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Chapter 440 – Deception Squad

While they were waiting for Zhao Hai to fully comprehend everything in the Space, Laura and the others waited in of the villa while discussing the various Magic Beasts present outside.

At this moment, Zhao Hai looked at them and faintly smiled, "Why are you watching inside? Go out and see them, those Magic Beasts wouldn't be afraid of you."

This was also a function of the SPace. Those who Zhao Hai deemed to be his people would be tagged by the Space as friendlies. Because of this, all Magic Beasts inside the Space not only were unafraid of Zhao Hai's group, they would even get close to them.

When Laura and the others heard Zhao Hai's voice they turned their heads to look at him. Zhao Hai noticed that on their arms were Magic Beasts. Laura held Platypus on her arms, Megan hugged Little Jin, while Meg had Zhao Wen on her shoulder. Seeing these women holding 9th rank beasts as though they were plushies would certainly make an ordinary person go crazy.

Zhao Hai gazed at Platypus, at this point, its size was reduced, it now looked very cute and lovely. It was no wonder that Laura liked it.

Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, "Brother Hai, are you sure that those beasts wouldn't run away when we go approach them?"

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "They won't, they will even be intimate with you. So go out and play with them." Laura and the others cheered and then ran outside.

Zhao Hai smiled and then turned his head to Mu'er, "Mu'er, since the Space really didn't need you to manage it anymore, how about exiting the Space and coming along with me? You can transform into a type of clothing, my belt would be good."

Mu'er didn't oppose. He was an obedient child, otherwise he wouldn't be bullied by Cai'er. Mu'er transformed his form and slowly turned into a golden belt before coiling around Zhao Hai's waist. Although it seemed low-key, the belt's appearance fully expressed noble elegance, it was very attractive.

Zhao Hai looked at the belt that Mu'er has turned into and gave a satisfied nod. Then he walked outside and couldn’t' help but smile. Laura and the others were playing with small Magic Beasts who didn't grow up yet. The adult Magic Beasts seem to not mind and just continued grazing around on the grass.

This image showing the harmony between man and nature was something Zhao Hai had only seen on television. But Zhao Hai knew that compared to television, what he was seeing was real, in this world, man and nature could truly exist harmoniously.

Zhao Hai suddenly remembered that he could name the Space. He didn't think too much and directly named it Haven, a homage to how this place was a paradise.

After playing around the Space for the whole day, the group returned to the villa when evening came. Zhao Hai had also invited Green and the others to the Space and told them the changes that happened.

WHen Zhao Hai invited Green over, he also experienced another difference in the Space. After the Space got upgraded, the Transmission Points were also upgraded. But this upgrade wasn't an addition of one or two point, but instead a qualitative upgrade. As long as Zhao Hai had been to a place, then he could establish a Transmission Point there at any time. In other words, as long as that place was recorded into the Space's monitor, then Zhao Hai can go there anytime.

This function was too formidable, it added to the usefulness of the Space's monitor. At this point, Zhao Hai even felt that the massive Ark Continent had turned into the Ark Village.

Naturally, the number of places that Zhao Hai had been to wasn't a lot, but this wasn't a huge disadvantage. No matter what, as long as he had been to a place, and had the place recorded into the monitor, then Zhao Hai can go there. With these, he can still go to quite a few places.

Upon hearing the changes that happened to the Space, Green and the others were very happy as well. For them, this was very good. The more formidable the Space becomes, the more advantages they would have.

Looking at Green's happy expression, Zhao Hai also smiled, then he said, "In fact, Zhao Wen's method today gave me a reminder. We can actually get the 9th ranks without resorting to violence. Instead, we can just trick them into going inside the Space and have it subdue them. Now that we have Zhao Wen and Platypus on our side, inviting those 9th ranks would be much easier. Grandpa Green, what do you think?"

Green thought for a moment then nodded, "We can try that. Now that the Space is strong and has five 9th rank experts, it was better if we refrain from using violence. Otherwise, if we suffer any damages, then it wouldn't be very good."

Zhao Hai nodded, "I also think that we need to try tricking them into the Space first. If we can do that, then we're fine, but if we can't, then we have other choices than to take them by force."

