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Chapter 431 – Another Reason

Zhao Hai nodded and said, "I also heard about this from the information Megan's family had acquired. They said that the enemy wasn't really trying to break into the city, they were waiting for me. Hehe. I think they wanted to get the both of us in one fell swoop."

Evan frowned, he knew about the Calci Family, they were more formidable than his Purcell Family. Information obtained from such an established family would certainly be real, it seems like the siege's aim this time was both him and Zhao Hai.

From the passing years, Evan has already shed some of his warrior parts. After hearing about this matter he knew that the enemy attacked him to pressure him to send Zhao Hai a letter asking for help. WIth this, they could eliminate Zhao Hai and him at the same time.

Thinking about this, Evan's face couldn't help but change. With an apologetic face, he turned to Zhao Hai and said, "Little Hai, I had been inconsiderate this time, I have involved you. How about this, I'll go distract them while you leave Purcell Duchy immediately. I will also have some juniors of the family come with you. No matter what, the blood of the Purcell Family shouldn't be extinguished.

Zhao Hai stared for a moment before he understood Evan's words. He smiled faintly and said, "Escape? Why must I escape? This time, not only would I not run away, I have also brought my Buda Clan's Wild Dragon War Banner. This time, I will make the people on the continent know that my Buda Clan hasn't fallen yet, and that we have re-emerged."

Just after he said that, a loud 'Bang' was heard. Zhao Hai turned and saw Ruyen standing in front of the living room door. His words made her drop the pot of tea she was holding to the ground.

Ruyen has heard that Zhao Hai come. This time, when Zhao Hai appeared, she knew that he was a genuine friend of the Purcell Family. Adding on to the fact that she was under the care of Zhao Hai when she was returning from Rosen Empire, Ruyen wanted to express her gratitude to him. Therefore, she had a servant hand over a pot of tea since she wanted serve Evan and Zhao Hai a cup. But she didn't think that when she arrived in front of the door, she heard Zhao Hai just as he delivered his speech. From what she got, Zhao Hai was actually a person of the Buda Clan. Zhao Hai had already revealed his identity, he was actually her former fiancee, Adam Buda!

When Evan and Zhao Hai turned their heads and saw Ruyen, Evan's face couldn't help but sink, he said. "You came? Come over and greet Little Hai."

Zhao Hai stood up and gazed calmy at Ruyen, then he gave a bow and said, "Miss Ruyen seems well. Zhao Hai gives his greetings to Miss Ruyen."

Looking at Zhao Hai, Ruyen used all of her courage and asked, "Your surname is Buda? Are you Adam?"

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile and said, "I am indeed surnamed Buda. Adam was my former name, I go by the name of Zhao Hai now."

Ruyen felt that she didn't have the face to see Zhao Hai, she covered her face and turned around to run. At the same time, while she was getting farther away, the sound of weeping can be heard.[1]

Seeing this development, Zhao Hai was left not knowing what to do. He really didn't expect this to happen, at this time Evan talked, "Well, let's just leave her to herself. Little Hai, did you really bring the Wild Dragon Banner? Little Hai, listen to me, you must escape, 9th rank experts aren't people you can deal with."

Zhao Hai just smiled faintly and replied, "What's great about 9th rank experts? Rest assured, even if the other party sends 9th ranks, I can deal with them, no problem. Let's rest first, tomorrow, I'll go with you to the walls and declare that the Buda Clan has come back."

Evan looked at Zhao Hai's face and sighed, he didn't know what else to say. He just gave a nod and said, "Alright, go rest for this evening, we'll head to the walls tomorrow." After looking at the situation from the wall tomorrow, he believed that Zhao Hai would know the enormity of the situation. At that time, he would try to persuade Zhao Hai to escape again, he believed that Zhao Hai would agree.

Evan didn't think that Zhao Hai would be so strong. He thought that Zhao Hai would look at the attackers and decide that battling them wasn't possible. As long as Zhao Hai can be persuaded, Evan can have the young generation join him in retreat.

