandfather pointed towards the bag of Antimagic Powder and said, "Wait, if they really used Antimagic Powder, then how did you survive?"

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "Antimagic Powder doesn't affect me."

Third Grandfather snorted, "That just shows that this powder is fake, how could it be ineffective."

Zhao Hai just smiled, "Is it really fake? You'll know when you try it, Third Grandfather. Remember, if my toxin from the Water of Nothingness didn't get cured, I wouldn't be here today."

When Zhao Hai said this, Third Grandfather didn't know how to respond. At this time, Randolph was still very cautious, he immediately turned to Smith and said, "Smith, you get a person to try it, see if this thing is real. If it isn't fake, then even god cannot save the Robert Family."

Zhao Hai added, "Grandfather, i think we should send someone to monitor the Robert Family right now. They failed their operation this time, exposing the fact that they possess Antimagic Powder. It would be a big problem if they run away."

Randolph stared, then he immediately nodded and said, "Right, do just as what Little Hai said. First, immediately go send some assassins over to the Robert Family, make sure to keep a close eye on their movements."

Peter complied, he turned away to find someone to send. At this time, Smith returned, along with him, a family's foreign elder came. He was an 8th rank Dark Mage, although he doesn't have any authority, he can be trusted.

After the person came, he gave a salute to Randolph. Randolph had the man stand in an area as Smith started to spread the powder all around him. When Smith opened the bag, he immediately knew that the contents were real. This was because he felt the movement of the elements going sluggish. This was something he didn't experience before.

However, to test the powder's might, Smith continued to spread the powder around the person. When the person used magic, Randolph and the others carefully observed him. Even if the person was successful in casting his Dark Magic, they could clearly see that it took him a significant amount of effort to succeed. When the man casted the second time, nothing came out, the man's face couldn't help but turn white.

When Randolph and the others saw this scene, their doubts about the authenticity of the powder disappeared. At this time, Zhao Hai carefully collected all of the powder. After Zhao Hai was done, all the people in the room finally relaxed.

However, Randolph's face turned very ugly. He turned to Smith and said, "Second, immediately inform the family to prepare for battle, we should be on guard just in case the Robert Family goes to act in desperation."

Zhao Hai stared, he didn't think about this point. When the Robert Family decided to use Antimagic Powder, they should've been acting because they see that they have an advantage. After all, they still didn't know about the fact that all of their shops outside the capital were now destroyed.

Even if they don't know, it was still possible for them to act out of desperation. This was because they might be be afraid that the Calci Family would spread the fact that the Robert Family had Antimagic Powder in their possession.

As long as the information about the existence of Antimagic Powder spreads, not to mention a mere Robert Family, even the Rosen Empire wouldn't survive the backlash. Think about it, how many Mages were currently in the continent? For their own safety, all of the Mages would unite and kill all of those who possess Antimagic Powder. There isn't a single power in the continent that could guard against an alliance of such scale.

The status of Mages in the continent was naturally high because of their formidable attacking strength. If people were to suddenly use a type of item like the Antimagic Powder, making their capabilities weaker, their status would definitely decline. In this case, in order to maintain their interests, Mages would surely make a counter-attack. The cumulative strength of all Mages in the continent was simply terrifying. There won't be any 9th rank experts that would not want to interfere, this was because there were also a lot of 9th rank experts among the Mages.

Listening to the old patriarch, Smith immediately prepared to exit. But at this time, an explosive sound can be heard. Then, a giant firework fired off into the sky.

Upon hearing this, everyone in the hall immediately went out to see. The only ones left behind were Randolph and Zhao Hai, Smith left much earlier.

When he saw the people's perplexed expression, Zhao Hai was confused. Randolph looked at Zhao Hai and faintly smiled, "That was just an early warning signal released by a magic cannon. That signal meant that our Calci Family is getting ready for attack. As long as that warning shot is heard, all the members of the Calci Family would prepare themselves for battle at the shortest time possible. Making themselves mentally ready for a life and death fight together with the family."

Zhao Hai nodded, Randolph's attitude towards him was now very good. Randolph looked at Zhao Hai and smiled, "Well, no need to think much about it. Come with me, let's go towards the walls."