Green agreed, "Also, we should finish this matter in the Carrion Swamp as soon as possible, or else the day when the Magic Beasts rampage to the Black Wasteland would come. When that happens, the losses that we'll suffer would be too great. Additionally, if the 9th rank Magic Beasts come, then it would be more troublesome. It would be better if we do take care of this matter right here."

Zhao Hai nodded, "Rest assured, we will certainly solve that problem this time. We don't want to worry about this hidden problem in the future."

After resting for a day inside the Space, Zhao Hai released Zhao Wen and Platypus. This time, their target would be Skylark.

Platypus and Zhao Wen stopped just right outside Skylark's territory. They knew that if they were to directly enter, Skylark would think that they came to attack him. From Skylark's cowardly nature, he would certainly run away immediately. When this point comes, it would be very difficult for Platypus and Zhao Wen to catch up to him.

Therefore, as long as they don't enter Skylark's domain, Skylark won't run away. After they stopped, Platypus opened his mouth and said, "Skylark, come out and meet me."

Platypus' status was higher than Skylark, because of this he didn't include respectful words like when Zhao Wen talked to him before. Also, if he was too polite, it would certainly alarm Skylark.

Before long, a small petite Skylark drilled out from the poisonous mist. Although Skylark wasn't that small, when compared to Platypus, she really looked very small.

However, even if Skylark was small, in exchange, she gave people a sense of dexterity. And with its shape, it appeared very cute.

Skylark stared when she saw both Platypus and Zhao Wen. With a calm tone, he asked, "What matter made the two of you come here?"

Her sound was very clear, and from the tone, one could hear a feminine voice, it seemed very fragile. It sounded like the tones that birds sing in.

Platypus looked at Skylark and smiled, "Younger sister Skylark, we came this time because of Little Wen. She obtained a Magic Staff which turned out to be a Spatial Item with a very huge space inside. Both of us had already checked but we weren't able to see its boundaries. Therefore, we thought we could approach you for help in finding the edge of this space. Is younger sister Skylark willing to help?"

Skylark stared, she didn't think that Platypus would go find her for this matter. She looked at her visitors and said, "Is what you're saying true? But even if we do find the edge of this space, what use can we get out of it?"

Platypus smiled faintly and said, "To tell you the truth, we're planning to occupy the space inside. But since it was too large, we're afraid that there are other experts present inside. If we manage to offend some experts, then we wouldn't be able to peacefully practice inside. Therefore, we thought about surveying the entire space first and make sure that there was nobody else inside. This way, we can peacefully comprehend the heavenly laws inside and maybe even break through."

Skylark stared, she looked very moved by Platypus' words. All 9th rank experts strive in understanding the laws of the heaven. If one manages to succeed, then they would definitely become a supreme existence. If what the space really did provide even has smidgen of possibility, then it was definitely worth it to look inside.

But Skylark still has some worries, "Why did you look for me? Why not somebody else?"

Platypus smiled, "Naturally because you're the one closest to us. When Little Wen got her staff, the first thing she wanted to do was approach you. But since she needed to pass through my territory, we decided to check the inside together. However, neither the two of us managed to find the space's boundaries. Therefore, we wanted to look for help, so even if there really was something inside, we can deal with it much easier. You're the one closest to my territory, so we came to you first. So how about it? Do you agree? If you agree, then we'll go and see the space right now. If we still can't do it, then we'll go find another one. But if you don't agree, we can also go away and find someone else."

Even if she sees that they seem to be telling the truth, Skylark still couldn't help to hesitate. She was very timid and cautious, but she also understood that Platypus was stronger than her and that Zhao Wen's speed was not much worse than her. If these two really wanted to deal with her, then they wouldn't need to spend too much trouble. After looking at their appearances for one more time, Skylark began to believe them.

After thinking for a moment, Skylark said, "If it is true, then I will naturally agree. But I need to go inside first, right, you should accompany me in."

Platypus smiled, "Alright, no problem. Little Wen, open the space." Zhao Wen nodded then help up the Magic Staff as a spatial rift appeared. Zhao Hai was already prepared for this, as long as the Magic Staff was held high, he would immediately open up a spatial rift.

When the rift opened, Zhao Wen didn't immediately go inside. Platypus turned to Skylark and said, "Younger sister Skylark, I'll be going in first" Then his body flashed into the space. Zhao Wen stayed outside, she looked at Skylark and said, "Elder Sister Skylark, I shall wait for you here, If I go in as well, the rift would vanish." Then she stood at the rift.