While Evan was dwelling on the scenarios on his mind, Zhao Hai turned his head to Laura and Megan and then smiled, "Tomorrow, I'll head to the walls to take a look. Then I'll go dispatch the troops to deal with them. Let's see what other plans they have. The two of you should head to the Space and look at the situation in the monitor, just in case they other party sends 9th ranks after me. Don't come out."

Laura nodded, "Alright, we'll just look at your actions there. But Brother Hai, this time, shouldn't you invite Grandpa Green? This time, our reappearance in the continent would be a key moment of the Buda Clan, Grandpa Green should be present right?"

Zhao Hai though for a moment and said, "That would be good. Let's go invite Grandpa Green." Then the group immediately want to Iron Mountain Fort to tell Green about this matter.

Green immediately agreed and also proposed to include Merine as well, Zhao Hai agreed. In the same day, Green and Merine went to the Space. While Zhao Hai's group was resting in the Space, Green and Merine wasn't, they had been waiting for this day for quite a long time. And since it was just around the corner, the two were too excited to fall asleep.

 The next morning, after Zhao Hai and the others woke up, they immediately went out of the Space. Green and Merine didn't eat their meals inside the Space, they knew that Evan would certainly ask them to eat with him.

Sure enough, not long after they reappeared in the mansion, Evan sent someone to invite Zhao Hai and the others. Zhao Hai immediately led Green and the others to exit from the courtyard.

When they came out, the servants couldn't help but stare at Zhao Hai's group. This was because of the two additions, Green and Merine. The servants certainly didn't misremember the faces on the group. However, they knew that they didn't have anything to do with it so they just welcomed Zhao Hai to the dining room.

When they arrived at the dining hall, Evan couldn't help but stare blankly. Naturally, he knew Green and Merine, he just didn't think that they would be appearing here today.

Evan immediately went forward with haste, he respectfully gave a salute and said, "Uncle Green, Aunt Merine, when did you two arrive? I was just about to ask Little Hai as to why the two of you aren't present. I was afraid that the two of you are too busy, I didn't expect to see the two of you today, this is fantastic!"

Green gave a faint smile while giving Evan a small bow, "Young Master Evan, without your help, our Buda Clan may not have survived this long. Let this old man express his gratitude in behalf of the Clan."

Evan quickly replied, "Uncle Green, I wouldn't dare accept your bow, do you want to shorten my longevity? Let's not talk about this anymore, come and sit with me. I've already prepared the meal, moreover I have something to tell the two of you." Then Evan led the group inside the room.

Evan's arguments were very solid, Green and Merine understood where Evan was getting at. In all honesty, if they didn't have their current capabilities, Green and Merine would surely follow what Evan suggested. But this time, their Clan's strength was more than enough to deal with the enemies.

Thus, Green looked at Evan with a faint smile, "Young Master Evan, you can rest assured. This time, me and Merine didn't come because we want the Young Master to leave, but to witness the Buda Clan's Wild Dragon Banner fluttering again. Don't worry, dealing with four 9th ranks aren't a problem, the 200 thousand troops aren't as well. This time, we're here to let the continent know about our return, as well as make those who plan to offend us shudder at the mention of the Buda Clan."

Evan looked at Green, he didn't think those words would come from Green, he replied, "Uncle Green, this is a 9th rank expert! 9th rank!"

Green smiled, "I know, rest assured, as long as they send four 9th ranks or less, you won't even need to send Senior Origin Sword Saint. Those 8th ranks are nothing as well. Right, no need to talk about these right now, we'll eat first. After eating we'll head towards the city wall to take a look."

When Evan looked at Green and Merine's confident appearance, he couldn't help but calm down. He knew that the two weren't impulsive people. Their initial purpose was to protect Zhao Hai's poor life, protect the Buda Clan, and because of this, they even regarded Zhao Hia's life with more importance than their own. Therefore, how could they allow Zhao Hai to take such a risk? For them to agree with Zhao Hai's action, that mean that they were fully confident this time.