Zhao Hai agreed, then went out of the room along with Randolph. While they were heading to the walls, they could see the members of the Calci Family redying themselves. There were people moving here and there, there were also Warriors wearing their full body armor, along with a weapon in their hands. Mages can be seen holding their magic staffs as well.

At the same time, Zhao Hai also noticed that the children of the family were being led away by some men. They were going to be lead outside the castle using a secret passage. Megan and the others didn't join them, the group just stayed there instead.

People from the Calci Family knew that Dark Soldier Fort was their family's fort. Their fighting power was strongest here. For someone to dare attack this place meant that someone was confident in dealing with the family. This made them more careful in preparing themselves.

Before long, Megan and the others arrived by Zhao Hai's side. Megan already told Laura and the others about what was currently happening. However, they didn't worry, they knew that inside Zhao Hai's Space, 40 9th ranks were present. In the face of that quantity of 9th ranks, there was no point in worrying.

When Randolph saw Megan, he couldn't help but frown and said, "Megan, why haven't you left? Just in case something went wrong, you should make yourself safe."

Megan smiled and said, "Grandfather, it's fine. With Big Brother Hai here, there's no need to worry. Right, let's quickly go to the walls, let's see who dared to attack us this time."

Zhao Hai didn't tell them about him being attacked with Antimagic Powder. In his mind, this matter was not necessary, this information wouldn't have any influence on them.

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly as he walked towards the walls along with Megan and the others. Randolph couldn’t help but shake his head, he didn't expect that Megan would trust Zhao Hai this much.

The group quickly arrived at the walls. There were a lot of people on the walls as well. Moreover, magic cannons and ballistas were already prepared there.

Although the walls of Dark Soldier Fort weren't very high, with all of their preparations, defending it wouldn't be a problem. Most importantly, the Calci Family was a family of Dark Mages. There were a lot of Mages, especially Dark Mages, in the family, their fighting prowess wasn't something to scoff at.

Standing on the walls were these Mages. Even a 100 thousand strong army wouldn't be able to occupy Dark Soldier Fort. Attacking it wasn't a good idea.

However, at this time. Zhao Hai complexion changed. He smiled bitterly and then turned to Randolph and said, "Grandfather, make those Mages in the walls leave, they wouldn't be able to help. The opposite party has already spread Antimagic Powder on the surrounding forest.

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Randolph's expression changed, he looked at Zhao Hai and said, "Really?"

Zhao Hai nodded, "They spread it out immediately. Moreover, the Robert Family had set out ten thousand people, all of them Warriors. Their ranks aren't low either."

Randolph stared, he decided to believe Zhao Hai as he nodded. Then he issued a command that was received by the people. Before long, all the Mages on the walls went back inside the fort.

From what he saw in the monitor, Zhao Hai knew that the other party was well prepared. The Warriors already had their weapons prepared. Zhao Hai smiled faintly, he wanted to see how the other party wishes to proceed.

At the same time, he increased the range of the monitor and saw a group of people scaling up Dark Mountain. This people might be the ones preparing to assault the fort.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, then in the dim night, he released his undead and made them encircle the attackers. When he makes a move on the attackers later, he wanted to make sure that nobody gets to escape.

Right now, Randolph had a very serious expression, he didn't expect the other party to place this much capital on this one attack. For them to use this much Antimagic powder meant that they were preparing to exterminate the Calci Family.

In any time of the year, eradicating the Calci Family wouldn't be easy. However, God's Grace Day has just passed, all of the important members of the family were currently present inside Dark Soldier Fort. If the fort gets attacked this time, the Calci Family would really be ended.

Chapter 478 – Disgusting

If one wants to defeat a Great Clan like the Calci Family, he would need to eliminate all of their leaders and elites. If those important personnel were to vanish, the family wouldn't dare show themselves in the continent anymore. This was because Great Clans held great benefits, and the interests that they control are too great. Ordinarily, they would use this interest to gather good talents and then use it to grow their power.

When their leaders and elites vanish, all of these benefits and interests would instead become a curse to the Clan.