Looking at the two's performances, Skylark didn't hesitate. Her bad immediately flashed as it entered the Space. After Skylark entered, a prompt was heard.

In the end, Skylark was graded as a level 45 Magic Beast. Before she can be raised inside the Space, naturally the Space still needed to subdue her. But to say that Platypus and Zhao Wen deceived her was not totally right. This was because inside the Space, the elemental energies were indeed quite strong. And because of the plants inside the Space, the energies were becoming stronger and stronger.

Plants absorb nutrients from the soil. After they die, they would rot and become nutrients themselves. Their fruits, however, can become food for animals and people. Because of this, plants can be considered as the most selfless creatures.

In the Space, this principle stays true as well. The Space would be providing the plants with nutrients and in turn they would be giving back some energies into the Space, making the Space upgrade. Which in turn, allows more plants to be grown in the Space. And now that it has become its own world, the energy released by the plants became even more powerful. Animals release energies as well, this made the elemental magic present in the space stronger and stronger.

Since Zhao Hai's group spent time inside the Space in a daily basis, they weren't able to detect this small change. But for Skylark and Platypus that were just introduced to the Space, they could clearly feel the difference. This also made them want to continue staying inside the Space, they didn't want to return to their territories anymore.

After subduing Skylark, Zhao Hai proceeded to their next target, now with Skylark added to the squad. This made the deception squad increase by one, additionally, this also made their story much more credible, making Zhao Hai's plans more likely to succeed.

If this plan was used against 9th rank Human experts, then it may not succeed. This was because 9th rank human experts have experienced a lot of things in their life, they were already acquainted with various schemes and plots just like today's action. They would certainly be on guard and wouldn't trust anyone very easily, this would make it very impossible for them to enter the Space.

But the 9th rank Magic Beasts inside the Carrion Swamp aren't quite the same. They lived in a world where plots and schemes were basically non existent, the only matter that they cared about was protecting Flower City as well as cultivating. Because of this, even the cautious Skylark was deceived into entering the Space.

As more and more 9th ranks enter the Space, the Space was also getting stronger and stronger. At the same time, the success rate of the plan became higher and higher. The other 9th ranks just didn't believe that these group of 9th ranks would scheme against them, there was no need to. If the deception squad really wanted to deal with a single 9th rank, it would be very easy, a roundabout way was just too impractical.

Stemming from such thinking, there was no battle that happened since all of the 9th ranks were deceived into entering the Space and become its fighting strength. At the same time, they also became Zhao Hai's subordinates.

But Zhao Hai didn't excessively restrict their freedom. He allowed them the choice of cultivating inside the Space or in their territories inside the Carrion Swamp. Zhao Hai also made it clear that he wouldn't force them to do anything.

However, these Magic Beasts weren't fools, they knew which one brought them great benefits. Because of this, they didn't go back to the Carrion Swamp to practice and instead stayed inside the Space. In any case, the Space was truly big, they can just pick a place where they would practice and stay there.

Chapter 441 – The New Swamp

But Zhao Hai also found out that these 9th ranks from the Carrion Swamp had a special habit. They had to absorb the Seven-colored poisonous mist in their bodies in order to practice. They would slowly circulate the mist within their body and make it part of their  attack.

However, even if the Space didn’t' have a poisonous fog, Cai'er's main body was here. And with the addition of the Space's pesticide, Cai'er's poison was still sufficient for them, this made it possible for the 9th ranks to continue practicing inside the Space.

When the Space became a World, it didn't worsen, conversely, it instead became better.

When Zhao Hai was on earth, he heard someone saying that the there was one thing that Humans can be described as, Viruses. Viruses don't have any purpose other than to destroy the place they live in. It was the same with Humans, every place they settle in would most definitely be destroyed. For Earth, Humans acted like what viruses do to bodies they stay in.

On the other hand, even if the Space had a lot of animals, it had no man-made destructions inside. One could say that this was a completely closed up world, everything all goes according to nature. Although the Space can digitize, which was an exception, it still can't do any large effect on the Space.