Thinking about this, Evan's heart couldn't help but loosen. But he also felt confusion, he knew clearly that the strongest experts of the Buda Clan were Green and Merine. Although they were formidable themselves, they weren't 9th rank experts. But the enemy has 9th rank experts, maybe even four 9th rank experts. Can they contend with them? Did they get the support of another 9th rank? But that couldn't be it, a single 9th rank cannot go against four. In the end, what were the cards of the Buda Clan?

Evan invited Zhao Hai's group for breakfast today, however, he didn't include his family. He knew that the people in the Purcell family weren't very much in Zhao Hai's good books. When the Buda Clan had lost their home, those people didn't give the clan any face. Meeting them right now would be very embarrassing.

After eating their meal, the group was led by Evan to walk towards the City Wall. Casa City was now on a state of Martial Law, there weren't any commoners seen walking around the city, instead, groups of warriors were seen patrolling the streets.

But the garrison troops of Casa City weren't a lot, all in all they just numbered 20 thousand people. They were initially sent in order to protect the Grand Duke's Mansion. The majority of the Purcell Family's forces were in Iron Mountain Fortress, guarding the Duchy from the Beastman raids. With most of their troops there, the troops inside Casa City weren't that much. If not for Casa City's walls being thick, then they feared that the city may have already fallen.

When Zhao Hai and the others got up on the city wall, they saw that some of its parts were damaged. From those damages, one can see that the source was magic, while some were from magical cannons as well as ballistas.

Stood on the walls were the garrison troops. The troops were composed of the Purcell Family's elites. If not for them, Casa City wouldn’t have stood to this day.

Zhao Hai gazed outwards, at this time, the entire city was completely encircled by something, probably the doing of Earth Mages. Outside the City, numerous depressions were seen on the ground, probably placed there in order to stop cavalry charges coming from Casa City. It really seems like they really want to place Evan's family in dire straits.

After looking at the situation outside the city, Zhao Hai turned his head to Evan and said, "Uncle Evan, it has been some time since those people started to besiege the city, did you really not have any reinforcements?"

Evan smiled bitterly, "How could it be impossible to have reinforcements? But in the end those troops were rendered useless. In addition to the 100 thousand troops laying siege here, there was another 100 thousand who were actively blocking off all the reinforcements. In addition to our reinforcements, the noble families that we have good relations with were suppressed by the empire. They simply couldn't come and help us, we're really at a loss at this time."

Zhao Hai nodded, "Boris' preparation this time is indeed very adequate. When he attacked Ruyen last time, I should have already been mindful, I just didn't think that he would attack the Purcell Family immediately. Upon further consideration, the Purcell Family really didn't have any enmity with him, moreover, the family is an established noble clan, nobody would dare go this hard on you. I actually didn't expect that someone would be this brazen, they were ruthless as well, to think that they are thinking about extinguishing the family."

Evan shook his head while forcing a smile, "This time's matter shouldn't all be because of you. Moreover, our Purcell Family didn't buy Boris' purpose. Looking at Boris' recent actions, it seems like he wanted to act against some nobles for quite some time. His goals just seemed to coincide with this matter, therefore, he decided to begin with me."

Zhao Hai, breaking hearts of men and women ever since transmigrating.

Chapter 432 – Attack

Zhao Hai wasn't aware that there would be such a thing. He looked at Evan and said, "I didn't expect that there was such a matter inside Boris' mind. It's fine, we'll be cleaning up today. I think Boris would think twice if he wanted to repeat today's matter."

Then he turned to walk down from the city wall along with Evan and the others. Upon arriving down, Zhao Hai immediately let Alien out. Then he quickly place the Buda Clan's Wild Dragon War Banner that was already installed into a pole on top of Alien's back. After that, he made Green and Merine center inside Alien's body. Evan looked at this scene and couldn't help but come with them. Zhao Hai didn't block him, he allowed Evan to enter the space inside Alien's body.[1]

After the group sat at the upper floor, they prepared themselves for tea. When Zhao Hai sat down, he turned to Evan and said, "Uncle Evan, make them open the gate, then leave the rest to us."

Evan turned to look at Green and Merine, when he saw that they were still calm, he didn't object. He immediately relayed his orders to a guard. When Evan entered Alien, he took with him two guards. Evan was a Grand Duke, how could he not bring with him two assistants?