Because of this, this fort of the Calci Family cannot be defeated. At the same time, the Robert Family cannot lose as well. When they dealt with Zhao Hai before, they never thought that they would fail. Then sent out a great number of 8th ranks and they even used Antimagic Powder to defeat him to ensure its success. But unfortunately, they failed.

Not only did it fail, the Antimagic Powder was also made known to Zhao Hai. Now, it was not only Zhao Hai who knew, the Calci Family were now aware as well, and it wouldn't take a long time for the entire continent to hear about it. Once Mages knew that the Robert Family held Antimagic Powder, they won't be simply eliminated, no member of the family will be safe, and the execution would surely be ruthless.

This made the Robert Family decide to use all of their strength in dealing with the Calci Family. They must destroy the Calci Family in one clean swoop.

At this moment, the current situation within Dark Soldier Fort wasn't good. The Calci Family was a Mage Clan, they held great importance to their Mages and not so much to their Warriors. Because of this, Mages populated the family. With Zhao Hai's proposal, all the Mages were made to retreat from the walls. Now, there were only a few people left.

Zhao Hai was also aware of this situation. At this time, Smith came with a few people, all of them Mages. They were all members of the Calci Family, they couldn't withdraw.

Third Grandfather and Juwan also walked together with them. Their complexions were difficult to describe. Although they have differences with Randolph, they weren't fools. They knew that once the Calci Family is over, they won't be able to survive. Only when the Calci Family survives will they have a good life.

The two also walked towards Randolph's side, they weren't in the mood to talk with Zhao Hai. Third Grandfather turned to Randolph and said, "Patriarch, why did you remove those Mages from the walls? If they are taken off, who will defend the fort?"

Randolph looked at him and shorted, "Think about it, why would I remove those Mages? Can't you feel it? The other party has already spread a massive amount of Antimagic Powder. If I don't remove the Mages, they would only be standing there waiting for death."

Third Grandfather stared, then immediately went to feel the surroundings before his complexion became ugly. He felt that the Magic elements in the entire Dark Mountain were going extremely sluggish. With the situation of the elements like this, there was no way for a Mage to cast formidable magic spells. One could say that Mages became useless in such an environment.

Smith and the others also felt it, all of their expressions were quite ugly. Smith quickly said, "Father, how about we make the Mages escape through the secret passage, make them attack from outside the mountain?"

Randolph shook his head and said, "That's useless. Even if they go out of the mountain, the opposite party still had Antimagic Powder in their hands, they can use it anytime."

Right now, Peter and the others had no other ideas. The family paid too little attention towards Warriors. If they placed importance to the Warriors the same way as they did to their Mages, their family wouldn't have reached this predicament.

Zhao Hai looked at the group and faintly smiled, "Grandfather, everybody, you don't need to worry. The opponent only sent a bit more than 10 thousand people. Rest assured, we're fine, I'll take care of it."

The eyes of the people couldn't help but focus on Zhao Hai. They thought about what Zhao Hai said back at the lobby, he wasn't affected by Antimagic Powder.

Randolph looked at Zhao Hai and said, "That's right. Little Hai, since you aren't affected, solve this quickly, blow those Antimagic Powder away."

Zhao Hai knit his brows, "There's too many. Even if I can, it wouldn't take a short time. Also, the enemy wouldn't give us that much time." Just as Zhao Hai finished talking, a group of Warriors stepped out from the woods in into the front of Dark Soldier fort. They all wore armor and had weapons in their hands.

These were Heavy Armor Infantry, one of the most formidable types of unit in the continent. Their bodies were completely encased within a thick full body armor. They had a kite shield in one hand while a pear was held in the other. Now they have set up their shields and spear in a formation as they advanced slowly towards the fort's walls.

Then they jammed their shields on the ground, with its front facing the fort. The shields were linked together, forming a firm wall. While they were connected, there was some holes present here and there, enough for their spears to be securely placed.

Behind the Heavy Infantry were large quantities of bowmen. Magic Cannons and Ballistas were powerful, however, they weren't convenient to move. Moreover, they had already spread Antimagic Powder, Magic Cannons couldn't be used well, it's attacking power would be reduced significantly.