Now, Zhao Hai was considered to have subdued the entire Carrion Swamp. He didn't know in the beginning, but upon checking, he found out that there were thirty-six 9th rank Magic Beasts in the Swamp. Adding Cai'er, Little Jin, and Mu'er, Zhao Hai now had thirty-nine 9th ranks. With this amount of 9th rank experts, Zhao Hai can now be considered to be one of the most powerful forces in the continent.

However, Zhao Hai was not planning on using these 9th ranks. Even if this amount of power was terrifying, Zhao Hai had no plan of world domination. What he only wanted to do was protect the Black Wasteland as well as the Carrion Swamp. He really didn't want to do any other things.

To be honest, Zhao Hai knew that this was quite selfish. Back on earth, because of the different times, people pursue material things. If you ask them if they have any great ideals, then they wouldn't have anything. People generally aren't very nationalistic since they all wanted to think of their income, to have an easy life. Zhao Hai knew that there was something wrong with this. He also knew understood that he needs to be one thing, which was being responsible.

A man who knows his own responsibility and was responsible is a real man. Although Zhao Hai has some shortcomings, he recognizes his responsibilities and is trying to be more responsible. For him, this was his biggest merit.

Zhao Hai didn't want to kill people just because he wants to, he didn't want to start wars either. Therefore, even if he's very powerful right now, he only yearns to protect this little part of the continent that he calls home. He doesn't want to bully others, he doesn't want to dominate the world. Doing such things can only evoke war, and during wars, it was the commoners who suffer the greatest. Zhao Hai didn't want this outcome.

Now that he has increased his 9th ranks, the Space's level has become level 45, which was the Farm's level before the transformation.

Zhao Hai was quite unsatisfied with this, but he knew that there was nothing he could do. With the Farm and the Ranch becoming one, levelling up became even harder, especially in higher levels.

Level 45 was already very good, but this has no substantial effect on the Farm. At most, Zhao Hai can now plant level 45 plants, not much improvement.

But even if the Ranch also had no good improvements, Zhao Hai was content with. After all he only needs 5 levels until level 50, when he reaches that level he can then breed Divine Beasts.

However, Zhao Hai also knew that reaching these 5 levels will be very difficult. More than 30 9th ranks allowed the Space to reach level 45, and all of them didn't even advance the Space's level by 10. Zhao Hai didn't know how many more 9th ranks he needs to subdue in order to fulfill the requirements for these 5 levels.

In the end, Zhao Hai placed this worry on the back of his mind. He prepared to finish up in Carrion Swamp so that he can return to Sky Water City.

God's Grace Day was less than 10 days away, so he wants to return to Sky Water City and take a look. Not only does he want to go back to Sky Water City, he also wants to take a look at Jade Water City.

Also, it has been a long time since Megan joined Zhao Hai. At this point, the Calci Family should have been quite worried. Moreover, it wouldn't good for Calci Family's little princess to be absent during God's Grace Day. The family dotes heavily on Megan, because of this, Zhao Hai must give the family some face.

There wasn't much problems left in the Carrion Swamp. What Zhao Hai needs to solve at this point was the matter about the swamp's poison. For those inhabitants who hadn't become strong Magic Beasts yet, they needed to expel the toxin from their bodies. In the past, what they did was to run towards the Black Wasteland and expel it there.

Zhao Hai also thought about this problem in the past. The place between Iron Mountain Fort and Carrion Swamp had a small river. The water from that small river was from the lake inside the mountain. That water has been upgraded by the Space and can be used to detoxify the beasts.

But there were a lot of beasts inside the Carrion Swamp, and some of them wouldn't be able to make it to the Black Wasteland. Because of this, they had no choice but find other places inside the swamp to expel the poison. This caused the poisonous mist inside the swamp to become stronger and stronger, making the time between expelling poison for the beasts even shorter as time goes by.

It would be great if this poison was removed, however, at the same time, it wouldn't be good. If the poison inside the swamp were to vanish, the Magic Beasts inside would be disadvantaged. If those Magic Beasts loses their poison, their overall attack strength would be seriously affected.