Soon after the guard left, the city's gate was opened. Then Zhao Hai headed out of the city. When the enemies saw this scene, they immediately formed their lines and waited.

Those who laid siege to Casa City had no idea that Zhao Hai arrived. But they knew about the Cavalry units of the Purcell Family. These elite troops regularly clashed with the beastmen cavalries, how could their fighting prowess be low? It was because of this that they deliberately made ditches outside the gate, to prevent the cavalry to fully utilize the might of their charge.

However, it seems like they were mistaken this time. As they prepared to meet the cavalry of the Purcell Family, what they saw coming out of the city gate was a very large undead instead. The undead's body was 20 meters long, with a height of about 10 meters, it had a dark green skeleton, and it was covered with spikes. It looked extremely terrifying.

And on the undead's body, a banner was seen fluttering with the wind. The banner had a blood red surface, along with an embroidery of a threatening dragon. The banner may have some damages here and there, but it only increased its killing aura. For those who were experienced, they knew that this was a War Banner!

The mercenaries outside were stunned. They never thought that what came out this time would be an undead creature. At this moment, the leader of this troop immediately thought of another reason for their attack this time, isn't it because of a Dark Mage?

He immediately issued an order loudly, the troops behind him quickly became more compact. The men and horses of the front line were also getting prepared to meet Zhao Hai.

At the same time, the leader also invited the Mages. They knew that Zhao Hai was a Dark Mage. The best way to deal with a Mage was another Mage. In dealing with Zhao Hai and the Purcell Duchy, the brought more than 50 Mages.

The Mages were specifically tasked to deal with Zhao Hai as well as act as mobile turrets. Therefore, most of the time, they were inside the camps and were only called out this time. Usually, soldiers were the ones doing the attacking, using magic cannons as well as ballistas.

Under the gazes of them as well as the garrison troops, the undead creature just slowly stepped over the ditches that were previously dug out. Although the ditches were quite wide, they weren't enough to stop a large being such as Alien. Before long, Alien had already passed over several obstacles.

The troop leader decided that it was still not time to attack the undead. He wanted to wait for the Mages from the camp to arrive before dealing with Alien. Thus, he made his troops standy by and wait for a while.

But it was a mistake to give Zhao Hai this much time for preparations. While he went over the ditches, he didn't immediately take action, he wanted the other party to be clueless as to what he wanted to do.

At this moment, with Zhao Hai's intention, a battalion of undead cavalry appeared. These undead were all Beastmen. All of them were tall and were sitting on their own mounts along with huge maces on their hands. Just by looking at their appearance, one could see how terrifying they are.

Zhao Hai released 10 thousand cavalry this time. The group immediately covered the surrounding area. Although this number isn't that large, the 100 thousand enemy troops were divided. The enemy troops' 100 thousand soldiers aren't enough to surround the city, so they only deeply guarded the city's four gates.

This way, the armies on each gate numbered about twenty thousand each. With their losses these past few days, the estimation of 20 thousand was quite correct.

While the enemies were still silly from seeing the undead cavalry and were quite confused about how they would handle this, a sudden sound was heard coming out from Alien's mouth. The sound issued a declaration, "With the Wild Dragon Banner as the witness, show them who is invincible! Kill!"

This sound naturally came from Zhao Hai. This was Alien's recently acquired ability. As long as Zhao Hai is inside Alien's body, his voices could pass along Alien's mouth with an increased volume, much like how a loudspeaker worked.

After Zhao Hai gave his words, the Beastmen undead cavalry immediately help their weapons up as they charged towards the mercenary soldiers.

In Ark Continent, there were almost no other race that was able to block a Beastman's charge head on. Their charges were too sharp, any other army wasn't a match.

And in order to deal with the Purcell Family, all these soldiers were disguised as mercenaries. They didn't have their standard issue armor in order to curb the Purcell Family's suspicions, neither did they have any cavalry. With the only armor they were wearing being light armor, they could be classified as light infantry. For them to block a Beastman charge in their current state was akin to them looking for death.