Bowmen aren't people to be scoffed at either. They were  using longbows constructed in a way that it can at least be shot from 200 steps away. With Warriors wielding them, it was possible to shoot at 400 steps. Moreover, they could fire 40 times, their attacking strength was not small.

Behind the Bowmen and the Heavy Infantry were soldiers in leather armor. They were armed with swords and shields, some of them carried ladders and ropes.

Seeing this display, Randolph immediately issued his orders to have the people on the wall prepare. Zhao Hai looked at the attackers and couldn't help but smile. This arrangement was very good, however, their numbers are too few, they wouldn't be able to survive the assault of his undead.

Randolph stood at the walls and stared at the slowly approaching formation. He coldly snorted and said, "Robert Patriarch, you really went all out. I've always treated you as a friend. But you actually came to destroy my family, come out and see me."

Zhao Hai stared for a moment and then smiled. If he was the Robert Family Patriarch, he wouldn't come out and meet Randolph. Such an encounter might leave loose ends.

Unfortunately, Zhao Hai guessed incorrectly. When Randolph's voice fell, a voice was heard shortly afterwards, "Randolph, you're really naive. Do you think that with our current position, we would treat you as a genuine friend? Your Calci Family is a family of Mages, you're finished. Hahaha. What do you think? Does the Antimagic Powder taste good?"

Randolph coldly snorted and said, "Robert Patriarch, what good would killing the Calci Family do to you? As long as people knows about your possession of Antimagic Powder, your Robert Family is finished."

Robert Patriarch laughed and said, "Know? Who will inform them? Since all of you will die today, it would be impossible to pass this information. I'll tell you, I've asked all of my family's 9th ranks to deal with your family. Even if you use your secret passage, they would be able to find out about it."

Randolph was startled, then his face changed. He gritted his teeth and said, "Good, Robert Patriarch, good. Worthy of the Savage Wolf emblem, you're ruthless enough. But you can be sure that we, the Calci Family, aren't going to go down easily. If you want to eliminate us, you will have to pay a great price."

Robert Patriarch smiled and said, "Of course we'll pay a great price, but that doesn't matter. As long as we extinguish your Calci Family, we would be able to gain the resources to become the most powerful Clan in the Continent, hahaha. Compared to the price I paid, the benefits that I will obtain would certainly be more."

Randolph's expression was now pale. Zhao Hai looked at Randolph and smiled faintly, "Grandpa Randolph, consider this matter finished. No need to be angry with that crazy dog. Did he really think that they would win? Hehe, too laughable."

Naturally, Robert Patriarch heard Zhao Hai, but he didn't respond. At this time, a carriage slowly approached Dark Soldier Fort. This carriage didn't have a roof, and it only had a chair and a table. Sitting in it was an old man clothed in Warrior clothes. On the table in front of him, there was a bottle of liquor and a wine glass. The person looked very tall, but he was also very thin. With the way he wore his clothes, he seemed to be very relaxed. His slender eyes seemed to flash with green light in this dark night.

The old person's green eyes looked straight at Zhao Hai and coldly snorter, "Ignorant junior. Do you think that you're already formidable just by by defeating some second rate warriors of the continent? I must let you know that compared to my Grandson Terry, you fall too short."

Just as the old man's voice fell, hoofbeats can be heard as a big white horse appeared and went to the side of the old man's carriage. The horse was very big and tall, very much like a Demon Horse, four meters in height. Sitting on it was a fully armored Knight, the Knight wore silver body armor. He had a long spear in one hand and his helmet in the other. His sword was inserted in it sheath at the side of the saddle. The man looked very handsome.

Zhao Hai looked at the person and saw that it was Terry. He was dressed up as a genuine Knight, looking very eye-catching.

Seeing his appearance, Zhao Hai smiled and then whispered to Megan, "This guy really likes to pretend to be an honorable knight. But he actually has a vile heart."

Megan snorted and said, "When we were children, I didn't think too much about his appearance. But now, when I look at him, I really feel disgusted."

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