So if Zhao Hai doesn't think about this carefully, he would be hurting the swamp's Magic Beasts. Upon hearing from the other 9th ranks, Zhao Hai found out that other than Zhao Wen, there hadn't been any new 9th rank Magic Beast appearing in the Carrion Swamp lately. And this has been for a long time. This was because at this point, most Magic Beasts inside the swamp cannot survive the swamp's poison anymore. Since the toxicity of the mist got stronger, the expelled poison returned to their bodies. Because of this, most Magic Beast would die, they simply cannot survive long enough for them to reach 9th rank.

After discussing with the 9th ranks, they had reached an agreement that Zhao Hai would set up several springs inside the swamp. These springs would contain the Space's water. After setting the springs up, the 9th ranks would lead the other beasts to drink from the spring, this way the problem about the toxin would be solved.

Now that Zhao Hai's Monitor had recorded the entirety of the Swamp, this wasn't a big of a problem. From Zhao Hai's calculation, the area of the Carrion Swamp and the Black Wasteland is not smaller than Aksu Empire. Instead, it was actually much larger.

One must know that when the Buda Clan obtained this territory, it was already their permanent domain. This bestowment was recognized by the Radiant Church as well as the other empires. Even if Empires change from one ruler to another, the Buda Clan would forever hold this territory. Because of this Zhao Hai hoped to increase their lands.

In the past, Zhao Hai didn't dare improve both the Black Wasteland as well as the Carrion Swamp since he didn't have the strength to protect these two places.

But now, it was different. Zhao Hai currently has enough strength to defend these two places. Even if other people becomes envious of his property, they can just try and face his numerous undead.

However, Zhao Hai had no plans of revealing the state of the Black Wasteland at this time. After all, he still needs to construct more infrastructure here and he needs to acquire a lot of resources in order to do so. If the other powers were to find out, they would certainly impose limitations for Zhao Hai, and this wouldn't be good for him.

Zhao Hai wanted to slowly accumulate his wealth, therefore, after receiving the 9th ranks, he immediately went and established those detoxification springs. In the future, the 9th ranks can just lead the other beasts on order to help them remove their accumulated poisons.

After doing this, the problem with the black soil was finally solved. Later on, they wouldn't worry any longer and Zhao Hai be assured that he could open his lands to the outside world in the near future.[1]

Solving the matters inside the Carrion Swamp took them almost one month, now, God's Grace Day was only 5 days away. The Calci Family has also sent a letter to Zhao Hai, asking him to return to Sky Water City as soon as possible.

It was not only the Calci Family, Charlie sent a letter as well, inviting him to check Jade Water City. Naturally, Charlie was not in Jade Water City, so he asked Zhao Hai to visit his place back on Carson City.

Zhao Hai didn't decline, not matter where he was, he can still return to Iron Mountain Fort in a flash. Regardless of where he stayed, it was still like he's in Iron Mountain Fort, so there was no reason for him to not accept the invitation.

After making his decision, Zhao Hai immediately prepared himself to head towards Sky Water City. Megan was also missing her home. Although she didn't tell Zhao Hai about it, one could clearly see it from her expression.

Zhao Hai told Green about their plan to leave, to which Green didn't oppose. Green and the others knew that since the Buda Clan has revealed their banner, Zhao Hai's responsibilities became even more. Moreover, the eyes of the continent were now staring at them. At this time, Zhao Hai should maintain his good relationship with the Calci Family as well as the Third Prince Charlie.

Although it can be said that the current strength of the Buda Clan wasn't any less than those at the top of the continent, and they didn't even need to fear the might of the entire Human race, Green and Zhao Hai didn't think about this. This was because Zhao Hai didn't like war, and Green loved the Human Race.

That thing that made the Black Wasteland Black.. Poisoned soil

Chapter 442 – Grandly Opening the Main Entrance

Zhao Hai and the others appeared outside Sky Water City. This time, they weren't in a tight schedule so they first looked for a remote place before ZHao Hai released his bull-pulled carriage and slowly headed to the city.

The giant horned bull-pulled carriage, the Wild Dragon War Banner, and Alien, were the three things that identified Zhao Hai. No matter which three were present, people would know that it was Zhao Hai who arrived.

It was because of this that when Zhao Hai's bull-pulled carriage entered Sky Water City, he was immediately escorted by the city's garrison troops as it headed toward the City Lord's Mansion. Even if these garrison troops didn't give Zhao Hai face, they still had to give respect to Megan. They were very clear about how Smith loved Megan.