Ten thousand undead Beastman cavalry began to charge towards the mercenary-dressed soldiers. With these scene, the soldier lines immediately became a mess. They were all quite experienced, naturally they knew the power behind a Beastman charge, and they also knew that an undead charge wasn't any less powerful, they certainly didn't want to be on the receiving end of such an impact.

However, their troop leader was quite tenacious as he didn't issue any order for retreat. Because of this the soldiers had no other choice than to stay put. To be honest, the troop leader was quite hopeful, he knew that the level of an undead under a general Dark Mage wasn't that powerful. Their fighting strength shouldn't be that strong, so even if their appearances were quite scary, they might not be very terrifying in battle. Upon seeing Zhao Hai release these many undead, the troop leader was quite sure that they wouldn't be too strong, thus he believed that they would be able to block this charge.

But before long, it was quite obvious that he was mistaken. Zhao Hai's undead creatures were very capable and were unable to be stopped. Even if they aim specifically for the heavy armor cavalry, they still weren't able to stop them, much less the light cavalry mixed in.

When the undead cavalry's formation clashed with the mercenaries, the troop leader immediately realized his blunder. These Beastmen undead were too strong, maybe even stronger than a true Beastman. Their soldiers simply weren’t able to resist them, with just a single glance, one could see the mercenaries' formation completely devastated.

Zhao Hai was not idle at this time. He sat inside Alien as it followed behind the undead charge. He gazed at the scene. After all, every mercenary that dared approach him were immediately destroyed by Alien.

Evan was also inside Alien staring blankly at what is happening outside. He never imagined Zhao Hai's undead to be this strong. They were too strong that when they met the infantry, the latter were immediately ruined. Their charge was the visual form of the word 'unstoppable'.

After Zhao Hai destroyed the enemy's formation, he didn't stop, he directly rushed towards the enemy camp on the other side. Moreover, Zhao Hai was also continually releasing Dark Magic, turning all those who had been killed into undead. The dead soldiers immediately rose up and began to chase the other soldiers who were escaping.

These people were very terrified, seeing their former allies rise up again and chase them with their weapons was a scene that would induce panic.

The soldiers getting killed by the Beastman cavalry were getting more and more numerous. The new undead also kept increasing. Aside from the initial Beastman undead that Zhao Hai released, they now had more than 2 thousand additional undead from those mercenary soldiers that died.

At this time, the enemy Mages also began to respond. Lines of magic went flying towards the undead, some of them even headed straight for Alien.

Zhao Hai simply didn't care about any of these. He just sat inside Alien and continued to leisurely drink his tea. These magic attacks heading towards Alien were like small irritating itches. They didn't have any effect on the undead.

This made the Mages very embarrassed, not only could they not deal with this huge magic beast, their spells towards the undead Beastmen Cavalry were also very useless.

The 8th rank experts on the camps saw this situation and immediately went out. In their view, even if these undead Beastmen were quite strong, if they have some 5th or 6th ranks, then they could already be good. They thought that if they give enough effort, they could exterminate all of the undead as well as Zhao Hai.

However, just like those before them, they were very mistaken. The undead were quite strong, to the point that each of the undead could contend with each one of the mages. If two undeads were to fight them, then they would certainly be defeated. If they were attacked by more, they would surely die.

This made the 8th rank experts feel blank inside, they didn't think that they would meet this situation. What kind of undead were these? How could they be this powerful?

Since the mages cannot block the undead cavalry, the undead immediately crashed into their camp. The undead immediately chased down all the mercenaries as well as their servants. Most importantly, they focused their attacks on the Mages.

Fukkit, I'll use Alien from now on. Xenomorph is too long.

Chapter 433 – Might of the Undead

By this time, the people who sieged Casa City were now in a mess. Nobody can block Zhao Hai's advances. Only those Advanced Mages could help themselves in order to escape. Any Mages with a rank lower were killed immediately, then were turned into undead. After which they immediately began casting magic in order to attack other mercenary soldiers.

The people's minds were submerged in confusion. Due to the suppression of Dark Mages these years, most armies didn't have any Dark Mages, this was especially true for Aksu Empire. This made them forget the fact that the most terrifying place to meet a Dark Mage was in a battlefield.

The reason for this was because the battlefield provided them with more than enough resources to raise undead anytime. Even if those undead couldn't compare to Zhao Hai's, the pressure they could give people were still very huge. This made people give Dark Mages another nickname while they are on the battlefield, they were called Death Gods.

Because there hadn't been any major wards in the continent, and adding on to the suppression of Dark Mages, the soldiers present hadn't met a practitioner of Dark Magic. So once they encountered Zhao Hai, they dissolved into panic.

Evan looked at the undead who were chasing the mercenaries outside and was completely dumbfounded. He had seen Zhao Hai before, and he has also seen Adam. The last time they met, he felt that Zhao Hai has let go of his playboy attitude. He became more sensible, more fierce. But when he saw the current Zhao Hai who was just leisurely drinking tea, Evan was terrified.

He thought that it was scary. Evan was a warrior, and as a warrior he had seen killings. And even if he became a Grand Duke he had also witnessed a ton of cruel and merciless people. But he hadn't met people like Zhao Hai who didn't even flinch upon seeing this much undead killing people. One could see why, upon seeing Zhao Hai right now, Evan felt fear.

Massacring people without emotion was something a lot of people can achieve. But Zhao Hai was different. While looking at the battle outside, he still drank his tea inside Alien, at the same time, his other hand was continually casting Magic, turning more people into undead and making those new undead kill more people. While all of this is happening, he was still drinking tea, such a person was terrifying.

Evan felt like Zhao Hai wasn't the Adam that he knew. To him, Zhao Hai has become cold blooded. Evan felt strange, he felt mortified.

Zhao Hai had noted Evan's expression, he understood what he was thinking. He placed his cup down and looked at Evan, "Does Uncle Evan think I was too ruthless? Too cold-blooded?"

Evan looked at Zhao Hai and sighed, "Little Hai, I know that the Buda Clan's situation had forced you to undergo such a huge change. But you must know that plenty of these people are also innocent. It should be enough if we were to repel them."

Zhao Hai stared at Evan and sighed, "Uncle Evan, do you think that I want it to be like this? But even if I didn't, they are still our enemies. You see them right now as pitiful, but haven't you thought? If we didn't have enough strength, they will be pursuing us like ghosts. When the time comes, neither me nor the Purcell Family would exist, we would be completely destroyed by them. Do you think that at that moment they would let us off because of their tender hearts?"

Evan naturally understood this. If both armies fight, there was little space for pity. But this time, it was undead killing living people. This scenario made him feel terrible, if he were there, it would feel like was being betrayed.

Actually, it wasn't only Evan who had this sentiment, majority of the people in the continent share this view as well. Otherwise, Dark Mages wouldn't become the most hated profession, they didn't even consider that Dark Mages can minimize their losses in the battlefield. Dark Mages would use anything to attack the enemy. For them, attacking the enemy with a blade or an undead was the same. In the end, they could get the job done.

Green, who had also become numb to the scene, coldly snorted and said, "What's wrong? Do you prefer sending your subordinates to deal with the enemies rather than the undead? It seems like you have been poisoned by the Radiant Church as well."

Evan, upon hearing Green, became embarrassed. There was no way for him to disrespect Green. Because of his position in the Buda Clan, Evan also regarded Green as an elder. Thus, he can't do anything but listen to Green's words.

At this time, the troops on the other gates were also made aware of the situation and sent some reinforcements. However, the reinforcements had no way to deal with the undead. The situation remained the same, the undead were still slaughtering their way along the enemy lines.

The 100 thousand who laid siege on the city were flustered. They immediately gathered their men and started to surround Zhao Hai. But Zhao Hai seemed to not care, he still commanded the undead to continue the slaughter.

If one were to look down from the sky, the battlefield displayed a strange image. A group of mercenaries were surrounding an Undead Creature in the middle, looking like to extinguish whoever was in the middle.

But if you look at it carefully, those who were wearing mercenary clothes were constantly falling. And when they get killed, they were immediately wrapped with a dark mist and then became an undead creature. After which they got up and then attacked their fellow mercenaries.