After nearly a month of constant exchanges of information, Zhao Hai's reputation had spread throughout the continent. People on the continent now knew about this Dark Mage as well as the Buda Clan.

Major powers in the continent didn't think that the Buda Clan, who vanished for one year, would actually return stronger than ever.

If one really counted, the time before the Buda Clan regained its power wasn't long. Shortly after they were reassigned to the Black Wasteland, Zhao Hai appeared on the continent and then continued to slowly spread his reputation, attracting the interest of major forces. It was just that people didn't realize that Zhao Hai was actually the head of the Buda Clan, the famous crippled child from the Aksu Empire.

What was even more noteworthy was the fact that Zhao Hai had managed to get his hands on the cure for the Water of Nothingness. This made him the center of attention of the entire continent.

The Water of Nothingness have been pressuring the powerful experts of the continent. They were afraid of being plotted against and unknowingly drinking the Water of Nothingness. If they reach this point, then no matter how loud the complain, nobody would listen to them.

But now that Zhao Hai appeared, it was like having a huge obstacle being removed out of their way. For him to be able to solve the toxin of the Water of Nothingness meant the others who were affected could get cured as well. For the various experts, this was certainly good news.

It can be said that Zhao Hai's status on the continent became something that wasn't much worse than a Patriarch from a Great Family. This was because he has the capability.

People knew that during the war in Casa City, not only did Zhao Hai obtain near 100 thousand new undead, he also managed to exterminate several 9th rank experts of the opposing party.

The 9th rank experts weren't only attacked, they were exterminated. What did this mean? It meant that Zhao Hai himself also had 9th rank experts up his sleeve, and their numbers should be quite large.

When they heard about this, the people of the continent were startled. They didn't think that Zhao Hai would have such method. They knew about the Buda Clan's demise, this was mainly because they didn't have any 9th rank experts. But the Buda Clan surprisingly acquired several of them this time, can 9th ranks be this easily obtained?

But while the others were surprised about this information, the Calci Family, on the other hand, were rejoicing. In the past, Zhao Hai told them that as long as they don't send four 9th rank experts after him, then those they send wouldn't be able to return. But neither Smith nor Randolph actually believed this. The only reason the Calci Family let go of their grudge with Zhao Hai was because the situation had gotten a lot more complicated.

Ever since they received word that Zhao Hai eliminated several 9th rank experts in Casa City, Smith and Randolph both felt a wave of fear after their initial surprise. Although they knew that the Purcell Family had a powerful 9th rank expert, Origin Sword Saint, the other part had four 9th rank experts, as well as two Advanced Divergent Ability Users. For Zhao Hai and Origin Sword Saint to destroy that lineup meant that Zhao Hai wasn't lying to the Calci Family before.

Under such circumstances, Smith and Randolph had formally accepted Zhao Hai. They knew that even if it was the Calci Family, the four 9th ranks wouldn't be killed that easily. If they were to be attacked by four 9th rank experts, they would still win, however, it would be a bitter victory.

And from the looks of it, Zhao Hai seemed to not have lost that much even after killing those experts, this made Smith very startled.

In the past, they always interacted with Zhao Hai as though they had the higher position. If it weren't for Megan marrying Zhao Hai, it would be hard to say where the family's relationship with him would end up.

Even if Megan still wasn't married to Zhao Hai, Randolph was still planning on renouncing their engagement. In his opinion, Zhao Hai's identity was in no way comparable to Megan.

But now it was different, Randolph and Smith now regarded Zhao Hai as someone of equal status. They currently weren't thinking that Zhao Hai was not worth Megan, they also placed Zhao Hai in a special position in their minds. They decided that the way they interact with Zhao Hai must be changed.

Zhao Hai wasn't thinking about any of these. The reason why he participated in the Purcell Duchy war was to reveal to the continent the strength of the Buda Clan. He wanted to let the continent think twice about underestimating his clan.

Zhao Hai and the others quickly arrived at the City Lord's Mansion. When they arrived, the group couldn't help but stare, this was because the direction that they were led to was the main entrance of the mansion.

No average person can walk through the mansion's main entrance. If your status wasn't up to par, then you don't have the right to pass through here. Therefore, Zhao Hai only passed through the side entrance in the past. Because of his good relationship with Smith, as well as his engagement to Megan later on, he was allowed passage to the side entrance, otherwise he wouldn't even be able to pass through.