The fighting continued on for the entire morning. Finally, the mercenaries couldn't hold long and chose to withdraw. They didn't dare continue to attack Zhao Hai since they were constantly getting killed. In the end, those who were killed numbered between 30 thousand to 40 thousand people. Their losses were too great.

What made them very confused was that even if those undead were powerful, it was still impossible for them to suffer losses along these numbers. Some of them only suffered an injury and then died soon afterwards. Later on, they discovered that the weapons of the undead were all coated with poison. As long as they were wounded by the weapon, even if only a little, they would die in a short while.

The mercenaries were too ill prepared in a scenario where they would retreat. They expected that they would only retreat if the matter had already been dealt with. Because of this, Zhao Hai's creatures continually hounded them from behind. Unlike them, the undead didn't know the meaning of exhaustion.

One side is infantry, while the other is cavalry, their disparity in speed was very huge. But since they had the numbers, some were able to escape safely. In the end, 50 thousand mercenaries were saved.

The chase lasted until the afternoon, and Zhao Hai had obtained another 50 thousand additional undead. After the even, the group returned to Casa City. And after eating, Zhao Hai's group returned to the place Evan arranged for them to rest in.

However, Evan was unable to sleep that night. Zhao Hai's performance shook him to his core. Not only was he startled by how Zhao Hai handled life and death, he was also shocked by how powerful Zhao Hai's undead were.

It was now that Evan understood why Zhao Hai was able to survive after all those powers sent people to deal with him. By what Zhao Hai has shown today, it would be strange if those assailants survived.

At the same time, Evan also had to acknowledge the strength of a Dark Mage. He truly didn't pay any attention to the profession before, this was because of the continent's constant suppression of them. This was even more true in Aksu Empire, because of the collusion between Boris and the Radiant Church, the suppression of the Dark Mages had reached another level. From a young age, children were already hearing bad things about Dark Mages. This idea bore into the minds of the people and made them feel disgust towards those who practice Dark Magic.

This was precisely the reason why when Zhao Hai resided in Stony Mountain, he immediately sent people to deal with him. This was also the reason why there were no Dark Mages among the Purcell Family's forces.

But after watching Zhao Hai's might today, Evan felt regret. He knew that casualties are greatest during the initial collision between two armies. And during the skirmish, there would also be losses here and there. If a Dark Mage was present, they could drastically reduce the losses they suffered in the battlefield.

As soon as his thought reached that point, Evan was completely regretful for not having a Dark Mage in his army. But it was now too late, there weren't a lot of Dark Mages in the continent, and those people weren't very trustful towards nobles. Recruiting Dark Mages during this time was close to impossible.

At this time, Zhao Hai was inside the Space. Green and Merine were inside as well. Green was very happy that his face turned red. He was really excited, they finally had shown their might. The Wild Dragon Banner had flown once again and achieved an overwhelming victory.

When Zhao Hai looked at Green's appearance, he smiled faintly and said, "Grandpa Green, I think you should return to Iron Mountain fort tomorrow. The matter in Casa City will be resolved in around two days or so. The enemies cannot block our undead, so their 9th ranks should be making their move. Not just you, even I might need to retreat to the Space. The battle would be handed over to Cai'er and Zhao Wen.[1]

Green thought for a moment before he nodded, "Alright, we'll return to Iron Mountain Fort tomorrow. My desire had already been realized. But Young Master, you should take care of yourself. If the opposite party sends 9th ranks tomorrow, immediately hide inside the Space. Moreover, I'm afraid that the Radiant Church would also make their move. Their main target this time is you and you cannot suffer an accident."

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, "Rest assured, if something happens, I'll immediately hide in the Space. Let's see how they handle me then. But what you said is right, the Radiant Church had been quiet all this time. I'm afraid that when they receive the news about my identity, they will send people to Iron Mountain Fort. So it's best for you to return."

Green didn't disagree and just nodded.

Correct me if I'm wrong, Zhao Hai should have four 9th ranks right? Wind guy, Fire guy, Cai'er, and Zhao Wen?
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