But when Zhao Hai returned this time, Smith actually gave the command to receive them through the main entrance, and more importantly, Smith was there waiting for them.

Zhao Hai came down from his carriage and immediately walked towards Smith before giving a bow, "Uncle Smith, why did you come personally? Right, why did you open the main entrance this time? I'm not familiar with this arrangement.'

Smith looks at Zhao Hai, he saw that there seems to be no changes to the young man's demeanor, he couldn't help but feel happy, he smiled and said, "This is my father's orders, in his own words he said that you have the qualifications to walk through the mansion's main entrance. We, the Calci Family, recognize your status in behalf of the continent."

Zhao hai nodded, then walked together with Smith towards the Mansion with a smile. Zhao Hai knew what Smith meant.

When a Clan becomes a Great Clan, they need to have the recognition of some other Great Clan. The Calci Family greeting Zhao Hai with the opening of their Main Entrance meant that they recognize the status of the Buda Clan, for Zhao Hai and his clan, this was a very important matter.

The influence of the Calci Family on the continent was very huge. Although they were suppressed by the Radiant Church, Great Nobles aren't that easily pressured. Even if the suppression from the Church did have an effect to the Family, the impact was not that great overall.

For a high profile Family like the Calci Family to recognize the Buda Clan, this would certainly affect how the continent views the Buda Clan in the future.

Smith didn't become polite with Zhao Hai and invited him directly into the living room. Inside, Randolph was waiting. The living room wasn't a place where anybody can just enter. Since Zhao Hai was engaged to Megan, him and his people were allowed entrance, the others were invited out of the room.

Randolph didn't keep appearances this time, he stood inside the living room while waiting for Zhao Hai and the others. When he saw Zhao Hai arrive, Randolph showed a smile, and went forward to greet Zhao Hai himself. Although Randolph didn't say anything warm, compared to how he interacted with Zhao Hai in the past, this time was much better.

After the group entered the living room and sat down, Randolph looked at Zhao Hai and said, "Good, Little Hai, what you did was really fantastic. You've shown the power and prestige of a Dark Mage, good job. Let's see if those other fellows in the continent dare underestimate us Dark Mages again."

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "It was also time to let them know. There were no major wars in the continent for these past years, and they had forgotten what Dark Mages can do. This greatly contributed to the success of the Radiant Church's suppression in addition to the bribes that the church sent. With what I revealed this time, those Nobles would know that the battlefield is a Dark Mage's domain. The Radiant Church may have given them benefits, but they would still have to use these benefits to build their army. And since they needed to carefully manage their armies, they would now consider adding Dark Mages to their roster knowing how effective the profession is during wars. I believe that a lot of people would change their views of Dark Mages after this."

Randolph nodded and said, "Right, these years, those who wanted Dark Mages become fewer and fewer. Some nobles think that raising Dark Mages wasn't worth it. This time, you made them understand that Dark Mages are worth the resources.

Zhao Hai smiled and said, " God's Grace Day would arrive in a few days. I'm afraid that we only have today to spend time here. Tomorrow, we have to head towards Jade Water City. Does Grandfather have things he wishes to request?"

Randolph shook his head and said, "I don't have any. Tomorrow, I must also prepare to head towards Carson City, Smith will also be there. Little Hai, time is tight, will you be able to catch up to the capital if you go to Jade Water City?"

Zhao Hai nodded and said, "The Third Prince wanted me to go to Carson City, I'm also preparing to give him a visit. When I arrive at Jade Water City, I will immediately head towards the capital after taking care of a few things."

Randolph nodded, then he looked at Zhao Hai and asked, "Little Hai, recently the Third Prince seem to have acquired a lot of marine products. Does this have anything to do with you?"

Zhao Hai didn't hide the truth from him, he smiled and said, "A couple of days ago, I went to the deep seas and had my undead scour the waters. You should know about the properties of the undead, so I had no qualms about having them get marine resources for me."

Randolph nodded and didn't talk anymore, he knew that these marine products weren't something that he could get his hands on. This was because those had already become the Third Prince's business. If he meddles, the might offend the Third Prince, and that would be too disadvantageous to the family.

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